Australian Weather Engineering – Atmospheric Potential and Gradient Research (APGR):

Introduction – Why all the Rain:

Is there an explanation for the excellent and sometimes excessive rainfall experienced over Eastern Australia since August 2007? Perceptions are that this is a consequence of Rainmaker1++ and PIG/NIG (Positive/Negative Ion Generators++) projectors deployment which began in August 2007. Our Weather forecasters continue to say that this continual rain is a consequence of a La Nina (wet) event and the end of an El Nino (dry) but I disagree in part.

The main reason for disagreeing with their prognosis is that there may be an increase in rain in the targeted La Nina areas but not on the continual basis as we are now seeing. There is a normal cycle out of an El Nino and it normally occurs at the beginning of Autumn, not with rain/storm events as we have experienced since the winter of June 2007. There are particular areas that do not gain extra rain from a La Nina event and this is typical of the Central West and New England Tablelands region of New South Wales (NSW). These areas have been inundated with what I call ‘roaming tanks of water’ with subsequent flooding. The people of Coonabarabran (141/73mm – 8.5”) and Coonamble (171/52mm – 8.75”) will testify to this after receiving their share on 21st/22nd December 2007.

I believe these devices have created this effect, witnessed by the continual rain events, now into the fifth month and covering a huge area of eastern Australia. I am humbled by what I see as a consequence of these devices and can only agree to having 'outside assistance' or simply having ‘Faith’ to achieve what is unfolding before me. A case of 'Consciousness' and 'Intent' being recognised and displayed as an actual event manifested by simply asking for this to happen through 'being connected' with the task and a determined focus to make rain by using the correct ‘tools’. A direct ‘connection’ to Nature you
may say?

This is the purpose of 'Rainmaker1' - a 'tool' to produce a living vortex that is in communication with the owner and does their bidding, whatever it may be. I probably fail here with words to describe fully what these devices are capable of but is described by Kosol as having 'no limits', so there you have it! Anything is possible! Eventually, as we graduate, we will find that we do not need ‘tools’ to assist our intentions. Where the mind is willing – Spirit will find a way!


                                                Rainmaker1++ (Control)                                                                                                      PIG/NIG in pointing mode (Condition)

A Brief History:

‘Rainmaker1’ has been active since 24th August 2006. A variant labeled ‘Oz IIC’ (Iron Inside Copper) or directional ‘Tube’ device was activated on 19/09/2006. Both perceived to be successful. However, there appeared to be a ‘building’ process ongoing with these devices that eventually reached a capacity where they no longer appeared to attract or generate rain. The initial phase completely eradicated DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy – Wilhelm Reich) over a large proportion of eastern Australia. DOR is a lack of or stagnation of etheric or ‘Life’ energy.

This then led to the introduction of the Atmospheric Ionisation devices as a natural progression. PIG was first deployed on 13th August 2007 and was perceived to achieve 'freak' rain conditions
along the East Coast, particularly in drought savaged Queensland. This device was first built in 2005, briefly tested and remained stored in the garage - it took me two years before I understood how it should be utilised. The concept was arrived at by reading Trevor James Constable's (TJC) many books and many times over ('Loom of The Future' is one). A friend of his in Switzerland named Dr Walter O Stark introduced negative Ion needles into his tube units to create rain and was perceived most successful. This information gave me the hint as to what was required for broad band rain generation.

Second deployment was on 30th August with a smaller but equally significant rainfall event. September was used to build a second unit (NIG) and this was first deployed on 30th September
2007. Results were totally unexpected but achieved what was intended with significant falls once again in Queensland but this time a perceived major success inland. Putting into action the conditions
set up by PIG.

On the 15th October 2007, PIG was also deployed and this is still the situation to this date on 14th February 2008 - East Coast + Inland rain. The secret here has been to slow down the Weather such that Troughs can lay idle, filling up with available moisture and then slowly dispensing that load over the inland. This is the reason why two Ion Generators are used - one to create a blocking High and the other to set up the Inland Troughs or Upper Level rotating Lows or Southern pushing Lows as the means for distribution. Normal Weather conditions continue to function as usual but the entire cycle has been slowed so that available time is given for each event to basically ‘load’ with moisture and then ‘fire’ as a precipitation cycle. This operation zone could be called an engineered Weather Cell.

Perceived Results:

Here are some of the perceived facts of improved rainfall after full deployment on 15th October 2007 to current date – prior experimental runs have not been considered here:

1. Drought declarations reduced from 97% to 46.1% - Originally only two areas were 'satisfactory' which included my local area. Others are now under review.
2. Sydney's Warragamba Dam from 33.9% to 66.4% total capacity - a support Dam, Taroom and an adjacent Dam, Avon are both full.
3. First flows of the Darling River into the Murray River since 2004. Some properties along the Darling have not seen a flow for 9 years.
4. Paroo River flowing into the Darling River - a rare event. The Paroo River is fed from rain in central south Queensland and flows into NSW as a very broad 1mile wide river that can just sit as a shallow lake and eventually evaporates.
5. Menindee Lakes in SW NSW now 21% full from basically empty and continuing to fill daily.
6. Lake Cargelligo in Central West NSW was empty and now 45% full and 'back to normal' - water sports, camping, town water etc and continuing to fill.
7. My local rainfall: In mm – Aug 2007 196.9/62.6 average - Sep 66.4/61.1 - Oct 50.9/74.7 - Nov 172.9/83.9 - Dec 128.4/100.8 - Jan2008 186.1/122.5 - Feb to 19/02/2008 184.2/136.6 avg.
These are typical of a good percentage of the Eastern States recording sites and in some instances many old records have been easily and excessively broken.
8. Fairbairn Dam, Queensland's second largest on the Nagoa River near Emerald, 4.5metres (14’9”) of water over floodway.
9. SE Queensland (Brisbane) total storage capacity was 17.3% and critical, now at 35% and improving daily. Three Dams – Somerset, Wivenhoe and North Pine. Somerset Dam at lowest was 24% and now at 81.4%.
10. Perth in Western Australia, 40mm of rain in one day, average for February is 10mm - best rain since 1992 for February. Perth is attached to source through linking Troughs and Low pressure areas via what I call ‘The Oz Horseshoe'.


                                             The Oz ’Horseshoe’ – the two Lows at                                                                                            A large number of Inland rivers drain into
                                            1002 hPa would also be ideally linked.                                                                                                shallow Salt Lakes, sands or evaporate.


Australia Annual Rainfall:

Moving the rain inland is the problem – this is an on-going challenge to improve devices to achieve a more consistent, reliable and even rain pattern inland that can eliminate drought. Improvements don’t necessarily mean larger or more devices but more with respect to using the ‘Golden Mean’, pHi and pi, Pyramid geometry and mind control through Rainmaker1. Compass pointing experiments with the two Ion projector tubes is also required. In the Rainfall Analysis maps following, a ‘conscious’ experiment using the directional Tubes was undertaken in January 2007, after a plea for rain, with focus on ‘New Crown Station’, 450km SE of Alice Springs, this was perceived a success as is evidenced on the 2006/2007 map. Current indications are that this experiment needs to be repeated.


3 Month Rainfall Chart November 2007 to January 2008


3 Month Rainfall Chart November 2006 to January 2007

"This is the coolest Summer I have ever experienced" - a 69 year old Family friend who lives right on the Coast just south of me. He began life in Brewarrina in NW NSW, normally a hot and
dry area. He had just finished reading from the weekly 'Land' magazine an article called 'Brilliant at Brewarrina'. A confirmation of the continual rain and cooling cloud-cover.
12. The normal for Oz is the Weather 'sine wave' - extended 'dry' period, followed by a brief 'wet'. The Land “of drought and flooding rains" - so goes the poem by Dorothea McKellar – ‘My
Country’. During this ‘wet’ period the rains have been consistent over a very broad area without this 'sine wave' - now into the fifth month. Locally, the ‘wet’ actually began in June 2007.
13. Most noticeable are the large number of individual Weather events taking place across the Country at the one time. I can repeatedly count up to 10 or 12 individual 'energy' centers on a
daily basis. Normal here is for only 1 major event and we may get 2 or 3 smaller.
14. Noted are the large numbers of Upper Level vortexes which can cover huge areas with beneficial rains from generated thunderstorms. These huge energy systems are most noticeable roughly north or on a line from Sydney to Perth. On Monday, what would normally have been a 'Southerly Buster' moved up the East Coast full of rain and little if any wind. This is normally a wind front with cooler air following but no rain. Yesterday's came in as a rolling vortex at Upper Level, full of thunderstorms and rain and simply rolled up the Coast and rolled out to sea at this latitude.
15. Whenever I have doubts or a lack of confidence about what is actually transpiring here - I appear to receive an acknowledgement or what may be better termed as a 'signature' in a rolling vortex at Upper Levels which somehow focuses on my site here. This is the perceived area where 'Rainmaker1' functions at the Upper Level. This has been repeated on many occasions with events which appear to either originate or disperse or centre themselves at this site.


1. Dual Tube Experiments: Cross coupling from Sacred site Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) to Deniliquin in southern NSW. Large Quartz Crystal at crossing point promotes calm and energy amplification.
2. Parallel pointing with NIG. Both experiments perceived successful.

16. Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory has just had its hottest January on record - 19 days of over 40degC (104degF) temperatures. When this was first reported I immediately focused on
this area with a 'Conscious Intent' to receive rain. Within 24 hours rain appeared and reappeared for several days through thunderstorms with the result that they have now received 31.2mm (February average 125.8mm) and naturally with much reduced and near normal temperatures. There is more expected over the coming week.
17. “I’ve never seen water like it in 39 years” – the mayor of Cobar commenting on Newey Reservoir being filled after more than 300mm of rain – “ the best rain in more than 13 years”. Cobar, Bourke and Byrock in New South Wales Far Central West and North West has had a special focus applied since operations began, after talk of a ‘rain shadow’.
18. Today's 'signature' of a Radar rain line through source for some hours. This rainfall was not forecast other than ‘possible shower’. This is from a new experimental device.
19. One final word – ‘Global Warming’ is NOT due to greenhouse gas emissions but our Weather is controlled by the Sun and Jupiter and nothing more. Why was it that Lennox Walker and his Son used Solar Flare disturbances to base their reasonably accurate long range Weather Forecasts on for this Country?
20. A plea to all Farmers – do not go the GM and monoculture way – you will deny yourself of rain. Quick gain means pain.

There have been unwanted side-effects but that is an unfortunate consequence of rainmaking. This has been mainly caused by excessive rain or strong winds during storms with trees uprooted and roofs blown (not blown – but sucked) off and resultant flooding. There is so much current focus on drought and so called ‘Global Warming’ that people are forgetting that we also have rain and floods and are not prepared for the current deluges. This applies to both individuals and Government bodies alike. There have been many prolonged heat-waves in the Southern States but that is typical of a Mediterranean climate where summers are normally hot and dry. I am the first to acknowledge that there are still many areas that need prolonged rain and this will be an on-going daily focus and commitment. (Murray River Basin and South Australia are two) What I describe here is not what one would normally expect because we are dealing with a power that is greater than any individual could ever imagine.

We are being assisted by a technology of the future where mind and 'Consciousness' can impart a powerful effect to wherever it is directed. David Lowrance’s 'Rainmaker1' is seen here as the controlling vortex device and not just simply a device that can make fine or rainy Weather, that is a side effect. Yes, it has two modes of operation. This is a 'tool' for people to learn how to achieve unbelievable goals of their own in any field whatsoever by using 'Conscious Intent'. This is a power 'tool' - Radionics and healing, a base for Over-unity and Antigravity, a base for Rainmaking, a base for meditation – inward, outward viewing - improving our bodies 'sensing' capabilities. Unlimited! 'Consciousness' travels on the vortex field to wherever you want it to go. This device allows the lid of suppression to be lifted and we suddenly realise what we can achieve through using our minds alone but you must work at it and work hard – it does not get handed to you on a platter.


New Device: ‘Pyramid Something’ – experimental ‘Pyramid Something’ Signature? This was not meant to be another Rainmaker but will obviously have that side effect also.

I end as I began - this is not easy to describe but hopefully I have made it clearer for those who have doubts as to what we are really capable of as individuals with a little help and ‘conscious’
understanding and have the correct ‘tools’ in place. This is a resounding confirmation of the technology of Kosol and the Guardians does indeed work. It just needs the right people like David Lowrance and a few special others to put the jigsaw pieces together.


1. Kosol Ouch and the Guardians for distributing their technology without question so freely.

2. David Lowrance of CSSP for the implementation of Kosol's information and direction into a working device - this was the second key to perceived success.

3. The CSSP (Crystal Scalar Support Project) Yahoo Group for their support and understanding.

Research material here:

4. Trevor James Constable and his support Teams - just to let him know that his pioneering work is being continued in the most emphatic and perceived successful manner on a grand scale.

5. Weatherzone for their well presented ‘up to the minute’ Weather data coverage.

6. Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology for their excellent information data bank.




1. Educate-Yourself, Ken Adachi – where it all began – the first seeds sown

2. ‘The Visual Ray or How Trevor Taught me Cloud Busting’ – Ken Adachi

3. ‘Loom of the Future’ – Book - Trevor James Constable

4. ‘Cosmic Pulse of Life’ – Book - Trevor James Constable

5.  PORE – Public Orgonomic Research Exchange and the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich

6. ‘Learning Geomancy by Learning Rainmaking’ – Dan Winter

7. Artificial Atmospheric Ionization – A Potential Window for Weather Modification. – Phillip Kauffman and Arquimedes Ruiz-Columbie

8. School Of Universal Energy - ‘Nature’s Universal Energy’ – Lee Crock

9. Australian Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM) – ‘Australian Rainfall patterns during La Nina events’

10. The Snowy Precipitation Enhancement Research Project – ‘Cloud Seeding’

11. ‘Clouds Don’t Fall’

12. COLA/IGES – (Centre for Ocean-Land-Atmospheric Studies/Institute of Global Environment and Society)

13. ‘Living Energies’ – Book – Callum Coats on Victor Schauberger

14.  ‘The Awesome Life Force’ – Book – Joseph H. Cater


David G 'Smokey' Dawson                17th February 2008



 End Notes: 19/02/2008

Current Weather:

At the time of compilation we are witness to a massive Monsoonal rain event occurring along our Tropical north. Western Australia has Tropical Cyclone (TC) ‘Nicholas’ at category 3, out at sea off the Pilbara Coast.

Queensland’s tropical coastline, off Mackay to Cairns has Tropical Depression (TD) ‘91P Invest’, active now for several days. Mackay on 15/02/2008, mainly from mid-night to 9:00am received some 625mm of rain (25”). Subsequently this town is now under water.

This scene has been repeated in Queensland earlier on 25th August 2007 with Rainbow Beach receiving some 942.4mm (37”) of rain over a 24 hour period.

These are only a few illustrations of the extreme rain events this Country has witnessed over the last 9 months.

These events are manifesting through a ‘cold pool’ of air at the Upper levels and I now know the physics behind these active excess rain systems. This is the ‘Gradient’ component of my research where we look at vorticity cells.

We need now to be able to steer these pools and control their size to points where we can fill dams and rivers and give rain where needed most.

Our bottom line is that we no longer have stagnant or dead energy and our environment is now ‘alive’ and labile (‘liable to change’ TJC) and full of ‘Life Energy’.

Local Weather: 19 days of rain – Temperature -3.3degrees on average of 28.7deg. 


Current Infrastructure:

Is simply failing the people – Science/Management/Financial/Educational/Health/Political/Police/Sport/Media/Corporate etc – all tainted by greed and ego and money – all stressed, lacking substance and at their limits of progress.

Science/Maths – Einstein was forced to lead us down the wrong path with the ‘Theory of Relativity’ – the path of ‘Explosion’ and that of the ‘Male’ and ‘hot’ and expansion – Atomic Bombs! This path is poisonous to the environment and the Universe and we are just now waking up to that fact knowing that the ‘electricity’ we generate or convert from that already available freely is the root cause. 

This document is testament to the fact that there are other means available to us and the time has come for these new sciences to be investigated, correctly identified and utilized.

The opposite energy to use is that of the Female – ‘Implosion’, centripetal and ‘cold’ and not destructive – true energy and not converted.

Science today cannot tell you the real reason why ‘Clouds do not fall’ and what keeps them suspended where they are.

‘Cloud Seeding’ is not the way to go for many reasons – expensive, polluting, only recorded as 15% successful, requires timing for the right clouds to appear, restricted coverage, localised, lacks a true scientific appraisal, facts used based on ‘bad’ science. Wheat farmers in Western Australia are doing this using their own finances with potassium and silver iodide and I still see no rain over their wheat-fields – simply ‘bad’ science.

Why would you bother when you can have perceived success for only A$200, from your own backyard as this document testifies.

The books that I have nominated in References are the books that should be in the hands of our children in their schools, so they can also become a part of Nature.

I have ‘cold electricity’ flowing and I need to close – the ‘new’ energy beckons.


David G ‘Smokey’ Dawson