Tapping the Earths Tempic Field Grid

[Theory 2 - 12 - 2007]

Earth Grid Graphic

General Description:

Torsion moves through matter along the Protons isotope line, switching back and forth in two directions. This sets up two torsion fields around the earth setting at roughly 90 degrees to one another. The tempic field flows at 45 degrees across the grid as a tremendously powerful torsion wave. The earths grid has been mapped at the Oregon vortex, where lines appear at 16 feet apart across the interference zone, where tempic sheers are strong enough to alter weight and size of people standing inside it creating observable density effects.

Velocity of propagation was recorded by Tesla to be 471,240 Km/sec. But this is the resultant velocity point to point. The tempic field actually flows a greater distance then its propagation distance as it turns in each atom. The actual light speed is higher based on the precession angles of the Protons.

Experiment with the tube devices has shown us that a Torsion wave will propagate along a 45 degree line from a magnetic field. Thus placing a Copper wire on the earth grid along this angle will flow the earths torsion field through the copper. Length of this wire is calculated based on a 45 degree triangle with 32 foot sides. The hypotenuse of the triangle is 45.2548 feet. At this angle the wire should begin to resonate a standing tempic wave, or Tera wave. 

Along the Tera wave, since it is the prime force, is the earths consciousness.

Tempic waves on the Earth:

[This is based on understanding of how the tempic wave operates, how light can be polarized, the two slit experiment, the earth grid, and Proton torsion operation.]

Tempic waves, I draw as a circle moving along its edge. This was my first model of light, and has never changed in many future models that continue to support it, even before I had the labels. It is moving along the shell of the conscious layer trapped in the density of its velocity. But its velocity is cycling, so this gives it a width along the density but not along the Magnetic or Electric vectors of vibration. It is physically moving back and forth from and to Source as it propagates along the control vector and the perception vector. Chasing its own tail playfully enjoying each turn either to or from Source, and feeling tremendous pure joy at each turn. This Joy is directly experienced at Light awareness, or bringing in the Light to the third eye center, which is very probably a Proton photon receiver.

Those EM vectors are there but very small, keeping the photon in the C velocity. But the Protons C is not the same velocity slightly higher then normal light and not so fixed, although its wavelength is longer at the Proton, its velocity is higher. We do not normally see Proton photons [being in the Mhz wave size] at 1.5 C  we feel them, there wavelength is several meters, but a Copper antenna the correct length would actually flow this tempic wave as a longitudinal wave, because Copper will flow both electric- magnetic, and torsion fields. With a two loop system the EM can be injected into the wave and move back into the electron shell. In the process the light energy slows down to C. The math for antenna design should be almost obvious knowing the center velocity of the wave. The tempic receivers of copper will be much longer then EM receiving ones for the same frequency. This also speaks directly to the earths lay lines, and these waves may very well be the same as they are sensed rather then measured by any EM equipment. I know because I have tried at many points on the earth to measure them. They are sensed at third eye, but not with compass.

Here we have light which we know a lot about at velocity C, and then we have Proton torsion waves which we have never been able to see or measure at 1.5 C. They should operate the same however the Proton ones may be swinging much further in velocity on their loops.

On opposition. We observe in magnets that the tempic field is the one that does not cancel, but increases its velocity increasing field reach in space due to higher velocity. The electric and magnetic do cancel, however the tempic does not. Putting two tempic waves in polar alignment, and then 180 degrees out of phase will not make them smaller but only increase there velocity. They will disappear if they move through density. This is the model we see with Carrs spinning cones where the tempic or torsion components are moving against one another on the physical side and time flow rate increases. If the cones spin together rather then opposite directions they will not increase density but may even lower it, unknown at this point. If we are in the craft while this expansion of time happens then we go along, if we are outside then we stay behind. Caught at the edge matter is destroyed if a density barrier is crossed?.

The photon is defined by Plank and has a finite energy  value for light speed photons from the electron layer. It is in the nanometer size and a very high frequency much higher then their precession rate at the electron shell. Photons from the Proton layer may have a constant as well but only if they stay in our density. As they are canceled they would increase the velocity of their photon structure through space.Why the difference with electrons and protons in generating photons? The electron shell is the point where the negative energy loop starts and ends, the shell is where the outside world is kept balanced. The Proton layer swings through a tempic loop pulling on it, using mainly torsion forces. If the electron layer is stopped or canceled the proton layer then swings further then normal and tempic waves now radiate out of the atoms, and we feel them.

The scalar EM canceling coils are causing this interaction and the photons exchanged thus may be at a much higher density, while the coil is peaking in opposition at the electron layer. We now see variable density effects.

The earth has a crossing system in place with 16 foot centers I believe as well. These are most likely torsion waves. They manifest bent trees at the Oregon vortex, where the trees think they are growing up but tilt 90 degrees along these lines. Gravity is lower at the center of the vortex and people shift there size physically when reversing positions.

This is indicative of sever tempic field gradients present at that location. The earth has other points manifesting this tempic interference pattern. The lines are for some reason entering a canceling phase mode and altering density at these points on the earth. The Protons are able to follow these waves and so the atoms shift density.

I believe that while the torsion wave is altering its velocity on each cycle, the center point is found at the neutron in the diamagnetic field so matter will follow it. The coherent torsion field we all sit in, can be modulated with these torsion waves, to effect gravity and light speed. At the physical level, the effect is reversed however and tempic vectors opposing down here do not cancel but add to higher velocity on the conscious side. In scalar cancelling coils this is amplitude modulation at the electron canceling layer. The alteration will be a direct result of how hard we push the electrons shells in opposition, and a function only of amplitude of the waves placed at this point. To push density further, then we have been doing with our function generators, requires higher currents through the coils. The up side is that the currents will only be active for a few microseconds and then cancel.

If copper receives the tempic wave along a 45 degree angle of incidence as we have observed in the tube device as it propagates along it. Then a wave 16 foot long [earth grid] will need an antenna wire found using  the formula for long side of a triangle. L = square root of [16 ^2 + 16^2] = 22.627 feet. Lyles wires are just about twice this length. His device exhibits the same unpredictable levels as Sweets, it will go dead at times and then become stronger at other times. Earths torsion field is shifting. Lyle is tapping into the earth at the Proton torsion layer

We can build a tempic field receiver based on math at this point, using coils of correct length wires setting at 45 degrees. The EM coil will be shorter a radius of 1 and the tempic a radius of 1.5 should come very close.

The Star Link System

I have been studying the Star link as created by Marion Lyle Lathem. It shows us an ability to build a devices using no magnets only copper to power the unit based on 44.5 foot length of wires used all through it on 7 coils altering from normal to scalar up the base, then connected in series. The center shaft holds a string of crystals at a higher torsion column and circulates the energy through the copper wire loop similar to Sweets coils, and the torsion probe receiver design I came up with earlier. The crystals energy is immediately present and envelops an area around the units.

Earth Link Picture

Photo shows my duplication of the coils of the Star Link system with an increased physical size. The wire is #14 up the tubes and funnels, each resonant to the Earth grid. The scalar coils are 18 gauge wrapped on 28 foot 8 " rolled iron tie wires to form the cores. All the 7 coils are 44.5 feet long. With the coils opened placing a crystal in one funnel end, you can strongly feel their energy and a torsion vibration is set up in the system.

Experiment to find lengths accurately:

To accurately find the correct length of a tempic receiving wire for coil winding at ones location. Stretch out a length of Copper wire across the East West line of the earth, then move it to a 45 degree position of the Axis. Start at about 50 feet length, and slowly prune the wires ends until a torsion wave becomes strongly present in the wire. I would guess this may be palmed, or sensed in some way. Now fold the wire into quarter lengths and see if the torsion field is still present at this earth angle but expanding to a stronger level. This is now the form used to wrap the scalar coils, and the coil in the torsion receiver.

About 11 feet long it is wrapped around flat washers, but I would believe that once a good resonance point is discovered, this wrap could be incorporated in many units as a powering source.

As an alternate we can design a dual coil receiver to effectively cut these to earth resonance using a scope, with the probe located probably near the center of the wire at 45 degrees.

Copper wire length calculations:

Tera waves C = 471,240 Km/sec                          EM waves = 300,000 Km/sec

45.2548 feet   =  10.413Mhz                             28.81 feet                      [Most probable correct size]

22.6274 feet = 20.826 Mhz                               14.405 feet                    [based on 16 foot wave]

11.3137 feet = 41.652 Mhz                               7.2025 feet                    [quarter wavelength for 32 foot earth grid]

Based on a 32 foot earth grid these wire lengths should be close for some powerful resonance effects in tapping the earths tempic field. These could be called
Tera waves
. Due to end effects and wire types the wire lengths may be slightly less for the EM coils.

Pushing Density upwards with a 1/4 wave foldover stub:

Tesla measured the propagation speed of the earths Proton torsion fields at 471,240 Km/sec. This is the number he found from direct experiment.

The Torsion field moves along the precession motions of the Protons and takes a 45 degree turn between each atom off the magnetic field or isotope line. This is actually a 90 degree turn for the torsion fields, so the torsion fields would form into a crossing grid, but propagating at 45 degrees to the grid. This is why the calculation is lower then actual velocity which should be up around C x phi I believe. The tempic field moves in a zigzag pattern through matter. But we know the end result from Tesla.

Placing 4 each 1/4 wave wires along one another forms what is called a canceling stub. However we know that a canceling stub will cause an increase in velocity for the tempic waves and not a cancellation as with EM waves. If we use the full length of wire 45.2548 feet stretched out at 10.413 Mhz, then place a 28.81 foot wire along the East West magnetic pole joined at one corner, out of this wire I would expect to see a fairly strong 10.413 Mhz EM wave in resonance and begin to radiate out into space. 

Now if we fold the Tempic wire into quarter lengths, this will push the light speed constant up wards, and the wavelength will shorten a bit until the wire loses resonance. So here is where Lyle discovers that around 44 feet he has a density and resonant coupling to the earth that will naturally appear, but not always consistently. To move beyond this limitation we can place more sets of wires along this each one slightly shorter, and as the density factor moves upwards the resonance will move to the next wire set. In this manner we can build a coil that should maintain its power level over small shifts of the earth as well. Alternate between normal coils and scalar coils slowly becoming shorter from 45 feet down to how ever far one wishes to accelerate light speeds. Then at the chosen place we set up an Electric coil to tap the power. Frequency will increase with each step also starting around 10Mhz, and moving higher with each coil.

There may be other ways to do this also, but the wire lengths must be laid out to capture the field as it sets, then scalar wraps of 1/4 wave canceling to shift it upwards, and then capture it at the higher light speed we wish to operate with shorter coils. The effect will move, and the wavelength will shorten the harder we tap into it with 1/4 wave canceling antennas.

Now the Electron coil at 28.81 feet of wire is placed along the earths East West line at 45 degrees to the Tempic wires, I believe, this is also perpendicular to the earths magnetic field. It Can be tunned to a higher frequency also as the density factor moves upwards in the Tempic coils to find its stability point. A shorter wire can use a tunning coil or a cap for adjustment since this is normal EM at approx 10.413 Mhz and then moving upwards. We know that wiring the two wires now in series should produce electricity, if both lengths are tunned correctly there may be considerable power present for coils of the correct angles and lengths.

On Magnets:

Now to magnets - if a magnet is brought anywhere near the system close enough to alter the isotope lines in the copper wires then distances all change, and operation shifts as precession angles are tightened, but only in the tempic wires. This causes a lengthening of the distance that the tempic wave will move down the wire. Proton precession frequencies rise with the function of the magnetic field they are setting inside, and the precession angles probably shift. Two possible outcomes here, if the magnets are aligned with the earth and kept at weak distance they can be used to tune the system altering its effective wire length on the tempic coils. 2nd outcome, Proton lines are severed and redirected, not completing there isotope lines at all and tempic resonance is lost for the wire entirely.

On resonance:

In a system using multiple coils in series there are theoretically two wave resonance parameters that need to be considered. The Earths Torsion wave is setting right under us interacting on 16 foot centers of its grid. It will resonate in a 45 foot wire, but this is torsion resonance, approx 10 Mhz , Proton frequency, totally undetectable to any EM sensing equipment. This wave can be canceled to produce higher density effects using the 1/4 wave canceling stub on a scalar coil. This requires folding the wire into four sections of equal length before winding it on the form. It can also be done using Sweets method, winding two coils in bifilar pattern each turning oppositely up the coil form. If the wave is instead converted back to EM by adding it's electric vector back into it, then we end up with an EM wave resonant at about 28 feet in copper wires or lengths of iron wire, or it can simply hit tunned circuits. A balanced tunned circuit would be ideal. The EM wave will resonate in any Electron active materials.

Chaining coils together will result in different resonance for each wave in the series length, but both waves must go through all the wire. The scalar coils are 45 feet long and sit at 45 or even 90 degrees to the electric coils. If one uses a combination of coils adding up to 316 feet, then a perfect resonance is achieved for both waves in the same length wire. Also there are ways to tune each wave that will not effect the other as much. Adding iron or steel wool to the normal coils will  lower their EM resonant frequency but not effect the Copper length so probably not effect tempic wave resonance. Steel wool wrapped around the coils will make the EM wave path look longer.

A series capacitor will make the EM wave path look shorter, but since the plates do not touch [air gap] the torsion wave will not propagate without a magnetic field present to leap the gap. Tunning the tempic wave is pretty much based on the actual end to end Copper path. Adding a tempic tunning coil will extend the path, then taps can be added or a sliding tunning stub.

A fully resonant system will have to resonate both fields, and it is believed that this will then become very powerful, based on the amount of Copper present in the torsion field. Making coils bigger will increase the field as torsion flows through all the AG metals with no resistance. Core materials can be added also to increase the effects.

Here is a chart showing wire lengths for multiple waves of each kind.

Torsion Wave length for Tera Waves
45.2548            1
90.5096            2
135.7644          3
181.0192          4
226.274            5
271.5288          6
316.7836          7    ****
362.0384          8
407.2932          9

EM Wave Length for Tera Waves
28.81               1
57.62               2
86.43               3
115.24             4
144.05             5
172.86             6
201.67             7
230.48             8
259.29             9
288.10            10
316.91            11    ****
345.72            12
374.53            13
403.34            14
432.15            15

As we scan down the numbers we see a very interesting crossing point for both waves at 316.7836 to 316.91 feet. A single wire this long will resonate both waves. There will be 7 standing torsion waves, and 11 standing EM waves along the single wire. This is the exact amount of wire appearing in Lyles 7 coils on the Star Link System. One could use 7 torsion coils wired in series or 11 EM coils and the same result would be present, however at the coil junctions would apear a different mix of the two waves. Also with coils the EM wave is lowered in frequency from capacitance depending on wire gauge used.

Shutdown and Control:

Caution is in order when working with Earth Resonant coils. With density effects there is always a balance between two torsion systems. When one has built many Earth torsion resonant non scalar coils at 44 to 45 feet long placing them into a device, if the normal coils are left unterminated the energy at a stationary point becomes highly charged with alternate torsion forces at a higher density. The earth charges them all the same direction. Moving the unit will not immediately shut down the effect. Also anywhere you set them they will continue to operate creating a new vortex system. In an opened area this can cause headaches and tempic anomalies. To control this they must be reverse wired, or enclosed in Aluminum containment. The simplest method is to wire top of the top coil to the bottom of the lowest coil. The flows will now move through one another and balance both halves of the Neutrons torsion. The scalar coils do not have this problem because they are already wired two directions in balance.

It is also possible that to gain control and be able to shut these coils down may require opening the coils at a non resonant tempic point, and installing a switch in them. An off switch or shorting link may be practical. This is only necessary in the Earth resonant coils as they are pulling on the background Aether, but powered directly from the Earths field grid. If a system is built with 11 EM coils then simply opening them should break torsion resonance.

The basic rule is if you have any normal wound 44.5 foot coils of wire present, they must be dealt with to achieve a balance and apear in sets of two reverse wired, otherwise you will be creating a torsion force that may grow over time. If it hits a density threshold things may begin to dissappear.

One can also add an extra length of coil to make the entire system non resonant, but simply opening the circuit will not stop the resonance of a torsion wave. The other alternative is to tear them apart one by one and cut the windings. This should be given careful consideration because a runaway density device can be troublesome.

Further experiment 

Experiment with my unit pictured above shows that the coils wound with #14 wire have a high capacitance. EM resonance for the four normal coils was discovered to be at 1 Mhz rather then 10 Mhz as expected. The scalar coils act only as resistance to EM as well. So we see an art developing as to matching the actual waves that will be present in any one device and tunning equipment will be necessary probably for any system wishing to attain total resonance of both tempic and EM wave paths.

Martin has developed a method for tunning the Star Link system using a variable capacitor, a 100K potientometer, 3 switches, with wire run to the steel wool covering of the coils.

Control box picture

Martin writes:

By some tests with capacitor I found a real interesting position for it. As I first tested the capacitor inside the circuit of the coils, the output was weaker without it. Then, using the steel wool layer as ground shield, the capacitor could regulate the vibration between steel wool and coils. Therefor we need a little variable capacitor from an old pocket transistor radio and one 1,5mm thick copper wire, 2/3 as long as the big tube. Carefully stick the copper wire inside the steel wool layer from bottom bell of the device direction to the top, then connect this to one lead of the capacitor. The other end of the capacitor goes to the junction of rope and lower bell wire. Three lines are then connected there.


By this method we get 3 times more output! By turning the capacitor, the device radiates through various resonances or frequencies. I feel this moving up and down the spine while turning. If we shortcut steelwool with the junction, the device is nearly off. Absolutely astonishing this all...

Picture wiring

In addition to on frequency-tuning, it's the next point to control the output strength using an additional potentiometer with 100Kohm or more parallel to the capacitor.
If the potentiometer has 0 Ohm, the steel layer and the coils are shortcut, the device has minimal output. Turning the potentiometer direction to maximum resitor, the device powers up according to the level of the setting.

Additional 3 switches are good:
1) one for the capacitor to switch on
2) one for the potentiometer to connect to circuit
3) one for a short circuit between the steel wool with the inner circuit

By this method above we can control the device precisely. 

Lathem Coil Graphic

I wound a Lathem scalar coil on a Bismuth slug core. The torsion is immediately present on the bismuth! Fanned out the extra looped end and cut it open, the torsion is felt to be altered  immediately but over time reapears at a lower level. It was believed that placing a switch in the close loop end as shown in the diagram above, could be used for control on the torsion waves. When doing this do not add more wire to the coil but instead pull some of the last loop off the coil and add the switch. Both ends must be opened to alter torsion resonance because either one closed will cause a resonance to appear in the 44 foot length of wire, both closed sets up a density effect. A DPST switch can be added to the self powering coil to provide a totally earth powered scalar coil arrangement. It is now believed that to achieve positive shut down will require a different design to open the loops at a non resonant place in the coil.

Theory would suggest setting three of these coils in quadrature to effect a smooth density shift around a single point in space. As the earth grid has two intersecting along its surface, the presence of only one coil will not compress it along both dimensions and the headache effect may be present until crystal mass or other means are used to balance it. My next experiment may be winding three of these onto a sphere to see if a balanced density effect can be achieved.

Dave L


The Star Link system was designed by Marion Lyle Lathem, and shared publicly on the Crystal-devices group Feb of 2007.
The Crystal-devices group was organized and is operated by Sharfuddin, known to us as Sharf on that site, as well as the closed group c-d-p-g.
The Earth Grid system was studied at the Oregon Vortex by the owner of the site over many years who published a pamphlet on the grid system and believed the key to gravity was held within.
The applications found in this document were organized and crossreferenced by David Lowrance of c_s_s_p group with support of many on the group as well.
Experiments conducted by Martin Pott of Germany on the first independent duplication we are aware of.

This document is considered public domain and intended to be shared with the entire world of sane humans.

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