Quartz Crystal Geometric Ratios and Programming Techniques

Ratios are very important for setting up self sustaining fields, and calculating resultant frequencies we can install in Quartz Crystals.
These measurements are intended to show functionality. Further development may be necessary, to locate specific human interactive desirable programs.
There is nothing more satisfying then locating some of these with intuition, but if you get in trouble, it is good to have a fail safe release method as well.

Resonance Measurements taken 2016 / 12 / 12  Dave L

 Source Reference    [www.quartzpage.de/gen_struct.html]


Quartz Structure

It may be good to learn how to tell if a crystal is right handed or left handed.

C Axis Resonance

Frequency Examples
4.90 mm   set neutral stress on the coils  
[rotate the crystal around the C Axis to clear the 3 angles of resonance]
116.24 mm   set tension on hex angle alignments  [rotate the crystal around the C Axis to implant this at the 3 angles of resonance]

The first thing that came to mind with study of the C axis line was Hubbard s coil system. While Hubbard used 8 around 1 for copper EM interaction, the Quartz uses 6 around 1.
As we discover how to add SSF's in Quartz C axis, it may lead to understanding Hubbard's resonant coils better as well.

There are two kinds of helix running vertical through these Quartz crystals. Large hole and small hole coils.
A dual helix on the larger diameter at the center, of 6 smaller single helix's or coils setting around them with opposite twist.
The Silicon atoms form into a uniform segmentation of heights up the layers, shown to the right.

Helix Diagrams

Here we are looking down into the crystal from the upper tip or point [top view]. We can now view the C-plane as diagrammed above, a shadow of the Hex surface, see top diagram on page.
The side view shows one of the helix coils as it runs down through the crystal vertically.
There are two sizes of holes running all the way through the crystals with a spring formed in each size made up of single sides of the tetrahedrons.
The arrows show the wind direction as you move either upwards or downwards into the page, or up and down the C axis line.

The large holes have dual paths that resemble DNA Helix's with two strands, but extra points point outwards, rather then inwards as in human DNA.
In a left handed quartz, the small or outer circles turn CCW as you move through them, and the inner dual spring twists CW.
In a right handed quartz, these are both reversed.

The holes running vertical through the crystal that dump out on the tip surfaces are the manifesting chambers.
Manifest materials, like water, may seep off of the crystals along these surfaces in advanced conscious work.

C Axis Programming

Clearing the C Axis Vibration Imprint

C Axis Clearing Photo

Rotate the crystal around its C axis. You can use several clearing settings. I have tested 37.00 mm, 33.50 mm, and 4.90 mm.
They use different techniques to install  a 333000 Hz background vibration on the crystal.

Touch the end of the calipers to each of the surfaces of the crystal, perpendicular to them, then slide it off center to the point where you feel the dead spot, all the vibration will disappear.
This shows how it works. If you are in a hurry however, drag the end of the caliper up all the flat surfaces end to end one at a time.
Take your time and do all the surfaces, then do the tip as well with a 180 degree rotation of the crystal around the C Axis.

Often times a Self Sustaining field may get trapped in your head.
Hold the calipers in both hands with fingers across the gap, and tune through 37.00 mm to release any trapped fields in your own head.
You should feel the tension inside the head drop away pretty fast as you cross over that setting.

If after tests there is still vibration resonance in the crystal refer to the geometric release lengths in the first Quartz document.
 182.70 mm is an excellent one to use first.


SSF = Self Sustaining Field  [Vibration Technology]

Programming a SSF into the C axis is done from just above the tip, by slowly moving the caliper to a correct distance along up the C Axis alignment,
and then rotating the Hex pattern 180 degrees crossing all three of the possible alignments of the Hex form.
You may program only one of the angles with a specific vibration and the others differently, as well if you like to experiment with combinations.
There are lengths that will vibrate up any of the surfaces.

Sensitive Method

This method does not require a lot of math skill, it does however require you hitting a self sustaining ratio by feel, or asking Spirit for guidance to get the SSF activated.
This method is likely the most gentle approach for the skilled vibration sensitive. Some may get good enough to use a hand rather then a caliper. Also very complex fields can be stored in this way.

GL 48.195 mm
Set the caliper to 48.20 mm, then hold the crystal with the caliper off the tip and two of it's Hex edges parallel with the caliper blades.
When you get the distance close, the crystal will vibrate up with the frequency, when you hit a SSF ratio perfectly, other harmony frequencies will appear around the crystal, it will also then lock it into the triple spring grid with a feed back loop inside to outside through the crystalline matrix.
Remove the calipers and you now have one angle of the three programmed. If the field drops away as you remove the calipers you did not find the correct distance for an SSF to form inside the crystal matrix.
With some training you may be able to recognize when you hit these.

With very fine tunning and slow motions you can get the frequency to appear on any edge or on any surface of the crystal using only distance tunning ability and angular alignment off the tip of the crystal.
This however is for the advanced ones who have the sensitivity already developed, and rely a lot on the higher intuition for assistance.
Remember also the angles 144 degrees and  109.5 degrees, that the caliper off the end can also couple to.

Angles in quartz

Set with hands cupped around the crystal and feel it enter and fill all parts of your body.
If the surfaces have been programmed differently, hold each one against the palm to feel only that frequency.
Point the tip at the palm and notice the beam coming from the manifesting holes.

Harmonic Methods - C Axis Programming

For those who want some more positive outcomes, I will give example that is far easier to hit on using math to anchor them into the grid with known values and predictable results.
While we may end up with what I call head bangers, it will prove that these techniques work for both installing frequency and then removing it. For this we will calculate Self Sustaining Ratios and embed them into the lengths used.

SSF Ratios:
Sqrt 2
Pi / 2

Mixing Protocols:
The sum or difference
The product or factor

Installing methods:
The right angle calculation 
hypotenuse injection

Expansion of the field:
8950 [ Expansion of the field bubble]
333000 [background field link up]


106.97 mm radiates off the m sides of the crystals surfaces.
139.00 mm radiates off the edges between the m surfaces
139 is a 4x length, 139 / 4 =  34.75 mm  [geometric reduction]

Product Method  [mixing]

34.75 * 106.97 =  3717.2075 mm sq
3717.2075 / 32 = 116.16 mm  [geometric reduction]

Set the calipers to 116. 16 mm, hold the crystal inside with the C Axis in alignment with the length and feel what happens.
It does not matter where you put the crystal you do not have to center it for this one to vibrate up.
Remove the crystal and notice it goes dead, thus we do not have an SSF ratio present as of yet, we must add that next.

SSF generation ratios:
116.162734375 x pi/2 =  182.47 mm
116.162734375 x sqrt 2 =  164.27891 mm

Test each of these on the crystal and decide which one you would like to use, and note they feel different.
Pi/2 is gentle, and sqrt 2 is more powerful yet pure.

Difference method:
164.27891 - 116.16 mm =  48.12 mm  [SSF Ratio implanted]
Install from tip, find correct distance to peak vibration, take caliper away and let it settle out a bit.
The two lengths will take on a right angle at some alignment inside the crystal matrix at some tiny dimension and start an SSF.
Feels very smooth, nice and calming, surprisingly pleasant.

Sum method: [not used]
164.27891 + 116.16 mm =  280.43891 mm
280.43891 / 4 =  70.11 mm [Geometric reduction]

Triangle method, [not used]
We place the two SSF lengths at 90 degrees, then calculate the hypotenuse of the triangle, and use it to install the field  off the tip of the crystal.
The angles will come to rest at a different orientation in the crystal.

The next two can be used to expand the field reach of the vibration on the crystal.
They are installed on the auric field around the crystal at this point, and not actually on the crystal.

8950 expansion field

Multiple by 89 then divide by 50. [Method not used.]

333000 expansion field

333 / 48.12 =  6.920
Expand by 10x  69.20 mm
Move the caliper towards the tip , as soon as you hit the field around the crystal it will couple to the background field and expand the field outwards in all directions.
Your crystal is now splattering the whole neighbor hood, and possibly the whole universe!
Set it on an earth grid node. Center it until the power comes up stronger. Go stand over another grid node and let it come up through you.
Go for a walk and see how far the field reaches.

Clear the Field

Do not leave the field unattended, clear it out of the crystal and make sure it has become neutral again before you stop your experiment.
Run the 37.00 mm setting down all the flat sides, edges, and tip. Run it out at distance off the tip and locate the dead spot where it goes dead everywhere on the crystal.
Set the crystal down and now hold the 37.00 mm gap across the thumb and index finger and feel it clear out your head also.
Close the calipers.
Do not think about the field for a time, take your mind off it. Come back later and make sure the crystal is clear by holding it.

After this session, which was quite compressing, the energy in my body did something with really good results. I think this one could be a purification technique.
Compression reorganizes. The body then responded with nice stuff about 15 minutes after shutdown of the field on the crystal.

m Surface

Square Graphic

The squares form in layers perpendicular on the flat surfaces of the Hex form.
Notice the squares are not actually square in the photo, they are slightly rectangular, but this may be due to the angle of the photo.
The photo is a computer generated model and should be fairly accurate.

Silicon graphic

Triangle Grahic

Atomic Vibration Data

-45.143 O
-66.158 Si

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