Coherent Fields

Spin coherence in Magnets and Copper

It is not hard to show how atomic forces create coherent fields. We have examples of Proton and Electron fields already but have not really shown the importance of coherence in a magnetic field or what is meant with this term. The following experiment sheds much light on this principle.

Vanja Janežič on the Faraday Puzzle

disc graphic

From the experiments that Vanja did in December of 2002 we can see that the magnetic field of a magnet is a coherent field. That is the blotch wall is found to form at the center of the physical magnet and not at the center of each atom of the magnet. As we break a magnet apart we see the blotch wall move to the center of the new pieces loosing it's coherence and separating into two fields each one now coherent on its own.

If we spin a magnet around its polar axis under a copper disk we do not see a voltage being produced in the copper disc. Yet if we spin the copper disc over the magnet we do see a voltage induced. As well if we glue them together and spin both we still do see a voltage produced in the copper disc. Voltage is produced from spinning the Copper disc inside the coherent magnetic field of the magnet. Since the coherent magnetic field has a near light speed spin velocity the magnets physical spin is not of much effect but only aligns the Protons with respect to external spacial alignment.

Force graphic

Spin in free space:

When we think of spinning a Copper disk out in free space we know that centrifugal forces are created. We do not often think of what it is we are spinning the disc through that would allow this interaction to be possible, generating forces inside the disc that can blow it apart if they become strong enough. Is it the background spin frame of the universe that permeates all space, the Aether? Without this background reference there is no way to tell the disc is in motion.

Now if we glue a magnet to the copper disc and spin both, we create both centrifugal force and electricity. In the case of the electric force created it becomes very apparent that the background medium truly exists. The main mass of the atoms is in the Protons and the Neutrons and so they are effected most by spin of the disc. Since the Protons in the magnet are non magnetic, spinning the magnet will have little interaction between EM and centrifugal forces of spin.

Disc 2 graphic

Spinning the Copper disc:

Due to the nature of the field coherence, in the Copper atoms at the nucleus there are separate Proton magnetic fields, each one having its' own blotch wall. There is no coherent magnetic field set up between the Copper nuclei like there is in the magnet.

This instance of Copper motion in a magnetic field is unique because Protons do not have to turn as they move in the field of the magnet and we would not expect a normal generator effect.

As we spin the Copper disk we are turning all the separate Proton magnets around like a merry- go- round and each one must only align to the magnets flux which is curving up and slightly outwards through the copper disc but not changing angles. Proton spin mass aligns with the surface of the disc for the most part.

Neutron spin mass falls into random directions along the disc at 90 degrees to this Proton spin when the disc is stationary. As the disc turns against the background spin of space the Neutrons do not wish to turn with the spin of the disc because they are spinning vertical to motion. Spin in the diamagnetic field of each atom therefore opposes the motion and creates torsion and momentum.

Protons do not resist the motion because they are spinning their mass parallel to disc motion held in place by the magnetic field of the magnet. Centrifugal force pushes Nucleus outwards within the Electrons bonded structure. Protons magnetic field now off centered creates an Electric stress along the outside of the Electron shells. This creates a gradient of positive charge increasing to the outer ring of the disc where centrifugal force is greatest. This charge gradient pulls electrons outwards. Now as the diamagnetic field comes around, setting relatively stationary and not spinning with the disc, it repels the Electrons outwards because their motion is already outwards so they are generating a magnetic field  which is repelled by it. This breaks them free to release the negative charge along the outer ring and the disc has become a generator.

The interaction combines mechanical forces with electromagnetic and diamagnetic forces and shows why spinning the Copper disc in space can have an effect not  related to the magnets spin on its polar axis.

We know an Electron flow will be established moving center to outer ring of the Disc from the new alignment of spin of Protons Neutrons and Electrons interacting with motion of the disc. The pattern that the Electrons will take is probably a spiral outwards.

If RPM becomes high enough it is said the unipolar motor can achieve OU. Tesla's design cut spiral slots in the disc to increase this effect.

In the above example a coherent diamagnetic field is not necessary and probably not present. The Neutrons all pushed to 90 degrees of the Proton alignment can all be turned many directions at random. If it were possible to establish a coherent diamagnetic field such that neutrons all spin one time for each revolution of the disc and align parallel to spin, then momentum would be overcome as now all spin planes would become aligned such that none have to move at 90 degrees to their spin motions. This could only happen however if particle spin broke free of orbital tilt, and this would take very strong magnetic fields. This sort of alignment is suggested in the Searl and Hamel devices and high charges would accompany this.

Spinning the Magnet:

As we turn the magnet under the stationary Copper disc we are not shifting the magnets coherent magnetic field, and Protons do not have to realign with it in the static Copper. No voltage is produced. This is because in the magnet there is only one magnetic field. All the atoms have overlapped their fields over 1/2 and become coherent [Wilbert Smith]. Wilbert would have called this sharing over 1/2 their reality. This is a quantum principle of fields, and the strangest realization is that every coherent magnetic field is a quantum unit, as it is only one field. We see in this process the size of the field now jumps to a far greater distance then one single atom could ever reach on its own. It very probably precesses at a microwave frequency as well as one motion.

The strength of a magnetic field is how much it can speed the perception vector, and thus speed the time flow rate. Thus we would expect spinning the magnet fast enough in one direction around its polar axis,  may effect the time flow rate slightly and alter the size of the magnetic field as well. This effect would be 1000 times lower then spinning the Nucleus in the AG metals.


This demonstrates that the electricity generated from Copper in motion is a result of the Protons alignment and the diamagnetic fields reflecting back out to the Electron shell to produce an opposite or reflected flow. It also shows the nature of the coherent magnetic field [magnet] interacting with a series of non coherent fields [Copper] in space [the background spin frame] interacting with the diamagnetic field inertially. This is the basic underlying principle of electronics although it has never been viewed in these terms before. The complete view is Electronics and Protonics, interacting off the diamagnetic field [Neutron] and the process of coherent and non coherent magnetic and diamagnetic fields interacting within a coherent spin frame or background ZPE.

Spinning Copper in a Coherent Diamagnetic field:

In the tube device experiment we see large fields becoming coherently aligned to create a very large effect, reaching out 100 feet, much further then the magnetic or diamagnetic fields we observe at the device. We also feel strong chi fields at close distance that seem to be diamagnetic and variable with mind connection. This would beg the question, what happens if we spin copper inside a coherent diamagnetic field as the tube device is creating? Will we begin to see voltages appearing at the electron shell due to these altered chi type fields? Will we see a loss of resistance to physical spin? If we can align the diamagnetic field coherently in a ring can we reduce or eliminate the effects of momentum and inertia? An inertial dampener.

Neutron Spin Coherence

The Neutron is the overlapping of one Electron and one Proton that fall into complete spin coherence, magnetic canceling coherence, and voltage canceling coherence. Both particles are sharing well over 1/2 of all three fields. This creates the strongest spin coherence of all the particles, and thus the Neutron is probably the strongest source of time flow rate and tempic field manipulation on the background spin field [ZPE] and may be generating gravity. This is the most basic of the forces and has a linear distance effect on surrounding matter and space. It is the particle that relates to the diamagnetic field as well as the scalar coils and sinks into the background ZPE or spin field.  Only in the AG metals , it appears to have limitless propagation abilities, or at least well beyond my measurement abilities for diamagnetic propagation.

On the one hand there would appear to be a coherent spin field in place along the whole physical fabric, causing light speeds to be constant through the entire 3rd density universe that we observe. We are already setting in a coherent spin field. There would appear to be a slightly different one setting in the Neutrons across space that is creating gravity as it is an altered spin rate [slower]. What we are able to do is alter the background level across an area that shows linear distance drop off in space by manipulating the Proton and Neutron to produce some interesting diamagnetic type fields. Faraday's experiment shows us that the Copper spinning in a circle through the background ZPE field is the true source of electric generation, although all three component fields are necessary for electronics to operate the coherent background spin field is totally missed even by Einstein.

The reason that Protons do not become coherent with the Electron magnetic field coherence, is simply that they spin the opposite direction in the same polar alignment. Spin coherence is not possible while magnetic alignment is in attraction. If we flip the Protons field to couple with spin then the magnetic field is opposing. It would seem that Protons are situated such they will never create coherent magnetic fields that reach outside the atom, yet within the atom we see a coherent interaction with over half the field setting too far away from the the next atom to become coherent, yet close enough to generate electricity in the Electron shell.

Diamagnetic Field

Diamagnetic Field Graphic

While aligning the Protons magnetic field in the AG metals, using external magnets, brings the diamagnetic field into a single coherent spin plane, it does little to effect it. However in the tube device we observe how overlaying two opposite spins does create an effect. Since the repelling poles of the diamagnetic field are in rotation placing two of them such that they move along one another like teeth in a gear may allow tempic field effects to emerge.

The Tube Device and Copper:

Tube device pic

The inner tube is filled with a long magnet string that jumps to the outer iron tube and folds back over on itself. In the magnets the field spins one direction and Copper contacting this surface receives a tempic field with predominant spin in one direction. The Copper laying over the Iron tube receives a reverse tempic spin direction. These two long tempic fields interact and create the large effect observed pulling on the very fabric of time like the surface of a balloon. It is the tempic field radiating from the AG metals that produces the powerful effect and not the the iron or magnet strings. This tempic field radiates its field density further then the magnetic fields that produce it and begin to effect space and matter around the device.

Copper cannot create a coherent magnetic field at the Proton layer. All the Protons magnetic fields remain locked into the Electron orbital shells and only create Electron flow if manipulated by conventional electronics. The Protons are aligned using the external magnets and the iron but they do not become coherent in this field because they spin oppositely so each one continues to operate as a separate field within its own atomic structure. The diamagnetic field is held 90 degrees to the Protons field and its tempic field is strongest off its axial spin. This is setting at random angles and pointing all directions 90 degrees to the tube device and this is where it is felt the strongest.

What this AG metal does do however is have an ability to propagate a coherent tempic field. Whether we should properly call this a nuclear spin field or a diamagnetic field remains to be seen, but both properties are being manifest as of human perceptions. The propagation of the hot field felt with hands is linked to a specific angular alignment so would suggest both a Proton and Neutron effect is in operation at the crossing of both precession angles. Since the tube device does not produce this field in a spherical form it is possible that only one plane of  spin is being effected by the tempic field, a sharp gradient off the 90 degree sides of the device dropping with an inverse linear distance function. We have yet to attempt a measurement of a time effect, but it is suspected that a very small shift in a Ghz frequency would be all you would see for a total release of gravity, so a measurement is not likely at these levels of experiment.


It is noted that as an Electron magnetic field is one field it would probably precess as one field in motion at some low microwave frequency, and this may be why the scalar coils placed over the tube device become so strong. The Proton fields however precess as separate fields and so form into "isotope lines" moving opposite directions chained together only at the ends. They are able to effect one another in Aluminum, according to David Hamel, but they do not form a coherent magnetic field. They line up in long chains and share a precession linkage, this probably results in large voltages being induced into the electron layer of the devices. This may be what we are seeing happen in the tube device that is able to propagate along the Copper and Aluminum tubes although no large voltages have been apparent.

Personal Observations:

Each time I work with the scalar energies and the diamagnetic fields of chi and heat there is an opening. The fields get stronger within my body and particularly the central brain area. I am beginning to fathom a new concept, that of diamagnetic field spin coherence.

Since the neutron spin in normal matter, non magnetic, is not locked to any great extent it may be possible to alter its' spin angle. What it takes to achieve coherent neutron spin alteration is a coherent connection between neutrons. A conscious connection appears to be possible. If directed from the third eye or center of the brain. The natural ability of the mind to align spin increases with practice. The sensation of pressure at the third eye and the core center of the brain becomes very fine and very strong with practice with the crystal spheres. Particularly the golden spheres that are laced with copper. The diamagnetic copper interlaced all through the spheres seems to create a natural spin in and around the spheres which gives the third eye a jump start, just as the scalar energies of the RainMaker 1 and the tube device.

Golden Sphere pic

For me the Lakhovsky coil was an immediate overload which required a rest from this energy for about a week, during which time I could not fire up even one scalar bismuth coil. However after this week of rest I am opened to a new golden crystal sphere that just arrived and the energies within my mind are very strong at this point. I have found myself not needing any external means to produce the diamagnetic and scalar magnetic fields myself. The mind responds to intention and creates strong fields of its' own function.

I believe that it may be the awakening to this meditative step that will allow advancement because here in lies the only real control over the nuclear spin devices. An advanced mediator would thus be able to levitate his own body simply by aligning the nuclear spin to one coherent angle then tilting it to release from gravity. As spin lies along a plane, if neutron spin is all running perpendicular to gravity it may very well release it's area attraction.

This mental ability may not be necessary however, to benefit from the diamagnetic field, if proper alignment is achieved physically rather then manipulated mentally.

Howard Johnson and coherent spin alignment.

Howard Johnson has recorded  what he calls the spin corners of the magnetic field in stationary magnets. It is interesting that this model also follows what I have mapped as the control vector loop of the magnetic field resembling a four leaf clover or more precisely two donuts stacked, rather then the conventional single donut pattern we think of with magnetic fields.

Alignment graphic

Although Howard does not directly discuss atomic or nuclear spin alignment he is coming to the same place. Supposedly his magnet strings produced motion from static magnets by aligning the 90 degree magnetic field curvature along  a line or area. The left side of the above diagram illustrates Howards magnetic string alignment. By perfecting the precession spin angle and adding the right side to the diagram we can develop a Bismuth core that will release a large amount of diamagnetic energy for manipulation without needing a scalar coil at all. The magnetic fields themselves interacting act as the scalar canceling coil in this pattern and propagate between the magnets even over great distances in the AG metals with no perceptible loss in their diamagnetic field interaction.

Floyd Sweet uses three coils wrapped at the 90 degree positions on a barium ferrite magnet to program various precession angles into the magnet. The domains may tend to stay aligned at this rather magical angle once established because each one is connecting to only half the loop of its neighbor. It should be possible to program this alignment into raw soft iron using multiple coils to achieve  the correct domain angles.

A piece of iron magnetized to this angle would produce a coherent spin vector along its edge. A cylinder with bismuth core would become a RainMaker base providing a large diamagnetic access for mental manipulation or other physical experiment even without using mental manipulation because the diamagnetic field will pop out of Bismuth to a coherent state from physical alignment alone.

In conclusion

I now believe I have personally witnessed the following coherent spin fields:

Electron spin coherence
Normal magnetic fields in neo magnets.

Neutron spin coherence
The tube device and diamagnetic flow through the AG metals, also in RainMaker 1 with mental controls.

Proton spin coherence
Experiment 6 hemisync inflow in a 5" diameter crystal sphere with the dual monopole magnetic wrap of a dodecahedron

Each one was experienced as a very different and very real effect.


Background Spin frame: The ZPE or background spin that is coupled coherently across the third density and the reason that light speed is constant everywhere. Spin appears to be present in what we call the Aether and if altered the effect falls off as a linear distance force in space.

Diamagnetic field: A field that opposes both ends of a magnet and must be the field operating as a distance cubed force at the Neutron. It repels both the Proton shell and the Electron shell and establishes orbital shells. This field is alterable through the mind and results in alternate background spin frames which drop off as a linear distance force effecting a local time flow rate gradient [ZPE background spin frame].

Conscious Coherence: The entire 3rd density along the physical fabric shares a coherent spin frame and thus light speed is constant, and all matter in the density is spinning coherently as one field, or background ZPE. Since this field is formed coherently it creates one universe as we perceive. The neutron spins near the center of the conscious fabric although it is not normally coherently coupled, it creates gravity be generating a slower spin frame in the background spin frame of free space. In the AG metals it is possible to coherently couple this field and then begin to manipulate it.

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