Propagation of Torsion Fields

Perceptions offered by DL c_s_s_p group.
[Post Attunement - Golden Light - Blue Light - Power Lengths - and harmony achieved in devices allowing a much stronger connection, void of headaches or other disorientation effects. This has been achieved using dimensions of harmony.]

The Relationship of Torsion Fields to Frequency

Rings picture

[Photo by Tony Geron of c_s_s_p group]

If you view a drop of water hitting a shallow pond, we notice the pressure wave moving outwards. Also this pattern can be seen using lazars hitting crystal surfaces as in Tonys photo above. The rings get closer together the farther we move away from the center of the torsion impact. Thus we see frequency of the wave is changing with distance. The peaks of the wave move closer together. It is not until we have two waves crossing that we see an interference pattern with equal spacing, as in the Light rods having bounce off both ends crossing through the middle of the rods.
The fact that torsion fields do not seem to produce constant frequencies has been a true puzzel.

What the interference field does produce are distance effects. The interfering fields can produce a maze of fractal distances of many sizes, and a great many frequencies all over the spectrum.
The torsion field we feel off the Joe Cell having equal spacing on each layer, is the sum of waves moving both outwards and inwards crossing over one another in the Aether. The Light rods do this end to end, but the Joe Cell is bouncing its outwards wave off the space fabric itself and the incomming wave sets up the torsion sheers or rings around it.

Spin Coupling

Diagram Spin Coupling

Slowly spread two light rods and find the distances where spin interacts or seems to mesh. Other spacing creates a clash. These are fixed distance effects.

Diagram Triad

The normal UFO pattern for multiple craft travelling together. In this formation their fields lock together and they can move as one in harmony of vibrations.
At the atomic level we now see a pattern of crystal formation based on torsion.

Radiant Light

Graphic Light
Within torsion systems there are two flows, the double ring is the model to represent this. The torsion system is traveling along this plane of motion at c velocity but is actually an interference pattern of waves crossing from opposing directions with different frequency and spacing.

Recognizing that there is a difference in the Magnetic or outer layer of matter and the inner or Diamagnetic layer we must consider both sides. The electron shell is the unchanging connection we have to all matter appearing to be stable and unmovable. Under this shell there operates a world of forces that respond to everything we do to the outer layer, regulating its form.
With Iron rods we see how the outer world forms a grid system of Radiant Light, as well with the AG metals we see another system of nodes that shift to compensate. Everything we do to the outer layer results in an opposing reaction from the inside layers.

Soft Iron rods develop a system of stable nodes.
Copper rods develop a system of flexible nodes that shift to compensate. We always see a reversal of energy to what we send, but the opposition is turned by 90 degrees, and is compared to a soft blocking method to produce motion. There is a hard system and a soft system in place, and can be compared to male and female manifestation of energy state.


Propagation of Radiant Light operates between nodes. These can be though of as little bundles of gravity, as tempic fields, or as torsion systems. The key is that they will bend Light. They should not be confused with EM fields that do not bend Light. EM operates on a lower level where the photons are not Radiant and do not follow a straight path. EM photons are easily contained within a circuit for many years without escape, gravity is not.

Nodes are the matrix of all physical form exchanging energy at all levels. Nodes appear on both ends of fractal segments, and can be reduced or expanded. They always work with given distances between them. It is not my intention to prove the existence of these nodes, it must be experienced personally, as the connection will reveal much more then merely their existence. Interaction with the Matrix system of nodes brings a conscious connection with all matter at a deeper level then the physical.

I cannot explain nodes other then to observe them, and how energy is propagated between them in the various materials such that once perception can accept they are real, we can offer a method to propagate energy using them.

Off the ends of copper resonant light lengths we feel power and pressure relatively constant. Off the ends of iron rods we feel the female aspect of pulsed reverse spin.
With copper, power can be contained, switched, and even dissipated by shifting it. Nodes can be connected mentally as well between conscious devices, or they can be connected naturally using correct distances. The earth can be considered a node, as can the Joe Cell, the RainMaker, and the Tetrahedron device. We can connect with any node using touch of a finger or other body node.


Picture Copper Nodes

Contained within this photo are the techniques to control the Male energy [pressure] from Copper Torsion devices. As well a method to propagate torsion to a distant point without unwanted radiation along the path.

Coppers natural end point nodes for a 2x distance were measured at ~.515625 [33/64"] in Sitka Alaska. This is slightly longer then 1/2" and very probably the basis of all the Joe cell tube spacing. This distance in copper lies between 1/2" and 17/32" and must be felt and recognized to consistently cut these lengths. I was able to cut the 4 in the photo with approximately 5 mistakes that were tossed.

The coil marked "female copper" is a Lathem length fractal [8 - 11/32"], and is normally very strong as a male radiant loop. What has shifted it is the small 90 degree bend placed in the elbow piece labeled shifter. This is a 33/64" length bent at the center. It causes the entire length of  3 each ~1/2" pieces and the coil loop to shift to a reversed spin state, taking on the female qualities of spin.
It can now be lied next to the long Male copper pieces at 1x without dissonance. Now the two spins move opposite directions like wheels rolling on one another. The distance between them is half the node distance for the male nodes or 1x [.2758125"].

The other piece marked shifter has totally intercepted the node that was radiant off the end of the iron 3x loop. This is the method for breaking the torsion flow between nodes in an air gap of 2x.

Tempic Switch graphic

This diagram I made shortly after a meditation and channeling a technique for switching flow between nodes.
From the diagram we see that nodal energy will normally jump one 2x distance between two wires brought end to end. We can intercept and disconnect this jump by placing a 2x rod at 1x distance between them. This provides a 100 percent disconnection while turned, and also a 100 percent connection if turned into alignment, as well as if removed. If two ends are brought together at 1x there will be a reversal of the spin to female as the energy passes through the system.

Graphic transmission

Shown at the top of this graphic is a Light Resonant Length of copper wire showing the two nodes at .515625" from both ends that will always appear.
The middle shows adding a second line of the same length operating in female mode. Its energy will be totally reversed by the 1x bend at the end.
The two are lightly touched at the first node, shown on the lower diagram. As they now travel along the wires rolling against one another they will totally reduce the normally radiant field off the wires just like a capacitor stores voltage reducing the distance that either field reaches out away from the unit. The distance between these wires is very close to 1/4" and they are not connected electrically.

This demonstrates a method of propagation that could be used in Joe Cells or any other torsion system where we do not wish to feel the energy around the medium. While the male length continues to put out a very strong field, we can no longer feel it at distance. We can see the ends will also come out now about 1/4" off at the other end, and now both opposing spins can be tapped off and propagated different directions using the wheel of 24 to couple them into other resonant lengths without actually connecting them [proximidity]. A 1/2" gap as well as a light touch will couple same spin and a 1/4" should reverse it.

Graphic Tap

One goes off to the engine [male] and one off to the radiator [female].
From this point on. both will become radiant to some distance.
Coax has also been suggested with a perfect 1/4" dielectric spacing but has not been personally tried. Male energy from cell would travel the inside conductor and the female coupled into the sheath.

Compression of Diamagnetic Nodes

Graphic Compression

In the Joe Cell voltage polarity sets up the Torsion system by shifting the node alignment by 1x. We can think of voltage as c velocity spin, and within the Radiant Light is contained both polarities of spin.
The outer shell or the case having the greatest mass will control the node alignment in the water. Initial charge of voltage on the cell will set up the spin direction on the outer can. The tubes are all spaced along the 2x distance and will thus match the outer c.

Density Ship Related

In the density sphere we see similar, the tempic nodes will scatter on the sphere to a platonic form. If the thickness of the dielectric is controlled then voltages should also appear along with a skewing of gravity. It is a best guess that a 1/8 distance may also work. 1/8 * .515625 =  .06445", as a clear breakdown of the Lathem lengths by factors of 1/8 worked very well also. As well too thin may result in a cancellation. .0322" may work against one in this type of spherical capacitor wrap.

In the hull of a density ship we therefore may want to set the dielectric spacing to this width.
Personal testing has shown that at about 2 layers of black electrical tape thickness we have a strong surge in the torsional output of layering. If we can achieve 8 layers of wraps with out any landing in a reversed spin polarity, then a major step up again would be the result as a new fractal larger node forms, representing a full octave.


Stan Deyo Information

Stan Deyo in 1977

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