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A revisiting of the techniques to locate fractal rod lengths. The process should not be done in haste. It is more important for one to be able to sense this then to merely duplicate others lengths. The experience will bring inner changes. There are two basic sensations to differentiate. The first one usually noticed is "pressure" sensation at 3rd eye. The second is "Radiant Light" and with opening to this one comes a nurturing and loving connection. I associate the second with the reversed spin off the ends of the iron rods and also the Kundalini energy called the serpent power, or the caduceus coil.

Picture Rod

In May of 2008 I was able to cut a full Light rod length, at 44.5" and work directly with it having no headaches during the process. Aparently I now naturally pull female energy off the rod enough to handle the energy flows. As this contains a rather strong Kundalini or reversed spin state, I recognize I am changing and have opened a great deal since the first experience.

The following lengths are added to my growing list of lengths to be explored.

Sensitivity is established by opening palm energy area and first consciously projecting into the Rods.


Picture energy cooupling

As the energy points jump out of the rod now the fingers zero in, and finally small wires are used for accuracy.

Picture palming 3

Crossing our Light with the Rods Light nodes causes a diversion of the amplified energy into us. New lengths can be fully explored before actually cutting them. It will be very surprising how both sides located using energy sensing will have the exact same distance from center. I call this effect a Torsion Dipole. As both ends vibrate there is a perfect balance formed in the energy field between them.


A Golden Light length is set between two [Aluminum Plexiglass Aluminum] layered plates to experience exactly what layering has to offer. Ends are slowly moved until a strong field is sensed between.

Plates energy

If one does not have the patients to find exact spacing of plates then coils can be used to tune them.

Coil tunning

The plates now become a Radiant Light transmission system. Back plate and front plates nodes all come into allignment or phased for the frequency used.
In the front is a set of GL rods for experiencing tunning them to alignments which are not phased, or intentionally set out of phase to create torsion fields of pressure. While the rods normally produce mostly the Radiant Light if aligned perfectly. Using two identical coils to tune the plates will allow the EM not be shorted if layering is to be used in platonic forms where voltage is expected to appear. These radiant light coils are a one wire electric field generator.


Two lengths were offered 150 mm and 151 mm, these are very close to 6" and a 6" rod was found to be quite active. To the right 6" Iron tie wires were also found to be quite powerful, also when bent into a circle these are very close to a two inch outside diameter.

Wilbert Smith suggested it may take 10 years to learn to work with his Conscious linking or Tensor beam coils. The next 10 years will pass whether we open this door or not.

Long tube

On the table sets a full 6x of the 15 3/16" Golden Light Fractal, of Aluminum at 1" diameter. Approx 7 feet 7 inches. With the AG metals we find the reversed spin along the entire sides of the tube. Being near this one is an all encompassing field that envelopes you. Using Aluminum in circles would now bury the end sections and the entire form will be Radiant as reversed spin. It is likely that a craft covered this way would become a radiation point of raw Kundalini energy, fully active with the operators mind.

Dave L
c_s_s_p group 5 / 04 / 2008

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