Gravity - The Radiant Light Model

Update 11 / 28 / 2008 comparison of Gravity and Magnetic fields added

[Mastering buoyancy of the new medium, the Radiant Light.]
"As babies learning to operate within a new medium, we will find stability of our new ships, ships that will float on the Light itself."


A proper model of Gravity will explain all the AG devices to some measure of satisfaction. It will explain the observed phenomena such as the Lagrange points, as well as UFO craft. Add to this direct experience with the fields involved and one can find the proof they seek to become a designer of devices.

"An enlightened "New Age" seeker of truth studied the works of Tom Bearden for several years in total amazement. He decides to put this new knowledge to the test so goes into seclusion to study the Vacuum. Cleans out the lab of everything ...... closes up all the windows, seals all the doors ...... and then sits staring into the great vacuum......and stairs ........ and thinks ...........
He proceeds with this for days and days trying to figure out how to get something, anything from that vacuum......
Then a faint wind comes up and blows one curtain aside very slightly.... a single beam of bright light shoots in illuminating the room and in a flash of inspiration he gets it.
Without the Light there is nothing perceivable within the vacuum." [Dave L]

Why is the center of gravity always found at the center of the matter, even if the matter may be hollow? How does a center with only vacuum act as the center of gravity for matter? How can a force emitted from matter and falling off as a distance squared function be radiant from a hollow center, or from a Lagrange Points between earth and moon? Why do magnets not have Lagrange points between them where matter can set undisturbed and stable?

Radiant Light Model of Gravity

Gravity node diagram

In the diagram the 4 dots represent 4 atoms of matter. All matter produces a divergent flow of radiant light energy having a torsion field based on the zero point field or the c velocity constant.
This primary field is basically an antigravity field or an outflow energy. Where these flows cross they interact to produce an inversion of spin to inflow energy. This creates a gravity node between the matter. Thus the center of gravity for any two atoms lies between them in space, a torsion force created by photons of radiant light interacting. Matter is thus pulled towards the gravity nodes from the center position. A torsion field of lower density Aether drawing matter inwards.

This model is based on considerable observations of the Light rods, which generate these nodes and can be studied directly.
The model also requires an understanding of the nature of the Aether to hold a torsion field in empty space created only by light crossing light.

Comparing Gravity and Magnetism

Gravity and magnetism lie in opposite sides of matter, mathematically. That is while the most intense part of the field of EM lies on the outside, the most intense part of gravity lies inside. This becomes obvious when comparing the math of the two systems.

Look closely at EM one discovers with a magnet that the field intensity falls off outside the magnet as a distance cubed formula, or as a volume. On the inside of the magnet as we increase the volume of the magnet, the field only becomes stronger as a function of the area of the poles which is a distance squared relationship. In fact magnets are rated by the lines of flux per square inch of polar surface which is a constant for any magnet type. This means that if we start to stack a pile of disc magnets, stacking higher will not increase the poles magnetic field strength at all as it has not become larger on the poles surface area.

We can relate a magnetic field to a cubed or volumetric relationship outside the mass of the magnet, and a squared relationship inside the mass of the magnet.

Look closely now at gravity and discover it is exactly reversed of this.
Outside an object the pull of gravity drops as a distance squared function, but now as we increase the diameter of a sphere the weight of it increases by the cube. A ball or cube with an increase of 2 x along a side or radius will result in a 2^3 or 8x increase in volume and also in the pull of gravity.

We can thus relate a gravity field to a cubed or volume relationship inside the mass of the object, and a squared relationship outside the mass of the object.
This observation alone would lead to a conclusion as to field density for each of the different forces originating in opposite places with respect to the boundary of the object they are anchored into.

Note that as we continue to increase the diameter of a spherical magnet, and say the magnet were an N20 neo magnet. The magnetic field outside would raise with the area of the poles, far less then the gravity linked directly to the volume of the sphere. If we grow the magnet to the size of the earth the magnetic field would become a weaker force comparatively, and the gravity much stronger, and indeed this is how we see the earth. For all sizes of our magnet, an iron disc of say 1" would have the same magnetic attraction to the poles for any size magnetic ball stuck on the poles anywhere because this is a square inch force and our disc is 1 inch diameter. Yet for the weight of the iron disc, this would increase with the volume of the magnet as it reaches planetary size.

This is what our current math formulas expresses as to magnetism and gravity, based on observing the earth system at the surface.
Magnetism is a force of seperation or individual outer world function and gravity is a force of inner unity oneness between all mass present wihtin the system to a single center point vector.
Related to consciousness, they are grounded on opposing sides of the boundary of finite dimension objects, yet each cross one another with a distance squared overlap of the other from inside to outside.

Gravity Mechanism

The Center of Gravity

Graphic Hollow Sphere

The questions was posed. "If we have a very heavy hollow sphere in space, and a person was floating inside it, where would be found the center of gravity? To which point would the person be pulled?"

If gravity is simply the attraction of mass to mass as though it were a force emanating from all matter like a magnet or an electric field, then if the person was setting along the side of the sphere we would expect they might be pulled to the inside wall and stick there. This is because gravity is said to become weaker at distance from matter as a function of distance squared, so the weakest point of gravity would be the center of the sphere or the most distant point from all sides. With this present model one would be hard pressed to stay at the center.

However recognizing the Radiant Light model, we now postulate that the center of gravity is the point of greatest convergence of the Radiant Light path that is being emanated from all matter with divergent field. Now we get a different solution. If we look at all the sides of the sphere and trace out the wheel of 24 at every point around the sphere, where do the most lines concentrate crossing one another? They would be strongest at the center of the sphere and the person would be in fact pulled to the center of the sphere, even though it is hollow. The person would free float at the center feeling the pull of gravity inwards to the center of their body. They would encounter resistance at lifting an arm away from this center.

This is why when we descend into deep caves the pull of gravity is not set upwards around us, we do not become lighter but heavier as we approach the center of all Radiant Light crossing.

I would suggest someone try this using a small spherical ball at the center of a ring setting flat on a table. Charge the ball with a negative charge and then the ring with a positive charge. The force of E field will also fall as a distance squared function of attraction. Will the ball remain at the center attracted equally by all the sides? If the ball is slightly offset from center will it move back to center or be quickly sucked to one side? I would guess it would be extremely difficult to get the ball to the center to begin with. The force is a distance squared force and so is not linear as a force from all sides equally. As we move the ball off centered by 2x length the force of the closer side increases by 4x and from the opposite side drops by 4x. The only way gravity could become radiant, as a distance squared force, from a center point, is if the force itself is being emitted from this center point where all the Radiant light is convergent.

With the Radiant Light model, we now see the center of gravity is always the center of a sphere, no matter if it is hollow or solid. The gravity will still be at the center of the system, and there is where objects will be pulled towards. The point where greatest number of crossing Radiant light beams interact to bend back outwards along the centers new wheels of 24 will become the center of the gravity system. Gravity is Light crossing Light and interacting, just as we see it do inside the Golden Rods. At the center crossing point there is a new divergence set up of the Radiant light and a torsion force comes out of the interaction that is divergent and having a reversed spin from those going into the point.

The indication that gravity will always pull towards the center of convergent radiant light at its most dense point, is the model to be tested. If we compare the earth, on the mountain tops gravity is less then on the ocean. In deep caves gravity is even still stronger, and indeed as we approach the center of the sphere gravity may continue to increase to the center point of all Radiant Light. 2 miles was the deepest reading taken in deep caves, so we can not know for sure if this is an accurate model going further inwards. This model however would seem to explain why the center of weight always falls at the center of an object. An object can always be balanced at the center of weight. Also this would indicate the gravity at the core of the earth may be much stronger then at the surface.

This now brings up the question, if we had a very large and heavy parabolic dish floating in free space could its center of gravity land off to one side of it and start to propel it along? Indeed if there were no stars or planets nearby, would the most intense crossing of the Radiant light land either at the focal point of the dish or along this line towards the focal point? Now if we supplemented this with Radiant Rods and diamagnetic metals with standing tempic field nodes only along the inner arc of the dish, could the system take off accelerating? A gravity drive system. Would objects floating by be drawn to this center line and stop there? If the radiant light model is accurate, then we could expect this may happen. As well if an astronaut were floating inside the arc of this dish, he may also be pulled outwards from it to this center of gravity point.

Further if we consider where these photons are coming from that make up the greatest number of Radiant photons in matter we end up at the Electron and Proton shells. Each photon type may have a different spin and a different torsion value. We know that with matter the inflow will outweigh the outflow, and gravity will win over outwards torsion field pressure.  Thus any convergent point of the same Radiant light emanating from matter will have the same torsion qualities as the matter that radiated it, and inverted. As the same mix of photons emerge from the radiant center of the hollow sphere they will form the center of gravity of the system and pull everything inside the sphere to its center. This describes how planets probably form in the first place, and probably why stars become radiant light energy. It's not so much that all the individual pieces of matter are pulled towards one another, but that all are pulled to the exact point in space where all their Radiant light converges most strongly.

Light Interacting With Light

One of the biggest surprises I have gotten from this torsion research, was the interaction with lazars in fiber optic cables. If one takes the time to wind a scalar canceling coil using fiber optic cables, and then energize the hairs, they will discover the torsion field emanating from the scalar optic coil is as strong as a copper system with electric fields doing the same. The flow of light is supposedly fully contained within the optic cables yet with opposing flows only touching hair to hair we discover the torsion fields interacting just as well via the diamagnetic field within light itself as it propagates the fiber optic medium. The rods are the final confirmation of this ability of light to interact with light, and demonstrate that radiant light is everywhere within all matter hopping from atom to atom via this method of photon exchange. As the light passes down solid materials it forms the diamagnetic nodes or radiant light points, and between these nodes is the diamagnetic field in a totally canceled EM state. In the fiber optic systems the maximum light is refracted back into the cable but there is always some leak at these node points, and over a long run the cable has a small energy loss usually measured in the low db range around .1 to .5db for a couple miles of cable.

It is evident that light interacting with light can in fact produce torsion fields. Whether this is the source of gravity and the center of gravity is the proposed question of this document.
I also believe now from direct experience, that if we open these forces, the Light will become so intense we will have no choice but to open spiritually to operate within it.

The divergent radiation of Light from all matter is the source of gravity.
Gravity always pulls towards the most dense point of
convergent radiant light, which is found at the center of an object. This is where we find a mono pole torsion field or gravity node.

The Radiant Light powering our local matter comes both from within and from outside. Outside is as an exchange of photons in constant straight line paths between all matter.
From within, the Light path is not straight as it operates below or along the strong force area, but outside the strong force area of the atoms the path of light is straight and operates through tempic node points of exchange using platonic form and the wheel of 24. There is a constant Radiance of Light outwards coming from all matter, and this is the outflow, and the source of Gravity and torsion fields.

Matter emits photons constantly from both Electron and Proton shells and probably Neutrons as well as they regulate the atoms shell distance. The atom is dynamic and regulates its own energy state to maintain perpetual c velocity motion at 3 levels in balance. At the center the strong force area, converts mass to energy, and results in a constant outflow of Radiant light photons repelling the electron shells outwards as EM pulls them inwards. Some of this repelling Light escapes the atom and moves outwards. There is no static state for any matter, all is in motion, and all have inflow and outflow of dynamic energy powering them. We have observed torsion fields radiant from Joe Cells that resemble the strong force area of the atom, also producing Radiant light as a torsion field in concentric rings around the cells.

So how does an outflow force become gravity?
These Radiant photons flow straight through space. Matter is literally filled with this radiant light energy. As they encounter other light velocity photons they impart Torsion or EM. They also interact to generate tempic nodes that bend light photons to 90 degree paths and invert its spin state. The nodes are the result of light crossing light.

The Radiant Light travels in a straight line bent only by Gravity, and thus Gravity is a light velocity force involving photons at their core of operation, as well as all matter setting within a divergent field of Radiant Light, effecting all their light velocity motions of spin.

If we view matter as Light velocity EM fields, we see that if Gravity can bend light then it can also bend the circular path of matter. As matter is warped in space by convergent or divergent field of light, the spin velocity is altered along one side more then the other side, and this is like sticking a finger on one side of two wheels spinning opposite directions. The system will pull towards the side with drag.

As the Radiant Light expands from a lone light bulb setting in space, a distance squared drop in its intensity exists as we move away from the source of the Radiant light. Gravity is a secondary force generated by Radiant Light inducing torsion at a divergent angle through all matter it passes through at all frequencies of emission in either direction. As light leaves a body the path is divergent, and as it moves inwards the path is convergent and becomes interactive producing a torsion or gravity node.

The divergent radiation of Light is the source of gravity. Thus Gravity can be controlled by inducing the convergent path of Radiant Light and projecting it above us to produce a secondary divergent node system pulling upwards. This requires a knowledge of the bending process through interference patterns, and the propagation of torsion fields, as well as noting the direction of spin. Gravity always pulls towards the most dense point of convergent radiant light which is found at the center of an object.

As we unfold the multiple spins within Radiant Light we discover the down shift process. This process is slowly uncovered going the opposite direction and as we hit the diamagnetic field we get lost in canceling fields that seem to disappear, but can also become reactive. As we hit Light all the EM disappears to become fully Radiant. If we crash two opposing magnetic fields into one another we get tremendous surges of voltage. If we wrap scalar canceling coils the magnetic field seems to disappear and seems impossible to recover. All we get is radiant light flowing outwards of the scalar coils forming concentric rings of torsion, and not every one is sensitive to these at first. They are torsion fields and specific laws of propagation now operate to channel them efficiently. We have identified many of the properties of these torsion fields to date with magnets,  tubes, Joe Cells, and Rain Makers, and now made the connection to the Radiant Lights operation and the force of Gravity.

As each particle of matter unfolds the Light spin forces held within, each manifest them in a different balance. 

Diamagnetic Field

[The first down shift of Light]

Between each down shift manifestation of Light there is a conversion or unfolding involving a shift of the energy to a different form. If we intercept Gravitational Radiant Light with a tempic resonant length rod, there is a shift to 90 degrees and a torsion field will pop out of the rod. The copper rod will set up tempic field nodes, and operating between these nodes will be a diamagnetic field as two transverse waves moving in opposing directions, out of balance. The new diamagnetic nodes set up will be at 90 degrees to the originating path of the Radiant Light still canceling one another's EM fields for the most part. Off all these new diamagnetic nodes will also stream a new Radiant Light at 90 degrees to the diamagnetic field but spreading along its own wheel of 24 and having a reversed torsion spin balance. The operation follows the wheel of 24, and has a fractal based nature. The Light rods can be cut into single segment sections that now develop similar nodes at the next layer of the density or torsion shells moving inwards. This process now reveals how the bugs wings probably can deflect gravity upwards to a convergent field overhead, and lift a bug by the curvature of the wings. Once the correct rod sizes are perceived and the tempic field grid is identified, similar forms can be constructed such as lift platforms. The sizes are very much fixed and connected to lights velocity and interference patterns.

In the diamagnetic field, repulsion and torsion [spin force] are generated from the neutron outwards, as well at the electron shell. The repulsion and spin or tempic field are inter connected and operate together. A diamagnetic field is interactive as it contains both fields spinning oppositely, one will always be present to oppose, as the other tires to become coherent. Photons radiant from a coherent diamagnetic field can produce torsion.

Magnetic Field

[The second down shift of Light]
From diamagnetic field to magnetic field is the second down shift of operation. This shift separates the two magnetic fields in space, and within the correct resonance of form the diamagnetic field will split into its component parts. They can now be realigned to create single magnetic fields in the Proton and dual overlapping unbalanced ones in the Electron, one wrapping that atom as orbit and one remain ing on the electron as particle spin. There is no smallest size possible for a magnetic field, only new and smaller fractal ranges of distance. The magnetic field is the first manifestation of attraction at the EM level. This process remains a mystery of the OU devices producing EM from Radiant Light.

Electric Field

[The third down shift of Light]
Electric field having now only two spin forces left, resembles Gravity, with its distance squared drop off, however is a far less complex form of energy. Electric field can be easily contained within electronic circuits at resonance with little or no losses. Electric field is not a Radiant energy process as is gravity. A capacitor storing E field photons can hold these without loss of energy for years while gravity freely passes through the device fully divergent. The E field path is one of circles and perfect containment around the charged metals holding them. The E field moves along a conductor at speeds just under c velocity and the gradient reaches out into space around the conductors with a distance squared drop or force of circular or spherical dimension. The E field propagates this way along wires using the transverse wave of non canceling nature, half of what is found in the diamagnetic field. It is also subject to propagation delays based on the materials density fields and the dielectric constant around the metals, slowing E vectors velocity. Transverse waves move along a dual density system and proceed fastest along the wire and insulations meeting surface around the wire, the wires skin.
The photons form a coherent field and all remain contained within the field in motion comprising only one small piece of the larger field.


[The fourth down shift of Light]
We are left with only spin force at this level and electrons set to motion around positive charged nucleus. The motion induced from the complete down shift is felt in the last experiment of the Matrix document. The crude model gives all the clues, if one is sensitive to the energy present. This shift explains what we call electric current in a circuit and reflects a physical motion of electrons at a sub light velocity. As well it can be considered that all physical motion may be related as well in this category, all sub light motion becoming linear.

Diamagnetic break down of the Light

Here lies the key to gravity control, and no such break down to Electric or Magnetic fields are necessary for a pure Gravity deflection system to operate. Knowledge of how the light is bent and propagated from only the first conversion is necessary. The rods have shown the system. The diamagnetic elements are put to work for us, and only diamagnetic fields of partially canceling transverse flow are necessary to divert the Radiant Light by 90 degrees and then by any of the wheel of 24 along the divergent path to create a convergent flow overhead, adding to it our own Radiant Light and the mass of the ship as well.

This is a three stage process, and the Radiant light from the planet below us is refocused over us, and added to our own Radiant Light projected upwards, to create the lifting mirror of pure Light density pulling us upwards. Wilbert Smith indicated that gravity cannot be opposed, it can only be bent. When tempic field density overhead exceeds tempic field density below we float up wards, falling in the opposite direction to the point of balance above the earth where the fields are now normally equal.

Diagramming the Rods of Radiant Light

Diagram Node Point

In a Tempic field resonant rod of [exact given distance] there is an interaction of all the Radiant light moving between atoms. This is a constant exchange of photons happening between atoms. These photons are of a nature to move straight and have no significant magnetic field but are bent only by gravity. However as we shall discover gravity is an interaction of Radiant light crossing light and scattering. At the node points of collision for a 180 degree pulsing field as develops in the light resonant rod, there is a 90 degree turn of photons spreading out into a divergent path away from the rod. The path is most concentrated at the wheel of 24 angles all pushed apart by diamagnetic operation of the streams. The scattering of Radiant Light ensues and the creation of the divergent path is now observed operating within a rod of Golden Light. If the rod is made with Aluminum tubing the diamagnetic field is readily observed at these nodal points resembling a scalar canceling coils radiant output of torsion field. This is also the output of matter at the atomic level and shows us where the field of gravity originates in our density. This has been identified with the outflow, and inflow of previous devices constructed on the magnetism site to date where a circle of magnets can steer the flow.

In the document  The Tempic Field Matrix  these resonant lengths have been identified and also the subdivisions of exact fractal distance located to generate these effects for personal observation and experience.
There is no immediate indication that we have discovered all the lengths or that, the one bugs such as bees may use, is a fractal of these already discovered. There may be more lengths and with other documents of history, we expect that one very short length will be able to generate total invisibility from the bottom side if set into the correct pattern. Grebennikov

This study of locating the correct forms to both induce reversed spin downwards, while projecting forwards spin upwards into a convergence becomes self evident. The Utrons of Carrs saucer were all arranged to converge there axles overhead for a reason, as the diamagnetic pulsing happening on oppositely spinning cones of tempic field propagation that offer a path for the radiant light along the axles and cones. The Radiant light projecting downwards and outwards with a reversed spin of the path upwards, countering gravity below and creating it upwards within a tempic node.

Thus iron rods are discovered to radiate reversed spin off there ends if made to exact 8 node lengths. Any rods of odd segments thus bent at the middle and pointing downwards will counter the earths gravity spin force [nuclear spin of mass]. Along rings of rods no such reversed spin is found and thus rings of segments radiant from only the inner surface of a cone along their natural nodes will become convergent also above the cone and inside it while diamagnetic field traverses at 90 degrees around the cones latitudes in opposing directions of EM cancellation along the rods. Further Aluminum produces reversed nodes along its sides and forwards nodes off its ends. If placed in a loop only reversed nodes will be radiant outwards.

If the rods are buried to half way within the cones inner surface of a constant density using like or same material, they become radiant only on the inner surface, if the rods are replaced with only resonant indentations in the inner surface, the holes become convergent to form a lifting platform. Such a dish shaped, convergent Radiant light platform, would be controlled at the focal length of the radiant light stream where a divergent system is installed to control the craft. "Its all done with wires and mirrors and becomes the true magic of the new century!" The divergent regulator at the upper section of the craft makes the top become visible first, while the bottom continues to operate invisibly. The inflow at bottom so strong it ceases to radiate Light downwards.

Craft of these designs if perceptible from below would impart the female aspect of the tempic field Radiant light [one of female nurturing and healing light]. No wonder they might be mistaken for Gods by primitive cultures. At the least they will absorb Radiant Light from below to the point of invisibility and radiate it upwards as the male aspect of Gravity.

The rods give the clue to now searching out the forms that may be involved. The six sided figures from the Blue light distance and the 8 sided figures from the Golden light rods may offer a starting point for exploration. These are hex and octagon forms but may also involve a 3D shape or combination to fully absorb the radiant light from below.


Further exploration with concentric coils at specific spacing we note that the end of the coil will set the wheel of 24 operating within the curve of the wires. Two coils concentric adjusted properly will now align the wheel of 24 perfectly to exchange torsion fields directly between nodes. We observe this in simple rings of copper and iron, where the nodes begin to form at specific distance from the cut at the meeting ends. Where an even number of segments is involved, all the nodes become radiant outwards at 90 degrees with the 24 wheel spread and convergent towards the center conical position up the center of the coils. This is most dramatic with copper rings of specific light resonant length. We also now have the lengths of "absorption" found in the 11.5" length which seem to set up the inflow most strongly.

The inner coil receives a convergent field from the outer coils inwards radiance. Wire loop spacing set to 2 node distance will also create a stronger field in the vertical direction as well. If the outer coil receives an aluminum shell of correct spacing distance of two nodes length , now even more of the radiant light is passed back inwards. The model of the concentric rings is now realized, but only with respect to the tempic node positions for radiant light lengths. It is very likely that a simple over unity coil system may be possible using this mechanism. The coil system is merely harnessing the normal flow or Radiant Light outwards in the copper itself used to generate gravity. This flow is amplified using Bismuth cores, and may offer a doubling of the diamagnetic field operation due to the radiant light output of the higher mass of the Bismuth.

The Fractal Nature of Fields[Review]

One can grasp this when playing with a couple magnets and a compass.
We start with two magnets having two magnetic fields. Each magnet has two poles and one blotch wall at the exact center of its magnetic field. This point is the neutral area of the magnet.
We now stick the two magnets together and scan them with the compass again to realize now we have only two poles and one blotch wall of the resulting magnetic field, which we have created by the joining. What happened to the other two poles and the other blotch wall? The two blotch walls have moved to the joined ends of each magnet where we find only one, and each magnet seems to have taken on only one of the two magnetic poles! One magnet now becomes a North pole and one magnet becomes a South pole and they operate together as one magnetic field.

The nature of magnetic, electric, and tempic fields is such that if two overlap over half their realities they merge and become one solitary field. [Wilbert Smith] A quantum unit acting as one field emerges in the joining and is now perceived as one field and one magnet. This is the fractal nature of the field forces and how they can operate to infinitely small or infinitely large sizes as quantum or singular entities. There is no limit on the size of a magnetic field.

Now if we consider photons in the same light we get a new concept for Light as well as electricity. It has a fractal nature, as does voltage on a wire. Plank only defined one special case for Radiant photons. Breaking down these fields to the size of atoms we realize this is all atoms really are. A finite size of interlocking fields, each one could be a photon in a different state made of infinitely smaller photons all joined into the multiple coherent fields forming the entity we see as matter, and acting as one collective of fields.

With EM it is critical to understand this field coherence concept to grasp how photons can create a field of circular or donut geometry, without loosing energy to the Radiant light path.
As photons are absorbed into an electron shell they do not remain separate, but are joined into the coherent field structure of the shell itself, and begin to add only one piece to the operating field of the shell. They each now take on a part of the roll of the larger coherent field and only a small part of its polarity generation, just as the two magnets in the above example. The electric field around a wire begins to expand as we charge the wire, but it is only one field. This is a circular field absorbing photons and distorting them into Electron operation. They now join the larger field and become a part of it for a time, increasing the field distance by a finite amount in three linear dimensions. They do not remain separate as little independent photons within the circular field and orbit it as photons, and they do not move in a straight line as do Radiant photons. The entire field operates as one photon of EM distribution locked into the matter.

As a "coherent field" begins to give up these extra photons, it expels photons of Radiant Light that do travel away in a straight line path. This is the Radiant Light. Photons expelled come in many flavors, many frequencies, and many operational forms.

The Down Shifting of Light

It has been perceived there are three phenomena that can be classed as light velocity interactions of energy.

1 - Radiant Light - Photons - [Gravity - Torsion Fields] Not bent by EM fields  - totally EM scalar canceled waves [visible light.] Polarization is rotated by magnetic field but path is not.
       [If the diamagnetic field is not balanced in a photon the polarization may go into a rotation creating a torsion field.]
2 - Magnetism - Contained elliptical path photons - Travel along their Magnetic vector to form one piece of a larger coherent field.
3 - Electric - Contained circular or spherical path photons - Travel along their Electric vector as one piece of a larger coherent field.

All other motion is sub light velocity such as electric currents in a wire.
This chart represents the down shift of Light into the physical world manifesting force or field.

1 - Radiant Light -
[Visible light]

2 - Diamagnetic Field - [Electron in unbalanced state - Neutron in reactive balanced state- Gravity unbalanced state]

3 - Magnetic Field - [Electron - Proton - Neutron]

4 - Electric Field - [Electron - Proton]

5 - Physical Motion - [Electrons]

Inversion of Gravity at Nodes:


Place an iron  5/8" thick golden light rod on table. Place 7 golden rods "iron tie wires" at 90 degrees laying on the nodes of the 5/8" rod. They intersect right at the tips. Primary rod is producing gravity off its sides, anti gravity off its ends. Secondary rods is taking the gravity and turning it once again to a 90 degree divergence. As it does this it inverts the gravity to anti gravity and the overall output of this iron setup is reversed torsion, feeling lighter and more buoyant.  This setup is very obvious.

Picture Inversion

There is an inversion of torsion happening at a nodal point and this gives the correct model of gravity for the earth. The normal outflow from all matter must be "anti gravity" as all the divergent light interacts at the center of the earth as a convergent field of anti gravity, it flips to gravity then become divergent as the field we are familiar with. 

The nodal points in a light resonant system are a "special case" like a magnifying glass bringing this operation to a size we can easily perceive by using the fractal magnification process. It is normally not happening at this size, but on the atomic layers in each nucleus. The nucleus is the mass of repulsion, and it keeps the electron shell at bay using anti gravity, while the EM field pulls the electrons inwards towards the reverse spinning protons.

This is the mechanism and why gravity never comes from matter but from the space between the matter. Gravity comes from the dead center at the space between all matter. Observing the nodal systems of Iron and Aluminum leaves little doubt in my own mind. All we need do is realize a way to create one more nodal inversion in all the matter present in a shell.

If we attempt to interfere with the primary nodal system of gravity then matter will fly apart or collapse inwards. Thus setting up a secondary major node of convergent Light and not allowing it to interact at the center to become divergent may be a more intelligent design. The center of gravity for a ship being the place in space where the gravity node will form, this is where to locate an inversion system to inhibit it from forming to begin with. 

There are many models to do this at the center of gravity of the ship.

1 - Somehow absorb all the Radiant energy with a strong inflow device.

2 - Set up a two inversion system such that Anti gravity becomes Radiant rather then Gravity.

Since the interaction of gravity comes from the space between all matter, we must wrap the central gravity node with a device to offer a single inversion of the divergent radiant energy without effecting the convergent energy. This requires a 90 degree bend of some kind, or a 180 degree reciprocal opposing system.

The Radiant Light 

It is the diamagnetic field that interacts with gravity photons to alter their torsion. A magnetic field can only push both diamagnetic poles away from it but cannot alter its spin along the 90 degree path it will take. It was noted that if two very powerful magnets are pushed together in repulsion and dropped with fields parallel to the ground they will fall slower then if aligned in attraction. It takes two magnets to restrict the diamagnetic field axle of spin along its plane of spin force.

Graphic Light

We must recognize that the Radiant photons of Gravity would have to be of a different nature then normal polarized light having little or no spin along the diamagnetic field axle.
In the diagram we now have a photon moving to the right of the page. It contains a dual magnetic field that is scalar canceling along its transverse axle at 90 degrees to its motion vector. If we now take the polarization field of the light photon and spin it as shown in the canceled field at 90 degrees to the path of the photon we get torsion introduced to the axle of the canceling magnetic fields. This is a forced precession of the diamagnetic field. This would be the definition of a torsion field that is Radiant as Light from all matter, and from torsion coils that can be sensed. Light having a spinning polarization angle. 

We know that normal Light we see can be polarized and only rotates its polarization angle as it passed through a magnetic field with poles in alignment of its path. That is, the diamagnetic field of light moves into a rotation as it moves through a material having a magnetic field present. Faraday discovered this and called it magnetizing Light. However once the light exits the material it stops rotating and continues along its new angular plane of spin. Gravity does not work this way. If the photon has an imbalance in the diamagnetic field it carries within it this may be enough of a magnetic field to set the photon into a constant rotation as it propagates imparting torsion.

We can send radio and visible light in crossing beams and not have a nodal interaction if the frequencies are different. This is not true for a magnetic field, there is no way to tune out the magnets frequency to avoid interaction with another magnetic field. The divergent field of gravity is also like the magnet, and any other objects in the vicinity of gravity will interact without regard to frequency.

What particle within the atom could produce such a photon? My guess is the neutron, if not the entire strong force area of the atom. If the neutron is producing a diamagnetic field, then it would be seeking to remain 90 degrees to the outer shells magnetic alignments and spin 90 degrees to it with a momentum. Its spin alex would also be in rotation. Here we see a possible torsion force at the core of all atoms that could produce such a photon having two spin axles. Where the scalar canceled diamagnetic field is now spinning its poles at 90 degrees to the atoms magnetic field.

If this is the mechanism of gravity then it is a nuclear force and is not an EM force at all. Radiant Light now having a forced precession and moving away from the convergent center of the earth in a divergent field will have a spin imparted to its polarization field and be able to impart torsion without regard to photon frequency. At points of convergence the torsion fields will interact to invert the spin fields. These would be the kind of photons acting in the ZPE coils to manifest torsion forces we can sense that seem to come from nowhere.

The spin of gravity is at 90 degrees to the Radiant path and thus we see dropping two opposing magnets with poles aligned to the earths surface will tend to slow the diamagnetic field rotation in either direction to a line between the magnets reducing both its repelling side and its attracting side.

In the Utron model we now see the magnetic field vertical to the earth pulsing a diamagnetic material in a cone rotating at 45 degrees. As the magnet pulses the diamagnetic field in the copper cone, it is this diamagnetic field that interacts with gravity and alters its spin. As the diamagnetic field drops away in the cone the angle has changed by 90 degrees and energy now radiates off to the side outwards. A 90 degree shift in the Radiant Light path.

If  gravity was one very large coherent torsion field it could not be bent by such a method, it must be a local phenomena of the photons themselves imparting the torsion forces of polarization spin, or forced precession of the diamagnetic field axle. This energy would have to be imparted at the point of generation of the photons themselves.

So instead of controlling gravity with a spinning magnetic field, we should be looking at a spinning diamagnetic field to alter it.
If the correct balance to exactly match gravity naturally can be found then control may become possible with little expense of energy.

Graphic Spin
We can now view gravity as the spin of torsion imparted at 90 degrees to the radiant path of photons having a diamagnetic field in rotation.

We have now modeled three kinds of photons:

EM - Restricted to matter as a small piece of a larger coherent field

Light - Radiant with polarization stationary - Em canceling

Gravity - Radiant with torsion field - polarization in rotation

Social Context

We see the social impact of this as well. As all men become aware that we all function together, and that gravity is operating between us all, and not within any single man or any one self. Gravity involves all of us together, functioning as "one center" so it is natural that as we conquer gravity we also conquer our own divisions on the social level. A world that moves from powering itself with EM to powering itself with gravity will have an expanded awareness of a greater whole.

EM = self, and attraction to self = self awareness

Gravity = attraction of "all" to a center in space = social balance

What Gravity is Not

Diagram outside model

Some time back there was a model of gravity constructed suggesting that it is an inwards pushing force from outside matter. The diagrams show two spherical objects setting in one anothers shadows. The model claims that each body blocks an area of the inflow towards the other object, and the force from outside pushes the two bodies together due to decreased pressure between the two. This model states a distance squared force as well due to the area of the shadow passing between the two objects. This model states then that gravity will not fully pass through an object but decreases as it passes through it, diminishing the intensity of the force hitting the other object, and this creates the lower pressure on one side.

First of all I would point out that gravity is not stopped by an object but passes freely through all matter, and there is no such thing as a gravity shield as of yet that will cast a gravity shadow. Objects are found to weigh more in deep caves and yet they would now set in the shadow of the earth over them also and should weigh less if this model were accurate.

The proof that this is an erroneous model however lies in the study of weight of an object on the earth.

Outside the ball gravity decreases by a function of the distance squared, but inside the ball with the distance cubed, or volume:

If we have a ball of a specific weight, we now increase its radius and make the ball larger. We discover the area of the surface of the ball has increased by a function of the square, and the volume has increased by a function of the cube. Next we discover that the weight of the ball has increased by the cube also, very evenly following the volume and not the surface area.
If gravity were a function of the force pushing from outside inwards, and if matter would decrease the force as it passes through, the center of the ball would weigh less, and the weight of the ball would not follow the volume but the surface area.

Next if we have a large ball setting on the earth we discover that its top weighs more then its shielded bottom. The ball looses stablilty and should become easy to roll over. As it rolls however the weight shifts back to the top. Is the shadow model realistic?

If we take a ball of fixed weight and move it away from the earth  gravity drops by the distance squared, however at its source within the mass of the object, the entire volume all has the same weight per volume from the inside to the outside. The same mass of material will weight the same no matter how we shape it. With the above model of gravity a hollow earth would have the same gravity as a solid one, as the shadow cast would be the same.

Now picture two flat plates hanging in space, if we turn them parallel would they pull together faster then if we set them in a flat row? The shadow changes radically. Gravity follows the mass of an object not its shadow area, because the mass is the originating source.

Due to these facts alone the model of gravity being a force pushing from outside inwards comes up severely lacking. Gravity would be getting weaker towards the center of all objects, and strongest on the outside. There is no way a black hole could ever form, or a neutron star, gravity would become too weak on the inside of a large mass to cause this, the inside being totally shielded, or in the shadow of the outside.

Joe Cell

If we now consider the reports from successful Joe Cell operators we hear that the cars sometimes start to become lighter and actually can lift off a couple wheels.
It would then be indicated that using the correct materials for a convergent flow of Radiant Light, may actually produce anti gravity effects. This is because the balance of photon flows must be different for these materials having a reversed balance from iron and most other materials. At the roots of gravity are oppositely moving torsion fields, and the mix is the key to altering the density of the center of gravity.
This now leads to consideration of the materials, and it may be that the diamagnetic materials used with a strong convergence of Radiant Light produce the AG field or lower density center.
With our experiments with the Stainless steel rods and tubes it was noted that magnetic response is undesirable for a Joe Cell. The chromium of a cell offers a small diamagnetic field but the water is undoubtedly a diamagnetic field and would dominate the greater mass of the materials present.

It is indicated that using diamagnetic materials, ABCH [Aluminum, Bismuth,Copper, Hydrogen] to set up inflow devices, producing a strong convergent field may be one key to AG.
In the document recently offered for Joe Cell design some of the methods are identified that may help to comprehend this process.

Joe Cell

Personal notes:

In all my search, this is the first time I have been able to write a document on "Gravity" that is both coherent and meaningful! Gravity has been the most illusive to capture and comprehend.
This paper is the culmination of my intense life long dream, to comprehend Gravity. How it operates and methods of manipulating it, Anti gravity.
It has been a long road, through electronics, Einsteins special relativity, quantum physics, Wilbert Smiths tempic field, and now finally Light technology, from direct experience of these operations, and direct contact with the Light. I have worked through this backwards and now reveal it in the forwards direction as a possible model for development. Mankind is ready for this new inflow of information, and we can only imagine right now a small part of the greater impact this will have on our society, as one mankind. 

Personal Awakening Process

David Lowrance 1 - 29 - 2008 [public domain information]

A very warm and special thanks to all at the c_s_s_p group, and all the Kosol forums for the lengthy process of "developing" this collection of information. Without us all working together, and sharing the different perceptions, we could never have created such a model of gravity.

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