Exploring the Structure of Vibration Fields.


To create a section of the earth that will support carrot growth using vibrational grid devices.

Area Photo

I was given a small section of the new garden for the carrot experiment.
Garden is 16 feet wide by 4 feet across by 1 foot depth.
Raised bed has dirt about 1 foot over ground level.

Resonant Elements Photo

Tubes were cut precisely on an 11x segment distance of the measured carrot fractal, [see data section below.]
Aluminum was used in hopes the field would be stronger off it's sides to permeate the dirt better then copper might.

Resonant measuring tool

A longer Aluminum measuring tool was cut and marked for various prime number spacings and to make the energy very easy to feel.


An East West Grid line was located using the 13x earth energy ruler, the heavy copper wire in the center photo.
The Aluminum carrot ruler then used to center the 4 outer tubes to create a field all through the ground with side to side and end to end resonance.
Using care to insert the tubes vertical down into the dirt.
This forms a cubical area inside the dirt filled with the carrot structure field.
The dirt resonates up!

Sand is added Photo
The tubes are now filled with Dessert Sand causing the field to increase about 10 times stronger.

Completed Layout

On palming of the field I decided to place the resonant Aluminum corner piece along the East West earth grid line and leave it there also.
There is a large energy node forming in the air about 3 foot up at the center, and likely also one down in the earth.
I can actually feel this field quite a distance away easily, it was stronger then anticipated.
The dessert sand may have been overkill.

Planting Photo

Planting time.
Dyan wanted wooden dowel end markers for the rows.
Two different type of carrots being planted, sweet, and long.

Calculations and Data

Surrounding myself with many fresh Carrots from the store,
I scanned them deeply and was able to vibrate up long rods, having the energy couple into the carrots.
Notes are below.


zero beat scan
27.96 mm    Large dip
57.27 mm    Smaller dip
79.44 mm    Smaller dip
[Inflow energy into carrots]

21.40 mm
[outflow energy away from carrots]

I want my carrot field to go down into the ground ~1 foot. [30.48 cm]

27.96 mm = 2.796 cm
1x = 2.796 cm
3x = 8.388 cm
5x = 13.98
7x = 19.572 cm
11x = 30.756 cm     1 foot
13x = 36.348 cm
17 x =  47.532 cm
19x =  53.124 cm

Next I want it to be 4 feet wide by 3 feet long 121.92 cm by 91.44 cm

23x = 64.308 cm
29x = 81.084 cm
31 x = 86.676 cm
37x = 103.452 cm     3 feet
41 x = 114.636 cm
43 x = 120.228 cm     4 feet
47 x = 131.412 cm
53 x = 148.188 cm
59 x = 164.964 cm

Final Target Dimensions

depth 11x =     30.756 cm   1 foot
length 43 x = 120.228 cm   4 feet
width 37x =   103.452 cm   3 feet

[This defines a cubic volume of dirt I wish to resonate up as one coherent field.]

Unfortunately the garden is skewed with the East West earth grid line, and these dimensions were not possible to achieve.
I ended up using feel felt senses to work off the East West earth grid resonance, and placed them at the 3 foot distance with a staggered offset distance.
More a trapezoid then a square, parallel with the E/W Earth grid lines but skewed with the N/S lines by about 2x.

Back Yard Photo

As the sun sets, I can feel the field of the carrot vibration over 30 feet away!
I may have to consider removing the sand, will see how it goes over time.

Dave L



Carrot - Thruster Rod added.
1/2" Copper tube 57 x outflow fractal 21.40 mm = 121.98 cm
57 x 2.14 cm = 121.98 cm

The tube feels electric, and creates an outflow field on the carrot field already in place.
My thinking is that the carrots have been taking in energy for a month now in this inflow energy field and it is time for them to shoot up bigger.
The growth fractal pattern is a 5x pentagram, but that was very small at 10.7 cm.
I decided to experiment now with  a heat producing fractal 57x at or near the center of the pyramid of energy.
57x is 19x times 3 and used in the Hendershot Generator.
I believe it will also raise the temprature inside the carrot "energy field."
Carrot field Photo 7/15/2013

Thruster Rod Photo

Earth Grid Ruler

Wavelength Reference

Resonant Fractals