A Delta Sleep Tube

Update 2-8-2013
Of two serious testers, with this tube, both could not have it around longer then 4 days.
On the 4th day both had a strong desire to get it out of the house.
Sleeping too much, and feeling groggy rather then refreshed from the sleep.
I destroyed it on the 8th day after it's creation.
It is often useful to prove to oneself the phenomena is real, and a strong experience can be useful.
It is recommended, if you want a tool for longer use, make one with far less mass, and possibly a lighter metal.
The tube is literally a downer, and will pull you down into delta sleep states relentlessly.

(Theta waves seem to be happening at 82.58 mm and may be a better choice to work with.)

Verticle 1 photo


Delta wavelength sleep is the very deepest level of sleep, the body pretty much stops moving, all rapid eye movement stops,
 breath is very slow and relaxed, heart beat at it's lowest levels also, and brain activity drops down around 4 Hz.
The Spiritual sages have told us this is where we actually leave the body and go out into the Astral and Light worlds to plan tomorrow,
and set up all the synchronizations that will happen as if by chance, with others.
They tell us that nothing happens by chance.

During this part of sleep the "veils" are totally removed but the thread of physical memory is normally blocked at the first veil.
The sages have said if you can take the thin thread of physical memory into this level of sleep, there is nothing you cannot achieve.
Normally when coming back up out of this level we encounter the veils again, and the thread of physical memory is not loaded with the information
or the experience directly, but with symbols the ego mind supplies to represent the meaning to our waking consciousness.
This happen in the dream level of sleep at a higher frequency, and has been called the "dream sensor."

Information is blocked at the veil so that in the physical we can experience surprise and unknown states of wonderment.
This is the final submitting of the external will to the higher support system of Spirit, and we do it every night.
Without thoughts, without formal religion or training, and without a choice. It is a natural part of the life cycle for all humans.
If there is interference to this process, we will not get renewed and restored so well during sleep, according to sleep clinic data.
Disorientation and loss of personal path in life may result.


I discovered that a vertical alignment is most pleasing for me with this particular wavelength of vibration.
By setting the distance from my body I was able to limit the effects, and not actually fall asleep while meditating with it.

Other effects I noted when placing it in the bed near me, deeper dreamless sleep, indicating I am spending more time in Delta, and less in Theta dreaming levels.

If I set and hold the tube in my left hand, then before long I begin to feel my feet vibrating up,
as well the body begins to totally relax everywhere I set my focus on it.
I feel as if my consciousness is sinking downwards into the lower brain stem.
Over a few days I have noticed that now I am far more in tune with the body,
and can vibrate up my arms and legs with a mere thought of the tube.

I have tried to estimate the pulse rate of the tube by feel, it may be slightly below 4 Hz, and closer to 3 Hz.
It vibrates up the lower brain, where the Jade Pillow is located, said to be the exit point from the body for "sliding" out.

This resonance fractal was discovered from a quartz crystal, that consistently induced deep sleep in people who had trouble sleeping.
It was nicknamed the "Delta Crystal."
Thank you Delta Crystal you will be remembered.


This tube was made using thick type L - 1 inch diameter copper water pipe.
It has enough mass to vibrate down into the deep levels of sleep and penetrate the brain mass well with it's gentle vibration.

Dimensions Photo

A 300 mm Stainless Steel Caliper is used to scribe a mark on the pipe length with a sheet rock razor knife at a length of 280.20 mm or [11.0315 inches].
Then a pipe cutter is used, setting the cutting edge directly on the scribbed mark.
Care is take with larger copper tube like this one, of 1 inch diameter, not to spiral down the tube as you slowly cut.
Work back and forth around one turn at first until the depth of the cut rings the whole tube, so the cutting wheel will not wonder.

Tools photo

The tube is then polished up using #000 steel wool. Place the steel wool pad with a folded paper towel between it and your hand
and then grip the pipe and move around it, or spin the pipe slowly with the opposite hand.
Do not slide the steel wool lengthwise on the tube or it may leave unsightly lines in the tubes surface.

Fractal Data

This tube uses a base fractal length of  93.40 mm
Any prime number multiplication of this length should produce the same intensity effects.
In the tube here, I have used a multiplier of 3x
93.40 mm  x 3 = 280.20 mm
The number shown on the large caliper in the photo above.

If you want to make one of these with smaller tube diameter, only the length is important for resonance.
The power of the tube will be a direct function of the mass or weight.

 This vibration device is both simple and profound.
It allowed me to read the exit portal, or tunnel entrance at 17.17 mm

Dave L

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