Natural Relativity

2020 update: The experiments shown below should be changed to conform with the new evidence of the E/P ratio, in that if the ratio between forwards turns and reversed turns is set correctly a vibration resonance will be developed between the two windings that will begin to self sustain. Coil experiments at the bottom of the document.  E/P Ratio


I thank all that have been involved in this quest to merge the Spiritual knowledge with the Physical sciences. There are a great many who have shared freely their insights and comprehensions. Each one brings mankind to a higher perception through the sharing. The magnetism site has been a "developing learning site" rather then a "teaching site," so may not be offered with the greatest accuracy if considered in sequence. The newer documents reflect embracing the models that have held up to direct experimentation and observed phenomena.

Since the collective development of the density sphere in the document ZPE Coils - [The Density Sphere construction detail] there have been many new discoveries for application, and the density sphere could probably have its own book. Kosol reminds me that none of us personally owns this knowledge and it is intended for all mankind, which I whole heartedly agree. It must not be sealed or hidden for personal gain of any one individual to the detriment of mankind. Kosol has reported that his new Density Sphere version resembling a star, can produce conscious Orbs. Even for a non believer! He is using much more wire then the original constructed by me some time back. Some 100 feet and adds magnets as well. A voltage of 10 volts at a frequency of 1.7 Mhz is reported to be a minimum requirement for this, and I would confirm this was where the RainMaker began to produce the Orb phenomena I experienced, and a much stronger personal interaction with the "Light."

Martin has now wrapped the crystal spheres with fiber optic light cables and has begun a whole new phase of conscious investigation. I too have confirmed this with  1310 nm Lazar transmission systems through scalar wound fiber cables. The first perception was the familiar "pressure presence" of scalar coils and tempic field acceleration.  My new perception is that most of the physical world we see around us is truly powered by "Light pressure." In physics we call this "inertial momentum" and all the atomic particles appear to exhibit this quality. All the forces can be traced back to Light speed velocities at some point moving inwards, and it is here in the "Light" where all motion originates. On touching this I immediately knew, the "The Light itself" wants us to know of its function as Source powering the physical world. This is the one piece missing from the current physics, at best referred to as the "A vector potential", but I recognize this force as the linear distance force having no curl. It is not a new force but the original one, or the prime force powering everything.

These discoveries were viewed by myself as "Spiritual initiations" and have become a part of my current belief system.
Rather then become lost in the "Light" and the discovery of the Light connection, I have chosen to turn back towards the place where the conscious meets the physical to stand on the edge and look both directions.


Time is the least understood phenomena in our existence. Time is a conscious process and requires memory on some level to operate. In the physical there is only motion, and yet we as beings are aware of time. Time can be pictured as an arrow. At the tip of this arrow is the present moment or the "now." All the physical world is contained at this tip and all field forces, but consciousness is not restricted to it. The physical mind lags the tip, generating mental images and memory bits to form a model of our reality. The model in our heads is not the reality but an image of it. As a meditator crosses forwards through the tip of the arrow it is discovered that leading the tip of the arrow is the Mental plane of Light. All that is happening here is being staged and created, and we as beings of Light are far more active in this process then we are normally aware. One will discover that time does not stop at the tip of the arrow to become God awareness of all things in a single instant, but is functioning both ahead of the "now" and behind it. Time is a far greater concept then space or the field forces. Equations that try to contain both concepts will fail to work the first time that consciousness works to alter physical space. The structure is a hierarchy, space is a small subset of time. We as conscious beings, at our current level, exist above space, yet within time.

Time is rooted in the first split of the Yin and Yang acting to slow the time flow rate so consciousness can experience all possible conflicting dance. Space is the creation of consciousness acting along one density where time flow rate is a normal band of Light velocities. Consciousness turns inwards and projects space.

Within our consciousness is the ability to move where the "field forces" do not have any power, either ahead of or lagging the "now." It is in the smaller area of the "now" that all the physical forces operate. So with the manipulation of the physical world we are concerned with comprehension of the field forces operating through "motion" or the "tempic field force."

We as conscious beings do not operate outside time, but are rather vibrations contained within it. This field spans far more than merely the physical world of space and motion within space. Otis Carrs ship reveals the natural connection existing between space and time, showing where we as conscious beings actually fit. The ship was physically moved through space in an instant freed form the physical forces of tempic field, but the events were still moving through time. From the recognized natural hierarchy, space becomes far easier to manipulate then time. When one succeeds at consciously manipulating objects in space, then all the formulas attempting to relate time to space or forces within space become nonsense. Time is not a "field force" but a conscious experience. "Time" and "tempic field" are of different natures and follow different laws.

Identification of the Tempic field [review]

The nature of the tempic field is absent in conventional physics, [time flow rate relating to a field force that is alterable]. Wilbert Smith presented the model x,y,z, then came T E M.  He lists the physical dimensions first [x,y,z] then T E M [Tempic - Electric - Magnetic] for the field forces. He makes reference to the nature of the tempic field as being consciousness focusing to produce spin. Once spin is present the Electric and Magnetic fields appear in quadrature. The impact of this model places "motion" or the force behind motion as the first field force with the highest field density [linear function]. This falls directly into quantum physics as what is now referred to as inertial momentum. All the atoms particles possess this quality and appear to spin without end, as sure as a light beam will travel straight without running out of power and stopping. Smith makes the first reference to this connection [from consciousness to motive power of the universe] that  I have personally found, and presents it as a scientific formula.

From this presentation of the field forces, and direct observation of the physical world, I have concluded that light is the motive force powering the universe. In matter it spins, in energy it is radiant and propagates through space, but the one thing it never does is stop.

Light speed is the absolute limiting factor for all motion, but is also the Source powering it.  It therefore appears to be the zero point field. It is not fixed in velocity or in momentum as matter. The indication that Smith suggests it is a field force, gives us an incredible new perception.

Tempic field is the prime field force. The first one encountered from the path of consciousness moving outwards. Certainly a major concept for a ZPE model.

Tempic field theory thus allows us to manipulate a third force, not merely EM.  The consensus in particle physics is that all energy from the strong force area at the nucleus outwards is EM so all focus has been placed here and little on the propagation of inertial effects from the inner atom outwards. 

The spinning Copper cylinder experiment shows us an inertial effect, but the first explanation from those presented with it has always sought to explain it as a magnetic effect. The result of eddy currents and reversed magnetic fields. When one looks closely at the actually inertial effects it becomes an interesting puzzle as to how the atoms spinning mass, which lies at the nucleus some 3600 times heavier then the electron shell, is projecting a force outwards to the magnet that would seem to be transferring the prime force of nature that distance. I have developed my own models on how this is possible but it must be recognized that the AG elements posses this quality to the extreme as compared to the other elements. They are tapped into the prime force of nature. This is the one with the highest field density.

Natural Relativity  

This perception does not originate in science but in Spirituality and the "nature" of Spiritual perception applied to science. This is why it is presented separately from the above, but will allow a further step not presented above in the merging. OU. I am given the knowledge that "The Light wishes to become recognized for what it is." This is a direct quote and does not come from me but from it.

Consciousness and time originate in the spiritual and not in the physical. All matter is conscious  The nature of the Aether, the Light realm, is Light and Gravity. The Light is consciousness itself. Gravity is the attraction between awareness at the lowest level. Gravity and inertial momentum can be released from the conscious side of reality, this is shown in party levitation. There is a conscious time effect experienced by the weightless person.

Matter is built on consciousness units or quantum appearances of energy at the smallest level of physical appearance, and winks on and off as it moves through our density. Quantum physics has now reached this level of awareness bridging consciousness with the physical world.

The direction and velocity of a consciousness unit [CU] is it's vector and scalar. Its scalar represents its inertial momentum, but is regulated by its velocity which is not fixed. Its' light speed alteration factor is not relative to itself but to all light around it and the interaction between all that are present, which can alter how far it lies from Source as matter, its scalar.

The fabric that becomes filled with conscious Light at one local region from source creates the Tempic fields parameters. It is a field where velocity is relatively constant and defines the root speed of light as well as all motion we perceive in the physical. The underlying root principle of all motion is light speed, this is its' source and its' limitation for a given density. CU scalar and vectors thus all interact through a method of Natural Relativity. The two parameters we are concerned with opening to human consciousness are the ones involving time flow rate, or Tempic field, and Gravity

The three forces appearing in the physical are the Tempic field, Electric field, and Magnetic field. Natural Relativity involves all three, however not the same. The only one that offers a reversed interaction is the tempic field because it directly originates on the conscious planes. If we set two conscious focus's against one another we get a higher energy output then if we set two magnetic fields against one another, or two electric fields.

As two CU's approach one another at light speed velocity they alter one another's velocity, not dropping it but raising it. This is happening at the light speed levels so is not perceptible at the physical until we learn to observe using our Spiritual nature, or until we see an object disappear or speed off at a seemingly impossible velocity. As the CU becomes matter, energy moves into the magnetic and electric fields allowing it to interact with other matter through the physical forces, but the root tempic field energy is always present and is enveloping it. Tempic field force falls off as a function of distance and thus its field density is greater but it does not cancel anymore then we can stop a beam of light from shooting through space.This is why the magnets in the spinning cylinder experiment are projected at such high velocities beyond what a magnetic field could normally do.

Thus as we set the Tempic field into opposition we see a density effect, or an acceleration of the time flow rate and a closer grouping of awareness observing more of itself. Light speed velocity raises. This increases the motional velocity of matter as well, altering its spin velocity and effecting all motional interactions. This raises the possible velocity of matter through space without loosing coherence of spin. We can move faster, and this is the basis for all UFO observed phenomenon.

The other two forces interact oppositely to this. When we set them into opposition they experience a cancellation, and their local field forces drop.
Two canceling magnetic fields, lower the resultant magnetic field present. Two opposite Electric fields, drop the radiated Electric field gradient. The energy between two opposing Electric or Magnetic vectors is not lost but is moved back into the Tempic field in the states of near light speed motion. Mass particle inertial spin. These inertial spin energies have both scalar and vector potentials that normally oppose, and move through all mater as two opposing chains of spin identified in the isotope lines, switching back and forth through the precession angles.

Energy can be bounced back and forth between the EM fields and the Tempic field, and the study of the scalar coils will show how this works. However to actually raise density we must isolate and then set into opposition the Tempic field. This is the only way to move beyond the conservation of energy. Thus opposing magnets in themselves do not result in an over unity in the physical, this causes only a shift of energy into the tempic field. A machine that will maintain a constant opposing tempic field throughout while manipulating energy between the Electric and Magnetic forces may be one solution. The Tempic Field Amplifier is one such possibility and seems to resemble the pictures of the Hubbard device, as well as the elements of Daniel McFarland Cooks' battery shown on patent 119,825 on October 10 1871. What was never disclosed in these examples was a parameter of Tempic field operation we discovered in the scalar or torsion coils, that of turns direction interaction. This is discovered to have a direct link to the mass torsion or tempic field effects in copper.

Field manipulation:

The building blocks of the magnetic field are structured such that we can break them down in stages using opposition to result in three states of field forces. Magnetic which has all three vectors T E M. Electric having only two vectors T E, and Tempic fields having little or no appreciable EM. T [Tempic] always appears in two opposing flows with varying balance, and  you can never isolate only one side completely so must always deal with two sides and a balance between them. Motion will never be canceled or become zero as voltage and current will. Tempic coils start to look more complex because they have dual wound cores in opposition, and 4 wires coming out of them rather then two.

Magnetic fields in opposition:
The basic scalar canceling coils set into opposition both magnetic and electric vectors. These are the root structure of the magnetic field existing beyond the prime tempic field. A  modulation to the input fields will move through copper where it cannot be detected using any EM equipment. The energy is transferred into the tempic field as inertial momentum alterations of the particles mass, and propagates Copper freely. At the other end of a long Copper tube these can be shifted back into the EM layers using coils at 90 degrees to one another. This concept is shown in the density sphere as well where a scalar canceling input coil can power a light bulb through the two other spin planes lying at 90 degrees to it , each is connected in a reversed series configuration and power is transferred through a scalar cancelling coil. this uses 6 coils in three planes, two in each plane.

Electric fields in opposition:
As two large copper plates are set at 20 feet apart and each charged oppositely we see a voltage gradient reaching out as a function of distance squared. As the two plates are brought together to say 1/16" separation we see the force move extremely close together and the radiant outer field density drops drastically. Sensing equipment held a couple inches away no longer feel the radiant E field, as the presence of both charges very close and in balance cancels. E fields reach or radiant field density is reduced in size with capacitors.

Tempic fields in opposition:
Torsion coils demonstrate the effects of setting torsion into opposition. The density sphere has shown us that we can easily create torsion forces that feel as though they will push the top of your head off by setting them into opposition. The consensus is that these fields do not cancel but accelerate in velocity as EM is forced back into the prime tempic field of motion. This pushes on Density itself or the zero point field. This is a conscious interacting field force as well. Here we discovered the importance of CW or CCW turns on a coil and how the tempic field is altered differently in each one. We can now split the torsions two natural opposing flows, then reverse one and recombine them back into one flow, simply by reversing the output phases. This takes 4 coils in the center of a system, and Sweets config is one application.

Tempic Electric [TE] fields:
Scalar coils can be constructed [TE coils] such that they cancel only the magnetic field and do not effect the Electric field by using reversed windings on each layer [CW - CCW]. The magnetic fields will cancel but the Electric fields will not cancel because both electric polarities will match on each end of the coil, even though the magnetic fields will be reversed due to wind direction. The field that becomes radiant will consist of a Tempic and an Electric vector. This is the model of gravity as well having both Tempic and Electric vectors, but absent of a magnetic vector. This coil design is explored in the TFA.

Establishing the parameters of Torsion coherence in Copper coils

This was first observed as an interesting voltage gain effect but has now been recognized as an important tempic field effect because it allows the manipulation of energy to move from tempic field to electric field, thus can be used as a method of tapping the tempic field once it has been expanded through opposition. It is a study of coils setting at 90 degrees to one another, and how they interact along the three vector forces, magnetic, electric, and spin of mass or Tempic field.

Donut coils Experiment Picture

Phase locking

Inner coils are scalar canceling and the configuration comes directly from the Sweet VTA as seen on the circuit diagram insert. Outer coils are torsion wound opposing from our studies of Torsion fields. One is CW the other is CCW.

As one slowly alters the frequency of the input signal in the above experiment there is a band of frequencies where we see a 4x voltage gain in the inner coil network where a voltage should not appear by current standards of EM theory. To understand how a voltage can appear on a 90 degree coil one must study NMR theory and look at it from two reference angles.The operation is a spherical model and voltage may be tapped from any angle, if motion of the field is present. The voltage appears between the upper solder joints and the lower solder joints of the coils pictured, not where we expected it across the lower two joints where Sweet is tapping the cold electric energy. The device did not produce the cold electricity in this mode of operation.

The voltage appearing is the direct result of the two 90 degree phased input signals on the outer coils pulling into phase on the inner coils and establishing a phase lock.
As the system hits this phase locking range the two phases that were cycling on the inner coils merges into one phase, but rather then a 2x voltage gain we actually see a 4x voltage gain. This is probably due to the magnetic vector canceling and energy being pushed into the tempic field then out into the electric field from two alternate mass spin directions turned into one.

A current flowing in a wire will effect the two natural opposing torsion flows setting at 90 degrees, a scalar coil can be used to split or separate them, and then recombine them by reversing phasing one flow to aid the other. As a magnetic field passes through a scalar opposing coil at 90 degrees, it splits the torsion flows into opposite flowing directions in each coil, we then reverse the polarity on the output side to recombine them in phase.

This effect corresponds to the two copper masses on each inside coil network moving into a synchronous isotope chain spin and beginning to establish a coherent torsion field throughout. There is a definite attraction of the Proton mass in each coil to begin to spin their mass together in time, and this is one quality found in Copper making it an AG metal. The inner coils were wound with heavier wire [greater copper mass] so this effect can be observed over a greater band width, from 1.8 to 2 MHz. To drop the phase lock one must tune off frequency all the way back down to 1.6 MHz where the voltages again separate into two waves at 2 volts.

In this experiment there is no over unity observed, the coils sizes are not well balanced, but the effect of phased locking is shown to be real, and linked to the spin of copper mass attracting into a coherent state. This can be used to reassemble a pure sine wave from a composite of energies at various supportive frequencies, and one of the most surprising discoveries is that the outputs from these kind of 90 degree coils is often a beautiful sine wave while the pulses going into the coils may be the worst of pulsing square waves.

Using the Density sphere with 44.5 foot scalar coils at 90 degrees we see a voltage gain jumping from 27 volts to about 100 volts using this method of phase locking between scalar windings at 90 degrees. All the coils are identical in this case in both mass and turns. This system shows us only one side of the system gain, voltage. To generate actual power we will need to add the current gain side as well found in the Tempic field amplifier. This requires a scalar voltage canceling effect to produce a magnetic field gain as well and then reassemble them in a series configuration.

The Tempic Field Amplifier

It is hoped that using TE coils we can work with E fields to capture OU. The E field in motion, having no magnetic field, has no inductance. TE scalar coils are unique, they cancel only the magnetic field. The TFA platform is set up to experiment with many possible combinations of coil winding methods and includes a copper density sphere. It is based on the Hubbard photos at the base offering 8 independent TE coils. It becomes a platform for mapping the field densities of the field forces, where now we have three to deal with rather then only the Two offered by conventional models.

TFA Amp pic

Tempic Field Amplifier 1 graphic

Diagrams showing the two possible ways to power the TE coils.

Tempic field Amplifier page 2

Tempic Field Amplifier 3 diagram

TE coils

TE Coils in the Tempic Field Amplifier were labeled in two forms. B coils and E coils. Each operating on the three field forces differently and can be constructed in many ways. They are basically the same coil, one voltage polarity reversed in each resulting in a different vector scalar interaction.

B coils

In the B coils the magnetic field is found to be not canceling but supportive. As both coils have opposite turn direction, when we place current passing through them in opposite directions end to end the magnetic fields generated are supportive. The voltage gradients however appearing along the wires end to end become reversed and a scalar vector canceling of the voltage gradient is present, and the ends act like capacitors withdrawing the charge density. This pushes electric energy into the Tempic field increasing it. Since both windings set in opposition along the Tempic field vector this energy is first expanded in velocity and then hopefully pushed into the magnetic field.

E coils

In the E coils the magnetic field is found to be opposing or canceling. The voltages are applied such that current flows the same direction along the coils and a large voltage gradient becomes present across the coils with a greater field reach. The Tempic field is still in opposition along the coils so the energy moving between the canceled magnetic and the electric fields should experience a gain since it all comes from the Prime Tempic field which is now expanded.

As the energy moves between B coils and E coils wired in series it should experience a Tempic field gain as well as a 90 degree phase shift.
Where ever energy moves back out into the E or B fields it should reflect this tempic field gain present in all the coils.

Coil Layout

Coil Layout Diagram

To balance the copper mass of each side of the tempic field and allow for smooth phase locking the coils should have the same wire length and gauge on both sides of the system. The two spinning masses will then easily come into synchronization, both spinning opposite directions away from the center of natural tempic operation.
The coils can be wound longer on the inner layer as pictured in the upper illustration. The outer layer can also be separated at the center so that the end section voltage gradients better cancel.On the lower diagram the coils are wound in four sections then crossed at the center so that each winding will have the same wire length end to end. This may allow both to be wound simultaneously approaching one another and then overlapping at the center and continued to the ends. A small rubber washer or ring can be placed at the center point offering a place to hold coil tension and offer a reversal point for the coils wires to each flip. On the 3/4 inch Aluminum cores pictured below rubber hose washers work well.

TE coil picture

In no case however should a coil change its CW or CCW turn at the center point, this will reverse its tempic field direction. The lower example shown will produce two coils with the exact same copper wire length, and voltage gradients appearing evenly along them near the ends. On this coil construction it is recommended that the leads be marked clearly as it will be very hard to identity them if the coils are flipped over. My first attempt shown in the photo is 1 foot long, with two sections of #14 using 78 turns on each side that take up 5.5 inches. Two layers, inner layer moves to outer layer at the center.

The B coils can be wound on iron cores to increase magnetic field and the E coils on plastic or dielectric cores to increase the E field. A layer of electrical tape may be considered on the coil form and between the layers on the E coils but will probably not be helpful on the B coils. Experiment is in order and first attempts use 8 each all identical coils.

Field Density
Showing the next phase of experiment.

David Lowrance,  Author, Designer of the TFA platform
Dell Coleman,  Tempic Field Theory of Wilbert Smith
Andrew Bellon, Concepts of time
Kosol Ouch,  Spiritual spherical systems offering conscious interaction

c_s_s_p group  [The collective progression of comprehension]
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