Human Wavelengths

DM Caduseus Tube

There are several levels of human wavelengths. We can access a great many by feel felt means.
Wavelengths that effect the human body, must be recognized, and dealt with as special cases in our design work.
There are 5 levels of wavelengths, that have direct effects on us consciously. They are used in various healing and meditation arts quite naturally.

Level 1 and 2 are found moving inwards, deep into the earth.
Level 3 is our physical body parts and materials.
Level 4 is our emotional spectrum.
Level 5 is our sense of Source Energy and Angelic expression.
These 5 levels of human consciousness, are accessed in deep meditations.
They can be used for self improvement and for "sliding" the earth bubble layers.
Some of these have been charted for us already by meditators and shared publicly.

On Level 3 there is a wavelength that brings energy into the physical body, it is called the Ra wavelength.
It is 30 mm and is usually used in a 5 x version that is 150 mm long.
Bones vibrate up at 9.88 mm
On Level 4 there is a wavelength that tends to bring peace and harmony, this has been called the GL or Golden Light wavelength.
It has been experimented with for about 5 years now and is still considered a very good one to be around.  It is 48.195 mm
Often it is crafted to an 8x version with Aluminum tube, or a 9x version and rolled into a wire coil hung around the neck.

There is a Jin Sin Jitsu chart called Bio Field Resonance created and distributed by Pat Block MD for emotional healing.
Shown above is one of these, the DM at 5x length.

There are many others now being exchanged as healing or body related wavelengths.

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