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Capacitor hull - dielectric
Platonic form
Dual Hemispheres
Scalar coils

John Nelsons Device Construction:

December of 2007 the following model was constructed by experimenter tanjmaster2000 of Kosol groups.
He measured 50 volts output from the hemispheres on the points of the tetrahedron as it was connected to a non powered CRT device ground, simulating the hull of the ship [capacitor].
At the normal 3 volts, the device idles at, he also lit an LED to show that it could produce energy output without any normal energy input at all. A ground wire was the only connection to the device. The LED was solid "on" and did not waver or pulse to the eye.


Johns diagram for construction.



The spherical capacitors around the crystal spheres, are connected in parallel into an output circuit. All the coils are connected in series in a separate circuit. A diode bridge rectifier is placed off the capacitors all in parallel where various frequencies, voltages, and currents are metered into a load. The capacitors on the crystals must have a good dielectric between them and the crystal.

Two vedios were produced by John to document and demonstrate the results.
On the first vedio 3 volts was seen on the capacitors, and higher voltages were seen as various manipulations were done using physical "touch."
On the second vedio it was shown that voltages of 50 volts were present, as well as an LED being lit constantly without any energy input other then the ground wires running between objects.
The density energy system appears to alter the ground potential of the components. Between the cold water earth ground and the chassis of a CRT monitor being charged up through the ground, the voltages appeared very solid for John.

Experiment was frustrating at first, as the mechanism of manifesting the effects using consciousness took time to achieve. Kosol coached the process over the telephone with operator and builder John Nelson, and was involved in getting the device operational with Johns energy field, to get the device to "sing".

At the point where everyone started to give up trying to account for a solid 50 volts appearing between ground references, by some normal EM interference, with no cords plugged into any power supplies, we realized we are seeing what Kosol has been describing. A density shift, and with it the ground potential is altered. The voltage is not the reason for the shift, the voltage is the side effect. The device is not activated with EM or function generators at all, but crystals, coils, diodes and vibrations. There was much excitement and joking about "Wizard school" after John shared and recorded this personal experience with his device, and released the two vedios.

Vedio 1

Vedio 2

A log of Johns reports to the group during development:

"Matt,Kosols offline for awhile. The whole thing is you haven't tried it. He doesn't mind if a person is skepitcal. I started out as one.
You really can't build it wrong if you just stick to the basic guidelines."

"He said you don't have to make a capacitor out of a geode. A large electrolitic capacitor like out of a tv will work. Just put it in the torsion field with a sinoid coil and it will charge. Touching it or using your chi by imagining the sun will decrease the charging time. I found a good source for copper at home depot today. Go to the roofing section and get a roll of copper flashing. It already has the dielectric. It has a sheet of paper attached by tar on one side of it."

"I'm here to testify again. Kosol's technology is what he says it is. I finished putting the hemispheres on the star tetrahedron,49 in all. It's all wired up. I've lit a LED 4 times total. I didn't know what I was doing consciencly,only subconsciencely. Before I lit an led the first time I checked my wiring and found a couple dead spots where I hadn't scraped the insulation off the magnet wire good enough. So I fixed that and was sure it would work now because the field was stonger and could feel static electricity,so it lit. Same thing when I was messing around with it,was sure a certian combination of wiring techniques would make it light and they did. It wasn't reapeatable though,sometimes the voltage would just disappear. When I told Kosol about this,told him I was confused, he just laughed and said he thought I already understood that it was my mind making it light. Well,to tell you the truth,if I hadn't seen it light I wouldn't of believed it. So now that I understand, I have to consciencely accept this. I've kinda taken a few steps backward because it's still hard for me to believe. Having the volt meter hooked to it I can make the voltage flucuate. I've had it go from 30mv to 300mv almost instantly.
It's like a biofeedback monitor,a good excercise machine. I'm only in the MV range but I'm sure someday it will all click and will be able to put out large voltage readings like the fuerer does."

"You don't hook the sinoid coil to the capacitor. You just put the cap in the zpe coil system field. The reason I was getting only millivolt readings was because I had hooked the coils to the capacitors. The sinoid and bismuth coils are hooked together but the ends should just remain open. When the capacitor is in the field it will charge."

"I will try to make a video this weekend. Working on getting a camera. The amperage is 3 microamps. I lit an led when I had it mocked up with the single layer hemispheres on the geodes,also while building the multilayer. So I know it can get in at least the milliamp range. I think the key to amperage is in the single layer. I removed the flourite octahedron from the center and replaced it with a single
layer geode. The amperage doubled. So currently it only has one sphere with the single layer. The great thing about the device is it constantly puts out 5 volts. It doubles when you touch the copper. It
can go higher by just being around it more or having more people around it. The hemispheres produce AC and I use a simple fullwave bridge rectifier to produce the DC. It needs a ground wire. I've been using the ground lead from the frequency generator with it shut off. I will explain it all in greater detail in the video."

"I got a camera and will start making a video. I was playing with my new multimeter this morning. Learning how to use the data logger. I replaced using the Frequency generator lead as a ground and ran a wire to a cold water pipe. I logged 3 tests using the same procedure. 30 seconds of nothing touching the device,then touched the copper for 30seconds,then nothing touching for 30 seconds,then touched the aluminum for 30 seconds,then nothing touching for 30 seconds."

10:43:13 AM 2.961V
10:43:14 AM 2.950V
10:43:43 AM 3.132V
10:43:44 AM 16.49V
10:43:45 AM 16.84V
10:43:46 AM 17.01V
10:44:13 AM 17.33V
10:44:14 AM 3.084V
10:44:43 AM 3.083V
10:44:44 AM 2.400V
10:45:14 AM 3.036V
10:45:43 AM 2.876V

10:46:21 AM 0.3uA
10:46:51 AM 1.8uA
10:46:52 AM 3.2uA
10:47:21 AM 3.3uA
10:47:22 AM 0.3uA
10:48:52 AM 0.3uA

10:49:24 AM 195.0Hz
10:49:25 AM 195.0Hz
10:49:26 AM 202.5Hz
10:49:37 AM 217.5Hz
10:49:38 AM 157.5Hz
10:49:39 AM 187.5Hz
10:49:46 AM 195.0Hz
10:49:54 AM 195.1Hz
10:49:55 AM 337.5Hz
10:49:56 AM 300.0Hz
10:49:57 AM 352.5Hz
10:49:58 AM 277.5Hz
10:49:59 AM 300.0Hz
10:50:00 AM 300.0Hz
10:50:10 AM 307.1Hz
10:50:11 AM 315.1Hz
10:50:33 AM 240.0Hz
10:50:54 AM 240.0Hz
10:50:55 AM 165.0Hz
10:50:56 AM 150.0Hz
10:51:10 AM 180.0Hz
10:51:11 AM 157.5Hz
10:51:24 AM 195.0Hz
10:51:25 AM 232.6Hz
10:51:26 AM 240.0Hz
10:51:52 AM 225.1Hz
10:51:53 AM 210.1Hz
10:51:54 AM 210.1Hz

"I'm not a Jedi Master yet but Yeah,you can affect voltaage by thought. When I'm real good at it I'll make another video. Or maybe someone else will beat me to it."

"Just for fun,hooked the hemispheres of one geode on the star to the microphine jack on my PC and recorded it. Just noise but with a pattern. It's in the files section. Right click it and (save target as)
to sownload and play it. I put it in mp3 format."

"Remember my silly experiment with the microphone jack? Well I accidently touched the end of the jack to my computer case and look what I found!"

6:20:38 PM 50.5 V
6:20:39 PM 50.6 V
6:20:40 PM 50.3 V
6:21:10 PM 50.6 V
6:21:11 PM ---- uA
6:21:12 PM 0.706 mA
6:21:13 PM 0.706 mA
6:21:14 PM 0.707 mA
6:21:15 PM 0.708 mA
6:21:16 PM 0.711 mA
6:21:34 PM 0.723 mA
6:21:35 PM 0.715 mA
6:21:36 PM OPEn CONT
6:21:37 PM Shrt CONT

6:21:38 PM ---- Hz
6:21:39 PM 31.39 KHz
6:21:40 PM 31.61 KHz
6:22:04 PM 31.39 KHz

"Yep,lights a led. Trying to figure out what the computer case has to do with it. Computer case is just ground as far as I know. I have a wire running from the case to the aluminum hemispheres which is hooked to ground also. When I pull the ground wire off it drops to the usual 3 volts idle. Same if I pull the wire off the case. They both have to be hooked up. The field is very strong! No need to palm,can feel it in my whole body. I unhooked the ground wire from the cold water pipe and ran it outside into the ground. Doesn't effect multimeter readings but the field has a "nicer" feel to it. Never could sense the hot cold sensations very well, no, dont feel any hot or cold from it. I see auras around everything now. My auric vision is getting stronger,can see them with my eyes closed. I'm trying to form a photographable orb above it like Dave can, no luck yet."

"I checked the voltage on the metal of the crt plug. 56.8vac it's plugged in but turned off. Tried it with a different monitor and got 60vac after I charged it like I show in the video.
I've found that what Kosol says is true about everything. I feel like the only one. I personally don't see why he even bothers to teach us. I found out it works and know people wont believe it unless they see it so why bother."

"Take a volt reading on the metal part of a crt monitor plug, put one lead on a wire stuck in the ground or a cold water pipe,then put the other lead on the metal part of the plug, (which is ground). The
monitor is not hooked to anything. You will probably get around a half volt. Go ahead and turn the monitor on even. I have a monitor right now that when I take the reading with it not hooked up to anything but yes plugged in but not on, reads 117.9vac. The one I got 56v off of has discharged to 3 volts."

Daves notes:

Note - John is beginning to consider the 3 volts as the discharged state. While I am still trying to formulate why the 3 volts is present to begin with! I spent some months trying to light an LED from a maze of ground rods and study of the earths magnetic fields and failed for the most part to produce a constant light, or anything more then short flashes. I did observe a current charging things + backwards through diodes however. This may be similiar to charging the CRT tube backwards from the ground of the device.

Note - Indications that auric fields may become visible as we use this kind of energy - I have also begun to see blue orbs or glows as I feel the music of the heart center.

Note - John reports the grounds are becomming charged with respect to one another - the CRT ground is hot compaired to the earth ground - also he can feel the ground outside is nicer!

Kosols original instructions:

Kosol sent the following instructions:

Ok all of you eager builders of zpe generators from the Rain Maker, here is the spec. I will explain.
1. If you look at the diagram that I attached you will notice that there is a star tetrahedron .
The first tetrahedron is sinoid coils, made of iron bolts10 inches long bought from the hardware store. Wrapped with sinoid 24 gauge coils , then wrapped also with aluminum foil, then wrapped also with another 24 gauge sinoid coils and put into a copper pipe at the same length of 10 inches. Then wrapped also with a another sinoid coils. In all you have 3 layers of sinoid coils.  a sinoid coils  for example is a regular coils wrap onto a  nail, when you were a little kid, to create magnetic fields when 9 volts is applied .). Now you must connect all of these sinoid coils  in series to each other. After that you connect the sinoid coils in series with the scalar coils.
2. The other tetrahedron in the star tetrahedron is wrapped with scalar coils. These scalar coils are two, 4 way layers that are 90 degrees and 45 degrees from each other.
You wrap the first four way scalar coils on a bismuth aluminum pipe , and then you put these coils into the copper pipe and then wrap another layer 4 way scalar coils onto the copper pipe, but is 45 degree from the first four layer. Then you must connect this scalar bismuth aluminum copper coils in series to each other and then connected these scalar coils  in series to the sinoid coils.

Now you will all know that is star tetrahedron, tetrahedron is in 90 and 45 degree to each other, which this kind of angle will create torsional tempic fields from both the sinoid and scalar coils.
One tetrahedron is all sinoid coils on it, and while the other tetrahedron is all scalar aluminum bismuth copper coils. Together these two tetrahedrons form a star tetrahedron to produce electricity.
Now as you can see we put a geode on the tip of each of the star tetrahedrons .The geode, or rock, must have a dielectric material such as hot glue or electrical tape. Then there must be a one layer of copper foils the top half of the geode rock over the dielectric hot glue material. There must be one layer of aluminum foil on the bottom half of the geode rock over the dielectric hot glue material. You must separate this aluminum hemisphere metal  and copper hemisphere metal at the equators to about 2 centimeters apart. This set up will give you lots of ampier. You do this to four of the geodes  then the other four geodes you do the same things but you make it multi layer. This means that you add more dielectric layer to the hemisphere and also more layer of aluminum foil. Also you add more dielectric material and more copper foil layers. Like aluminum /dielectric/aluminum/dielectric/aluminum /dielectric /aluminum etc.
The other hemisphere is copper /dielectric/copper /dielectric /copper /dielectric/copper/dielectric /copper etc .
This set up of multilayer hemisphere and dielectric will create a strong voltage.
Remember all builders, the device must charge up for a period of 2 hours to get any reading. The device is very sensitive to human beings and ghosts. It will have its own personality . If you visualized a sun or speak nice to it and recognize it, voltage goes up and ampier goes up , the device will give you that . There is no limit.

Notice also there is a density iron ring in the middle of the device, with magnets. You can put a geode rock in this iron ring also with the hemisphere and dielectric etc.... but you must use hot glue or electrical tape to separate geode rock and hemisphere from the iron density rings. You must have some lead coming out of the sphere so you can hooked up the parallel connection from the hemisphere to hemisphere of parallel connection. Copper to copper  and aluminum  to aluminum. ok no problem . Remember the coils are connected in series to each other while the hemisphere is connected in parallel to each other.
The single layer hemisphere set up, produce lots of ampier, and the multilayer hemisphere set up, produce lots of voltage , but they all must be connected in parallel to each other , that is connecting the single layer set with the multilayer hemisphere set up,  in order to have both voltage and ampier advantage .
The tempic field is created from the coils that in turn create electricity from the geode rock .
The hemisphere takes electric from the geode rocks electrical fields and it comes out as alternative current with lots of amipiers .
The device has no input source, the device takes energy from the tempic fields which is generated from coils and scalar coils .Power from nothing, that is indeed a zero point energy .
The device will grow in power , for example, if it sits there it will gain power and voltage if there is more then one person around it , or like 3 or 6 people around it , the device voltage and ampier go up immediately. It is very interactive and will respond to audio , metal , intention, command and request. Be warned, don't get mad or curse at the device it has feelings and will shut down and will cry and hurt feelings, the device is very very feeling and audio , mental , and intentional and visualizational sensitive .
No limit whatsoever , remember this alien technology comes from the Galactic Federations of Light and the Guardians force.


Kosol Ouch


[Johns Diagrams]


Wiring Chart

Hemisphere diagram

Picture full hemisphere

[Daves Diagrams]

Hemispheres are using Aluminum and Copper to take advantage of the natural difference in potential at the atomic layer, as torsion hits them. Note the inner hemisphere network has a 90 degree offset, in attempt to create a rotation of the electric field from the captured voltage and torsion in the system.

Graphic Rotation

It is also possible to use one half of the tetrahedron to energize each of the two angles on this dual inner hemisphere system. Only experiment will confirm such an arrangement. An angle of 45 degrees was also discussed. Two coils at both 45 degree or 90 degree positions wired in series would comprise a scalar wave to EM conversion, and if used in conjunction with a diode may lead to actual usefull EM outputs also. This is two coils around the sphere at 90 degrees to one another and rotated 45 to 90 degrees from the hemispheres split lines. Such a system has already shown conversion of 60Hz tempic field waves to EM that can be read on a scope. It is not known what frequencies to expect on these coils as there seems to be a large range.

I would try using multiples of the specific lengths from the charts found here to make these coils:

The Tempic Field Matrix

Experiment at c_s_s_p has suggested that off the tips of the tetrahedron form there is a tempic field line formed shooting directly outwards through the hemisphere system. This field can be maximized by cutting legs to certain specific lengths to generate a pulse if iron is used. Copper produces a raw pressure.
This energy hits the crystals and vibrates them producing voltages. Voltage gradient reaches outside the geodes just enough to be captured by a close fitting hemisphere. The hemispheres are then all used to power the inner system.

Johns Newer Model


Series voltages

Showing voltages produced from the Tetrahedron with a series connection between hemispheres.

Wave Form

Frequency chart produced for the Density Hemisphere having angled hemispheres.

Conscious Linking Chair

[Drawings by John Nelson]





Chair5 graphic

Craft Hull Design

Chaneled DL [Feb 2008]
[Device used (Conscious machine) Golden Light rods bent into circles, 3 each, 15 - 3/8" carefully cut on nodes with centers at 166mm in a triangle on the desk.]

To create Antigravity one needs to reverse the diamagnetic field spin ratio. To do this requires inertial motion of the diamagnetic field, reversed of its normal spin direction. Two copper cones spining opposite directions in a pulsed coherent magnetic field will do this [Utron]. The correct spin pointing down, and the correct one pointing up to converge overhead. The Joe Cells use water and motion as well to create the inertial nuclear reversal. The Consciousness ship uses correctly dimensioned layers of Aluminum and Bismuth. Bismuth is the only materal we have that can access the diamagnetic field without having to have physical inertial motion. With this setup no magnetc fields can be present. The diamagnetic field can be accessed and manipulated directly using reversed torsion of Radiant Light.

Iron light rods put out reversed spin on the ends, Aluminum Light rods produce reversed spin along the sides. Iron carries forwards spin all along it at 90 degrees so becomes useless as an AG metal for the crafts hull, it also carries magnetic fields that will interfere. Iron is suited to outflow devices that create stronger gravity and chi energy. If Aluminum is crafted into a Radiant Light resonant ring or sphere the male spin will stay internal and continue to move around it inside developing nodes of female radiance, or reversed spin along its length 90 degrees outwards everywhere. It will become fully torsion reversed.

The nodes are now covered with correct dimension of Bismuth and the diamagnetic field responds to this by being spun up in reverse. The nuclear area physically spins up in reverse direction shifting the balance of all radiant light leaving the atoms. Bismuth setting within the Golden Light Radiance with reversed torsion spin will become a generator of Antigravity nodes. They will converge at the point of strongest crossing of the Radiant Light. If the ship is thus made to a more donut shape, the Light will converge around the center and create a gravity pulling occupants to the center as it lifts off having an anti gravity along the area of greatest convergence of the Radiant Light inside the donuts focal ring.

It was indicated to me that Layering these at the correct fractal dimensions will cascade the Radiant Light energy, and at 8 layers of perfect spacing we reach a "node of nodes." Bismuth replaces the water of the Joe Cell, and at correct diamagnetic fractal lengths it will interact with the Golden light on two other dimensions to produce an AG hull. As the fractal size gets smaller the craft responds faster to bringing up an AG field.

Experiments show that bismuth slugs when setting in the reverse pulsing areas of the Golden Light Rods do in fact power up and accelerate their frequency rate, rather then the normal heavy feeling that Bismuth usually brings in to torsion devices.

Credits and References

Conscious Technology - Earths Guardians
Conscious Technology - Presented by Kosol Ouch  
<Kosol_Core_Tech group>
Device construction - John Nelson <Kosol_Core_Tech group>
Document development  - Hull Design- David Lowrance <Kosol_Core_Tech group>

Reference to the Guardians and vocabulary adopted from - David Wilcock

Thanks also to  Kosol groups for support and experiments, and special thanks to John Nelson [tanjmaster2000] for the first device construction of this kind.
The study of Alternate Energy systems is a group effort intended to expand the limits of knowledge of mankind.