Scanning the Energy System of the Ears


Inner Ear Graphic

There are two muscles in the inner ear shown in green in the drawing. They are designed to tighten up during
very loud noises and block the vibration from reaching the nerve system of inner spiral bone system, to reduce the volume by as
much as 30 db. You can learn to tighten these muscles if you work with this a bit. During a yawn, you will feel the ears pop
or equalize the inner ear pressure with the outer atmopshere. This gets your feel felt senses into the correct position.

When you tighten the inner muscles you may hear a noise like the sea, or a roar. The muscles ripple and the tension on them varies this sound.  
At the same time your hearing of the outside world will feel as if you are inside a can, hearing from a distance.
You can see the long muscle in green runs down the inner ear to the sinus canals, and this is the easiest one to locate and learn to tense up.
The other is the smallest muscle in the body and connects to the tiny bone which sets between the ear drum
and the inner spiral bone system with the nerves that then go right into the upper lobes of the brain.
Play with this, and see if you can tighten these muscles, and if you can then hear the sound of the vibration of the muscles.
If you learn to do this consciously then you can avoid the shock of them operating involuntarilly, which is more painful.

The abnormal tightening of this muscle, can be the source of tinitus in many people.
A sensitive micro phone set just outside the ear drum can often pick up the sound, if these muscles are oscillating.
There is a resonant frequency for each of them if any are intrested, I can record it later. It may operate to relax these muscles.
Trauma events can cause a tensing up of muscles, if the body has felt it is in danger, and if the person is unaware how to again relax
they may stay tensed up for years. In healing work it is called armoring. in this case it would be armoring of the inner ear.
Dave L
I get a nice release of the Ear muscle at 33.97 mm.
It almost creates tickles through the inner ear area, but may relax a spasming or oscillating tension there.
If I slowly tense the inner ear muscle while holding this vibration up near it, I get a deep relaxation response from that muscle system.
Now 24.64 mm comming in as a way to set the tension to a healthy state? I am not certain the function of this one but it is a dip in the spectrum right there.
This one is from the lower 4th to feed the inner ear energy. This is a vertical column one and so can be combined with the PT bead.
The energy- then hops right into the inner ear without effort.

33.97 mm        inner ear muscle release    physical
24.64 mm        inner ear strengthening conduit   astral
PT bead
Excercise inner ear muscles - learn to contract them and then release them.

The next phase is to follow the inner ear nerve system into the brain hemispheres.
43.62 mm in me, and it feels like the nerves cross to the opposite side.
This one seems to connect with both ears into the brain.
Now if used with the Diaganol Mediator resonance it can be fully balanced side to side.
This one vibrates up coherently the path of the hearing from ear to brain, sets up a resonance side to side of both hemispheres when used with DM.
DM 65.7 mm + 43.62 mm = 109.32 mm
109.32 mm  held across forehead, excites the nervous system that operates the ears.
If the brain sees this excitement as too intense then the ear muscles may tighten a bit. Direct brain stimulation of the ear protection response.
You can also touch the caliper just over the ear to the head, with the jaws around the ear. The inner nerves may respond as feeling light enter them.
The is an auditory nerve work out.
It was observed in High voltage work, that an FM modulation of high voltage can be heard from the inside of the "mind" in deaf people.
Frequency modulation is the method the ear uses to recieve information to the brain on the auditory nerves.
10 kHz is the median carrier spread for an FM station, that will spread up to 22 khz .... must run,

Dave L

Seeking 10Khz
High frequency sound is detected by the hairs inside the cochlea. It is the little part that looks like a snail shell.
The hairs inside have a soft vibration of 43.08 mm at the molecular level. Hold that setting on a caliper in front of the head and see if you can feel the ears with this energy inside them. It is very nice material. You can almost hear it!

Ear Detail Graphic

Use the photo as a surrogate, like a Reiki level 2 practitioner and feel the energy of each part. See if you can use the caliper to record the vibrations as you feel them.
Follow down the spiral in the photo there and feel how the hairs get smaller and you can almost hear them at each step.
There is an audio resonance there, very high pitched at a certain point along the curve.

This is the place where the wave motions of the air become the nerve impulses that hit the brain, intrepeted as sound.
Now with the first caliper set to 43.08 mm and touching it to the left hand I take the second caliper, right hand, and start to scan for an actual resonance I can hear.
At 4.44 mm I get a sound in the right ear that seems like rushing leaves. I am vibrating up my ears sensory hairs. I have a ringing in the right ear now, amazing!
At 9.42 it is a bit lower in frequency, and to hear it well I have to move the caliper in and out in front of my nose area, approximately between 2 to 6 inches, and at certain distances I get the right ear to ring up.
This frequency is still too high and not down in the 10khz range yet.

66.67 mm is now comming down into the correct range.
OK now I reverse the calipers in my hands, and the tiny tone switches to my left ear! Yes! It has to do with which hand I hold which caliper in.
OK disconnecting from the vibrations and closing both calipers and the tone vanishes, but the sensation lingers.
This is a bit scarry, because I do not want to have wild tones in my ears, that I cannot shut off!
I can see how a meditator, can have this sort of control over their body? Using vibration to scan it.
I will never have the same attitude about ears ever again! The complexity is overwhelming.
Hi frequency response cochlea - sensing hair fabric coupling fractal - 43.08 mm
Self resonant tones were generated at - 4.44 mm - 9.42 mm - 66.67 mm
Reversing the calipers hand to hand switched the active ear.
The position of the calipers in front of the head, followed distance tunning protochols perfectly, and I could vary the intensity of the sound to peak it at certain spots, other spots it would drop away. Then after it was ringing up, I had to close both calipers for it to totally dissappear, and tell it to stop.
Although I did not generate a 10khz tone exactly, I proved to myslef I can vibrate up sound in the ear by first using the coupling frequency of the hair cells, and then by imposing over it another wavelength. The secondary wavelength is carried into the hair via it's resonant coupling, and then vibrates the hairs to produce a synthetic sound of sorts, as a high pitched tone at very low levels.
This area of the ear is then in fact where the high frequency is recieved. I was dissapointed I could not get the tone down to 10khz, it was more up around 20 Khz like an old TV set with HV flyback.

Dave L


I am a recent member of the group and have noticed that a few people mentioned issues with tinnitus. 
I want to bring to their attention some possible reasons why this happenned based on the work of Michael Lincoln, Ph.D. as noted in his book "Messages from the Body - Healer's Handbook":

- There are messages from their Higher Self and from their own outer environment but are not willing to listen to them and have a completely closed mind.  They are not hearing their "inner voice" and are being intensely rejecting ad stubborn.

- The listen only to their own, long-established beliefs.  They have a "My mind is made up; don't confuse me with the facts" orientation.

Right ear tinnitus: refusal to listen to information from the environment.

Left ear tinnitus: stubbornly ignoring their "inner voice"

This may or may not be relevant for each person suffering from tinnitus but if appropriate, one can use it for self improvement/healing. For instance, are there things in your life that you are not willing to listen to / deal with?

I hope this is helpful information.

Best wishes,