The delta wavelength is out at ~93.4 mm, I do not see any way to shorten it below the 1x in this case. If we make it smaller then the pineal then that would upshift out of the 3 to 4 hz pulse range. I believe that range is unique to our brains. The vibration would have the same flavor, but at 12x or more the pulse rate. Then it might wake us up instead of the opposite. You can give it a shot with the 12x divider and see what a caliper does to you there.
We can do that, but what we end up with may not cause delta sleep state, with respect to the human body. I have played with countless crystals, and only this one at this dimension has had that effect, that I am aware. A rather unique longer slightly slender crystal.
Over time the copper mass is too electric for me, it makes me too warm.
We might end up back at an Aluminum coil, or stainless steel wire for better comfort. Any suggestions?
I think it would be very cool to have a flat coil stuck between the matress and the box spring just under the head.
Grantid, these vibrational energies are for temperary use, where we want to wake up a park of ourselves. Once awakened, we do not need the tools to maintain the flows. If too strong they will have to be disposed of or sent on to the next person.
The copper tube is then fine for use of three or four night, for a person who is desperatly seeking some rest. I see it as an "unblocker" to teach the body how to sleep again, and how to reach the delta range of sleep. Once the body is retrained, the use should be discontinued. The yin yang balance is restored, and the consciousness has a new path from connecting again to the higher levels. The body then remembers why it must do this, and will then again submit to that.
A smaller coil with less mass, or lighter material like Aluminum, may take longer but be more gentle???
The large copper tube is right in my face, after 4 days almost too much to handle. I am trying to locate a place in the house where it will not effect me now.
This is one of the reasons I always build large first. The effect is much stronger, I do not have to pretend it is real, and then I find my limits. 4 days with this one.
Self observation is a must with these devices.
Sliding the path out of the body via the "jade pillow"
This was a side effect of the delta wavelength but very noteworthy as a meditational pathway also.
Here is what I percieved.
93.4 mm wavelength, takes you down along the brains conscious line. This line runs from center of the forehead back to the back lower side of the skull, where there is a great expanse of consciousness just outside the body to the rear. During waking time, the consciousness slides along this path. The animal reactions are more to the back side and used in Karate practice, the reasoning and intuitive centers to the front. The crown path is at the center between the ears and eyes. At the pineal hollow area of the brain. So the line passes through the center of the core, upwards to the front and downwards to the rear. If the rear is opened then your karate senses are turned on, and the body can move extremely fast, and also sense any danger. It is the essence of "be here now" training. Feel everything in your immediate space, instantly as it happens.
If you feel you are being watched often the sensation will come in from the back side of the neck, entering this sensitive channel.
As I was able to maintain the wavelength for longer time while awake at my desk, this channel opened up and to my rear a very large tunnel appeared. The frequency of this tunnel is 17.17 mm, and the path out to the soul level of the human form.
I saw my Accupressure teacher at the opening of the tunnel [he has crossed over recently]. He was there to tell me notice this one it's important. There is ascension up the vertical spectrum, and then there is exit out the side path at the very center of soul position. The path out of the illusion.
We all have free choice, to enter here or to leave here, to return here, or to fully exit back to the outer boundary. While inside the illusion we often forget there is access to outside the illusion.
The vail is lifting for humanity now, the quarenteen is nearing its end time, there will be free access again to this exit path, with full awareness and memory recall in the physical. Get everyone to notice it! LOL! There was sense of joy in his message to me.
With these sort of things the message may have been only intended for me, but sense he says "get everyone to notice it" I think possibly the message will be understood by a general mass of the population at this time in our history. If so others will be giving us this message also from thier own inner work, and where the messages agree between many people then take special note.
This new opening I seem to be running into everywhere now, just after the 2012 stillness. The first time, I wondered about it. the second time I took note, and now it is very hard to ignor. The human consciousness is changing right now in some way, and people no longer scoff at this as imagination of a few misfits.
In the South Africa sages, when I was visiting them in a slide, I noticed their heads were reversed on their bodies on the 4th. They have positioned themselves to watch the tunnel at all times. There was strong fear in that system of spiritual progression, on an animal level. I now understand the why of this. It is the fear of sliding through that tunnel. And also guarding that tunnel that none can slide into it and possess your physical body for a time. They were not aware yet of the 5th and our power to protect that tunnel from the other side of it.
Intresting personal events for me!
So in theory if we set up the sum of the two length we have a tunnel access system. I do not recommend that for any who are not fully ready to have a major shift in their belief system.
93.4 + 17.17 = 110.57 mm   [the path home]
Did this just happen? Wow.
Share this with the group? I get a yes today,
Dave L