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In Memory of Wilbert Smith

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In the Spirit of Wilbert Smith.
This site outlines one possible future for mankind
as a collective brotherhood,
seeking it's place,
within the many cultures inhabiting our galaxy.


In the begining, now some 9 years ago, we had no idea the Magnetism Alternate Energy site would grow to what it is today.
Progress has been ongoing and more is expected.
We have never limited ourselves to only one avenue of exploration but have sought to reach a comprehension
of the basic elements of Gravity, OverUnity Energy, and Density Travel.
Thus you will find many devices under study within our pages.
We have endeavered to leave an accurate record of what we built, if it was successful,
and the basic thinking at the time as to theory or practice used.

Some of the various subjects explored

Density Travel - Spacial Overlaps

Gravity / Torsion

Consciousness - Sliding

EM - OverUnity

Radiant Light - Nodes - Light Rods

Weather Activation - RainMaking - Planetary Life Force

Social Consciousness

Our main goal has been to share our "percpetions" without judgment, and allow the information to be shared with the public or greater mankind consciousness.
At the same time protecting the "personal process" of the individual within the confidence of the "healing circle."

On Entrophy and Awareness

"Entropy is a state of negative mind, an illusion."
"All is motion, and motion can not be stopped at the deepest levels of matter."

This is a true Law of nature.
"Nothing comes to rest, ever".
"All is change, and change is constant."

There is no such thing as an "isolated system," all systems composed of atomic particles are connected to forces we do not at present
openly understand, all atomic particles move through transitions of disappearing and reappearing in this realm.

Consciousness must slide deeper to realize these truths.
Awareness is not fixed so as to be able to determine exact truth for all. A scientific model needs to accept this parameter.
This is opened ended science, one that accepts it's present understanding is not a "law" but is fluid, just as reality is fluid to the level of awareness achieved.
"Experiments involving Awareness or Consciousness do not produce consistent results for every one doing them, yet they should
not be dismissed for this reason alone, but awareness must itself become a variable of the experiment."

Magnetism, The Earth, and the Compass Poles

The first use for magnets was in navigation where wide spread use became the norm.
The first rule of magnetism was then determined, that the North pole of a compass points to the North pole of the earth,
and that the compass is marked correctly for any magnet.
This made navigation easy and simple but has led to much confusion for scientists.
Little consideration was given that with magnets it is opposite poles that attract,
and by this definition the North Geographic pole of the earth is in reality a South magnetic pole.
Others may surmise the compass is really marked backwards and the earth is correct.
Unfortunatly both of these percpetions have endured to this day.
In the Northern hemisphere it is now accepted that the compass is marked correctly and the earths field is reversed magnetically.
National Geodedic Survey indicates the North Geographic Pole is a magnetic South pole of a magnet, and thus will attract all magnets North poles to it.

Electronics was next developed using a compass needle without any regaurd to the earths true magnetic field.
As we now start to wrap coils and apply the right and left hand rules of magnetism,
we discover the compass will point at a coils South pole by turning its North marked tip towards it.
For electronics simply treat the compass as a magnet correctly marked, and realize the earth is a magnet with
South magnetic pole at the North Geographic pole center, where it now attracts all compasses "North pole tip" and is more easy to navigate with.
The rule is that the North pole of a compass will point to the Earths Geographic North pole.

It is noteworthy that in Australia often the magnets may be marked opposite to this and a somewhat different perception may be used by many down there.
I have not researched this fully as to why but note that often when working with Australians there terms may be reversed in meaning to ours up here.
I am told the Chineese used a reversed perception for navigation. Many have also offered a "perception" that the compass is really marked backwards.
The simplest method for recording magnetic reading with a compass is then to simply record what the compass is doing.
IE the North tip of the compass points to the top of the engine, and the S end of the compass points to the bottom.

To properly communicate this is of paramount importance when working with torsion fields and pulsing Joe Cells.
It is discovered that as "torsion fields" and "Ogrone" relate to the magnetic poles of a compass
there is an inconsistency observed between the earths hempisheres.

I, and all working in the c_s_s_p group hope you find this public domain site interesting.
It is our goal to offer all information freely to mankind, as free energy can only come if offered freely.

David Lowrance
c_s_s_p group

7 - 26 - 2011

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