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[Healing the Earth]
This document was prepared for the Spiritually sensitive among us, who may be concerned that a conscious device may be too strong, and if used improperly cause an opening to happen too fast, or may also cause a "fear cycle" to be strengthened rather then healed. It is not my intention to convince anyone to use the conscious devices, but to simply offer "perceptions" that have been encountered when using them, that may offer a common sense approach to their use. Also to simply point out that we are all now riding on one of these and it is about to raise its resonant frequency [The Earth]. In previous documents it was always assumed that a background would be gained in the healing arts, however in practice this has not been the case.

There have been a number of events recorded in past times where using crystals and devices have done this negative reenforcement of fears, so there is a caution to be observed. I fully believe if the "process" is grasped, using intelligent design,  the acceleration of "karmic healing" can be stimulated in relative comfort. Any involved in using these devices as a healing aid should become aware of the "process" as well as the possible dangers to be avoided. Most often crystal devices have been used for a personal advancement, so self observation is a necessary skill when doing this, and this is to be recognized as a very intense method of personal progression. If used with good understanding all the fear may be dispelled.

Flower Picture

The flower pictured above is using the 4th density Golden Light vibration with each side at 4.82 cm.
As each triangle holds this vibration into the wheel of 24 it is a very pleasant and energizing form to work with.

Therapy versus Healing

There are therapy models available today where it is the main goal to bring up old trauma to the "mind" for inspection, and an attempt to deal with this by adjusting the left brain to a different "perception" of what happened. Then a slow process of facing the "depression" until one can learn to just "deal with it" then finally become bored and start to forget. Often an antidepressant is prescribed during this process. This releases the negative emotion from the past experience and it slowly stops effecting our present actions. Talking to others is a good and necessary step when this method is used. The danger in this process, is that a greater fear can then take over once again sending this event back out from our vibrational field even stronger then the last time, as we turn away to hide from it a second time, adding the regenerated fear to power its next cycle. Each time through this loop "fear" becomes strengthened rather then resolved. Interrupting this process using "drugs" is then recommended by most theraphists.

We may all by now know someone, or have been someone, who is suffering in this endless cycle of generating and regenerating "depression" in a perpetrating cycle, that becomes a downward spiral to a constant level of "bad events" returning to them, and constant sending out to the universe for more of the same. Just becoming aware we have problems is not enough to heal them or make changes. We must get to a point of "laughter and joy" to fully release these negative cycles. Half of the US is on, or has been on, antidepressants to an alarming rate in recent years.

To avoid this "danger" in the "process," one must embrace the "healing" process and become aware that it is the "Ecstatic Love State" that heals these stored trauma events, and it is not the left brain that heals them. In every case the rule is that "Love conquers fear" and will break the fear loop that creates the depression state. The healing Light is necessary to not only deliver the message that "we are loved from the very depths of the universe," but to give us the strength to look squarely at the traumas and now begin to view them as the exchanges of karmic involvement we have chosen to be a part of with each other. This view cannot be delivered in the absence of the "Light" as it would never be considered even a possibility if perceived from the negative state of depression, and only from the left brain viewpoint.

The use of the conscious devices in this application is thus not to ask for trauma to come up to be recalled accurately, but to ensure there is ample Light present, such that when this "naturally comes up" it will be healed and not regenerated into the negative or dark cycle once again. Also it would be very good for at least one of the participants to be attuned to the frequency of the Light offered and know which level it is operating at. There are many very good light workers with chakras fully vibrant and can do this task without using devices, but there are as many probably not sure, who are willing to assist others with their Chi energy during healing process, and to use crystals at random, based on what they sense directly. Everyone does not have time to become a Reiki attuned individual, but they may have time to cut a wire to a correct length and start to simply "feel it" and then follow what will come naturally as the vibration begins to deliver a joyous conscious direction. [The wire can also be held against a crystal to make it stronger to the perception.]

Just because you have embraced one level of higher Love vibration does not mean the other person is ready for it also. So an identification of the frequencies is a helpful awareness. A process of wire clipping can be used to record any of these openings if one has learned how to do this.

There is a danger with random size crystals that using a low frequency may bring up only the fear element and not the higher vibration of Love. If you are using these you will probably be testing them for their output to see they are not generating a fear element. Every effort must be used to contact the higher Love vibrations before asking for a healing to come in. You will know when this happens, as the Joy will be nearly more then you can first handle. Also there is no guarantee you are not still tapping a frequency too high for the application needed and you tend to "fry" someone else. This is true for healers also, but with crystals we can "program it" as well the capacity to mess up may have a stronger result.

The light will bring up all our darkness, because until our "dark creations" are given Love they will continue to return to us powered by our own fear cycle.
When we embrace them with the higher vibrational Light present, we are healed and end the cycle. This frees up much more of our personal energy for other work. We first experience the Joy of the Light, then there may be a depression for a time while some of our negative heart energy rises to be healed. We are counciled to truly feel this for the short time it will take to process and reflect. This will pass, and then finally deliver a clear mental state where acceleration of mind is possible and vibrant heart function reopens more fully. Working with conscious devices thus takes on a cycle of its own to be recognized. Sometimes called the Y factor in JC work, and noted as the "dark areas" of the aura are discovered in Kosol device work, as they often become totally visible due to the increased torsion fields present.

Earth Node Vibration

The earth has been very vibrant at positions that can be called earth nodes. One of the resonant frequencies for this healing earth energy was recorded to be 13.5 cm. Some will immediately feel it to be uncomfortable at first until they understand its purpose for clearing and cleaning our negative energies. Platonic forms or Devices designed around this length, as well as pyramids using a 2x or 27 cm lower side can help to harness this energy. It is a good starting point and a very good place to learn to dump out all your lower vibrations. It has been around us for a very long time now. You do not have to embrace the long task of searching out a particular crystal that will happen to hit on this vibration if you are willing to explore building some of the platonic forms to resonate with only this one earth frequency. The earth is the largest vibrating platonic form we have access to at present to touch directly.

Earth lengths

Two lengths one of copper wire and one of iron wire at 13.5 cm form an earth resonant device that will create numbness in the hands.
The other two lengths shown are necessary to construct a pyramid using this base frequency that will open a higher density portal as the dimensions that the great pyramids shows us.
They are found using a phi function and then using its square root. The formula is resonant length times 2.272 for the second length. This second length is discovered to be a water resonant form.
To construct this as a full pyramid using 4 cut triangles, the base square has all lengths of 27 cm, and the rising sides will be 25.6783 cm

Jeremys' formula and pyramid calculator can be found here:
Resources for Research - Jeremy Stride
Any of the resonant lengths can now be applied to a pyramid construction if desired. Find the calculator program and simply type in the desired length from the "matrix" document found here:
The Tempic field Matrix
Also the rest of Jeremys site is drawing a lot of attention as to relating the prime numbers to platonic form geometry, and well worth absorbing. These are things that many have intuited but never been able to connect before so accurately.

4th Density Vibration

On August 1 2008, the earth began to emit strongly a new vibration. One of healing light, or 4th density vibration. I would like to share how easy it is to tap into this vibration through very simple means. Straighten out a paper clip and cut off a piece that is 4.82 cm. This is very close and the form should begin to resonate at this tempic field vibrational rate of the high heart center. This energy is now coming from the earth and you may discover it may get stronger at certain positions and at certain angles on the earths surface. This event was viewed by me as the marriage of the heart center with intelligence or sanity, and another combining of science with radiance of the spiritual Light. Platonic form will now become the container of the inner female radiance and the two will become harmonious. Touching these lengths in SS or iron wires, and in Aluminum and Bismuth brings the immediate sensation of vibration. Off the tips and the node position some will see light when touched.

Either of these two vibrational forms can be used in platonic arrangement to increase this energy or to program crystals, and both are now present to be used with the earth harmony. If laid out on the earth in a wheel of every 15 degrees, these will form a node position of heightened vibration at center, not only feeding on the earths flow now present, but also "supporting it" with a strong resonance from within them.


Showing the Aluminum Bismuth coil slug I have carried around since January of 2008, it is carefully ground down to the 4.82 cm Golden Light resonance.

These two are earth friendly vibrational forms and will not pollute or alter the earths field in any harmful way. They will only vibrate with her and offer a heightened level of joy to both the earth and all humans who open to these frequencies. The wheel of 24 is the basic pattern for this harmony. The 4th density vibration is now one sent to begin healing our planet, and it is a safe one to work with at this time. I have perceived that it offers an "Ecstatic Love Vibration" that will promote the healing cycle to naturally open. 

There have also been given the vibrations of Golden Element and Silver Element that will be opening later as the earth progresses on her conscious journey. These, if used must be treated with the utmost respect until the earth is ready to embrace them, or the person is ready, at which time everyone will have to deal with them at that time. If you embrace these before others, do not use them randomly pointed towards others who may not be ready. It is never our goal to "fry" others with the Light, at least before a fair warning time period is allowed for them to recede away, or prepare for the earth shift that will be forcing this change in all of us.

The Gold Element [5th density] has been recorded but the Silver is yet to be recorded and shared. It is recommended one begin with the earths present vibration first [4th density and lower], and seek to help all mankind learn to use them in a state of harmony. They are here now to change us, and this can go smoother if we embrace them.

Some have reported that these "special lengths" will seem active for only a time and then may often "go dead" as the body has fully absorbed the desired intelligence of the vibrations. They will usually notice a shift or some healing on a level that may be very subtle. This is similar to "flower essence healing arts" in that once the body receives the vibration, and has started using it for healing process, the device becomes less powerful then the body at the vibration, and it now goes unnoticed. Sensitives and healers will however remain aware of these frequencies and be able to continue to build earth harmonious devices, and to work "with" the earth rather then in opposition to her. It is possible to raise strong fields at these frequencies using crystals and platonic forms.

Platonic Form and Crystals

There is nothing more flexible then quartz crystals to use for increasing a tempic field vibration. The quartz will take on almost any frequency that one desires to induce into it. It will also inject many of its own frequencies as no two of them are the same exact shape. While crystals are locked into EM frequency by dimension this is not true for tempic field vibration. Calcite is the most human interactive at the pineal gland which is also filled with these. The advantage of using a sphere is that now also its surface can support any large fractal size of many different frequencies. Therefore the crystal spheres must be treated with a respect for what one can do with them if used intelligently.

Water also has this ability to manifest and amplify frequencies, and there are the arts of "homeopathy" and "flower essence" using this. These can be increased also by using geometric form containers for the water and specific depths that are resonant. Where water will begin to organize itself into icosahedron forms of increasing larger fractal sizes, if vibrations are introduced into it in a cylindrical container of fractal size and depth. The very imprint of life and Love can be placed into water, and with Joe Cell experiment we started to rediscover this quality, as was also discovered in the Kosol forum development. A pitcher of water with a vertical stainless steel golden light rod down the center may have you seeing into 4th density as its larger mass begins to vibrate as one field over a period of a few days.

Using a platonic form vibration with a simple quartz crystal can be as simple as cutting 8 to 24 wires to a resonant length, set them up into a circle all pointing outwards and set the crystal inside them. Adjust the distance between the wire rods at center to a harmony for increased effect. Another self generating form is the triangle with crystal inside, then the tetrahedron. A full dodecahedron form is probably the best one for opening and healing fears embedded within our auric layers, and a crystal can be set inside, or even a crystal sphere as found in the experimental section. The cut wires will impart the vibration to the crystal, and we are now no longer messing with a "best guess" or relying on a human to instill the correct frequency for the healing light to be present strong enough to avoid the negative fear cycle. The earth itself is now powering this! The earth is not going to allow us to hold onto these fears much longer as "mankind" living on its surface. We can embrace and support the earths new healing or we can fight it, and get booted off as its disease.

A resonant rod simply held touching a RM sphere at 90 degrees to any outer surface will increase the vibration.

Kosol, over the past years has passed on to us a great many of the platonic forms and designs, capable of amplifying these vibrational fields. Maybe some of the more exotic ones will yet be constructed now that a greater understanding is present as to their use.

Healing and Crystals

As with all healing work, make connection with your higher guides from the Light and open a path into your harmonically designed devices. Also open from the earth so that a vertical channel will be present to draw on all the levels available. Locating over an earth node is desirable as well. Now the entire earths vibratory field can also assist.

There is no need to worry terribly that a random shape crystal is producing a fear vibration that you may have missed picking up on, as long as the Light is stronger and present. The Light itself will raise the frequency of fear and melt it away if Love is present. If there is however a strong low vibration present the fears may come up more quickly, so this may be a consideration. Most healers will avoid using these kind of crystals naturally, and instead just wait for the fears to come up naturally. Working with a low vibration crystal may cause you to see dark images inside them, or feel sadness, and most "sensitives" will simply toss them back in the bin and walk on past. I had found one calcite crystal that was unusually dark to me, but this was also a rare find. Using these would be a very precise healing art for someone at the 5th density who can use both the dark and the light forces in balance effectively. I suspect a Golden Element Light activation would be necessary to open to both of these forces and learn to balance them properly. This is one of the dangers of using crystals and needs to be fully grasped. Never use crystals for healing work if the Light is not opening and strong. In the absence of the "Ecstatic Love State" this may end up increasing the fear cycle. Gauge all your devices on their ability to assist in raising this Power of Love, but only to the level of frequency needed at the time. To push a new person into the intense Golden Light of 5th density on the first experience would probably push them away strongly, or even induce a "temperory memory loss shock" as encountered in UFO experiences. This would be true however even without using crystals.

If a crystal will not take on the 4th density light at this time, then I would toss it for now. All the higher light frequencies will be found to act in harmony with this one, as the earth shifts. The earth will be forming a new complete chord or stack of frequencies, they will all sing together in harmony.

David Lowrance
Kosol Core Tech

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