Arno Lengths



My first recorded length was in the night. In the night I leave my body and come to places of my interest, And sometimes slide too fast back into my body. And the vibrations do not fit my body and vibrate up my bed. To have it calmed down Dave suggested to dial that vibration and multiply it with pi/2 a harmonic to make it more easy to handle.

So I started intuitively with a pen and paper and calculator and of course a caliper next to my bed.

But opening the caliper to match that vibration was back then not my skill yet. So I wrote down 0-9 on a paper and slided with my finger over it. To have the wavelength of that vibration.

After a while and lots of practice I developed the skill to just slide open the caliper and sense for the right spot.

I will make a brief overview of the lengths I scanned and add some more info and responses in the second section.

Nightly First Lengths:

First length : 66.32 mm

Second length: 55.44 and 55.47

I will describe these lengths in the second part

Nightly other lengths

98.10mm Strong length that will vibrate up the body big time. It is resonating between different layers for me.

122.78mm lovely egg shape fuzzy beings with big brown eyes ;-)

94.74mm Was overpowering me. In the night and also in the morning at the first test with the hands filling with energy. Needs more exploration.

39.67mm Also a nightly length that needs more exploration. Was feeling very electrical when it vibrated up my bed.

57.58mm Manifesting energy.

27.77mm not tested yet but giving leg crush feelings when collected that length.

Evening length

34.55mm light sphere at the next door grassland here ( is experienced also good as healing qualitys) ( was scanned by me from a experience that my neighbor had).

Healing related lengths

In working with others for healing here are some lengths that where recorded.

Some work for all people some are maybe person depended.

84.47mm Pancreas stimulation. Is working at the test person, And even gives significant blood test changes. (see second part for values)

54.84mm Release Rheumatic stuff Is also working on the test person big time. This in combination with other attributes. He stopped using rheumatic medicine and the hospital tested his blood with good results. It also removes rheumatic symptoms from the captured energy I get in me when I am around him. And so for 3 other persons working with him.

18.38mm releases Side effect of Sotalol hcl zdz 40-80mg tablets

The side effects where that it was blocking the energy in the neck area. Contraction of the blood stream there. This length in a 12x gave release till the doctor provided other medicine.

70.93-94 mm Healing angelic light

Brought in through scanning a block at hips. Beautiful light manifested in the room from 5th density. After posting this length Dave scanned the other levels from the 5th density.

74.64mm Anti sugar candy addiction length

It also worked on Joe as anti corn chip length. The emotional need gets less when using this length.

63.24mm Released someday my eyes muscle contraction.

72.34mm released pressure at eye.

Both work well with caliper at eye. Be aware first it can increase.

57.46mm opening pineal Length for opening pineal more.

20.40mm Good flasher at pineal for sight.

Nature lengths

83.74mm Lemon One of my first scans. Of a lemon.

55.63mm Fertile rain. After it rained it felt so fresh and good. A fertile and nourishing rain.

77.50mm Elder weed. Expansion of the energy hoping it will outgrow itself. It is vibrating up a lot of elder. But not succeeding in killing it yet.

Other Lengths

16.35mm BL (blue Light) Scanned by Ella for having a length that can be felt by many. She scanned for Happy!!!

8.88mm When watching a spiritual teacher Mooji, You can better feel what he tells (youtube mooji).

Personal lengths: This may have influence on others with same patterns?

This has not been shared before or tested on others.

125.66mm Arno: Getting more close to my core.

3.67mm Arno: Feet flow activation.

19.53mm Arno mouse RSI related symptoms release.

28.83mm Arno amplifying sunny look on life

27.33mm Ella: Getting more close to her core.

18.53mm Dave: Scanned for opening body his flow more.

66.98mm Anonymous open up person active in thought.

clears and opens mind and rest in the body (works also for me!)

68.10mm Female length for harmonizing a restless/ a bit itchy feeling.

14.17 mm female 70 release emotions 3rd chakra

39.29 mm female 70 release tension above breast chest area.

Good calculations:

Grounding Ra.

1 fractal 30mm *1.25 (111function) * pi/2 * pi/2 = 92.52mm

Is grounding several feet below the earth/feet.

Compared to a 150mm*1.25 grounding at 1st chakra level

Some Responses on the lengths:

Responses on 98.10mm

Holy Smokes!(smile) I dialed up the 98.10 length, it was SO strong!!!! I could feel the vibration hit me as soon as I locked in on the number. It was a pulsing type of pressure, very strong, almost electric…. WOW!

Awesome lengths Arno, so sorry it took so long to get to them




That one is really strong for me too. I like it. Have been playing with it now since yesterday.

98.10 mm - opens on both sides of my head. Reacts more strongly on the right side as opposition, but on the left side as harmony.
So it pulls me into the left side more I think.
Lots of energy there. Thanks for sharing this one.

Dave L

response on 34.55mm length

for me, was similar to the 122.78, but not as “strong”, and it had a different texture or feel to it, but again was relaxing and soothing.

Awesome lengths Arno, so sorry it took so long to get to them



Where did you get this one! Nice energy, makes me laugh with joy feelings



lovely beings with brown eyes ;-) (definitely giving a support in loving caring)

The 122.78 made me start smiling, I felt elation and joy, such overwhelming love.

122.78 mm - I can see a form of a being [dark]. I set up a link to that being in there, and get back incredible gentle love.

Do you have a name? Socially, personal? The name means "We connect in Love". A group consciousness of some kind.
I am asking are you from off this world or from this world? I get they are off world. Communicating through a portal, to the left side of our sun, on a vector approximately 15.7 degrees, passing close to the sun.

Wow an alien contact?

Arno you come up with some really interesting stuff from time to time! Blows me away.

Ok, where is this vibration as it hits the human population?
Solar plexus center. Harmony and incredible expansion.

Dave L

BL response:


I actually see Light in the upper head from this length.
Expanse and lightness from third eye to jade pillow. [Front to back of head.]

Over time now .... I see hundreds of people.....sunshine ....... body feels lighter again

Very visual. I am standing in a place with light blue floors ... a>doorway...I am casting a long shadow..... its like a temple with pillars.

They are the people of the light, a very vibrant society one might relate to angelic but heavier then light beings.

Searching for labels ,,, Akashic records,,,but none do it justice. I
flashed on books, and smelled them. Large and thick ones.

A green field around a large pyramid, almost white the blue is so light colored. Then small squatty trees around that, a planet off to my left rear in direction. A blue star.

Lots of visuals! Light thin bodies.

Now its radiating down to my throat and arms, like I am there and one of these people. A world that opens between the throat and pineal 1/2 way near the lower jaw. A different heaven, higher then the GL which is between heart and throat.

In Eckankar they used to have pictures like this of what they called the temples on other planes. I never really encountered them other then imagination back then. All that from one length! I feel as if I have just been initiated into a new level of sight.

I should try to make contact with someone there. OK blue light balls!
All around me. This seems to be a major portal for me.

Can I ask what it is sensed as to you? This one needs a name!
Thanks Ella

Dave L

Pancreas stimulation 84.47mm Results

normal 4-6 value measuring (sorry I do not know the unit value of it, it’s a medical unit value.) (not amps ;-)

Test person has a bit higher value but that was OK for his age according to medical.

7-8 when he uses 1 tablet (.5 morning and .5 evening)

when he uses the length it goes down to 6.3 and 6.2.

And when he is not using the length he has to use two tablets to have that level.

So halving his medicine use for this.


54.84mm release rheumatic symptoms.

Resonated at the wrists with small Aluminum lengths makes the energy not block up in thick hands over night.

Symptoms Sotalol hcl zdz 80mg tablet or 40mg tablet 18.38mm

Length for the ones using Sotalol hcl zdz 80mg tablet or 40mg tablet and having specific symptoms.

This medicine vibe makes the back of the neck and all the way up to the head sticky.

Even with me just touching the package of the medicine ;-).

I found this out when working on someone who had some serious problems since this medicine in combo with diabetic issues.

So in the meantime till the doctor describes other or when he wants to reduce or else. I found the resonance to vibrate loose that area again.

And stop his speaking issues.

resonance at 18.38mm

a coil at 12 times 220.56mm is working fine.

55.63mm fertile rain

Today the rain was very positive charged. A rain that has a lot of growing potential.

So I decided to measure that wave length

Maybe a nice one for charging water.... but need to explore that.

I did not tell Ella the length and asked her what she felt.
A refreshing mountain creek she described. So pretty accurate then.


I just tried your rain length. [55.63 mm] I can feel it! Very nice.

I set up a caliper, and then slowly moved it away from the 13.5 cm
resonator on the earth grid point standing vertical. At about 132.85 mm separation distance from center of my vertical tube, it couples with the earth node. It feels like it is now going to rain in my garage area! LOL! I wonder if this will have a real effect.

You know how you can feel it just before a good rain? That is how that length feels to me.

Will monitor the weather radar for a bit and see what happens here.

Dave L

57.46mm opening pineal


ok I dialed it in this first it takes me a little to see the flashing but as I move it up and down in front of me I can really feel that sensation, like there is a stack of spheres in front of me and the caliper hugs them as I move it.


I got same. Connection at temples, causes brain sync vibration, on both sides.

Dave L

20.40 pineal far open sensation

Arno--last night going to sleep I felt a big build up in my pineal, so I "tuned it up and brought it in"...Reached for the caliper and tuned into a sharp tip out the forehead (saw some lights in my hands when I type that). 20.40mm--hey that was "Arnos' length"...

55.44-47 silver beings



I carefully set up the caliper, cleared my mind, then touched between the inner edges and instantly felt the sun. The sun has a mass vibration I am familiar with. I also felt it's direction from here below the horizon.
Within the gravitational field of the sun is the portal to everywhere
else in the universe, first through the galaxy, to it's center and then
to anywhere else.

Now within this boundary or the sun portal, I jump deeper, to the center of the galaxy and a secondary vibration rises on top of this moving through the first. A shorter wavelength of 3.11 mm.

The Light beings, like the Pleadians are often here.

I am asking them, do they know where Arno is traveling at night time.
One of them points to my right across the galaxy.

I get back a "path" in real space and direction vectors with lines
connecting points or hops. I slide towards it, off a different angle to
my right through the sun, I get back a powerful compression energy, and
the word, SUPERNOVA. I can feel it also.

The gravity from this place is extremely strong at the center.

What is Arno doing out there?

The word has the meaning of "creation."

19.75 mm is the negative energy dip, now setting inside my 55.44 mm portal. [2 nested calipers]

Now looking into that secondary portal, I see a race of silvery beings in the distance and tune into them at 4.92 mm. [3 nested calipers]

I now have three calipers setting on my desk right in front and have leaped through 3 portals to get here.

The silvery beings are very thin with rounded heads that look like
upside down tear drops almost.

I am asking them, what are you doing with Arno from Earth?

He is in training, I look to the right there are beautiful saucers. Very
think and wide.

Is there a way for him to come back into his body, and more quickly
recover from the strong vibrations of this training? He is loosing much sleep in the physical on earth.

Yes, he needs to work backwards through the portals and not try to get home using a single jump.

Regress on the same three portal fractal vibrations one at a time, back to your own sun, and then acclimate much faster.

You now have the three fractals most important for him to get back

Love - Love - I go in peace. [best vocabulary to express the exchange of telepathy, the vibration was beautiful]

Thank you

Closing the 4.92 mm caliper, I am shot backwards strongly.

Closing the 17.75 mm caliper, the energy of the strong compression is dropping away to a lightness

Closing the Sun fractal now, I am back to the earths surface background Aetheric stress levels, I feel fine.

I have come back and the energy was left out there, in it's Aetheric

This was very intense for me, but the technical part seems to work for me ok.

I hope this can work for Arno also. Guess I have just become a tracker!

When you nest portals like this, you create several layers of your own consciousness. To pull back out, you must peel each layer back off, one at a time. This is so you can have a body on the earth, and also travel in the other bodies, to other densities. Where you manifest back into the physical however in another part of the galaxy, the stress is very strong on the body that is also physical at the starting point of the jump. So the layers of the portals must be kept in tact while you are visiting out there. Then removed in sequence as you return. Arno is taking a short cut and not coming back through the sun, and removing that layer on the auric field.


Arno This is probably the craziest sounding, channeling I have ever
done, and totally something new to me. If it is accurate.....

You have contact with other beings in the 3rd, who are very advanced,
according to what I am getting.

I can not fathom how, but somehow, when your astral body goes out there, it becomes a physical body in their area of space.

This shift of energy is a very strong shift, for your astral body to
make. You end up with two bodies in the physical for a time, and the one on earth is sleeping. When you came back, you are coming in too fast, I believe this is what Ella also said. You are not going through the correct portals to reverse the trip, so the down shit energy is not present as it should be to restore you to Earth Space field density.

Ella said your body is too large to fit back into your earth body. What I got from following your slide seems to agree , your astral body is not down shifted correctly to be a good fit back into your physical body here.


Note I asked assistance from the Light beings to locate you in the
universe. Specifically the Pleadians who are considered pretty good at that. You can call on them also for guidance in travel, they will likely show up in the light body form to assist telepathically and
vibrationally. They have saved me a couple times where I was totally disoriented to bet back to my own body.

All that I channel into words here is of coarse, filtered through my
vocabulary, and through my mental models. It may not be totally accurate for you, but I did get the vibrational lengths, and you may wish to explore them one at a time in the nested order, and see what happens.

If you are in training out there, it may also be possible for you to
have better recall of this after you get the waking up part better in
sync, with the correct down shifts. Or peeling off the added layers of

You are doppleganging to another area of this Galaxy, near or even
inside the gravity well of a Supernova, [what ever that is]. I will now have to go see what a supernova is.

Happy New Year

Dave L

Re: 55.44

Figured I better put this in linear form, I made a typo in the earlier
closing process.

55.44 sun center

3.11 Galaxy Center, Pleadian contact central channel

55.47 Sun deflection vector to supernova

19.75 supernova portal

4.92 silver beings planetary system

So to come back into earth space, you have to go back through the last three of these in reverse order.

For me closing the calipers did this almost immediately.

If you need help set up the first two and see if you can contact the
light beings of guidance [I call the Pleadians???] Ask them to assist
your travels at nighttime.

The universe is "happy" with this one.

Dave L

66.32 mm night length

1st recorder nightly length arno

How much time are you spending inside that ICO? LOL!

You are describing the effects of an accelerated Aetheric bubble area on the human system.

Racing at higher speeds, in the more dense Aetheric bubble.

That would not be so much from the frequency, but from the geometry of the compression system you are moving inside of.

Dave L

Re: 6632540 night length

I can feel the resonance of that vibration and peaking with a rather hot energy over about 1/8" range. A rather wide frequency field.

The EF frequency? Ok give me the Ella finger! LOL!

Again I am not accelerating with it so much, there must be another
factor involved.

Dave L

To lower the frequency and take the intensity away, make a length 12x or 144 x longer.

The greatest one I have used for down shift is the sand frequency where I expanded the wave to 24 times 24.

576 I believe.

66.3254 x 12 = 795.9048 mm = 79.59048 cm

66.3254 x 144 = 9550.8576 mm = 955.08576 cm = ~9.5 meters [pretty long wire]


The next way to disperse this energy is using a pi/2 jump to turn it
into life force energy of harmony directed outwardly.

66.3254 x pi/2 = 104.18369 mm [using the two elements together or in rings, should be interesting also.]

The pi/2 ratio will tame the most savage beast!

That one makes me feel really good, just setting here with only it, so the fractal you found must be out there in the Aetheric field already for me to be able to do that working against it.

Nice Job Arno!

Dave L

Wavelength Reference

Resonant Fractals