Earth Nodes

Connecting some older research with the Resonant Light rods and the earths field grid.

[From previous research done in 2005]
Exploring telluric earth currents led to the following polar chart. Voltages are in millivolts.

Earth voltage chart

The chart revealed that the earth grid system of torsion lines results in standing positive polarity nodes of small voltages on approximately 32 foot centers in the Northern Hemisphere. The two main points I discovered are red in the above chart showing a + 40 mv gain to the West between the positive point nodes.

The next chart shows how to locate a positive earth node using a digital volt meter.

Locating a ground node

Start with two ground rods that are the same material to avoid a battery effect. Plant one marked the reference anywhere. Now start moving the other along a straight line until you pass over a positive area. At the highest plus voltage now start along a 90 degree line. Keep doing this 90 degree shifting along lines until a positive node is located where you will observe a more negative voltage all the way around it. Rods only need be planted a few inches normally in moist earth to observe this.

Spiral coil on earth node picture

On a positive charged earth node pound in a copper clad ground rod at least one foot down. You will discover these are high energy torsion points or Earth Nodes. They correspond with the earth grid torsion system. A hand on the end of this rod will give a strong torsion sensation.

While playing with diodes and capacitors on the above rod and spiral coil, insulated with a small spacer between them, it was discovered that a diode will conduct this energy backwards into a capacitor charging it negative off the diodes normal positive side. There is a concentric voltage gradient to a positive center on these earth nodes similar to a Joe Cell voltage pattern. The charging system however is probably not from electrons flowing but from a radiant energy flow of some kind. The polarity is reversed of a standard Joe Cell.

It was also noted that trees and particularly over tree roots the tree somehow creates more nodes not fitting the grid but adding more charged points. This is showing us a way to actually measure these points using a meter but also gives new meaning to hugging a tree.

The experiments done in 2005 led to several important conclusions.

1 - Along an East West line there is a constant and consistent voltage gradient. Negative to the East and Positive to the West, while North and South move only up and back down.
2 - The positive voltage nodes correspond to the psi sensitives locations of the earth torsion grid.
3 - The voltages propagate using some means not normal to EM within the electronics technology taught today. Probably radiant energy.


A Joe Cell can be thought of as a mobile earth node torsion field generator. The earth nodes are stronger then a well operating Joe Cell and consistently produce torsion fields in AG metals set inside them at center. It was also shown that voltages up to 1 volt could be harnessed using copper and zinc rods, similar to Joe Cells SS and water, if insulators were placed just off these earth nodes rings. And rods of different materials were located properly.

Voltage graphic

It remains to be recorded whether in the Southern Hemisphere these earth nodes have a negative charge but if we consider Joe Cells I would expect they would not only be reversed in voltage polarity but lead to higher voltage gradients also. The voltages produces did not provide much current capacity at all but would charge up capacitors over time.

Earth Node Fractal Length

Now having located an earth node in my working area I have further determined a resonant copper length that will duplicate this frequency vibration in lengths of copper and iron.
It was discovered these copper lengths are consistent and do not shift nodal positions as do most copper rods.

The rod is approx 5 and 5/16" [13.5 cm] having exactly 4 segments present along its length. The energy in a large copper tube of 2x this length is very strong and if set over the earth node becomes much stronger as it resonates along the tempic field and sinks into the energy field of the earth. This is the most forgiving length to cut, and accuracy of even 1/8" with uneven cuts has produced strong results in the large 2x copper tubes.

Further if a coil is wound using a circumference of this length with iron a very expansive field results.
Coil form used is 4.1 cm and is the outside diameter of  an old 1 - 1/2" copper pipe. Each wrap is just about right, approx 13.5 cm long.

As a quick introduction to this length make one of each, iron and copper wire, place them touching and aligned in a hand and feel the numbing sensation at the palm. Now use this to go searching out your local earth nodes, then get out the meter and ground rods to show this will be a positive voltage node on the earths crust.

My own observations for this length indicate it is a most tactile one, you have to touch the copper, and moving away you loose the sensation quickly.
Also strong torsion at upper sides of head, and dizziness but very easy to disconnect from this with distance, easy to work with and no dissonance with other lengths. Works well with golden light length. Definitely an earth friendly length for devices to work around, strong but no torsion headaches.

I believe this length could be useful for energy devices tapping the earths grid for a source of energy that will replenish instantly from radiant energy during pulsing, such as the Stubblefield earth cell.

6 / 5 / 2008   DL

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