Photos of Moon from Earth Positions

In response to the recent movement claiming the earth is flat. It is my belief these pictures of the moon from various latitudes up and down the globe, prove the earths true shape.
Note that the moon is visible simultaneously from these different locations, and all latitudes observe it differently positioned in the sky.
If a person at the North pole, and a person at the South pole observe the moon at the same time, and they compare the photos to realize it appears upside down to the other, it becomes pretty obvious one person is upside down from the other, and thus the earth cannot be flat.

Google Earth Moon Mapping Patterns

Note the 3 circles crossing the top hemisphere of the moon, of descending diameter towards the right, with the last and smallest one marked Dark Ring for a reference.
Note also the light or brighter area, we in Alaska grew up calling "the man in the moon."
These markings are easy to identify if you study the moon a little bit.


In each of the photos below, the upper land mark [Dark Ring] is identified with a white line for easy location angle reference.

Arctic Moon

Fairbanks Alaska


Anchorage Alaska

Sitka Alaska


Queensland Australia



The flat earthers will likely come up with some warped explanation because they want to believe.
The explanation, however as to why the earth measures flat from the surface, is the bending of light when close to a gravity field.
Light moving parallel to the earths surface, is also moving at 90 degrees to the center of gravity.
The density of the earth is far higher then the air.
There is a gravity warp we live inside, and to detect it one has to move outside the bend in the field.

If you look at the Joe Cell experiment where I show a gravity programmed cell making a straight tube look bent, you can see the direction of the bend.
This is an on the bench proof, that a gravity field bends light passing by it.
Our world seems flat and straight as we stand on it, because it is a warped gravity field.


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