Engineering the Tempic field

The tempic is most basic of all fields and establishes the time flow rate over an area of space.
Light speed is not constant but a varible. [Wilbert Smith]

The following is my personal collection of information and one model on this subject, many other very good models exist that have been discussed at c_s_s_p. And many are far beyond my grasp mathematically at the present.

The Tempic Field:

In Wilbert Smiths work the time flow rate is reduced to the Tempic field. This field originates in spin. The Tempic field at any one point is the sum total off all spin interacting at the point. There is much confusion as to how this field actually operates, how it couples , and how it establishes a background time flow rate that seems coherent. Our experiments to date have led to a few observations that may shed light on this.


Time as we sense it is a perception based on memory or the storage of motion events making each motion seem unique from all others. The root is in motion, and starts with spin. For us to have a conscious sensation of time and time flow rate we must somehow distinguish a difference between the first trip around the circle of tempic motion and the second, otherwise each trip would seem like the first and the only motion present in the universe. Time and time flow rate for us cannot be separated from the conscious perception of memory. As a conscious being acquires a greater memory of events the perceived time flow rate is altered and moves more quickly, as any new storage is a smaller quantity as compared to the whole memory storage line. Time in itself is a conscious phenomena. Consciousness is very real and lies in quadrature to the physical forces.

Thus time and time flow rate are a function of this conscious connection with motion of spin and our ability to remember which motion we are in at the present as respect to a previous one. Tesla and Wilbert Smith have pointed us only at considering motion and this is the tempic field. While the connection between the conscious time flow rate and motion or spin velocity [light speed] may seem apparent, the unity connection is found in light speed as awareness is ultimately found to be the Light. Stepping out of this higher "We are the Light" perspective however is necessary to define the physical perspective and the Tempic field is the natural model to understand how motion can effect our conscious perception of time flow rate.

Tempic vectors:

There is a built in paradox in the tempic field models using vectors to represent them.
Without the perceived linear tempic field nothing else can exist. 
Without spin involving two vectors of motion, the tempic field cannot exist. Thus seeing these as vectors comes up a little short of sanity.

The circle [spin] is the basic unit of time, so in this sense the tempic field is not linear. However it is sensed linearly as time. The tempic field is everywhere and represents how far light speed has been slowed [perception vector]. Neither is the electric field a straight line, voltage is a sphere. The vector line represents its motion with respect to the magnetic field or its charge for a large group of Electrons. The magnetic field forms polarized to the [motion vector] of the spherical Electron and is not a line either. The vector model is a math concept for manipulations and calculations and not to be confused with the actual field forces.

Field Geometry:

The actual model of field geometry is somewhat different then the vector models:

Tempic - circle - spin  [perception vector loop]
Voltage - sphere containing spin on the circle of spin  [acceleration or deceleration of light]
Magnetic - donut containing sphere in motion through space, curl on spin on spin [control vector loop]

While the tempic field may exist alone, without EM components as the Light, the EM fields do not. In this form the fields all have the same reach and there is no place that an electric field exists without some tempic and magnetic field present, however since field density reaches further in the tempic field, it will cause effects at greater distance then the others and "spin couple" with other particles to propagate the time flow rate across matter or space as torsion. The Neutron should exceed the others considerably for the strongest tempic field with the greatest effective reach if out of balance, and the Proton extends this torsion to the outside world. Since all spin is spinning in all particles the tempic field is spherical. Plus it has the greatest "effective" reach of all the field forces, and the only one that can exist alone.

The quadrature model represents how they interact in motion vectorally as particles in wires or field intensity and not the actual geometry of the fields because none are actually a line, nor does any force appear in the form of a line including the tempic field. At every place the tempic field forms a curve.

In matter the tempic field is slower then in space and this is the source of gravity and the space time curve. Gravity, the weakest force, does not curve space, the tempic field gradient "time" creates gravity and originates in spin decelerating light speed in matter. This creates a tempic "well" or "sink" around matter that causes light to bend as it travels through it. Both sides of the Photon travel at different rates so light apears to bend. The idea that space is curved is felt to be in error, as well as the idea that light speed is a constant. Space is rectilinear and the tempic field is curved. [Wilbert Smith]

The fields

Tempic field density drops as an inverse linear distance effect.
Voltage as an inverse distance squared effect.
Magnetism as an inverse distance cubed effect.

Space time curve

The major difference with the Tempic field as respects the other fields is the nature of where it originates. As Einstein pointed out the space time curve is relative to an objects mass but is like a "well" or a "sink" in the background field of space itself. Although Einstein was unable to tell us how this could effect "empty space" or what is in empty space that could contain an altered time flow rate or a distance curve, as it is assumed to be empty or nothing at all. Scientists have been searching for the Aether or some very fine substance ever since.

It is my point of view from the Creation document, that the physical conscious fabric holds the key to this background Aether that seems to permeate all space. The Tempic field originates in this plane as two light speed constants or a band of variable velocities of light determined by their distance from Source. Since all perception is "the Light" we perceive the spin of atomic particles not as their velocity in space but as their altered velocity from our conscious velocity of perception. Light moves into matter and is slowed or speeded, and thus is perceived as spin, by the differential of perception inside and outside matter.

We end up with the background Light speed everywhere along the conscious physical fabric, and a slower light speed inside mainly the neutron due to its multiple spin properties. Matter is a "drop" in the background light speed of the physical fabric of perception.The entire fabric however is one fabric and thus we get the qualities of the Aether as a fabric that is stretched only by altering light speed or the Tempic field. Our perception of the Tempic field then is only how much light speed is altered, and this process moves out to form the "well" of gravity. The tempic field is thus the density we set inside on the conscious layer and centered as a hollow sphere, one sphere for 3rd density reality with two layers of slightly different velocity light [the Aether].

Engineering the Tempic field now becomes a process of altering the spin in matter, but the effects are felt across a "well" outside the matter in the fabric for a distance where they alter light speed as a gradient in the perception fabric of 3rd density. A photon passing through a gravity well is curved because its closer side is moving slower through space. Time is curved, space is rectilinear. [Wilbert Smith]

Einsteins view is also accurate because it is impossible to tell the difference, whether distance is shortened or time is slowed we get the same result. However Einsteins take on  the physical dimensions ends up at a wrong place. Thus I have associated gravity as referenced to the zero point of light speed, and voltage as referenced only to the center of 3rd density light speed. All the forces originate with light speed manipulations, but only the Tempic field is present everywhere as the background field that everything else is operating within. This is why the devices that alter the tempic field have effects that seem to effect the Aether or the space around the objects to a distance that could never result if the fields were being generated from within the particles themselves as only torsion, and why gravity moves out much further then the other forces. I believe that gravity is a Tempic field effect in the conscious fabrics and not a point source field.

Principles of the Tempic Field

Principle 1
Spin expands to fill its "container"

Principle 2
Spin will expand until it encounters another spin

As spin spins it creates the tempic field. The tempic field is most dense at the axis of rotation and least dense at the circumference. This leads to principle 3

Principle 3
The tempic field density is most dense at the axis of rotation and least dense at the circumference from which follows the next principle

Principle 4
The tempic field pressure (density) causes the tempic field at the poles to rise highest above the 2d spin plane
Principle 5
The weak tempic field pressure at the circumference / equator (~0) will not cause the field to rise above the 2d plane of rotation
This leads to a spherical field or a least an oblate spheroid (that's what Earth is) -- caused by the tempic field density (pressure)

Principle 6
There is a tempic field gradient that is densest at the pole and least dense at the equator. Fields encountering the tempic gradient will tend to slide down the gradient to the equator. (Thats why the electric effect is at the equator - charge slides down the time gradient)

Principle 7
Rotation of the tempic field in the electric plane of quadrature produces electric charge
Electric charge will tend to slide down the tempic gradient and collect at the equator of the tempic field
This is 2 D because of the length of the circumference and the depth of charge collected

Principle 8
The local tempic field is always translating because the universal tempic field is rotating. This is local frame X axis motion at C
in normal terms

Principle 9
The local tempic field is always rotating, because its a tempic field. This is rotation of a sub-time field (T1) at C
It is a spiral around the X axis at C translating along the X axis at C (light speed) Each is in its own time domain

Principle 10
When two independent time domains are accumulated the tempic field strength (?) is the product of the pair

Principle 11
The spiral rotation of the electric field at the equator of one of the tempic fields causes the magnetic field in 3 dimensions
N / S / N / S
S / N / S / N    if you follow the N or S you will see the spiral -

Principle 12
Tempic fields, electric fields and magnetic fields do not cancel. There may be no apparent value because the values are offsetting, but the field is still there. This leads to pos / neg /neutral tempic, electric and magnetic fields.

Spin Interaction
Principle 13
If the tempic field can entrain the edge of the field, the resulting spin will be counterclockwise to the original

The Neutron

Outside the atom the Neutron has a very tiny magnetic field matching the Electron and it has no electric field. Inside the nucleus the Neutron becomes the center of the diamagnetic field repelling and holding the Proton and Electron shells in their orbitals for the most part from the strong force area. Its diamagnetic field is pushed into a 90 degree position because it is repelled from both poles of all magnetic fields. Due to the overlapped fields of the Neutrons sub particles its tempic field becomes 4 times stronger then any other atomic particles. As the Neutron sits in its 90 degree spin position from the Protons magnetic fields it is effected by two forces. The repelling diamagnetic field to the magnetic fields present, and also it is effected by the Protons tempic field which tends to spin it along its own spin plane of orbital motion.

Neutron graphic

We end up with Neutrons having two spin vectors, one related to each force. Magnetic - Diamagnetic repulsion and Proton tempic field spin. Proton is bound in the torsion force.
This causes the Neutrons spin along both axis to be lower as lines of spin become longer and torsion is introduced. Light speed is altered even more. This interaction creates the strong force.

Because of tempic coupling the Neutrons spin axis is rotating along the Protons spin plane and here we have spin on spin. The diamagnetic field rotates at 90 degrees to the Protons magnetic field forming a circle around its equator, yet still interacting with it through torsion. If we quickly turn the Protons polar alignment torsion effects cause the diamagnetic field to imbalance and we know the force produced will propel electrons at 90 degrees to the motion. The force produced from motion of the diamagnetic field becomes far stronger and the field of electronics is born.

In the AG metals Protons magnetic field can be aligned externally using Electron magnetic fields [magnets]. As Protons come all into alignment coresponding Neutrons now spin all along one plane of motion at 90 degrees to the Protons magnetic field. The Neutrons diamagnetic field is brought into a flat circular motion with its maximum tempic field at 90 degrees to protons magnetic field. Precession will spread this angle probably to the 45 degrees or so we have measured [47.2 - 41.2 and now the 40 degree angle].

The two fields holding Neutrons axial  motion are the Tempic and Diamagnetic. From Principle 3 in the above list we see that the Neutrons tempic field is least dense along the spin plane the Proton is grabbing and most dense off its spin axis. At close range the magnetic forces would be stronger and the field we can manipulate becomes the Tempic one. If we can slow the Neutron spin in the Protons spin plane we can release the Neutron to accelerate and effect the time flow rate at 90 degrees to the magnetic field where the Neutrons tempic field is strongest.

Accelerating Neutrons tempic fields would lie at 90 degrees to the magnets polar axis. If we can stop the spin in this plane of motion then the Neutron will become a single spin particle and there will be no inertial effects along the 90 degree position from both Neutron and Proton spin. However we end up with the magnetic fields now in motion spinning there poles around the diamagnetic field. This may be what is happening in the Searl disc. As the opposing fields pulse they tend to lock the diamagnetic field to a 90 degree position halting its spin in the Protons spin plane. Device spin will help the Protons remain uneffected to tilting from these pulsing magnets because of momentum while Neutron spin is slowed and even halted along its tempic coupling field.

Manipulating the Tempic Field

Electrons are interactive along the low density side of our perception and they are accelerating light speed. Protons are interactive along the upper density side of our perception
and they are decelerating light speed.  ref [ Force Vector Model of the Atom   Creation of the Physical Fabric ]

Pitting two Electron magnetic fields against one another should act to lower density by slowing the acceleration of light speed. Pitting two Proton magnetic fields against one another should act to increase density by slowing the deceleration of light speed. Since the Proton does not form coherent fields in itself across atoms this is not a viable method to effect light speed. It always needs an external Electron magnetic field to establish spin direction. However if aligned to a device spin it would probably stay put once aligned only until it meets an opposing force greater then its mass momentum.

Since the Proton and Electron fields will always fall into a parallel mode in materials that are magnetic at these layers then we cannot expect much tempic effects to manifest along the polar ends of magnetic interacting strings. Tempic effects will probably always cancel off the ends of magnets as well as AG materials aligned with magnets near the magnets.
The diamagnetic field however may propagate away from the magnets along the AG metals and produce tempic effects due to its non loss charateristics.

Since Neutrons are spinning at 90 degrees of the magnetic fields of both Protons and Electrons, the diamagnetic field of the Neutron is one possible key to tempic effects.

The tube device can be configured with one magnet string through its center. Its magnetic field folds back over on itself through the iron tube and sets up two long magnetic fields in attraction. Along both sides of it Electrons are spinning opposite directions. Within this effect off the ends of the magnet strings little tempic effects would be notable.

Tube Device Graphic

Two copper tubes, one on each of these magnetic surfaces, now sets up Protons spinning in alignment with the Electron fields. Overall between Proton and Electron spin we would expect little if any tempic effects due to the opposite canceling of all the tempic fields. Yet this configuration does give one of the strongest tempic effects at 90 degrees to the magnetic fields.

The inner Copper tube along the magnet string is producing a spinning orientation of Neutrons, diamagnetic poles spinning 90 degrees to its length. The outer Copper tube is producing another one spinning the opposite direction. And off the 90 degree positions of these tubes, we see a strong tempic interaction as these two tempic fields slow one anothers spin along the Proton spin plane of motion. We have set diamagnetic field against diamagnetic field with opposite spin. They do interact to create an alternate torsion force.

The tempic fields of the diamagnetic field spin reaches further and interacts between the two Copper tubes to lower the spin along the Protons spin plane.
If theory is correct this allows the Neutrons to accelerate along there diamagnetic spin plane and alter there Projected tempic field raising light speed in the Neutrons tempic field.
The effect then spreads out as a field pulling on the physical fabric like stretching the surface of a balloon. You can feel this.

The tube device is key to observing this effect that would seem to lie at 90 degrees to the magnetic fields.
The Searl disc uses this same alignment of magnetized iron with Copper tubes over it. The iron is setting in attraction and sets up opposite spin in the Copper at the Proton layer.
The diamagnetic field then operates between the rollers and the cylinder. This model would seem to explain why spinning the rollers either direction will have a similiar effect. The opposing pulsing field now causes Neutrons to freeze along the Protons spin plane where the Neutrons tempic coupling is the weakest.

In the RainMaker 1 device we see a different effect happening. We see the diamagnetic field popping up and moving out of the opposing magnets, directly through them. By placing the Bismuth core at the center it receives a weak opposing field from all directions. Tilting the magnets to 47.5 degrees amplifies this effect. The diamagnetic field of each magnet is projected through the opposite magnet off its precession angle, and opposite magnets tend to slow or freeze the neutron rotation in the Protons spin plane. Main difference with the this device is by altering which pole sets inwards we can alter which direction we push density, because the opposite side of the 90 degree angle are left opened. Experiment would suggest the two diamagnetic fields generated between these tilted magnets interact at nearly 90 degrees rather then at 180 degrees and we see the difference able to slow as well as speed normal time flow rate by flipping magnet polarity. This would lead one to the conclusion that the diamagnetic field is not perfectly balanced but actually causes tempic energy on each side of it to be effected oppositely. This has to do with Proton spin, and the Proton torsion is all moving one direction and not balanced with dual spin as the Electron torsion is.

The experiments have identified very real effects working off the 90 degree positions of the magnetic fields for both close range diamagnetic fields as well as tempic coupling to space and matter over a greater distance of 100 feet or so.


We now perceive the diamagnetic field and how it operates in the AG metals!

Diamagnetic Graphic

The diamagnetic field sits at 90 degrees to the Protons magnetic polar alignment, where it spins its poles along with the Protons spin shooting repulsive forces all the way as it turns in a circle. As we turn the Protons magnetic field, force is transfered into the diamagnetic field at 90 degrees.

This gives a whole new comprehension to all our current electronics based on Copper and magnetic field effects. A moving magnetic field intersecting Copper wire merely rotates the Protons magnetic field, and at 90 degrees to this it rotates the Diamagnetic fields circular motion. We know that Electrons end up being propelled at 90 degrees to the motion vector but we never had any real idea why this was the case. It is one of the laws of electronics offered as a given from observation. Electrons having a magnetic field are dislodged by the repelling force of the Neutron as it moves its polar spin plane. The diamagnetic field is increased with the speed of rotation of the Protons alignment and more Electrons are repelled one direction. The diamagnetic field becomes the heart of all our electronics and is seen to be the underlying force of operation, but only as it sits spinning along with the Protons tempic field motion.

My theory of Electricity has now reached into the Neutron, where the diamagnetic force is modeled. Back to the spinning copper experiments where it all began I was attempting to explain this as a Proton magnetic effect. In a sense this is true because the Proton is used to move the diamagnetic field.

This would also begin to offer an explanation of why a UFO engine might disable our electronics as it passes over. The UFO engine establishes a coherent diamagnetic field which is frozen along the Protons spin plane as one line, the diamagnetic field no longer rotates its poles in a circle. In this one instance turning the Protons magnetic field, it would simply rotate around the diamagnetic field which is now all aligned one direction at 90 degrees and no longer create torsion or propel Electrons. All our electronics would cease to function that relies on moving magnetic fields through Copper. It is not that the energy is sucked out of cars going by, it is simply that electronics cannot function in this one nuclear alignment. The devices always work right after the UFO has passed, without damage.

The diamagnetic field also is accompanied by the greatest Tempic field present within matter, the highest spin effect, so this field may be key to manipulating time and gravity.

Manipulating gravity:

One of the most mind bending experiments that can be performed to show the nature of gravity is often the least taken seriously. Party levitation.
Anyone who has successfully achieved a near weightless state using this method of four minds all attuned to the task, has felt directly the gravity that holds us down to the earth is a conscious force, or at the least can be released using a conscious method. Whatever model one tries to apply to party levitation, there is the one glaring fact that if one person breaks the focus, that quadrant of the persons body will not come up and remains anchored down by gravity and normal weight while the other quadrants gyrate upwards.

Perty levitation graphic

A further experiment on this shows that one person can lift 1/4 the body weight of another using a similar technique, and one leg will fly up in the air using only two fingers to lift. It would appear that our mind has the power to release approximately 1/4 of our body weight from the pull of gravity if a proper technique is devised to accomplish this.  This is using nothing more then a conscious method and direct access to the diamagnetic field.

A counting system was used that feels very natural, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 [reach] 10 [lift]! Setting up a conscious rythym that leaves the 10th count empty for the lift.
9 Pulses of focus synchronized into the mass to be lifted and on the rythym of the 10th count an upwards focus, and the gravity is nearly gone.

Comparing the Searl disk, a ring of magnets pulsing the along a copper surface at 90 degrees to the magnetic field of the cylinder and straight into the diamagnetic field of the neutrons. Is this simple pattern of pulsing into the conscious field all that is really required? Then a missing pulse where gravity is removed. Increased in speed to an atomic resonance level and the unit breaks free of gravity. The geometry of the diamagnetic field would lend us to a model for devices that may amplify this ability in humans such that we may gain an ability to lift ourselves using no more then a conscious amplifier and some method of pulsing the diamagnetic field.

c_s_s_p group

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