Experiment 7

Note added at bottom  9 / 25 / 2014 on Telapathy Physics

Rain Maker 1 - Aether Vortex Generator

2006 - Dave L

It is good to believe that nature has some natural protections built in. I believe that nature has guided me since I built the first scalar coil in experiment 1. Since the first I have not sensed danger as others have indicated I should watch out for. Some would call this stupidity, I call it insatiable curiosity and an undying search for comprehension.

Outflow2 Graphic

Summary of previous experiments:

After experiment 6 I was left with the feeling that the inflow of nature far exceeds the outflow. I now set out to generate the maximum outflow possible and this is the heart of experiment 7. Up to this point I have observed the following as to scalar energy waves.

1 - Consciousness and senses can "slide" along a scalar wave, as they do they take along some measure of astral and mental energy, the body gets weakened from the sliding out experience as though some life force is moving out. Once orientation is possible from navigating and the initial sensation of dizziness is overcome it becomes natural. I have referred to this phenomenon as "sliding."  I have also adapted the 1970's term "Trip" as to my travels out. In no case did I ever use any mind altering drugs other then a sip or two of Southern Comfort on rare occasion.

2 - With the Bismuth and Aluminum active metal cores generating the scalar waves from spinning the Proton layer, consciousness can enter the nucleolus of the atom and discover the Vortex laying in the strong force area. Much like a microscope able to psychicly peer into the heart of the atom and begin to map the layout of natures forces at this deeper level. The forces can be felt and sensed as consciousness enters. It was intuitively compared to the "tunnel"  and the spiral chart of the universe, however now I want to make the distinction that it is the "inflow access" to this tunnel.

3 - Protons vortex is very obviously an inflow, and a crystal sphere expands this vortex to a very large size. Whether this is related to positive charge I do not know, but this would seem to be likely. Wilbert indicates that if two particles share 50 percent of their reality or more then they become one wave front. I theorize that in the crystal lattice of a sphere this process expands the inflow vortex to a much larger area as one vortex.

4- The metals offering access to the inflow vortex are the Proton magnetic metals, Bismuth, Aluminum, and Copper with a high magnetic moment at the nucleus. They are also called diamagnetic, that is they always produce a repulsive force magnetically. They also create a torsion interaction with magnetic fields in motion due to the nucleus having to turn on its rotation axis against spin direction. They are physically dragged along with a moving electron magnetic field, as well as repelled from it. These two forces appear to be setting in quadrature.

5 - We have seen the crystal spheres wrapped with magnets "manifest" or amplify powerful emotions based on the intention, so we are fairly sure that there are both inwards and outwards interactions at work with conscious aspects present.

6 - A new model of the function of consciousness entering the human body is suggested. Consciousness actually exists in the Astral and Mental planes of awareness. In the brain and nerves consciousness enters through the Proton vortex. This may be one link, or the sensory channel of all we feel and do as it is taken back to the God force, or stored on the causal plane, or directly experienced on the astral and mental planes. Wilbert Smith called this the perception fabric. If it in fact slides along a scalar wave generated from the Proton layer then we may have discovered the mechanism that life uses to perceive it's physical form. This is perceived in meditation as the astral cord, and it would stand to reason that there are both sensory and control functions moving through it, as the nerves also mirror.


This experiment was done in two sections. The first section is to determine if we can create an inflow vortex using iron around it.
The reason iron was chosen is that it is almost 100 percent neutral at the nucleus. That is, magnetic fields moving through iron only effect the Electron layer which is magnetic and should respond only from the expansive layer. It is hoped this will introduce an outflow energy into the system available for two way consciousness flow, and we may be able to locate the control fabric [Wilbert Smith]. The channel by which commands are issued from awareness to physical life forms. It would be desirable to be able to amplify this side of the force and determine what it's path is.

The final unit pictured above and named Rain Maker is an indication that we had some measure of success "perceived."
After the second drenching downpour I was asked to please stop producing rain by my very unhappy mate, so the name has stuck.
With magnets reversed to "North out" the device produces the strongest outflow I have achieved to date.

Section one:

Rain Maker 1:

RainMaker1 Graphic

Although the diagram is somewhat complex looking it is really very simple. I have introduced two scalar coils, the bismuth coil from experiment 3 and a new normal wound scalar coil around the ferrite yoke which is about 2 1/2" diameter. This yoke is a cylinder of ferrite with a slight taper out on the bottom and was scavenged from an old TV set picture tube. It holds the magnets very well, as well as the 18 or so turns of #24 gauge wire wrapped between them.

Using two function generators and two active coils we can get a feel for the difference of generating a scalar effect with either the Iron Electron shell or the Bismuth Proton shell as the active wave generator. Ferrite was used due to it's ability to realign magnetic domains easily as compared to solid iron or steel.
The magnets are used to alter the flow direction from inflow to outflow, and the magnets field produced travels along the iron yoke aligning all the atoms.

RainMaker2 Graphic

This is the first setup for experiments with the energy generator section of the unit.
As an inflow device not many magnets were needed to produce the rain effect, and this is the unit that caused two downpours.

If hands are held around the magnets the inflow is felt strongly, as they are positioned all South outwards.
This put me to sleep for an hour, and then had to be reversed to stop the perceived rain effect.
The sensation of the ferrite is much softer then the bismuth, it feels expansive and gentle and sneaks up on you.

If a finger is placed between the bismuth coil and the ferrite yoke a chi kind of heat is felt that is indeed very hot.
Frequencies are not critical to produce the inflow effect, however they do effect where the sensations are felt in the body and mind.


Section two:

The outflow device:

Outflow1 Graphic

In getting a strong outflow it was discovered that many more magnets were needed all pointing with North out. The 3/4" diameter stacks along the bottom were the first indication that a powerful outflow was possible. The energy produced is somewhat pleasant and expansive and seems to shoot out the ends of the magnets and yet carries the sensation of iron vibrations. This is the Bell rock energy that I have been searching for and it would appear it results from generating scalar energy in iron atoms.

Combining the two flows to form a manifesting device:

The original intention of the crystal spheres was a device that could manifest something based on the higher planes of awareness.
The integration of both an inflow and an outflow device would do this best assuming the inflow could somehow control the output.

Outflow2 Graphic

With both the iron and the bismuth coils present a strong inflow and outflow are present simultaneously. The addition of the calcite crystal ball is impressive and adds another strong inflow path to the system however it is not necessary for the effects to be experienced. The magnetic field can be felt moving outwards from the magnets and encompassing the ball where an inflow is present drawing it back down into the bismuth coil. We have succeeded at separating the two flows and creating a flow between them.

If a magnet is placed at the top of the crystal ball with North pointing down the field spreads a little higher to the top of this magnet.

Field Shape Graphic

If the bismuth coil is layed on its side inside the ferrite yoke, then a strong flow can be felt when placing the hand on the spheres top.
The field wraps around your hand, it is warm on the top and drawing on the underside. I believe this is the conscious flow of outflow to inflow that is needed to power an OU device. However much more will be needed to cypher how to get some work out of it.

It was discovered the next day that having the crystal ball present maintains the outflow inflow energy exchange even after power is shut down.
The device does continue to vibrate on the perception and control fabrics and energy is readily available as long as the ball is near the magnetic driver unit.

Indeed this energy may be simply astral and mental in nature and turn out not to offer a lot of power capability.
The Sweet VTA hopefully has suggested it is possible.

David Lowrance
c_s_s_p group
7 - 14 - 2006

Further analysis on Rain Maker 1

I felt the importance of clearly identifying each of the component functions of Rain Maker 1 so that others may be able to more accurately design devices and play with this new type of energy field for themselves. I have listed each component in an attempt to clarify which ones may be omitted for each effect.
These are my present observations:


The bismuth is the key to harnessing the nuclear or Protonic field. When removed from Rain Maker 1 the regenerative effect is nearly gone. And the crystal will not continue to vibrate on it's own but will need the function generators present to vibrate. It is my perception that the nuclear magnetic field from the Bismuth is vibrating the crystal and setting up an over unity effect. The scalar coil around the Bismuth slug is necessary to build the field intensity.


The Aluminum shell of the Bismuth coil is theoretically doing the same as the Bismuth slug, however I tried placing only an Aluminum coil without the bismuth and the effect drops to almost not perceptible when the function generators are off. If Aluminum will produce this effect I would guess there would have to be far more present then my small amount used here. 

Scalar windings:

The scalar windings, whether used with a generator or merely shorted and present, are necessary.
The Bismuth scalar coil is necessary for the field to build, although the Iron scalar coil does not seem to offer a lot other then psi function.

Iron [ferrite] cylinder:

The presence of the iron [ferrite] is essential to forcing the effect. The Bismuth acts to open the Proton side and the Iron opens the Electron side. The energy flows between them and appears to pattern itself as a sphere shape about 3 foot across. The energy field is flowing from the bismuth coil, then shoots straight into the Iron where the outflow is strongest between them. It then shoots through the iron cylinder along its entire surface, curving up or down loops back around to the ends of the Bismuth slug. This provides a nice large field to set the crystal in.


The magnetic field shaped in the form of a cylinder with poles turned in and out is the key to aligning the Bismuth Protonic field.  This can be done using a powerful Smith coil, but it is far easier to just use the neo magnets. To produce an inflow vortex they do not need to be particularly strong in this device. However to produce the outflow they must be as strong as possible. As the inflow seems to cause the rain effect, I recommend using the outflow for any serious power devices. Inflow is from pointing the magnets with South poles all out. Outflow is from reversing this.

Function generators:

The function generators are not necessary unless a psi interaction is desired. To enable psi interaction into the perception and control fabrics the scalar coils need an excitation energy. This is best from the function generators. The function generators are essential if it is your goal to use the coils and slide inwards to the perception fabric directly and do some mapping for yourself using the other devices that do not offer over unity. They were essential for development purposes, and the function generator / Bismuth coil combination is a tool that can be used to peer into any material and gain inner perception of its structure, once "sliding" is mastered to some degree, and a feel for the properties of the "forces" can be recognized.

Crystal Ball [Calcite]:

The crystal ball I have here is almost 5". It has a very strong natural inflow and seems to make the perfect link for creating a [Bismuth - Iron] nuclear powered vibration effect when it sets inside the [inflow - outflow] loop. It's vibrations seem plenty strong to power the scalar coils without the use of the signal generators. The crystal ball is not necessary to feel the effects of the inflow and outflow energy, however it offers a really nice surface for a hand interface, especially if the psi field is your goal. I have found that touching my finger on one of the magnets is all that is required to sense its flow direction, or draw the energy into my body and mind.

Over Unity:

To get what I have observed as a nuclear powered energy sphere, with no external power input from the signal generators, the bare minimum is the Bismuth slug, the Iron cylinder, the neo magnets, and the scalar coil on the bismuth slug shorted. Opening the scalar winding stops the buildup of the field but does not reverse and tear it down.

David Lowrance
c_s_s_p group
7 - 15 - 2006

Additional tests:

I placed 3/4" ball bearings on the ends of all the magnets and observed a strange reversal of the field while setting next to the device. I fell asleep.
Granted I was tired however it was the same deep sleep I have noted on other occasions. The presence of another steel layer outside the magnets seems to alter the magnetic field offering a reversal, and the original field bends up through the steel balls no longer radiating off the sides as far. I did not notice a difference in the compass however, other then the shape of the field is altered and pulls inwards.


Elf Graphic

7 - 15 - 2006
Placing a small Plexiglass plate on the top of the vortex generator allows replacing the active crystal device much easier. This stops the very nasty problem of magnets jumping off and creating very hard to separate clumps. The 3/4" stacks on the bottom are very powerful. This configuration we call "Elf" because of it's small size. It is a very pleasing to work with device. The crystal is setting directly in the down flow area of the field.

7 - 16 - 2006
[Conscious energy]
The unit has been setting next to my computer chair to the left since it was built. Today I dismantled it to clean around the desk and vacuum the floor.
As I had cleared the area where the device was it is now pretty much empty space and here is the kicker. The energy sphere is still present as though the device has left it's imprint. Setting at the chair it still heats me up as though it were present. It's outer aura about 3 foot diameter is very hot along the edge. Probing the area with my hand reveals there is still an inflow at the center and a very hot outflow at the corona of the spot where the unit sat this past week.
Two obvious possibilities occur to me. A time effect [not likely] or an astral plane effect in the control fabric to perception fabric loop that was opened. By coupling inflow to outflow I have sat up an interaction in the fabric of consciousness.

Check the picture below for the phantom ball setting above the function generator that I had the unit on. There is nothing really there.

Phantom Ball Graphic

The phantom ball is not visible to the naked eye but started showing up in some photos taken in the "afterglow" period.
Could it be some kind of reflection? Or an astral manifestation?
When we tried to create things like apples or candy bars the space over our hands became filled with a heavy astral substance like astral syrup, but nothing ever materialized as physical matter.

Also today I have noticed that the energy is still in me as well, I seem to be filled on the left side that faced the device with the conscious energy.
The fact that the energy has not shot off into space as a runaway sphere indicates it may be now linked to me or my consciousness on the control fabric layer, or it may be linked to the earth.

I have further charted out the energy signature of the device with my finger tips, every spot where a magnet was pointing outwards there is a super hot energy point still present. The devices total energy signature is still present exactly where it was created. The vortex is coupled to the space it was setting in.

More tests:
Due to the nature of this energy it is very hard to conduct experiments, because it becomes hard to tell if changing something had an effect immediately.
Once the vortex opens changing a parameter may not be noticed for some time as to the actual effect.

Jar Experiments Graphic

The jar is used to experiment with layering Bismuth shot and Aluminum.
Then in the picture below the device is set over the jar to test for effects.

Layering Graphic

I discovered filling the jar only about half way up the inside creates a stronger heat energy then filling it up to the top.
It is unclear if the Aluminum layering is increasing the effect, I got mixed results. I believe this may be my manifestations fooling me and more time is needed to test each configuration. Realizing now that as I created the vortex the bismuth coil was laying on its side, it could be that filling only this space is causing the effect to be stronger, and filling more space then weakens it. This may indicate that the scalar coils may have to be energized to open the vortex, but once opened it continues to operate on whatever is set in it's field.

7 - 17 - 2006
Shut down:
After accessing the free standing vortex today and experiencing very hot hands, it was determined that one may want to shut it back down if things seem to get out of control. This has been in my mind since the start this time after the negative results on the first inflow. The heat in the vortex today began to make even me a little uncomfortable, if someone else was to accidentally sit in it they may have an OBE or something worse like a panic attack. Although the vortex did not alter it's size, as far as I can tell, my interactions with it were becoming stronger. The procedure is similar as before, reverse the magnets for a time and counter the flow direction..

However I have intuited another valuable lesson from the inflow today, that of "cleaning and clearing."  This can be thought of as restoring the balance of inflow to outflow in the area at each point where they were set off balance. A method of re balancing a hot spot may be simply putting the bismuth coil on the spot and setting for 50 percent duty cycle with no magnets present. Over time this may balance the inflow and outflow to zero and slowly bring the vortex back down. Also with only the bismuth coil present, the perception link is present, and direct commands [intention] can be sent via the perception layer to shut down and close off the flow. As I have had mine up for quite a while this may take some time to clear it all back out. I will keep posting my results. In the event there are no more posts, take this as a bad sign. 

Follow up:
Holding the energized scalar bismuth coil in the left hand, and then directing the balanced energy with the right hand into the vortex seems to help shutdown.
The inflow and outflow must be rebalanced to the neutral state on the conscious fabric.

Bismuth coil graphic

As an experiment I tried putting magnet stacks in attraction around the coil. This did not work.
Below you see the magnets along the right side and the light ball showing up over the pop bottle.

Pop light ball graphic

Also the area in front of the magnets is still quite warm.
After a day or two in the outflow one begins to get enough and the excess energy seems to unbalance you.
I finally gave up and reversed the flow on the vortex generator both coils active, exactly how I had created it.
I strongly recommend to anyone doing this experiment keep the setup very close to where you activate it and mark the spot, so when reversal time comes you can quickly reverse the energy flow and easily shut the vortex back down.

All and all this has been a very exciting experiment. We have experienced both a strong inflow and a very strong outflow, a free standing energy form, and a shutdown process. I can see why others having reached this point may decide to stop and write some rules about what never to do with magnets! LOL! If one wants to play with the scalar energy and not create any permanent effects, simply keep them away from powerfull magnets.

7 - 24 - 2006
The area is pretty clear now where the unit was seting. I have done some preliminary tests to see what makes the field build faster.
Using only the generator and no crystal ball. I  have discovered that the presence of the scalar coil around the Bismuth slug is necessary, however it only needs to be shorted. No signal generator is needed to start up the process.
I also did some testing with a 12 volt power supply charging the different surfaces. Charging the bismuth surface - [negative] with the outer winding + [positive] seems to increase the effect slightly. This confirms what Searl indicated, a supply of electrons fed to the center.


Telepathy Physics

9 / 25 / 2014

After many years working with the vibration tools I finally reached the outer boundary of the universe, with expanded consciousness, and realized, we do not actually live inside our physical bodies. The receiver of our senses, is not to be found inside the body at all. It is the small mind or the Ego system that lives in the physical body. When a person is knocked out, all the senses may go dark or black, and this is not possible with a computer. In a physical only device like a computer, it will either continue to work after the shock, or it will break down permanently. The human body will continue to survive until the consciousness can resynchronize and link back into it with the vibration we tap into it with at the pineal area or center of the brain. The true consciousness that is us, lives on the outer boundary of the universe. In that realization it can see anywhere within the universe, and it can also learn to navigate the universe in saucer travel.

During experiment 7, was the first inkling this was found to be true from personal experience. At one point, with the field bubble experiments on this device, I discovered I could operate the energy on the unit from somewhere outside my physical body. At that time I could not tell where that was located, but I knew that I could make the energy go hot or cold without the energy even touching my physical body, or using it as a channel of the flow. Using merely the will in real time, from what I actually am, it would operate consciously, with my body across the room feeling only the result of the shift in the field, as a feedback, the very last effect. I was "steering" it from somewhere else.

Use of this device was the "greatest change of perception" I have ever undergone. This realization, "I am not just my body," changed my whole reality, and began the process of seeking out where I truly exist as a conscious being. It gave me power over myself, as my physical being was demoted to the servant of the consciousness that is much greater. Once found there is no going back. The small Ego mind in the physical, recognized as necessary for growth in this physical realm, but now found to be severely lacking compared to the greater conscious experience of the universal awareness and the universal vision possible.

From the outer boundary, telepathy is the normal mode of communication. It can bypass physical mind language in an instant, conveying the matter at hand, the curiosity, the question, and bring you to a solution without a word or movement of the physical mind.
The imprint will be recorded with the physical mind, if it has been trained to watch and record. For this I use a state of what has been called Za Zen in past times, eyes half closed. One foot in two worlds simultaneously. In this dance the physical mind becomes the servant and recording device for the use of the greater consciousness that is me. This greater self can focus to any point within this universe, and it does this from the outside, all the way around it. In this form, as consciousness, we are very large beings.

This is one of those things that can only be proved to the one discovering it for them self, from a direct experience, and with an intense curiosity to know.