Torsion Field Opening Suggestions

The following techniques were offered by Kosol Ouch.
I found them to be so very effective for a first time beginner, I feel they needed to be recorded for others.
Kosol reports that children will naturally get this much easier then adults.

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Set up

Touch the Rain Maker and if you have a function generator turn the frequency until you feel the vibration in the hand.
You may sense warmth, cold, numbness, or vibration, feel it. Kosol calls this the "numb numb".
Do not tell your first timer what to feel just ask them what they do feel.

Offer this direction:

Place a hand over the RM. What do you feel?
[Wave your hands over the RM to show how this is done, move in and out getting them to explore it a little.]

As a child would do without thinking,  just feel the energy and connect with it.
This energy is intelligent and will respond.

Ask it to move to your other hand and form a ball there.

Now tell the energy to get hot.

Next tell the energy to go cold.

Ask the energy to move to your left knee,....... now to your right knee.

Take the energy to your upper chest and ask the energy to become stronger.

If you have any pains, cuts, or other problems, ask the energy to go there and heal them.

Very simple, and the energy is not complicated in any way, you only need to open and sense it directly,
without getting the complex left brain function in the way.

Kosol Forums
7 - 20 - 2008

Creating Phantoms and Orbs

After you have learned to open to the Torsion field energy and understand how to move it, warm it,
cool it, ask it to assist you, and how simple this is to use, you can start to "slide" out and look other places.
You can use it to increase your syncronicity.
There was even chat about gambeling and increasing Luck, which is really nothing more then manifesting an organization to random events.

Intensity Building:
Place hand over RM a few inches. Ask the RM to get warmer and stronger.
You may notice the field builds around the unit, and as you explore it you may also find layers of the strong energy in spheres around it.
Now ask the field to go cold.
You may notice the numbing increase, especially if the unit is set up for outflow with N poles on magnets outwards.
After you get good at this, now you are ready to create a phantom RM.

Go somewhere well away from the RM, maybe to the beach or for a walk.
Sit down and then reach out to the RM as though it were setting next to you and ask the energy to get stronger.
I find it helps to look away.
When you feel the RM present you will know.
As you now ask it to get hot, and  then to change to cold, you may notice it is stronger then the actual device.

Remote Connection:
Activate your RM and do the normal hot and then cold shift.
Leave the unit on and now leave for a remote location.
Close the eyes and then reach out to touch your RM from afar.
Tell it to get hot,.... and then cold.
What do you see? Feel?

You can now also sit at the RM and start to look other places using its energy to assist in viewing and visiting others. I call this "sliding".
But it shows us that on some level of vibration there is no distance between points in space, they are all connected as one.

These are the begining stages of both spacial overlap for communication, and for actual teleportation, using the conscious medium.

Dave L
c_s_s_p group

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