Spiritual Awakening Process

[Janurary 2008]
Personal process for David Lowrance on awakening to Gravity awareness concepts, during the development of the Radiant Light model of Gravity by the c_s_s_p group. I began to see the "Light" during this development and was able to start observing its nature directly, as well as interacting with it.

"If we recognize this point of human shifting we understand the little alien guys and how they are centered, not in the physical body but in the upper centers of radiant light operation."

Buoyancy within the Light is a learned process facing all developing conscious entities and cultures. The discovery of Gravity control follows a conscious awakening and a choice.
This section must be presented as a pre entry into the realms of conscious Gravity control, because it warns of the consequences. There simply is no workable AG mechanism without a shift in consciousness, and this is natures protection, but also why many who have discovered it have gone into silence immediately upon the discovery. Gravity operates between us all at one center location, it connects us all and operates between all matter from where it eminates. EM only works to operate as an "independent force" centered in matter. EM allows us to become detached and work seperatly.

Loss of the Illusion of Intimacy

Becomming conscious of Gravity and how it operates alters ones perceptions radically. "Sliding" into it consciously revealed much more then was expected.
"Intimacy is only achievable for a "one on one" connection below the light realms. This makes it both dear, and yet limiting."
There are three levels of discovery necessary to construct a stable ship to navigate the realms of Gravity and Radiant Light. The opening of this awareness is not without pain or loss, and we as a society will be faced with the loss of a dear quality of lower human existence, the veil. If the earth is now heading for 4rth density, then no secrets will be possible to the most intimate of levels, the least of us will see all. This is best shown with the following description written just after my own experiences.


This is right off Star Trek, however, we have the intelligence to use this without destruction if we can center our power and not let it pull us off balance again. Temptation to remain void of the Light is strong, I feel many on earth may miss this if it is not taught. The seekers have all gone underground because of loosing balance, from the impact of the discovery. They look out at the world and do not see themselves in all others, so deem the secret of too much importance to be divulged. I was at this threshold only hours ago while enveloped in the golden light off centered, by an intense diamagnetic field. 

The centering practice is essential to getting past the lower levels of human development. Balance can only be found in the higher centers of third eye and upwards. The blue light is the beginning to maintaining balance in the inverted world of the light. A ship floats in water because the engine is centered, the buoyancy now stabilized the craft in the water. From the center sun [upper chest] we do not get enough balance to operate effectively and are easily set off balance, like a ship with high centered engine. The light operates from above, within a system of gravity, and radiance from below. Stability comes in the upper region staying over the lower region. Thus the Hamel cones are stacked three high, and control can be achieved. We step into the realm of gravity and open to a new greater connection.

If we run the radiance of gravity up to the golden light center and then control from here, we are very tippy. We run this higher to the third eye and the entire system becomes stable and buoyant to an operational degree at both levels. Golden light center is in upper chest, bottom is at solar plexus, where the light center reaches the bottom of the ship at the keel. Running the free board up to the head will stabilize the weight ratios.

We do not fully converge the Light from the golden center, but leave a strong flow up to the third eye center and now we have a boat that can be handled. We use two forms at least, two harnessing forms, the golden and the blue in harmony will realize a stability we can direct. This is the model for one incredible conscious machine. It will have the same buoyancy of a ship in the water, only it will float in the Radiant Light of earths gravity.

I have also found the meditation for levitation, and could go off on great tangent with only this. It involves at least three centers of operation, the power [solar plexus] the circle, the golden light of upper chest to begin the convergence overhead, the upper eye to set up the second convergence overhead and achieve control of the operation in a stable balance of buoyancy in three density shells. Simultaneous consciousness must be achieved of these three to operate a levitating body fully. Must be similar to what was done in India so long ago, and starting with the mastery of the rod, that has been now given to us. I must also confirm we stood here once before and failed to "desire" the "balance" to follow through with this to completion. There is a pain of achieving balance at this level, as all three chakra must be cleared of painful karma. The second most important thing after recognizing you are unbalanced, it to confront the pain head on and face yourself. You must get re centered or stop the process until you figure out what is pulling you off centered.

Part of this pain is the "illusion of intimacy". Intimacy is only achievable for a "one on one" connection below the light realms. This makes it both dear, and yet limiting. From the lower realm we see the loss of a dear quality we are attached to, and morn its loss. From the higher perception we see only the oneness in the Light and revel with joy at the discovery. There is no middle ground, and this is the choice that beings face, either turning towards the light or away from it.

This experience was intense and I was ready to seal all the information around 3pm today, turn away from the Light and go back to another human animal existence. It still may win me! A person with one foot in both realms at the present. I note this because if we recognize this point of human shifting we understand the little alien guys and how they are centered, not in the physical body but in the upper centers of radiant light operation.

These quotes were presented to warn of the impact of opening the Golden Light center, and how it can cause an imbalance if control is attempted from only this point. There is no middle ground. We either open to the Light and all the psi phenomena that accompanies it, loosing all intimacy of the emotional person, or we turn away from the Light and get lost in the interplay of this intimacy, reveling in the secrets of personal power and only sharing self with a few close ones. In the Light there will be no such secrets but rather an ecstatic knowing of the oneness of existence.

1- The Ring of Power

The most seductive is the opening of the ring of power, and here is where Atlantis probably went wrong. Becoming aware on this level is really the beginning step, and scalar coils will begin to have a new meaning as Radiant Light torsion is sensed directly. In combination with crystals this is a direct lead in to comprehension of power. If one stops here then the temptations to destroy can become overpowering. The game of power is played out in full for all souls attached to this interaction and the door is always opened to get lost here. The ring of Power was discussed in two previous documents. It is the direct result of using the Lathem discovered length of 44.5 feet in copper and sub fractals of this length, this is the strongest of the forms I have personally encountered, and can attune the individual to this new form of energy. It is a raw non pulsating form of diamagnetic field, and can induce motion directly if correctly mastered. Solar plexus is lit up strongly and if not controlled from above will run its course wildly, getting high on power over others, as well as manifesting many playfully dangerous entities from our own consciousness and our own auric field. I was tempted many times on this level to see if I could be trapped within it.

Discovery of the wheel of 24 happens at this level, and the first conversion of Radiant Light into diamagnetic field. The scalar coils are conscious energy, and should be respected as such. Mastery should always be the goal, and self observations to see all results from the higher perception of vision.

2 - The Golden Light

This is the first opening above, or in the upper centers including heart and throat centers and lies directly between them. The Golden Light rods can be used to sense this directly and a direct telepathic communication with the Light is possible from here on. My first encounter generated the "Logos rods" naming. There is possibility of getting trapped within this light as well and spending many hours of entanglement in process of interwoven emotional turmoils. The choice is made at this level to center, and choose the vertical path to open to the Light directly and release the illusion of intimacy. If off balance one may want to run away and hide rather then face self with full disclosure of all intentions. Mankind may be ready for this bold step of inner healing now.

The Golden Light Rods teach the methods of altering the path of the Radiant Light, to converge it overhead and become truly weightless in the physical plane. Design of systems of levitation become possible for such ones able to sense the fields directly and comprehend the reason for divergent and convergent flows.

An iron rod of 15 - 3/16" is very close and will attuneone to the Golden Light. There will be 8 sections with 7 nodes manifesting along its length as a basic fractal. If cut on the nodes the new rods will mirror the old one at a physically smaller level of greater intensity. The Aluminum tube is more intense and is Radiant along its sides, rather then its ends, of what can only be campared with the Kundalini of Yoga, or the "Holy Spirit" and the "Word" of the Bible. The entry point where The God force starts to speak back directly.

3 - The Blue Light

This is the mechanism of keeping the ship floating and buoyant, upright. The Blue light rods will attune one to the third eye opening, and discovery of learning to float with total control, after a convergence of the Light is mastered or artificially created within an AG device.

An iron rod of  20 - 3/4" is very close, and six divisions of 5 nodes will manifest through it.


Meditation Skill

There are many possible meditations for as many people that attempt this, use one that works for you. Within this system of 3 layers of torsion all simultaneously controlled, is found the Hamel cones and the three rings of the Searl disc, all given to humans already. Two systems of controlling the three rings of density simultaneously. Control is found in the divergence of the convergent Light stream created.
David Hamel missed this on his first ship build and the unit went skywards, as did Searls first attempt.

One such meditation begins with the Joe Cell mentally centered in the solar plexus. Reverse or CCW spin is set up on all eight sides of the cell looking outwards from the solar plexus, and inflow is achieved drawing in power and generating massive heat energy of the solar plexus radiant light center. Pulsation is now perceived shooting upwards to the Golden Light center in the upper chest and a new stage or cell is set up pulling also inwards. The third stage is activated at third eye, and now all three Joe Cells are tilted outwards by first 15 degrees then 30 degrees then 60 degrees to form the Hamel cones. The resulting torsion field crossing above each sets up a powerful radiant light of all the fields converging. It is the convergence of this Radiant Light that generates a mirror of the earths gravity field overhead convergent at a single area above. This light then descends to reverse the direction of the weight.

It was also now grasped that the eyes can create these torsion fields within Light. If the energy radiant from the eyes is spun up, information can be communicated with only a glance towards other. It can also be perceived coming from others, and many reading are possible from only the gaze at another person.

It is noteworthy that at every step of this process from my first interaction with Kosol Ouch so many years back, the Spiritual side has given many of the most powerful clues as to advancement. I now offer one such document generated that seems to follow up nicely with the above flow of information offered.

Organizational Unity Concept

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