The Basic Model

The model A
A 3 layered system that is self sustaining.
While Henry Fords model A was not very popular.
With changes it started something that grew into the Model T.
The most popular vehicle at the beginning of the industrial age.
Anyone could afford it.
It changed the world.

It changed how we think of distance and time.

Dave L
12 - 15 - 2016

The goal of the past 15 years, to discover the method that nature uses, to self power atoms.
To use this basic model to create larger devices that will also self power.


The model must draw inwards energy from the background field.
The model must then take the ordered energy form and send it back outwards as radiance.
Once created, you must be able to lock the field in place from the outer layer, as atoms bond.
The inner shells will float inside and continue to respond to self correct that outer layer when acted on.

The background field has a geometric stack of resonance levels based around the frequency of 333000 hz
The frequency of a field is the "area" of the form created between the nodes of vibration.
These fields can appear as static nodal forms, or as spinning nodal forms.
This is due to the strobing effect of the background field.

If each time the background field is updated the nodes have moved in space in a circle then the energy is present of motion.
Spinning nodes now describe a complete circle or sphere, that creates a wall of trapped energy inside it we call the "A" field in electronics.

Calculation now of both diameters of these circles and also areas simultaneously, give the solution to the atomic power loop that self sustains.
3 layers are necessary to create an atom.

The basic model consists of 3 diameters of concentric active fields created alone by their dimensions in space being resonant with space and interacting between themselves.
Once created, they will maintain themselves and regulate their cross coupled energy flows.
This is the triune nature of creation.

Basic Model Diagram


Tempic - Electric - Fields
There are two field forces involved in holding the Basic three layered Atom together.
They are illustrated in the two diagrams above.

On the left we have the 2 dimensional field force, or the distance squared force, we call the electric field.
It's power is reflected in the area inside the circle we call the "A" field. It is calculated using the area.
It can generate pressure over an area and compress or stretch the background field towards the center.

 On the right we have the linear force, we call the tempic field.
This force works off a grid of vibration that exists everywhere.
The tempic field can bind things together at fixed distance.
The interactive ratios are calculated as a line.
These fields are studied using the calipers.

A tempic field ratio of sqrt 2 when injected at 90 degrees to one another,
binds the circles together around one center, at two specific distance or layers outwards.
This can be shown with calipers having a relationship of the linear form distances of sqrt 2,
when held at 90 degrees to one another will create a free standing field bubble in the air.
If this is done with stationary nodes, the field may lock itself into the earth grid and become unmovable.
If this is done with spinning node circles, the form that results will be movable via conscious means,
or can be attached to an object of similar diameter.

Thus whether we use spinning nodes or stationary nodes the linear relationship of sqrt 2 at 90 degrees is what binds the two fields together.
The binding force is the tempic field, and is likely also the strong force in the atom determining the distance outwards to the various shells of the atom.
It is calculated as ratio between two diameters of the fields spheres.

When the two kinds of fields are combined, we can create both binding force, and a compression of space towards the center of rotation of the spinning node circle.
The areas of the circles interact to create the inflow with the ratio of 1/9, that results in the transformation of outer world energy to inner world energy.
1 / 9 = 0.1111111111....
This sets up a strong inflow field towards the center of the atom, stretching space in the outer ring, and compressing it in the inner ring.

As we then move inwards we hit the 1 / 18 area, which sets up a conversion of the energy in the compression zone to couple back outwards with a radiant field to the outer shell.
1 / 18 = .0555555555555555 ....

This is called "fracturing" and it can result in the energy flowing inwards into the atom, that powers it, to be compressed further inwards, or to flip and then push energy back outwards.
They result from starting with a fractal length of 1, and then dividing it by a whole and complete number, to generate an infinity of values that are thrown inwards into the very tiny center.


2 kinds of fields
1 - Linear, or line dimensions, diameters -Tempic fields
2 - Distance squared, Area, or Electric fields

Ratios are carried between layering for both types of fields.
Tempic fields bind and lock at specific distance and can exhibit more power at greater distance.
Electric fields compress or expand, generating pressure zones that fall off as the inverse square law.

Note: It may be possible to generate thrust, by positioning a circle resonant
with space at some distance from a circle that is 1/9 of the area of the first circle.
The motion would be towards the spatial compression created on the smaller area circle.
Spinning node circles would have to be used, so the fields can move through space.
The spinning node diameters are unique, and not every distance will generate one.
The next section identifies the ones that originate directly
from the background field resonance.

Background Field - Spinning Node Fractal List

OpenOffice Org Spreadsheet

[My first engineered atom]

Frequency Spinning Nodes Stationary nodes Pi / 2 frequency
hz cm

Area Electric Coil Inner Coil Outer Coil
Frequency Diameter Diameter Diameter

2.5406 1.798549 1.593922 2.254147
5.0812 2.543532 2.254147 3.187845
10.1624 3.597097 3.187845 4.508293
20.3247 5.087064 4.508293 6.375689
40.6494 7.194195 6.375689 9.016586
81.2988 10.174128

162.5977 14.388390

325.1953 20.348256

650.3906 28.776780

1300.7813 40.696512

2601.5625 57.553560

5203.1250 81.393025

10406.2500 115.107120

20812.5000 162.786050

41625.0000 230.214239

83250.0000 325.572100

166500.0000 460.428479

333000.0000 651.144199 577.061522 816.088231
666000.0000 920.856958

1332000.0000 1302.288399

2664000.0000 1841.713916

5328000.0000 2604.576798

10656000.0000 3683.427831

21312000.0000 5209.153595

42624000.0000 7366.855663

85248000.0000 10418.307190

170496000.0000 14733.711325

340992000.0000 20836.614380

681984000.0000 29467.422651

1363968000.0000 41673.228761

2727936000.0000 58934.845301

5455872000.0000 83346.457522

10911744000.0000 117869.690603

21823488000.0000 166692.915043

43646976000.0000 235739.381206

87293952000.0000 333385.830087

one ninth

0.2823 0.599516 0.531307 0.751382
0.5646 0.847844 0.751382 1.062615
1.1292 1.199032 1.062615 1.502764
2.2583 1.695688 1.502764 2.125230
4.5166 2.398065 2.125230 3.005529
9.0332 3.391376

18.0664 4.796130

36.1328 6.782752

72.2656 9.592260

144.5313 13.565504

289.0625 19.184520

578.1250 27.131008

1156.2500 38.369040

2312.5000 54.262017

4625.0000 76.738080

9250.0000 108.524033

18500.0000 153.476160

37000.0000 217.048066

74000.0000 306.952319

148000.0000 434.096133

296000.0000 613.904639

592000.0000 868.192266

1184000.0000 1227.809277

2368000.0000 1736.384532

4736000.0000 2455.618554

9472000.0000 3472.769063

18944000.0000 4911.237108

37888000.0000 6945.538127

75776000.0000 9822.474217

151552000.0000 13891.076254

303104000.0000 19644.948434

606208000.0000 27782.152507

1212416000.0000 39289.896868

2424832000.0000 55564.305014

4849664000.0000 78579.793735

9699328000.0000 111128.610029

one eighteenth

0.1411 0.423922 0.375691 0.531307
0.2823 0.599516 0.531307 0.751382
0.5646 0.847844 0.751382 1.062615
1.1292 1.199032 1.062615 1.502764
2.2583 1.695688 1.502764 2.125230
4.5166 2.398065

9.0332 3.391376

18.0664 4.796130

36.1328 6.782752

72.2656 9.592260

144.5313 13.565504

289.0625 19.184520

578.1250 27.131008

1156.2500 38.369040

2312.5000 54.262017

4625.0000 76.738080

9250.0000 108.524033

18500.0000 153.476160

37000.0000 217.048066

74000.0000 306.952319

148000.0000 434.096133

296000.0000 613.904639

592000.0000 868.192266

1184000.0000 1227.809277

2368000.0000 1736.384532

4736000.0000 2455.618554

9472000.0000 3472.769063

18944000.0000 4911.237108

37888000.0000 6945.538127

75776000.0000 9822.474217

151552000.0000 13891.076254

303104000.0000 19644.948434

606208000.0000 27782.152507

1212416000.0000 39289.896868

2424832000.0000 55564.305014

[All lengths are cm]
[For caliper use, change to mm]

Spreadsheet Explanation

Column A
The first column to the left are the Source field Resonance frequencies.
This is the energy of space, we are tapping into, expressed as frequency.
The blue background is the center of the spectrum at 333000 Hz.
There are three sections to this column.

1/9 x
1/18 x

These are the frequency ratios to construct a Basic form Atom
Using all three, we can set up concentric fields that will self power from the background field.
These numbers are necessary for use with electronic equipment that measure or generate frequency.

Column B
The second column is the diameter of a circle, with the same frequency in space.
Frequency = the area of the circle.
A rotating line creates an area.
When derived in this way, the nodes that hold the circle, spin and create a field boundary.
We set the caliper to any one of these lengths, and space constructs a spinning circle inside the caliper gap.
Any place inside the circle will have a higher density in the space that the circular boundary describes.
This is because a line between opposite nodes on the circle is densified,
and that line will be in rotation sweeping the entire area.

Column C
The third column is the side length of a Square having the same area, and frequency.
These nodes will not move, and will be easily palmed as a stationary square around the calipers.
When a SS caliper is set to any one of these lengths, space will generate squares and cubes around it.
The density of space will only increase along the lines traveling between the nodes at the corners.
The space inside the cubes will not be effected as much if you avoid the connecting lines.

Column D
The fourth column shows the flower of life relationships in stationary form.
Consider the area relationship of a circle placed around the square in Column C intersecting it's 4 corner nodes.
The frequency [area] of the square and the circle share a pi / 2 relationship.
The side length of the square, and the diameter of the circle share a sqrt 2 relationship.
The combination of the two frequencies creates two 90 degree vibrations to the surfaces of each.
The form however does not have spinning nodes and in this application cannot be used to add layers to the first atom.
If applied to spinning node fractals however, it is one formula to add layering onto them.

How Does It Work

Three lengths are necessary as diameters of spinning node circles to establish the tempic and electric fields.
One is taken from each of the spreadsheet groups at the same geometric layer off the 333000 background field matrix.
See the diameter column.

Photo of Calipers

Program the largest caliper with the smallest length  16.96 mm
Program the middle caliper with the middle length   23.98 mm
Program the smallest caliper with the largest length   71.94 mm

This will help them fit together better

Two CAlipers

Fit the first two together so the tips of the inner one touch the inner side of the outer one.
Slide it back and forth to get the strongest field compression to the center.
Take your time and get the area inside the inner gap to compress and densify space.
This is a 3x difference in linear length, and a 9x difference in the area of the two spinning node circles.

1 / 9 = 0.111111111111...

This fulfills the first requirement, to create a strong inflow field from Space.

3 calipers

After you are happy with the compression field, now we will add the inner resonance that will reverse the flow back outwards.
This is the 1/18 frequency differential. While at the same time the tempic field is connected by the sqrt 2 ratios of the diameters.

1 / 18 = 0.05555555555...

This will fracture everything inside it to an outflow of pentagram forms at all it's inner levels of 1/10x.
The coupling of the 5 outflow is back to the outer circle that will now become radiant.
The cyclic vibrations and flows are complete between all the levels of field force.
It will also couple to the 1/9 circle at a 2x, which is fairly neutral.

Take your time and be sure you feel the radiance start up.
This fulfills the second requirement to attach an outflow field from inside the compression zone.

1 caliper

Remove the two inner calipers.
Ensure the entire field has attached itself to the largest gap, on the smallest caliper.
All three fields will be present inside this gap as spheres.

This one caliper now carries the entire self sustaining form, and it has attached itself by the outer field.

This fulfills the last requirement, it must attach by the outer shell to other fields or objects.

Installing the field on a Ferrite Core from a TV monitor


There is a point along the expanding circle of the ferrite that exactly fits the outer circle of our atom.

Where the distance to this point inside the ferrite is equal to the distance to the center of our atom on the caliper, it will vibrate up the ferrite, 1/2 the caliper length off the end.
The iron will go into a state of pulling in energy then radiating it in a Quadrature mode, with spinning nodes at some points, and stationary ones at other points as the diameter changes up the taper.


It is rather strange to stick a finger inside, and feel the two energy balls free floating inside.
This particular ferrite ended up with 4 stationary nodes on the small end, and 5 stationary nodes on the large end, with the spinning form a bit closer to the large end.
The meat in the ferrite is 1/4 inch thick, so there is plenty of room for it to hold this frequency set firmly locked into it.

If you hold the ferrite and palm off the wide end it is surprisingly active with energy at various distances.

Take Down

Sum all 3 , divide by 9

  16.96 mm
   23.98 mm
   71.94 mm

Total = 112.88

112.88 / 9 =  12.542222... mm

Using EM to Install the Field

If you were able to feel these vibration, and install the field already on the TV ferrite core, it is possible you can do it also by feel with three electric coils set at 90 degrees to one another.
If not by feel with calipers in a hand, then you can use the frequency directly for each of these, and dial them in on a good digital Function generator or oscillator.

The added benefit, of using electrical coils to create the spinning form, is that after this is done, it may likely be used as an electrical energy Source.
Each of the coils must be large enough that the resonant spinning field can set inside it, if not right on the largest outer sphere that will be formed.

The three frequencies, can be kHz if the calculations are done correctly.

16.96 kHz
23.98 kHz
71.94 kHz

I have not performed this experiment as of yet to see the result.

The fields that result are spherical.
To tap energy from them, I would expect a coil that can receive the outer
two spheres at 90 degrees with them then wired in series, to provide power.
This is the method to extract EM from a scalar canceled wave
These coils may have to be smaller to set inside the A fields that are in rotation.
As it is untested, these are unknowns.

On the density sphere, a quartz crystal sphere was used to wind all the coils on and that medium worked to
couple the canceling coils energy, to the other two planes of motion and a pure AC was extracted that powered a light bulb.
This experiment was not documented because it offered unity gain on the power levels and was not self sustaining.
I did document the basics in the Wilbert Smith Coils section at the bottom.

Smith Coils

Density Sphere

The crystal transformer had no frequency loss, and could pass complex waveforms, as well had no power loss.
Coil wire lengths were 44.5 feet long twin lead 24 gauge.

A 60 Hz Atom Development

 87.40 mm electron shell
29.13 mm proton shell
20.60 mm neutron shell

60 Hz AC atom 

At this point I have a feeling that if this field is implanted in a spherical density sphere, it may be able to produce power as a Source of electrical energy.
A 60 Hz scalar canceling coil can be used to activate the EM field on the outer layer.
The two inner layers can be installed using calipers.

As all these vibration forms will feed each other correctly from inside the sphere, it should be relatively safe.
The 60 Hz wave output may be modulated with other frequencies as well, reflected into the EM side as higher frequencies.
There will be a pentagram field of expansion from the inner field that couples with the outer field, with 5's at every level pushing back outwards as 18.
I can feel there is frequency being added on the outer ring. There are many possibilities, here are a few.
The outer ring may be fractured to 18 segments, in motion, of higher EM frequency.

60 * 18 =  1080 hz
1080 is now again fractured by 9 going inwards, and we get 120 at the middle, with 60 at the core.
60 now synchronizes with the outer ring again perfectly, and the circle is completed.
One loop fractures inwards and the other one regulates???
These are best guesses, until a device is built.

Background Field Coupling

333000 / 60 = 5,550 Hz

You can see what Tesla had in mind when he decided to use 60 hz on the power grid.
The diameter of a circle having 5,550 cm sq area = 84.06235 cm.
What happens if we install this on the outside of our atom?
We will now be driving the AC field from both the inside and the outside in spherical layers.

Diameter = 84.06235 cm

This new field bubble, will surround our density sphere
 by .8406 meters and couple to the background field directly.
This will give it a lot more power from the added volume of space tapped into.
Since that is too large for caliper injection, one can set up two flat metal
panels to start it up, or make a giant wire loop.

Here is the frequency line up of the shells that will be formed.

333000 => 5550 => 60 => 6.6666....  => 3.333333....
5550 * 60 = 333000
60 / 9 = 6.6666...
60 / 18 = 3.33333...

Each diameter can now be found Diameter = 2 * sqrt ( area / pi)

Area       Diameter cm
5550      84.06235 cm
60          8.740387 cm
6.6666..  2.913462 cm
3.3333...   2.0620129 cm

Tesla's 3 6 9 apparent in this structure. The 9 being a ratio or divisor ratio of an area 60 cm sq.
Now if we tweak the bottom end we can have it join back into the background field at 3.3300 by factors of 10.
60 / 6.66 = 9.009009009 ... because they are all 9's it should work.

Expanded 60 Hz Atom
Area      Diameter    

5550    84.06235 cm
60        8.740387 cm
6.66    2.91200 cm
3.33      2.059098 cm

For greater tension on the field one can instead tap into the background field at 37,000
37000 / 60   616.66666666

Area      Diameter

616.666     28.02078 cm
60              8.740387 cm
6.66          2.91200 cm
3.33           2.059098 cm

280.02 mm is a lot smaller for the outer field
Now the power loop will go from the background at 1/9 x = 37000 and inwards to hit 3.33 where it will again connect back into it.
Tapping the river.