Save The World

[Music Videos from the late 1990's]

The world through my eyes, is a world of wonder, of partial blindness, and of awakening to the intelligence of nature.
Each new truth is an expansion of my reality, and a new way to perceive, what has been here all along.
As I reflect, I turn the volume way up on these videos which I made, and it takes me back there again.

In my "save the world years" it was a time filled with observing the world and identifying what was just not right for us, the humans who found Love to be more important then wars, and destruction.
We were the Love generation of the 60's and 70's, waking up from a world of 40's and 50's conformity, fear, devastations, and atrocities, that were unnatural to us, and just plain wrong.
A world with no higher ethic or morality then the strong deserve to have the weak suffer at their hand.

I had no desire to keep doing it the same, as our fathers, or forefathers. The human spirit cried out for a change that was rational and humane. To put an end to human suffering, by intelligent design.

1972, and probably the most highly intelligent generation, schooled in the finest knowledge known to mankind, we rebelled from the way the "mass followers" like cattle, simply did what they were told was necessary.
We wanted to know "Why!"
The first song I recorded, words by Kara Sisk [Powerful driving voice], music by me and Ben, and expressed the feeling, if we keep doing it the same, it will continue coming out wrong.


Still shots of my life in Sitka 1990's
The Boat, inside and out
The Band
The Town
Whale Park animations
The Raptor Center - Eagles
Rain Maker 1 - Crystal ball with magnets - The Conscious Technology Beginning

We wanted to save the world, to save the forests, to save the environment.
In the late nineties, and a bit late for the "Love generation movement", a few of us came together to put this to music once again, to relive and reflect on our past.
To express what we had personally lived and felt from our life time of "knowing," the world could be a better place then we found it to be.

I was able to record only a few of our songs and put them to video, although thought to be controversial at the time even in the late 90's.
The second piece I recorded was a song written by the lovely Cindy Garay "Save the Tongas".
After a few times it was played on our local radio station, it was banned! LOL! Seems we offended someone.
It expresses something deep within her "feel felt" sense, that our duty is not to be in conflict with nature, but to work with nature to support the environment that supports life on our world.

In a money world, we are all torn between survival through income in the now moment, and survival of the natural order of the planet looking to the future.
Mankind's methods, are often in opposition or in conflict to natures, and although money has no real value to life or to the support of life, mankind has treated it with more reverence then anything else, when it comes to "reason for action."
We must all now make money to survive, and money, of itself, has no ethics or morality, other then to assign us all to the slavery of higher profits and more production without end.

Turn this one up so the bass shakes the room, and get inside of it!    Far out man!   LOL!
There will always be a place in my heart for Cindy, and her expression of Love for the planet.

Save the Tongas National Forrest

Water "take off" from Craig Alaska in an Otter
Logged off areas towards Thorne Bay
Water landing in Port Protection Alaska in a Cessna 185 - The long pontoon ride, skimming the water
Skiff ride - Port Protection to the road system on Prince of Whales Island 
Southeast logging capitol of the 70's and the 80's.
Last shots - Laboucher Bay water access landing point to parking lot.

Then to the 70's illusion that a new Love should last forever.

That's What We're Here For

When you are "In Love" it wants to last forever.  The closest I ever came to "being here now" and in the moment.

I do not know if that's actually what we're here for.
I do know that within the path of "higher mind," all perceived is built on a structure of truth, and does not tend to change as rapidly within one lifetime.

My boat [Home at the time] in DeGroff Bay - Deer and fishing shots
Herring fishery - spotter planes, in Silver Bay.

Facing Death

After a recent death in town, Jessica Baggen, who's death remains a mystery to the public, Kara was inspired to write a piece about leaving here in death, to the stars, just as Ben and I were playing with a digeredoo and trying to cypher how many chords could be placed around one note that never ends.
The song was felt as a controversy locally, that some subjects close to home should not be expressed in musical form. This however is our human "internal battle" with resolving the fact that we will all someday join Jessica in death, and in that sense we should also contemplate it deeply and make peace with it. Death is a natural part of this world at every level of it's manifestation. The long drone "vibration" of the digeridoo in D is the life time, it begins and ends the song, with the music of life added to it in the begining and then taken away near the end.

Dig In D

Castle hill, closeup fades through me into the ocean with sea lions feeding near the harbor.
Eagle flies over the bridge
Shots of Cindy in practice and performing [Within the band, it seems she was the only one who enjoyed being photographed! LOL!]
Shots of boat harbor life on a sunny day
Last shots - a feather - and relaxing in the quiet harbor as the day ends

I hope you have enjoyed, a short look into my life [David Lowrance], living in Sitka Alaska.
My life has been one of travel into the small communities of Southeast Alaska, as they are, to install and repair Telephone systems, establishing communications with the outside world.

In this travel was found a sense of small community life, from fishing communities [Pelican - Petersburg - Point Baker - Port Protection - Craig], to booming logging communities [Hobart Bay - Thorne Bay - Coffman Cove], to tribal societies [Kake, Angoon, Klawock, Hoonah], to more regulated living styles as Government slowly established it's presence in Alaska over time [Yakutat, Sitka, Juneau, Ketchikan].

The pulling together during times of need, and the internal feuds or conflicts that pop up in nearly all small tight social circles.

Communication has now been established to the "world wide Internet" level, and instant contact with nearly anyone at any time.
It is now a different world, then I grew up in.

Thank you all, we are stronger in the sharing,
Dave L