Resonant Geometry

[Light Resonant Art Forms]

Crystal 2
A little warm up using a Natural Quartz Crystal Vibration
Can you feel the crystals pulsation?

Out Flow

Palm Energy
Place a hand to the screen and charge up on Outflow energy
Slowly move towards and away from the Orb
Feel the layers
Now move back and forth over the Orb
Where is the heat actually comming from?
See the tiny yellow light rods

When the hands are on fire you have found the vibration
Now simply move hands together and apart and build a ball of energy between them
Ask the energy vibration you have discovered to do this for you
It is a conscious energy and will respond
Get warmed up inside and ready for some intense chakra work


Feel the glow surround you from the background
Look through the dot and gently open the 3rd eye center

Star corrected diagram

This is the energy of Mother Earth Inflow
Release all your biases and negativity here to be recycled
Release all your stress and drop your worries in the hole
Be fully renewed as you leave and thank her

Gold Element
Pass a Hand over the Golden Orb
5 distinct Resonance Frequencies in Harmony

Diagram Balance with the void

The circular form creates power

Sun 1 diagram

Water Vibrations

Water Vibration Graphic

H = 4.2 cm
O = 7.2 cm
Au =  3.63 cm
GL = 4.85 cm

Look between the forms as though you were gazing through them, eyes become vibrational sensors.Note how the gaps feel. Also place a hand to the screen and palm it as though it were a real rod or disc. You may discover it is possible to generate headaches or harmonies, as this simple construction is Light resonant. [Tempic Field]

Earth Nodes

Earth Node Square

Can you feel the 90 degree interaction between 13.5 cm earth node lengths?

Earth Node Triangle

Now the 60 degree interaction?

Earth Node Star

A full tetrahedron made with the Earth Node Length. Tap into Mother Earth.
[Sides should be 13.5 cm to get full effect.]

Rods of Ra

Ra Graphic
You may want to revisit the hand chakra sensitivity before fully feeling these.
They are reported to feel electric.

[15 cm to about 6"]

Gravity Fractal

Gravity Fractal Diagram

Tunning Gravity Rods off Center

Tunning Gravity Diagram
Can you feel a difference between the last two images? A little more pressure maybe? [7.45 cm]

GL rods
Play with the distance between the rods. [Length = 28.9 cm]
Send this vibration to upper chest area to activate Middle Sun Center.
Reach through the rods, make a connection from the screen directly to the Middle Sun Center, half way between throat and heart centers.
Remove gaze, or close eyes, and let the connection vibrate up your Middle Sun Center. The eyes are not needed to transfer this vibration.

Star 2

Gold Vibration on Earth Lengths. All three colors have been synchronized with 1 Gold Element Vibration.
I think this would make a great Glactic Federation of Light  Flag.

Star 8

Crown Center

3 Dots

3 Dot

Divine Alignment

Copy this image to a windows file and open it using paint.
Now outline a circle with the - - - box and pull it to one side slowly.
Can you feel the chakras going out of alignment?
The image was created by synchronizing to all energy chakras moving upwards from bottom of feet to crown.
Knees, elbows and palms could be added also.
Anyone can create one of these for themselves using the paint program.

First tune into the chakra or energy center, start a circle and feel its size match the vibration.
Next choose a color for the chakra and then go to the colors bar at top and then to the edit colors.
A box appears, select the closest from the screen then hit the custom colors bar to tune this in exactly on the slider bar to match the vibration of the chakra also.
When the circle size and the color intensity both match the correct vibration, you can shrink the photo and it will still work on your monitor, but having the correct size will also increase the strength.

The picture on a monitor is pixels in groups of 3, like little triangles. A straight line is thus composed of a great many triangles. The color choice will adjust the intensity of the balance between the 3 dots which are always red, green, and blue. We are approaching smaller light fractal sizes using this method, and have now entered the wavelengths of visible light for creating light resonant forms.


stack 2

Tempic Field Generation using Radiant Light 


Quartz Crystal Sphere

Gaze on first one side then the other then the center
Feel the shift

Heat Energy
The Temple of the Sun

Rod of Power

Light Ball

Light Ball

More Light Resonant Screens

Light Activation applied to the Human

My present Monitor Screen:

Windows XP screen size - 1280 x 1024

BenQ FP731 - 17 inch TFT - Pixel pitch is 0.264mm


Mirror Meditation Day

Dave L
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