Technical Document

These wavelengths are experimental. The user takes responsibility for their use and applications.
Wavelengths Scanned and assembled by David Lowrance March 2012

GL system

The GL is a frequency of the upper central Astral plane, the upper heart center
In the physical body. 1/2 way between heart and throat. This center is called
the central sun in Cambodian Spirituality. Is directly over the breast bone at the center of the upper chest.

GL Rod

GL wavelength 48.195 mm
Outer Dynamo Wave 11.47 - 11.48 mm
Inner Dynamo wave 6.66 - 6.67 mm

4.8195 cm

I believe it may be the best point to assist people opening themselves to
emotional healing, as it brings in Love and Joy energy. Aluminum has been
noted as the preferable material for vibrational interaction on the human body.


Physical Body energizer

30 mm
5x = 150 mm



Pleadian Template - Perfect Human DNA Structure

This is a very dense and intense energy form, from the lower astral as
the human body is projected down into 3rd density. The projection can be
influenced, by imprinting a perfect DNA structure over yourself. [Spiritual claims from other channels - Kryon]

It seems to work on the 4th density syncronously with GL vibration very well.
The frequency is too high to get good penetration unless combined with the GL
to distribute the pattern to the whole body. It also seems to be more powerful
if made with copper, and if injected into large stainless steel tubes by
touching a tunned element on them.

1x - 8.53 mm
13x - 110.89 mm


Water Portal

Manifesting portal for water mass. Lower Astral wavelength band.

This wavelength can be used with the GL as well and may cause water to shift
into it's manifesting state. In the body, if the intention is clearly set up
to heal, this may be useful to support healing in the physical.
If a tunned element is placed in water, like a caliper or a cut SS wire,
the water goes into a high frequency vibrant radiant state, with joy sensed
when projecting into it.

If used on a GL spiral coil, is sensed to vibrate up the bodies water.

1x 7.53 mm
12x 90.4 mm



Bone is a vibratory structure, and I have been able to vibrate up individual
bones by tunning between knuckles in the hands and fingers. However to vibrate
up all bone mass length seems to hit all of them.

9.88 mm



In Chinese medecine, there are 5 energy groups used in herbal and accupuncture
systems of healing. Wood is used to access liver and gall bladder.
15.70 mm


Spinal cartalidge and discs

1x = 17.28 mm
9x = 155.52 mm


I cut an 18 gauge Aluminum wire to 9x 17.28 mm and wrapped it into a coil
on the aluminum wire, then slipped it on the outer end of the spiral coil.
I wore it for a day around my neck over the upper breast bone resonant point.

It feels really good, on the neck and spine. My joints were popping like a
chiropracters adjustments, and it felt to lengthen the spine and straighten things a bit.

When you vibrate up the discs in your back, they all come alive, and feel good.
It removed the resistance to turning the neck and shoulders for me.


Dave L


Prostate Scans

Prostate notes, 5 / 19 / 2012

Direct scan, after Keigiel excercise, 3rd density.

21.55 mm

Pi/2 harmonic 33.83 mm

Both feel really good to me.

4rth density scan

PT subset

24.48 mm

7x = 171.36 mm

Set up a SS caliper to 171.36 mm, hold its center over the prostate, with the caliper running side to side.

Very deep and intense, opens Prostate flow all the way to the feet.

Measurements were made with a SS caliper.

Dave L


Eye Lens - 4th density scan

11.4 mm

Deliver this vibration to the eye via the skull bone mass

9.88 mm + 11.4 mm = 21.28 mm


LV - Liver

68.55 LV

Sum with Ra fractal + 30 mm

98.55 mm

This caliper setting will vibrate up the Liver, with a Ra mix.

Now add the PT onto that + 8.53 mm

107.08 mm

This one is more intense.


GB - Gall Bladder

27.41 may cause the gall bladder to vibrate up and possibly spasm a bit.

Add the Ra +30mm = 57.41 mm

This technique is pretty powerful, so go slow with it.
Adding the entire spectrum to an organ tends to soup it up with energy,
and issues may arise until the channels of energy flow are cleaned out.
Emotional process may be necessary which can take you back to childhood at times and reveal traumatic events you forgot.

The 57.41 mm GB is giving me quite an energy boost, as mine seems to be very opened.

The liver work I did some time back was not so comfortable for me and took about a week to really process,
for the discomfort to go away. Now the vibration is welcomed.

So these are the two I would work with to improve the blood toxins, as far as I know at this time.

Just set the caliper, lay it over the organ, or hold it there on the surface of the body and wait
for a time until you notice the organ energizing with vibrance.
I hold it side to side over the area until I feel it is in vibration.

After it wakes up, then you must ride out the side effects of having an organ that is functional again.
Side effects can manifest as cold at first if it was blocked, then as warmth, or feeling of raised
temperature like burning off a fever, but should not last.

GB and LV [the blood cleaners]

K1 Kidney resonance

113.2227 mm


19.32 hollow energy
11.11 tissue

Pancreas + Ra

Pancreas + Bone
11.11 + 9.88 = 20.99 mm 

11.11 + 9.88 + 30 = 50.99 mm

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