Quartz Crystal Clearing and Cleaning

2016 - 12 - 14
Dave L

222 Method

Based on the area of a HEX form of the background field, aligned down the C - Axis of the crystal off the tip.
37000 x 6 = 222000

Set a caliper to 22.2 mm, then move it off the tip until the crystal goes dead.
Alternately an F gen can be set to 222 kHz, the black lead to the tip and the red lead to the base.
Move the red lead around until you feel the energy shoot down the middle of the crystal.
It is rather strange to feel this energy move through the center of the crystal when alignment is achieved.

If you have set up a spherical field bubble on a crystal this next method is very useful for clearing it.

The caliper is set to the side perpendicular to the C - Axis.
The distance is adjusted to feel the crystal go dead at that level.
The caliper is then moved down the crystal the entire length from tip to bottom.
If the distance is maintained accurately enough from center line of crystal
the crystal is cleaned and cleared, with one motion.
All tension around the crystal should disappear.

The following data are lengths that can be used for this.
They are based on 37000 cm squared area of a circle.

This sets up a spinning circular field resonating at 37000 Hz and geometric reductions of it.


Clearing with Rotating Fields

If we instead derive a spinning circular field, it will clear all the angles at once as
we move down the crystal, as it spins around the center of the crystal.

Find the diameter of a circle with an area of 37,000 cm

Area = pi r^2
Diameter = 2 * sqrt Area / pi
Diameter = 217.0480 cm

Diameter can be divided by steps of 2 for geometric reduction of 4x frequency

2170.480 mm 
1085.24 mm
542.62 mm
271.31 mm
135.66 mm
67.83 mm
33.91 mm
16.96 mm
8.48 mm

135.66 mm can be done on an 8" caliper and works well.
One pass down a crystal, at the correct distance away, and it's done!

However remember this field is still spinning also.

  mm squared spinning field

If you program with mm settings this one may be helpful as well.
Find the diameter of a circle with an area of 37,000 mm

217.05 mm
108.52 mm
54.26 mm
27.13 mm
13.57 mm
6.78 mm
3.39 mm
1.70 mm

Small Crystals

Most small crystals will probably be programmed with mm squared frequencies.
Set the caliper to 108.52 mm

Place the crystal at the center of the gap with C-Axis and point perpendicular to the caliper gap.
The point will be at an angle of 90 degrees to the caliper alignment.

Carefully move the crystal through the caliper gap tip to bottom, keeping it centered.

If the crystal still has a beam off the tip continue.
Turn the crystal 90 degrees and place the C - Axis inside the caliper line, move it to the center,
then back and forth slowly  until the beam has completely gone dead.

Stopping the field Rotation

If you now want to go back to stationary programming mode, you will want to completely stop the field from rotating.
You may use the 37.00 mm setting for this.

Do the same on the crystal,
As the field halts it's spin , you may get a little dizziness around it until it is completely stopped.

All the spinning nodes will stop then take on the stationary triangular format of the background field again.
The following chart can also be used for this.

Stationary node Clearing

Caliper Settings

2923.15 mm
1461.57 mm
730.79 mm
365.39 mm
182.70 mm
91.35 mm
45.67 mm
22.84 mm
11.42 mm
5.71 mm
2.85 mm
1.43 mm

 Function Generator Frequencies


Other Clearing Method

It can help to realign nuclear fields in some nasty crystals, and smooth them out.
Place the caliper at the tip, touching and change the angle slowly to find the resonance peaks of the following.
The coils or helix's in the crystal running the C - Axis will respond, and take the more natural vibration of the crystal.

Oxygen Atomic Weight
16 mm

Silicon Atomic Weight
28.09 mm

Oxygen NMR fractal
45.14 mm

Silicon NMR fractal
66.16 mm

Now hit the tip again with a 37 mm.

These lengths will all couple at various angles off the tip with the caliper touching it.
The chains run down the C - Axis in helix pattern
When you hit them just right they smooth out considerably.
If the crystal also has copper in it, or other elements, you can work them also from the charts.
It is not often you get a SSF frequency cross between the crystal level matrix and the atoms resonance values, but it can happen.

Clearing the Head

After one is experienced with these vibrations on crystals
and has felt many of the different vibration configurations by feel,
it becomes possible to make a crystal go dead using conscious methods.

Set your intention to clear the crystal.
Cup a hand over the crystal tip, close the eyes, extend your
spherical field from center of the head outwards around the head.
Increase the distance of the sphere until you feel the whole crystal go silent.
Run this energy through the crystal consciously.

However if you are like me, you may end up with spinning fields around the pineal
and in the head from sliding into the crystals consciously, if you forget you are a chi master.
In order to clear these, we can use a simple technique, now that you can feel the crystal vibrations.
The pineal is covered with a layer of calcite crystals and SSF fields can also lodge themselves there.

Place hands off the sides of the head and move them outwards
and inwards until you feel the vibration stop on that alignment.
Center of mass of the head is at center of hand spacing.
You are looking for a dip in the vibration where it goes dead.
You can do front to back and top as well.

Lastly a strong neo magnet can be used.
Point one pole of the magnet inwards and move it all around the head.

Remove your focus from the vibration as it is possible to install a field
back into a crystal from your body memory of how it feels.

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