The Field Forces

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If the field forces are studied in reverse then understanding may become evident.
Most get to the second and this is where our logic breaks down, and then the wild theories begin.
Wilbert Smith identified them for us, and stated all that is in the universe must comply.


This is the three dimensional force and corresponds to a volume in space. It is the shortest range force and field intensity drops off as a function of distance cubed. Much is already taught about magnetism, however I will now focus on what has not been taught at this point. The nature of field coherence.

Field coherence,
is achieved at the Electron shell. When more then one Electron shell of a magnetic material comes into alignment at very close distance, then a single coherent field develops in the merging. The center or blotch wall of the field shifts. The four poles now merge into two poles, and the two atoms share the single magnetic field in a state of field coherence. This causes an expansion of the field much further outwards then normally present without field coherence.

Electron contains dual spin, the two spins repel one another, but in the orbital configuration they are not balanced, one is stretched around the atom and the other remains spinning oppositely. We end up with two magnetic fields overlapped and in opposition, one particle and one orbital, so the field balloons up and expands to the donut we are familiar with. A diamagnetic field now out of balance.One overpowers the other in this orbital mode, pushing one inside the other. This make magnets possible. The two opposing flows that are set up between magnets now interact diamagnetically to some degree because they are always in repulsion of one another. To establish field coherence they must merge to the point where both opposing flows are moving through both atoms.

A good demonstration is to take a long iron pipe and place a strong neo magnet inside one end. Take a compass down the pipe and watch the polarity of the field. The magnet will extend its own field to several inches and all the domains in the pipe will take on the same polar alignment over this distance becoming a coherent part of the one primary field, loosing their individual poles and blotch walls. Now at several inches down the pipe one will discover a reversal of the field and a new set of poles and blotch wall setting next to the other one flipped into repulsion. This point along the pipe where the poles flip is one reason the Electrons orbits are regulated by the complex diamagnetic field which has both attracting and repelling fields present at different distances. Where a small piece of metal is slowly moved away from a magnet, there is found this magical point of distance where its poles flip and it takes on a separate set of poles from the field it was inside and its own new blotch wall. The interaction causes the poles to flip into repulsion of the original field and interact with it. This is the true nature of Electrons setting in orbits of iron atoms.

When dealing with a coherent magnetic field, it can be treated as a single unit or a quantum field. As it breaks down it must be treated as individual interacting fields. Wilbert Smith stated, the point where both fields overlap over half their reality they become coherent, and can be treated as a single field.
At this point we realize that a great many explanation of resonance effects at the atomic level or the domain level can be dropped for an understand of coherent magnetic fields. What ever effects a part of the field effects the whole field for coherent Electron magnetic fields, which are the only ones emerging from the atom to any practical distance. The Protons magnetic fields are contained inside the atom and do not become coherent. The Protons coherence is with the Torsion fields.

This shows the fractal nature of the magnetic field, and the model of matter itself, nothing more then a fractal smaller size of a magnetic field. We have no limits going inwards or outwards as to the possible size of a coherent magnetic field.


This is the two dimensional force and corresponds to an area in space. Electric potential is stored in capacitors that are large flat plates very close to one another, with a dielectric insulator between them. Electric force field density drops off as a function of distance squared, so while it is a planar type force, its effective reach is further then magnetism. Electric force is not as flexible or cushioned as magnetism, and in order to establish a resonance a magnetic field is always necessary. Electrons must move between a capacitor and an inductor, you cannot resonate two pure capacitors or two voltages. It is an inflexible force.

Field coherence in the electric field is the Electron, however since it is in motion at slightly less then light speed there is no purely 2 dimensional force ever found standing alone we can call an electric field with no magnetic field present. Electrons can be treated as though they were static charge from the  physical perception and in this view we create the electronics found today. Mentally picturing static charges and charge in motion as the magnetic field. The field of electronics is well established and needs no further discussion other then to point out that induction is not what we have perceived  from the physical. Induction and the diamagnetic fields involve also Proton and Neutron force connections as well to operate, and the magnetic field is what operates the atom, together with the electric field in attraction.

Electric field coherence happens in copper wire, where we have an expansion of the fields energy reaching outside the wire but no loss of energy due to radiation. The photon energy of an electric field is thus restricted to the coherent field of the wire and around it.


The physicist is supposed to explain the atomic models based on experimental observations, and yet none presently can explain why light is not bent by a magnetic field, as magnets fields are bent. If Light were an EM wave having a magnetic component then it should be, however only strong gravity will bend light. In two opposing magnets we see the magnetic field is not only bent to the extreme but reaches out now further in opposition then without opposition, proving that magnetic fields do not cancel but expand along their tempic vector. Light is a tempic modulation, Gravity is an electro - tempic one.

The nature of the one dimensional force is not well comprehended today. It is related to motion and light speed.
If observed from the physical it is seen as Torsion, and the zero point of torsion is stillness or zero motion.

If viewed as though one were riding a beam of light, then the tempic field is ones true velocity of perception or C.
All atoms are light traveling in small circles, and this is the nature of the tempic field. It is found in light speed spin. Since light speed is not fixed, the tempic field determines, gravity, time flow rate, light speed velocity, and the forces that connect us all in the background Aether. The tempic field is normally a coherent field and connects us all together, forming the Aether. Altering the tempic field effects gravity, time flow rate, and light speed, it is the prime force. It is sensed as a torsion field which is normally always coherent in our world but can be altered, and in many of our devices this can be directly sensed.

When one pulls on the background Aether to create a gravity field in space, it forms a well or sink in the Aether and alters the light speed constant, lowering it. The atomic motions of matter are seen to be very slightly slower then light speed of a photon and in the difference of velocity is found the nature of these connecting Aetheric forces.

The tempic force is a linear field density force. It drops off as a function of distance to the normal background level, and therefore has the greatest reach of any of the other forces, though is little perceived from the physical and most are unaware of its operation. Its Zero point lies in the Neutrons balance operating to pull all forces to the center of our density. The Zero point of our density is not "Zero" on the conscious side, and allows for density travel by shifting its Zero point.

Torsion is coupled through matter at the Proton shell and at this level it becomes a coherent field.
Torsion is coupled and transferred through a magnetic field. This can be seen from holding a magnet near a spinning copper cylinder, and then holding a nonmagnetic bolt near the same spinning cylinder. There is no other path present within the atom to transfer nuclear torsion but the Protons magnetic field. It is present in all matter and why each element has a unique NMR signature.

The Main Torsion center on the atom is the nucleus, and if there were no magnetic coupling between the nucleus of atoms then the torsion field would collapse and matter would not be coupled into the local time flow rate, it would disconnect from all outside references. This creates a different possible time sheer effect where a craft my disconnect from gravity and the local torsion field. This can be done by breaking the torsion link at any point, but inside the atoms torsion must disconnect between Proton and Electron shells. In a diamagnetic liquid it may happen between molecules. Or it may be done psychicly as with party levitation at the conscious level of the diamagnetic field.

The mirror symmetry of Light:

Forces viewed from the physical reference appear to interact opposite as they do if viewed from the perception that we are the light or riding the light beam of the field force. This is from the Spiritual perception.

An example is two magnets placed into opposition. Where we would expect opposing forces to cancel, in the physical we see two magnets  move together and stop one another when the equal force of repulsion and compression is achieved on the physical perception side. However the actual interaction creates an expansion of the field on the invisible side, setting between them along each ones tempic spin motions. The tempic vectors representing only two of their volume expand, rather then canceling at the level of their field force. The invisible magnetic forces do not cancel but increase in volume of two dimensions while compressing the third. The three dimensional force is not lost only shifted into another tempic vector component of its field in space. The field balloons outwards increasing its physical reach in space. Either space is now altered or the velocity of the magnetic field. If we reduce this to tempic vector interactions we discover that in the magnetic field, opposing spin vectors cause an expansion rather then a reduction of their physical dimensions. Since the same energy is now reaching further, one must become aware of the possibility that the fields velocity may now be higher.

When observing the tempic field, the same is true, only the elastic shifting between dimensions is lost. If we place two oppositely spinning gyros near enough to exchange torsion, the field interaction between them increases the light speed constant of the tempic field expanding time itself. Time flow rate is altered in the upwards direction. The nature of the one dimensional force as perceived from the light perception side. If we now add a 90 degree torque to the axle of the oppositely spinning gyros they begin to exchange Tempic fields at a greater field intensity and the interaction becomes stronger. The Torsion fields expands the light speed constant operating between them. This force spreads out as a function of linear distance to form a well in Space against the background field of 3rd density.

The Model of Light:

Light or a photon was intuitively discovered in the Creation document, however now it becomes more obvious. Light is not Electro Magnetic as we are familiar with it. It is a Tempic vibration or loop which has no electric or magnetic field until it hits an atom able to absorb it into its electron shell extracting back out the EM components of its wave. Light is not bent by a magnetic field or an electric field because it does not have one in itself to be interactive with, it is only bent in a gravity field where we see stars bending the light from objects passing behind them. It is the smallest pure tempic field vibration we normally encounter. Much like the torsion waves we see emitting in the scalar coils, they can not be measured or detected using EM sensitive equipment, until they hit a system designed to move the energy back into the normal EM fields. Light does not loose energy as it propagates, the value of Planks constant shows us that it is a quantum energy packet that does not experience any loss as it travels. Torsion waves also exhibit this quality.

Light graphic

Light can be polarized, it only fits one direction through a narrow slit smaller then its wavelength. It is a flat loop traveling along its edge. This is the same model for tempic waves or torsion fields. The longitudinal wave is moving through the tempic field not the EM fields, an important distinction.
Light becomes an interference pattern only after it interacts, study the two slit experiment to see how this operates. Light is operating inside the one dimensional force at its most basic level of primary spin. It is an alteration of its velocity back and forth as it moves through space. Wilbert Smith got the answer to, what is light?, "It simply is".  It is the first possible vibration operating on the prime force of nature the tempic field. Thus the torsion field is also this type of manifestation, completely void of EM. This is why scalar waves may pass right through solid objects such a Faraday cages, if these waves are not responsive to the wavelengths of the matter.

Electric Graphic

The tempic field receiver. Two coils placed in quadrature will rebuild the electric component of a torsion wave. Only after the Electric field is reestablished will a magnetic field form, from its movement, and we discover all sit at 90 degrees to one another.

Magnetic Graphic

The donut now forms around the electric field in motion. Here we end up with the familiar Electric Magnetic and Motion vectors appearing in Electronics, only we have created them from the prime force outwards and included their correct spin angles to explain light polarization and torsion fields. This model shows us what we have come to call  Tempic field, Torsion field, Motion in electric motors, and Light photons are all manifestations of the same basic force, the prime field of nature. Although they all may interact with EM under correct conditions they are not of themselves EM.

It should become apparent due to the nature of matter, that if we could succeed at pushing matter up to its local light speed, it would now be moving along its torsion vector equally as fast as it is moving in its circle pattern, and the circles would never complete as spin. It would become spread out into a stream of energy with nothing that is recognizable to anyone observing it. The solution is to increase its' light speed constant so it can now make more rotations, moving it through density, this requires a tempic field manipulation.

Collapsing the Torsion field:

When we observe the work of John Hutchison, levitating a cannon ball using 5 EM instruments, we realize that the forces of the tempic field can be altered. What is happening may not be clear to most and seems like magic to be feared, but the explanation is really very straight forwards from the field forces models already commonly in place if one can make the leap to the one dimensional field force, or Torsion to realize its true nature.

Study of the atomic system reveals the necessary facts:
The major weight and mass of an atom lies at the nucleus and is moving at near light speeds in a state of spin. The rest state of this spin is C or light speed, the zero point. This can be viewed as a torsion force from the physical side, and torsion  can be used to make electric motors spin up. However this involves a 90 degree shift of the motion of Electrons into the motion of Copper atoms. The effect is based on spin and originates inside the copper atoms interaction of two spin forces operating at 90 degrees.

In Copper we see it is magnetic at the Proton layer and not at the Electron layer. Placed in a moving magnetic field induction causes the diamagnetic field to expand outwards becoming a strongly repulsive force. It is the diamagnetic field that is spinning at 90 degrees and why the force is transferred into another motional vector. The diamagnetic force is always present to offer a stronger force always pushing back but not in the same direction.

Torsion is transmitted or coupled through a magnetic field, remove the field and the torsion stops being transferred. This is the nature of field coherence for the torsion field and how it can be collapsed. Torsion moves between atoms through the magnetic field of the Proton, atom to atom, and over distance becomes the field with the greatest reach outside of matter. It hops from Proton to Electron to Proton.

To collapse the torsion field in matter from the physical side, requires manipulating the Protons such that they can no longer form into their natural isotope chains of alignment and exchange Torsion over time through the Electron shell. Field coherence will drop away and the torsion field collapse will disconnect matter from all tempic connections in the outside frames of reference. This includes the gravity, and time constants which operate through this link.

In party levitation we see 4 people using the diamagnetic field to consciously collapse the Torsion field coherence in the center person. The person may experience conscious time disorientation and weightlessness, and is easily lifted with only a couple fingers from each person. Due to the conscious nature of the diamagnetic field, it can effect torsion from the light speed perception where consciousness is truly located, however on the physical perception we must resort to alignment of the Protons magnetic fields.

Two methods previously identified:

Hit the Protons with so many EM pulses in a noise or at random rates so as to keep the Protons in a state of Chaos, with few magnetic fields crossing long enough to exchange their torsion. The torsion field looses its coherence and crashes inwards like a magnetic coil being de energized. The EM forces of each atom continue to hold matter together. Although with this system we see that often even steel may loose molecular cohesion and begin to fall apart. This means the torsion became non coherent inside the atoms as well rather then merely shrunken to the atoms size. The unpredictable nature of this method, although invaluable in proving to the world it is possible, is not suitable for common use, nor is it safe to be around.

An offshoot of this would be to solve the problem of creating an interference pattern to dislodge the magnetic alignment of Protons into a randomness without effecting the Electron shell in the process which operates in the microwave band. The correct pattern in the 1 to 20Mhz regions, or at least well below 1Ghz. This is a problem for the mathematicians and physicists to solve but would lead to a device that could be placed against an object and cause it to become weightless just as with party levitation.

Otis Carr:
Coaxing the Protons into an ordered phase alignment where synchronization of atomic precession fall into 180 phase shift to their normal state.
This method will break the torsion link by achieving a new synchronization of all the Protons to precess together rather then forming the normal 45 degrees alignment reversals. It involves also expanding the diamagnetic field to lower the magnetic attraction.
Combined with Tempic field Torsion interaction this can be used to effect the light speed constant. The first step is collapsing the Torsion field in matter and disconnecting from local time and gravity.

Phased Precession Graphic
Two magnetic fields, one steady and one pulsed setting at 45 degrees to one another, should be able to slowly synchronize the Proton motions of a Copper mass into a reverse phase precession at the isotope line, if there is a strong diamagnetic field present.

Other methods have also already been identified to accomplish this and with a firm grasp of why we are using them, the fear factor should be removed, and progress accelerated in this direction. The key to the Anti Gravity devices lies in collapsing the coherence of the primary field force. The tempic field, as it manifests as Torsion and is transferred at the Proton layer.

With a contracted Torsion field in place both momentum , or resistance to motion, and motion through the background field of space is lowered. Thus the high velocities we see appearing in the Searl disc that should by rights shoot the rollers off the machine, where the magnetic field holding them meets the centrifugal force pushing them outwards. Physical laws seemingly being broken, yet with a collapsed torsion field this becomes possible.
Otis Carrs spinning cones also reaching incredible velocities that no flywheel could possibly reach if the torsion forces were at full strength. To reach an equivalent RPM of the earths rotational energy, is much faster then any gyro can spin and remain together if centrifugal force is normally present in the gyro.
The solution does not lie in finding new super alloys to stand these higher forces, and in stronger motors to spin them,  but in reducing the forces themselves.

We have a very good aptitude for the torsion forces from design of motors and large flywheels, we have absolutely no concept for operating in a mode where torsion is reduced or eliminated. This will be coming! Some of the side effects for one caught in such a field, confusion, time disorientation, weightlessness.

Diamagnetic Field

The diamagnetic field is a complex force. It is made from a very unique combination of the above root forces and labeled a force, however it is not a single natural force. It is reactive. The Neutron is a complex structure consisting of one Proton setting inside one Electron. This means it reacts differently to Protons then it does to  Electrons. Torsion may move directly outwards to a Protons magnetic field, but it will not move directly to an Electron magnetic field, it must first move through the Protons to get to the Electron shell. If we hit a diamagnetic field with an Electron magnetic field, what we get back is a reversed magnetic field and a torsion less connection. If we hit the diamagnetic field with a Proton magnetic field we get back torsion directly. In this sense calling the diamagnetic field a force is not totally accurate however it does convey the meaning of a composite field that interacts uniquely. Electrons dual spin is in balance at the Neutron.

Motional considerations:
The diamagnetic field is in motion. Its torsional poles are spinning along the equator of the magnetic field in small light speed circles as they turn.
We can think of the fields inside atoms as shells or spheres that turn inside one another and interact. The magnetic fields poles are normally setting pretty stationary with respect to light speed. It precesses its poles in small circles top and bottom because of the atoms natural negative energy drag. In the Electron shell at a microwave frequency. In the Proton shell at an RF frequency, but both are in alignment and both are precessing.

The diamagnetic field sets inside these and spins at 90 degrees, very fast. It also rotates its poles along the equator of the magnetic field. As we begin to interact with the atom to cause an expansion of the diamagnetic field, it interacts with electrons to propel them at 90 degrees to the magnetic field using opposing EM. More importantly is slows down its spin and this spin moves into the magnetic field as motion. As we increase the spin of the magnetic field at low speeds in conductors it will hurl Electrons. As this continues, the magnetic field becomes the one in motion and the diamagnetic field becomes the one that becomes stationary. Neither can be stationary at the same time with respect to light speed velocities.

If this process continues we end up with an atom spinning around its diamagnetic poles which become stationary and coherent.
The magnetic field is now the one in motion moving towards light speeds, and its poles nearly disappear into a blur.
This describes a world where all magnetic fields disappear into non coherence, and the diamagnetic field becomes the dominant force coherently moving through matter.

Torsion radiating and coupling through the magnetic fields of the atom is disconnected, and the torsion coherence collapses.
The torsion radiating from the diamagnetic field is an unknown and we do not know how it will interact with other atoms in the same state. But due to the nature of the diamagnetic field to cancel most all its magnetic field, it is not likely that normal matter will be able to sustain a coherent Torsion field at any great distance.
The answer to control of the torsion field and the tempic field would lie in the amount we shift the fields into the diamagnetic state and away from the magnetic state. The conscious interaction would also increase.

However as we see in the water, it is only necessary to begin to block the magnetic field link between atoms to disconnect the torsional link. As the diamagnetic field becomes present at a strong enough level in the water, setting the molecules into motion  moves its field all directions over time and begins to block the normal magnetic field. As water is slowly squeezed out of warm air hitting cold air, the first molecules to appear do not fall to the ground. They have not coupled to enough other molecules to form a coherent torsion field. It is not until the waters natural charge collects enough atoms to form a drop that gravity begins to couple to them as one coherent torsion field interacting with it.

Torsion bonding

This may be a good place to introduce a new term to science, based on my experiment 1 and Kosols water experiment. Torsion Bonding between atoms.
As the coherent Torsion field looses its' torsion bonding between atoms it retracts within itself and becomes an independent field to itself, much like one domain of an iron core does when the magnetic field is shut off. We have not destroyed the source of the field or damaged the atoms in any way. We have simply manipulated their natural fields to produce one state of matter , with either no or very little torsion bonding between atoms. The atoms torsion is still setting there inside it at the nucleus. The field reach of the non coherent state is simply far smaller.

Torsion versus Light speed spin [Aether]

[Merging the Spiritual and Physical sciences]

It takes both a physical science comprehension and a Spiritual comprehension to grasp the connection between Torsion and Light Speed. Torsion, grounded in the physical plane, and Tempic field, grounded in The Light. The scientists are almost ready to accept the Aether, grasping for explanations at this point, because it is necessary to proceed, but they do not realize this will move them into the conscious planes where "We are the Light" and things operate differently, but it is the true connection between all things and the first words out of the mouths of the spiritual adepts.

On the tempic field, to understand you need to develop a concept for time flow rate and where it originates. Einstein shows us the gravity effects are connected
directly to light speed. Einstein however claimed that linear space is warped by gravity. Wilbert Smith shows us that light speed itself is warped instead and a
lower velocity creates gravity. Indeed this is obvious when one considers the velocity of the atomic particles are some .99999995 of light speed. They are
slightly lower.

A gravity well is created from slowing light speed on a section of the conscious planes or the Aether, the light we are all connected within. However it propagates as the precession motion of atomic particles moving through the Torsion field on the physical plane. While we can alter the coupling in the torsion connection we cannot ever disconnect from the Conscious side where we are all connected in the Aether, the Light realms. Even a device disconnected on the physical plane side, is still coupled to the mental and Astral plane, and this is why it can be controlled through conscious means. These planes of Light are the Aether that connects us all. They are the worlds of Light experienced by the mediators of the past and present and are very real.

Light speed and gravity, two field forces, do not originate on the physical plane, as do electric and magnetic, they are coupled to the Light where our conscious side lives. Party levitation shows us this is true without a doubt by removing gravity from that side.

Gravity is a 2 D force created from the precession motions of the atomic particles modulating the tempic field. Classic Wilbert Smith - [Gravity is the precession motion of atomic particles each setting in different light speed references connecting through the tempic field]. however - in my revelations I discovered
that gravity is the push of God force outwards into the lower planes, and this force crosses over from the worlds of light into the physical to become a pull
towards matter. This force is recognized to accomplish this goal in the physical by making it very hard to leave the earth keeping various cultures separated and spread out in the universe. Shifting density, will effect gravities pull, but dropping the torsion link will disconnect it only on the physical side.

Now all that theory aside, the gravity field flows through the tempic field [it is coupled to light speed and originates there]. And the tempic field is
connected between all physical bodies by the coherent torsion fields linked through matter as Torsion between the nucleus of atoms.
The coherent field reaches out a great distance, but on the conscious side the tempic field is coherent everywhere and cannot be disconnected. It can only be "pulled on" creating invisible gravity wells, or the opposite.

As we disconnect the torsion fields in the physical plane we are still connected to the tempic field on the conscious planes, because we are all connected in the
light. This is what I would call Light comprehension. It is the merging of science and spirituality. We disconnect the physical side but mind can still function to move us through the conscious side because it is more real then the physical side. Without this connection we would be lost to the universe.

This was shown to me in my first scalar crystal experiment, where a conscious link of 5 people on the mental plane allowed me to re orientate myself and get home. It is also mapped in a previous article on this site. The Control Fabric  and used as well  here Phi and Density.

Switching between the world of the spiritual and the physical offer many paradoxes because as we move back into our light bodies our perception becomes the light and no longer the physical. Things can appear reversed from this perception and why it is so hard to channel actual devices.

Life - Death   becomes   Separateness - Awakening,   Torsion becomes light speed in the Aether -  Our soul moves from the flesh to the Light - etc.

While in both we can become aware of both and operate in both. To travel in a ship disconnected from the coherent Torsion field requires Spiritual abilities be developed. However as the Yogis have stated, to change our level of vibration we need to be in the physical. This gives us access to the control vectors of the control fabric where we can alter density.

If there are beings out there traveling this way I would expect they are all enlightened beings.

On Time

Can there be time flowing backwards, or conjugate waves moving opposite directions through time and still passing through the present moment, to produce physical forces in the now?

There are many theories offering reverse time flow and using math to represent this. The math may make sense but the basic perception is not comprehensible when applied to the physical universe, or the conscious one.

The Yogi Guru tells us there is only the "now." All else is illusion in our minds. Wilbert Smiths, "boys up stairs" tell us "the Light simply is." However, Light speed is not fixed.
The "cold energy" is a tempic field gradient, a torsion force, or alteration of the time flow rate, not a reversal of its velocity to less then "nothing at all". It is beyond the yin and yang and operates above this with no opposite. It is the third element, or the "One." The Yin the Yang and the One, are the elements of the TAO. Only two may be reversing, the third one "simply is".

Time [conscious] or tempic field [light speed motion] is the correct dimension we need to add to the equations, but we need to discover its true nature outside the yin and yang, for our physical science perception. It is the primary force and does not cancel as does the magnetic and electric fields. As we cancel the EM fields the tempic field expands, it does not reduce to Zero and then reverse to a negative value, but does the opposite. It increases its velocity. Thus as the light moves out into the universe and becomes matter, the time flow rate lowers and time can be fully experienced.

It is good to recognize that time is involved in the modulation of the tempic field as altered light velocities, but if the tempic field stops or reverses then so does light speed, because this is the zero point of motion. These are torsion waves, and photons, small variances in the tempic field  flow rate within the Aether of our density. How does light move slower then "stopped" or in a negative velocity? This is a conscious paradox, and must be recognized as a confusing of Spiritual and physical "perceptions." We are the light, if it stops then we stop with it, total spiritual destruction of all our vibrations within its primary field. There is only the present moment in motion, and the Light simply is. This is our limitation as light beings, and we do not exist outside the Light or consciously outside time.

As the physical world is rooted in motion the conscious realm is rooted in time, and storing memory in sequences. Reversing time on the conscious planes removes collective memory and lowers comprehension. Reversing light speed to a negative value reverses consciousness with it. If Source chooses to do this and run the universe in reverse then time flows backwards and all is forgotten. Conscious beings thus live their existence in reverse. This is not the observed nature of the universe.

Much confusion is present if one tries to create a model for something that is no longer present. A scalar wave is not a wave in the EM field but in the tempic field after the Electron layer has lost its EM function by cancelling it. No model is necessary to represent it as a cancelled EM wave moving backwards in time.It moves into a different medium, the Protons layer, and operates differently while there as a torsion force which can be felt and experienced in a different way.

The confusion is resolved in an understanding of the tempic field, the Light, and the nature of consciousness within the primary force.

Dave L

1 / 24 / 2007
David Lowrance
Kosol Ouch
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