Introduction to Mass Vibration Science

Everything in the Physical world vibrates.

Light is a vibration. Heat is the vibration between molecules, or atoms.
Mass vibration is the motion of the nucleus of all atoms where they are heavy, this is called the mass.
This nucleus floats inside the atoms, suspended in a field of energy, and vibrates.

Where a large number of like atoms vibrate in synchronization, a mass vibrational field can form. We call this a coherent vibrational field.
If you are inside the field bubble, you will be able to feel the vibration. A mass vibration field can be large enough to envelope a car, or a flying saucer.

All atoms are self powered from the Aetheric medium of space. This energy is all around us, and is always in vibration.
If we hold a correct distance in space, a vibration will rise from it, if that vibration is in the background matrix field.

This is one use of the stainless steel caliper, it can be used to raise a vibration from the Aether medium.
There is plenty of energy in the Aether medium, and it is fun to play with and to experiment with.

Elements like Bismuth, and Aluminum, are special, because every single atom on the earth is exactly the same.
They are very good choices to create coherent vibrational field bubbles with.
Elements like copper that have two different nuclear isotopes, are a little harder to work with,
because their mass vibrations have twice as many wavelengths.
Crystals are another good vibrational material because all of the crystals can have the same dimensions on their tiny structures.
Rocks will vibrate up from their center of gravity. Any piece of matter can be vibrated up with tunning.
Water can be vibrated up too, there is a technology devoted to this called Joe Cell technology.

You can even vibrate up your own bones, or muscles or any other tissue in your body using a caliper.
The body likes to feel these vibrations, and it can feel very loving if the level is kept gentle.
Vibration in the body is sometimes called Chi or Ki energy, the energy of life force.

If you have a caliper, this document is a short introduction into learning about this new science, and feeling it first hand.

The physical fabric of Space being acted on by the field forces as vibrations.
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