Quantum Energy Generator

Watching development of the QEG free energy generator has been one of the most exciting "open source" events on the Internet during 2014.

Resonant Fractals Org in co-operation with FTW team is offering this information with the following PDF files, and URLs,
to assist all who desire knowledge of this system, as it is developed within the public domain.

PDF Files [Public Domain]

How To Fix the World 2012 - Hope Girl -pdf
Project beginning and establishment of funding process, for the people.

QEG User Manual - pdf
Initial Base Project for the Free Energy Generator describing all the part of the QEG

Phase 3 Update August 2014 - pdf
Conditioning the Core with 1.3 MHz for "self running" Phase of the project.

Circuit Diagram - jpg
JPG showing the basic wiring and components.

Informational URLs

Fix the World Project 2012 - Hope Girl

WITTS Video of first QEG

Hope Girl Videos of QEG projects - youtube

New Generation Core Reaching Resonance
New cores are sealed with resin

QEG August 2014 Update Video
Phase 3 Conditioning theTorelco  Core

QEG Update URL August 2014.

QEG Videos Online -Bing Search

Torelco - QEG Core Supplier

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