Quartz Beam and Spherical Fields

[Ra Programming Examples]

2016 - 12 - 13
Dave L

Be sure to progress all the way to the end of the document to see how to make the best feeling fields emanate from crystals and open the conscious aspect of the crystals.
The document follows the development of installing fields on quartz crystal, beginning with square and hex resonant fields and then moving to spherical ones.
At each step you will then understand why and how this works.

Large Quartz Point Photo

Here is a really nice, large, quartz crystal I got from China.
I am going to program a large Ra fractal on it, that will make the room feel good to be in, and raise the energy level of people.
In this exercise, I will show how geometry is used to make a field power from the background energy, and record itself inside the crystal.
The result will be a self sustaining field, that is anchored into the crystal.

Clean the Crystal
37 mm setting on the caliper
Off the Tip and all sides in a line
Up and down  in and out until the crystal goes absolutely dead,
from all of it's flat surfaces in all directions.

Now we are ready to program the crystal

Basic Relationship

Programming Photo

Program the tip first because it will stay in the crystal on it's own.

Tip and Caliper Photo

Hold the caliper vertical with the gap set to 2.22 mm and slowly move up and down this line when feeling over the top of the crystal for the beam this will lock into the crystal.
Take the caliper away and then palm over the crystal for the beam.
This is the alignment of the "vibration springs" that run through the crystal tip to bottom which can be programmed with a vibration.
It is called the C - Axis.

At this point the crystal my feel a bit nasty around the sides, due to the particular dimensions of the crystal causing reflection.
We will tend to that problem next.

Program the Hex Sides

Quartz crystal sides programming

Set the caliper to 150 mm [Ra wavelength] align off the flat Hex sides of the crystal.
These are called the "m" surfaces, there should be six of them.
As you move closer and further away, you will cross a point where it is 150 mm from the center line of the crystal.
That side will now vibrate up on the Ra fractal and become radiant.
Do this on two more adjacent sides and the vibration should now be radiant from all three of the m Faces.
Turn the crystal around and check for the vibration off the other 3 sides, it should already be there.
Now the radiance into the room will begin to feel much better, and have nice penetration in more directions.

The beam out the top may become a lot stronger also.
You can next add the 30 mm and the 50 mm sub harmonics of the 150 to get a more familiar Ra feel.
Technique is the same on all the flat sides.

You can also do this off the edges and off the flat sides at the tip, but the result will not be so pleasant at these angles as you will soon realize.
The beams all radiate in straight lines as surfaces outwards and cross at various angles causing anomalies around the area.
However understanding this step is essential and learning to sense it is very useful for what comes next.

[Clear the field.]

Spherical Fields

For the next application we must  first look at why this works.

333 Area factors

First we note that 150 x 2.22 = 333
Frequency is stored as an area in the crystal.
Also the product is 333, which is a base 10 factor of 333000 [the background field vibration frequency]
If the lengths of the two sides multiplies to be 333, the form will be stored in the crystal as an area.
2.22 will radiate at 90 degrees to 150 and we can make it go either way through the crystal.
A quartz crystal that is dead, will radiate 333 in all directions and it will not be noticed because that frequency is everywhere already.
We only notice when that frequency is altered in geometry off it's basic triangular form structure.

333000 hz is a triangle form field with 60 degree angles, matching the structure of the crystal on it's hex area surface.
37000 hz is also a triangular form field, used in erasing a crystal.

 150 mm Length Geometry

150 mm caliper photo

Next we palm around a 150 mm setting on a caliper to discover two nodes in the air 150 mm above the other two on the caliper jaws.
This indicates the geometrical pattern of the RA, in this form, is square, thus the 90 degree sides will work on our crystal between the height and the 6 "m" faces around the sides.
This is the pattern we installed on the crystal for the first test, however we note the field is not even everywhere around the crystal and is stronger off the flat sides, and less strong between them as we walk around the crystal.

In order to build up a field that is more circular, we will have to do something different with the Ra fractal to change the way it radiates.
We need it to spin.
If we can make the square spin, the corners will then radiate in all directions around the crystal sides, like a cylinder and produce a more even field in the room.

How do we make the Square Spin?

Diameter Drawing

We must find the diameter of a circle with the same area as the square with 150 mm sides.
If injected in this form from the diameter the nodes should spin around the center of the resonant vibration.
We should then get a wall of energy all the way around the coil springs in the center of the crystal at even distance in all directions.

150 x 150 =  22,500 mm sq
Diameter = 2 * (sqrt (Area / pi))
169.26 mm

Note the frequency of the form will be the same as the 150 mm, as it is the area of the circle and the area of the square.
However the mode it is expressed in will be that of a spinning circle.

150 circle

Set the calipers to 169.26 mm and palm the field with a finger to ensure you have a smooth wall of energy around the full ring.
With the caliper on the desk, slide a finger off to the left side to a distance of the radius and see if you can feel the center of the next circle over.
Place a finger of the other hand at the center of the caliper to get the feel of it.
Every 169.26 mm off the center of the calipers will be another node point we can use for injection to the center of the crystal.
Hold the caliper one radius off the side of the crystal and adjust it until you feel the crystal vibrate up.
COM [center of mass] of the crystal is the target.

The spinning field feels warm, radiant from the center line of the crystals Helix springs.
Place a hand over the beam out the top and see if you can feel it also.
Remove the caliper and the crystal will again go dead.

Set the caliper to 2.22 mm and inject the field on the tip, coming down the center line with the caliper gap,
Work with this until the vertical beam is in place, good and solid.

Now inject the spinning field from anywhere around the side coming in at 90 degrees to the vertical line, center of mass of the crystal.
Palm the layering around the crystal and note there are spheres emanating from it's center of mass.
The field is even everywhere, as you walk around the crystal.
It feels elevating and conscious!

Can you guess how to add more layers on this one?
Geometric expansion.
2x diameters will couple at 4x the frequency of the base.
1/2 x diameters will couple also.

This is basic Joe Cell tube design locked into a quartz crystal down its vertical C - Axis off the tip.
Note: Also remember if the fractal you want to become radiant is in the triangular form, the calculation will be different.

Duplicating the field on another Crystal

Using this crystal to install a field on another crystal, is very easy if you have cleared the other crystal.
Bring the other crystal down to this one from above tip to tip.
Be sure the hex "m" faces are in the same alignment off to the sides on both crystals.
When you hit specific heights over the first crystal, the field will imprint on the second crystal.
If there was a field on the second one however and it was not clear, it will also travel into the first one.

 Now if you can set up the second crystal vertical also, you will be able to locate distances to set it up so it will couple to
the first one and create a larger higher density field between them, as well a geometrical mix of any other distance you want to play with.

Be sure to erase the fields after you are finished with the experiments.
Avoid splattering others, with fields that are nasty, or disruptive to harmonious thought.

Function Generator Notes

Note also, as to using an F gen in this work.
The area of the 150 mm square is 22,500 mm sq.
One can set an F gen to 22.5 kHz and feel the black wire.
This will confirm a lock at that frequency with the electrical field.
The electrical field is the result of a square in rotation as a circle.
The area of the square will determine the frequency.
The same quantum of energy can be expressed
in several basic forms of geometry.

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