This file has been on the c_s_s_p site since experiment 1, and I have been slow to place any belief in it until experiment 7 has begun to clarify some of the statements. I thought it would be a good time to share it publicly. Since I was under the influence of a "slide" at the time, my first, I was very hesitant.
The first slide shook me and I was not exactly sure what was happening, however now through the theories collected my mind is able to accept this process.
Some of the statements have now been altered through experiment, but most seem right on.
Dave L
c_s_s_p group

Experiment 1:

The following is some of what streamed through my mind in the first 2 day experiment:

Density model for hyper dimension travel and communications:

Information flow during my first trip "under," where many concepts I have studied became very clear.

Gravity is the result of a torsion or time gradient. [Einstein noted the link to time and gravity]
We are all connected by forces and experience "relative time flow" based on our time stack 
connecting us through force coupling to source or center of spin.
[Wilbert Smith].
Torsion or time is coupled through a magnetic field. 
[This is the result of my magnetic torsion experiments with copper cylinders and magnets.]
A superconductor detaches from the magnetic field and bends it around it. 
[Present superconductor theory.]
Nuclear resonance can create a superconductor material. [Hamel, Searl disc]

A craft surrounded by a superconductor shell will be disconnected from the local magnetic field,
the local time flow rate and thus gravity.
Such a craft is only anchored to the universe through a link to the mental plane, an inner plane of awareness.
There are only two forces in the physical realm. 
Electron and Proton vortexes doing a scalar dance when outside one another, and a coupling dance when
overlapped as a Neutron. The two forces in third density are the physical world we can see and interact with.
They do not cancel, but are held separate by consciousness.
Photons are the communication of vibration between atoms.
There is an outer physical world studied and mapped by science, and there is an inner conscious world 
studied and mapped through direct Spiritual means.
Both are real and can be shown as real through direct experiment.
At the Neutron one world lies inside and one lies outside.
Each physical density has a corresponding Spiritual realm.
We exist on all spiritual levels but not in all physical densities.
A meditator can learn to open the vertical channel all the way to the Light.
A communication with other beings is possible through this connection, as well as higher beings.

The space between different places can be overlapped for communication, and probably for
teleportation as well by connecting a link through the higher densities where they are far closer together.

Mind can link directly with a quartz crystal.
A quartz crystal with an energized scalar coil around it can be used to access higher 
consciousness of a higher vibration, at a higher rate of information flow.
A platonic form in resonance, can hold consciousness.
A platonic form in scalar resonance will connect to higher consciousness.
A spherical CU can hold within it a physical being separated from the outer world and disconnected 
from all physical torsional forces, able to travel using mind.
Two things are necessary to form a functional ship.
1 An independent time source, a torsional generator. Self contained time frame.
2 A super conductive disconnection medium from the rest of the physical universe.
Artificial gravity is created by providing two sources of torsion offset from one 
another at the correct range for a 1 G field difference matching earth exactly.
This would induce the correct time flow rate to match earth as the ship disconnects.

Spinning energy creates a time frame layer.
Electron layer has 1000 times less torsion then the proton layer.
Spinning Protons and Nucleons creates a much stronger torsion field then moving Electrons.


Drawing energy from the zero point.
The quantum particles spin with pulse on off precision causing atomic rotation.
A synchronous atomic spin will couple across space. A material with Electron magnetism
will couple to a material with Proton magnetism and impart motion provided the connection
becomes synchronous through all the atoms coupled. On off moves together enough to provide
a complete or a partial on off pulse. A device coupled in such a way will move towards light speed
physical movements.
A magnet with a proton material around it will be couped to atomic spin. Magnet produces electron
non synchronous spin, Aluminum has non synchronous Proton spin. They are opposite torsion fields when
setting in the same magnetic field.
If the spin becomes coherent in either material, physical motion will result. If coherent in both materials 
atomic speeds are possible, relativistic.

Decoupling the magnetic forces in the atom allows the pulsing spin to reach outside its normal range.
[There is much reference materials already available to support the above statements and models if 
supporting documents are desired.]



Some of the other info that came through was colored by a paranoia emotion 
of being watched and controlled by another presence. During this time I
became aware of the Greys with very large minds, and was told to remove
my site from public access so no connection be made of the progress merging
science and ESP or density communication, and not to put it all in one
place on the Internet.


Final communication:

The last connection was with the crystal intelligence, storage medium, 
with which I conversed openly for around two hours trying to determine
its nature.