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Rain Maker 1 - observed process of operation - physical plane perception

For those who are not familiar with the basics of magnetism as it operates in the materials of the device from the physical science perception,
I have prepared this overview, so one may get a feel for the forces present and how to effect them based on the physical adjustment of the device.
There are several flow paths of energy at the physical level including the magnetic field,
the isotope line, the diamagnetic field, as well as nuclear torsion or tempic field.
Conscious connection is through the diamagnetic field where it may become dominant in either material.

The device can be viewed here:

Device Construction Detail Rain Maker 1

Magnet Alignment

VT 11

The normal effect of a magnet string, as shown above on the base ferrite is to become
vibrationally radaint off the sides of the magnets lengths, and at 90 degrees off the blotch wall center point.
All these magnet strings are then set to proper length, such that the center points will converge
through the crystal ball to set up platonic form vibration on the sphere.
The ring can have any multiple of 12, such as 6 or 8.

If the upper magnets are too long, and the crystal too small, they will miss entirely.
The lower magnets are at steeper angle and can be extended out further to set the convergence
of vibration somewhere inside the crystal, or slightly above it.
Magnets are carefully tweaked until one feels this convergence on the crystal ball.

We observe the conscious interactions first

North poles out creates two states:

Bismuth = outflow [From device to operator]
Iron = inflow [From operator into device]

South Poles out creates two states:

Bismuth = inflow [From operator to device]
Iron = outflow [from device to operator]

This is because the Proton and Electron spin opposite directions in the same magnetic field alignment.


While the Rain effects may be possible for a dumb device, an understanding of the basics is far better.
It allows the operator to make changes and know why.
It is good to gain a first hand feel for the different ways of consciously connecting with the device and a realization that we are all very unique.
As a warning it is not a good idea for a new experimenter to set up two or more devices that operate in conflict as they interact with you .
An example might be two systems with large iron layer mobius coils, where magnets are reversed on each one setting in the same room.
This may manifest a powerful conflict between the mental and emotional state in people in the immediate area and can lead to sickness over time.

Operating multiple devices in one local area takes skill, understanding, and patience.
In the above case we are routing Astral energy on the return loop to
Source into the physical while at the same time projecting a conscious intention into the mental plane.
As it manifests it will hit the outflow loop, and a high energy conflict will be set up in the physical plane.
Source flows will be powering it. Indications are that we may not be ready for this just yet as it affects the brain very strongly.
If you are not sure keep your devices configured the same for magnet polarities.
Or keep the devices at different localities and well separated.

If the diamagnetic field, or the magnetic fields share any overlap you may end up with a state of mental confusion and a major headache.
You can check the conscious flow charts at some point to gain abilities at this level.
 The normal reactions for a beginner should be a heightened mental clarity, and increased energy levels.
So learn to monitor yourself as a first or prime intention.

Those warnings issued lets proceed.

Energy flow in the system:

Iron Ring Picture

1 - Iron Ring extends magnetic field inwards as one pole interacting with Bismuth coil


2 - Bismuth connects and begins to send nuclear torsion outwards through the magnetic field.
Also the bismuths natural diamagnetic field expands slightly.

3 - Scalar coil is energized, or shorted, now on the bismuth coil and begins to deflect the energy of precession motions into the nucleus diamagnetic field.
The bismuth is now interactive with our consciousness through the diamagnetic field.

4 - Scalar coil on the ferrite ring deflects energy into the diamagnetic field and reduces the magnetic field extending inwards to the bismuth coil.
The iron is now interactive with our consciousness and the bismuth connection energy is reduced in level by this diversion.

5 -Quatrz Crystal  has a perfectly balanced dual spin quality and will generally follow the dominant field.
A crystal ball however will lean towards a natural  inflow state.

[If one is doing healing work I found that an outflow strong enough to move the crystal ball into outflow was very beneficial.
This type of healing field is useful for me as a healing Chi source.
If the process is allowed to continue for many days or weeks the CU that develops may become like a child and begin to interact.
 This is a  natural result of bringing a large amount of conscious energy into the physical plane.]

Here we see the balances present in the RainMaker 1 from the physical perception.
Altering parameters may effect the state of either material to dominate as either an inflow or an outflow.

Set up configuration:

To experience only the Iron, simply open the bismuth coil, keep the wires separated, and place a Tesla scalar coil or a Mobius
coil or Lakhovsky coil on the Ferrite ring, and add as many magnet positions as possible long enough to reach the edges of the coil.
The 12 count works good for this as they end up very close together and you may want South poles out for this [Iron outflow].

To experience the Bismuth remove all the coils from the Iron,
separate the magnets to maybe a six or eight count, and use the bismuth coil with a function generator.
You may want North poles out for this one [Bismuth outflow].

A device may blend both of these at various levels.
If it is noticed that suddenly the magnet polarities are working backwards then one
has probably shifted to using the other Source flow.

Device Manipulations:

In the two layers of material the iron has one free electron and the bismuth has one free proton.
These are interacting to connect across the gap through the common magnetic field present and torsion is transferred across the gap.
Bismuths magnetic field is connected with its mass and Iron is not but has more power to extend its field.

As we add scalar canceling energy to the iron,less electrons are able to
form the energy connection to the bismuth as they begin to cancel at the EM level with one another.
The bismuths diamagnetic response to the iron is lowered, and the Source flow in the
Electrons is exposed as a diamagnetic field from the Electron shell side.
You can see here how the flows are diverted to the diamagnetic field.
Our connection with the device through the diamagnetic field shifts to the Electron layer.
This is the return conscious control loop back to Source.
 Manifestations implanted at this layer will be returned to Source and then manifest on the reversal.

If we remove the irons scalar coil and separate the magnets well so they do not cross precession cones in the iron,
now we have a strong free iron electron magnetic field extending at full power into the bismuth and interacting more with the bismuth layer.
The bismuth scalar coil now deflects this energy into the nucleus and the diamagnetic field becomes much stronger from this layer.
The diamagnetic field present is now shifted into the bismuth coil and exposed more from the Proton layer.
Since this layer is setting at an alternate density this effect is stronger with respect to torsion.
We can operate here directly in the outflow from Source as it hits the Physical and Astral planes.

The RainMaker 1 thus gives access to both flows depending on the balance achieved by the physical setup of the
device and which diamagnetic field becomes the strongest at the physical layer and whether it is inflow or outflow.
Magnets thus may appear to work in reverse based on which field is dominant as the conscious link.
Interaction also will vary from a verbal type communication in the physical to a more telepathic type one as we move between the flows.

I have now witnessed rain effects from either magnet positioning however
it is felt that the intention is merely entering the conscious loop at a different point.
As the inflow or outflow that become predominant pulls on the physical plane hardest.
If inflow becomes dominant in either material over outflow in the other material rain effects may
become present as the background Aether begins to be pulled over time.
 This effect moves directly through the tempic field.

I normally operate with no coils on the iron ferrite and work directly from the nucleus side in the Bismuth.
This requires deeper states of meditation generally and a conscious "slide" into the coil.
Others work from the iron side with large mobius coils out there, and this can be as simple as a
note on the machine that you read verbally to state your intentions in the physical plane.
Both Spiritual techniques are effective, and leads to a healthy respect for entering the Conscious loop at any point,
however magnets will be reversed in each one and more scalar energy must be
present in the correct material to make it dominant.

Lots of parameters here to follow, but some clues as to the different things we are seeing.

Forces and reach:

Irons magnetic field is rooted in the Electron shell, where its mass is very low and its magnetic field has a very long reach.
Iron nucleus is magnetically neutral however all its Protons are linked to the Electron shell and balanced there.
It has a free Electron to interact externally from the Electron shell level.
This is commonly called EM and allows iron to become magnetized coherently as one very large magnetic field that will extend many inches.
Its reach will easily move into the bismuth coil at the center to align the Proton fields at that point and control their
precession angles setting them into a circle with one pole outwards and one compressing inwards.

Bismuth has two qualities of importance. Its natural diamagnetic field is very weak but does extend external to the material.
Thus a scalar coil close to its surface intersects this field that is already present and device motion is not necessary
for this field to become interactive as it is with Copper or Aluminum.

Secondly Bismuth is magnetic at the Proton layer where its particle spin is reversed from the Electron layer.
The Protons magnetic fields are all very small and barely reach the next atom, however it is coupled to its mass or weight.
An isotope line may form inside it to propagate the effects that are generated only very close to its surface.
The torsional effects are created at the surface of the material but move all the way through it.
The bismuth therefore does not project a field outwards to the iron, it spin couples to the iron
magnetic field and transfers its torsion of mass momentum through this field outwards.
It also propagates this field as an isotope line into the rest of the Bismuth atoms.
This is a torsion field of tempic effect and what we sense with our hands as heat or cold or vibrations from the device.
 These torsion field have been associated with pyramids as well as large spinning flywheels.

Further experiment may more clearly verify this as we progress,
but it would appear that devices can be designed to enter either side of the conscious flow as it moves from or away from Source.
Physical properties of dominant field are however device dependent, so machines should be monitored when they are active.
These appear to be the steering capabilities for the conscious flows in the device.

Map of the Conscious flows:

Flows map

From the chart it is good to realize that inflow and outflow are terms relative to where your awareness is setting.
In our normal waking state we are setting at the center of this chart.
Astral and Mental planes are projecting the sphere of physical space, and we
are projecting our consciousness into our physical body where we think we are setting.
The flows are present in all matter, but in the Iron and Bismuth they can be hooked magnetically and manipulated.


Diamagnetic field:  Offers a repelling force to either end of a magnet and appears naturally in bismuth.
Offers a path for consciousness to enter the magnetic field control vectors [healing arts] and effect reality using intention.

Outflow / Inflow: A dynamic of the conscious energy to flow or establish flows into or out of conscious beings that exist separately from Source.
These flows have an intelligence of a higher order, but also link us with the emotional and mental planes.

Source: "Source concept" the God force that powers atoms where we find the rest state of an atom is light speed, its rotational velocity.
 The control vector is the magnetic field and appears in two directions where spin is observed to be reversed.
Proton and Electron, and merged in Neutron which contains dual spin.

Tempic: Coined by Wilbert Smith describes the light speed spin or motion that is fairly constant here in density 3 matter.
When altered the light speed constant shifts slightly and sensation of time flow rate and gravity are effected.
 The tempic field is rooted in the Aether of the conscious planes and connects us all.

The devices are experimental and rely on the operators level of conscious interaction to manifest effects.
These writings are based on our observations and perceptions and not to be considered "claims" or "prescriptions" for healing of for over unity devices.
They are pointed at understanding our conscious level as mankind, and reaching for a greater unity through mental plane awareness.
It is my personal goal to reach a state of "comprehension" while experimenting with  these devices, as should be any who embark on the path.
Only from this level can they be utilized to effectiveness.

Many thanks to all the participants on the c_s_s_p group for there input.
1 - 21 - 2007

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