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Rod Lengths

Tempic wave length was found experimentally using Pineal vibration zero beating techniques. An audio tone was used, and a wire cut to the length that provided the strongest vibration in the wire. It was then noticed that the wire did not need any stimulation from anything to keep vibrating, and the length recorded as a true matrix fractal, somehow powered from the matrix. [Probably the upper ionasphere where water is normally fracturing from the suns energy]

The EM nodes were identified by Bernies measuring tempic nodes technique with the AV Plug in strong torsion field devices. I scanned the Tempic rod and located the other two nodes then cut these lengths. The EM rod immediately charges up to .03 volts everywhere along its surface, as measured with an AV plug, with a high frequency energy of some kind, which is felt strongly when touching it to the Tempic rod. The last was discovered to exhibit a weak magnetic field approx 3/4 inch up during the lower experiment titled "the triangle." This is not a true magnetic field however, the magnetic field is rather strange and kept magnetizing my calipers.

Structure graphic
Placing these rods in the above configuration and scanning with a coil of the EM length several important energy interactions were observed.
I believe this diagram represents my first observation of a fully matrix powered device showing all three field forces present.

The Tempic wave fractal is a six segment length and is repeatable both with length and frequency multiples of 6, probably all the way up into the atomic vibration rates. Thus my rods here only represent one fractal in a very large system of frequencies that can tap power from this background field. They are obviously not tunned to 925 hz on the EM wave which would be a very long wavelength, but a higher frequency fractal or octave.

The Triangle

TEM wires picture

When placed into this configuration the shortest rod can be dragged off to the right by touching it with another T rod held parallel to the bottom one and touched down approx 3/4" up from the corner. Removing the shorter rod from the form the magnetic attraction goes away.

Note this is not a perfect right triangle and may be showing us the natural skew found in both music, as well in precession motions of the three fields interacting against one another.

Copper tubes in water 1

I cut some copper tubes to experiment with water and Joe Cell dimensions.

Copper tubes in water 2

The important discovery with this experiment is to note the E rod generates a voltage when placed into the water. The T rod a smaller voltage. The mass of the center copper tube also plays a strong effect in increasing the energy of the vibration that comes up strongly when these lengths hit the water.

Experiment Tonight:


Preliminary concept, simulate JC 1/2" water gap in two copper tubes. Measure voltage, no AV plug needed. The water should do the separating.

1.53" diameter copper tube, center of the meat, 27 cm length lowered into 1/2 gallon of water in a plastic nut container.

Lowering tunned rods into water inside it .54" diameter and read voltage

Torsion rod 14.195 cm - .075 volts constant

EM rod 17.57 cm tube - .136 volts constant

Ok there it is Bernie these lengths are hot, and not only that, the polarization is already correct with negative charge inwards.

This may not work the same with SS, and need to be polarized, but the copper test is very revealing. It may be the longer length we want to use and not the shorter one. The EM length. Not exactly sure. I can feel the electricity as the tubes hit the water, really cool.

My outer tube is an earth resonance however so this needs to be repeated using two tubes of 17.57 cm with 1/2" gap to verify this effect. And then also with 14.195 cm tubes also to confirm which length is correct for the JC.

I can feel this field has a strong interaction with water. Very nice.

Update 11 / 04 / 2008

This diagram is showing how to fabricate a perfectly balanced system using the E field nodes.
Tubes and wires cut to these lengths of both iron and copper have shown very pleasant energy.


The copper tube at the center of the pitcher of water is 209.57 mm long [8 - 1/4 "] and was slowly ground on the ends to resonate and light up with the E field nodal energy.
The wires are copper and iron, and here I am finding the distance where they light up with energy. This represents one of the density ring torsion sheer points.
The mass of the water takes on the energy over a peroid of a couple days and builds a very hot field, yet near the container there is a very pleasant female spin vibration of high frequency.

Here are the results of an experiment to zero in on this exact distance in copper and iron mediums as the tuning process is quite sharp.
Slow cutting experiment for perfect EM length - perfect flat ground ends

Iron Wire
214.36   no vibration
212.45   present but non sustainable - touch only one end
210.97   touch both ends vibration constant and subtle
210.17   slight increase - third eye activation very deep
209.78   smooth vibration - stronger - HF noticible [ slow1.5 sec pulse]
             Hold in front of head amazing pineal sensation or resonance
    can feel waves out from pineal for several feet

209.71  a good rise - more intense less harmony??? very close to zero beat slow pulse
209.65  stronger more electric feeling
209.63   notably faster to sense - pleasant
209.55   lights up calipers when measured 3 to 4 hz pulse [null feeling]
209.47   heat sensation - feel true power at 3rd eye - opens to feet
209.45   light at pineal - intense palm energy also stronger - touch anywhere
    enveloping energy - muscle tingles - wire vibrates out of caliper grip and falls

209.39  I see dead people seriously - this is very strange - astral vibration of uper ionasphere???
208.54  Past peak dropping now.


210.13 pressure
209.72 nice
209.67 heat
209.57 bliss - drifting sleep response
Holding the two rods together, iron of 209.39, and copper of 209.57, seems to open a link directly into the astral plane awareness.
The iron seems to offer the "form" and the copper the heavenly energy of life.

Joe Cell Related

Experiment was preformed for JC work. Bernie cut 2 Aluminum tubes on the EM length [17.57 cm] and placed in water. They produced a magnetic field, and while the tubes came up to voltage very fast, they slowly came up to the same voltage over time as a small magnetic field rose up capable of deflecting a compass. It was very strange to have a magnetic field rising from Aluminum and water! This will not work for Joe Cells for obvious reasons as the voltage field produced runs vertical and not horizontally. Possibly it could be used for battery work if two different metals are used. This needs more testing. It is notable however that these length tubes produce hard instant voltages up to .1 volt without any water conditioning what so ever and without even the correct cell geometry.

If EM lengths were placed around a normal JC as the spokes of a wheel, this may be used to bring up a cell without using a battery at all. They may set up a voltage vector along their length.
Now touch them all to the can and it should take on the charge. Aluminum and copper may take on opposing charges???

Further testing with the 925 Hz Tempic field length was also disappointing for JC work as I could never get the voltage to turn horizontal on these lengths using copper tubes.
The separate tubes always came up to the same voltage over time. So it would appear we have discovered two lengths not to use in JC work.