During a transfer of psi energy from a friend sending me a water charging vibration using a coded word sequence, I got a sense that the energy was coming from the outside, from all directions at once, as though this was a Source point. Lying outside me and converging on my location. This was a very advanced technique and I was fortunate to have experienced it. This was mystifying to say the least, but very real as the water charged up strongly.

The following model was intuited from a deep slide into what appeared to be an awfully confusing mess of the inside of matter, after sensing my levity rods, cut during party levitation.
I asked for a clarity to make some sense out of time, and space, from the perceptual images coming in.

To get a "feel felt" model, I was instructed to cut 4 rods, one of copper and one of iron for each of two directions on the boundary of the sphere.
I cut two for each direction of time as I sensed it. The first [side to side] is the vortex of the 10,000 things [magnetic, electron - proton] oscillating side to side and opposing one another. The second is the flow of all these things together at 90 degrees [Diamagnetic - Neutron] the time flow direction as I sensed it. The iron pushes time forwards and the copper resists or drags it in reverse [kundalini], indicating the function of Electron and Proton shells, around the Neutrons, and inside the curve of Outer Space.

Tempic equlibrium

These rods were rather intense and the two copper ones layed in a cross are quite powerful to slide into.

A Model of Time

Time is not percieved, as it truly is. An event in time requires two pulses traveling opposite directions that cross to produce a visible event in space. This requires opposing spin systems that pulse. The pulses happen simultaneously, and waves travel both directions in what we perceive as time between them. One of the waves is traveling against us the other with us. First perceptions of this are so confusing one almost looses sanity as the time track falls apart into short sequences oscillating in parallel and sliding sideways. Every event and every piece of matter has a co-ordinate in two places as it is perceived between them. Perception is in motion. Jumping outside this, one needs a reference to remain sane. The following model seems to help me tremendously.

Boundary graphic

Mankind's consciousness is in motion around a stationary grid called the boundary. This can also be called the event horizon or the vector equilibrium. The boundary is without time only space, and the boundary is a flat plane where yin and yang meet stretching to infinity. At the boundary both forces are equal, and there is only space. The neutral center.

Curved Space diagram

As consciousness moves off center of the boundary it appears to roll into a curve away from you. Density of Space is warped and time emerges. The boundary appears as a sphere with infinity inside and outside, and a finite surface in perpetual motion.

Curved Space 2 diagram

If consciousness slides back across the boundary now the sphere curves the opposite direction into another sphere. Consciousness always perceives itself thus outside the sphere, and the other side of the boundary as inside of the sphere. This is the black hole, and possibly the strong force area of our atoms.

Now back on the flat boundary, motion along the two dimensions appear as time flow from either side of the curved surface.
This is time space.There are only two vectors of time in this model at 90 degrees along the flat surface, but on the boundary they are percieved as stationary space.

From outside, the sphere appears to be spinning forwards in time and precessing reverse in time or dragging at the poles. The sphere is precessing.
The strong force area is probably the boundary in this case.

The protons field thus finds its center of convergent gravity at infinity in our outer space as a single center point of convergence. On our side it appears as divergence.
The electron field finds its center of gravity on the center inner infinity of the neutron area, which to the proton shell [inside the strong force area] appears as an outer space infinity.

As we tap into the heavenly Light above, and use it, its center seems to be outside and all around us. This is the oneness we all feel, while the kundalini seems to push from below upwards.

While working with a particularly heavy rock and tapping it's node points, I noted that just under the weight there is an energy of expansion pushing outwards and having a higher vibration rate in time, while the weight felt low frequency heavy and depressing. Each of these forces seemed to be coming from opposite sides of the boundary.

There are two systems of curvature! They each one overlap in the same physical space but have opposite spacial density warps and opposite spin directions. This seems the only way we can explain the two methods of controlling them. The neutron is having the diamagnetic component and sets inside the electron proton duality, so there are actually 4. One for each of the rods cut.

1 - We can alter the spin of  the four flows, change the curvature of the ones we want to reduce, and increase the ones we want to support. UFO - levitation - Joe Cell - etc. If not careful we can blow things apart by loosing the binding force.

2 - Or we can move to the center position, the still point, or the "tempic equilibrium," to jump free of the system where all is flat space, and time has stopped. Conscious levitation, Carrs teleportation.
Time is completely lost in the jump, and even short term physical memory may have holes.

Now in the second case there are no forces to inhibit our motion because all is neutral, hopping is a conscious interaction alone??? Memory must be stored elsewhere in a parallel plane or auric field and all can be seen at once during the hop.

This explains party levitation, as the person being lifted looses all sense of time in the outer world. The vibration is shifting them towards the neutral center and a state of euphoria.

We can see how motion through space will effect one of the resonant rod sets time frame balance between the two systems, and not the other set. We trade space for time, and motion alters the percentage. This is the source of inertial momentum. The space and time fields are interrelated and motion is the exchange of balance for only one set. To alter the other set we would have to spin the craft 90 degrees to motional velocity, and inertia should drop. If the craft can be spun at the correct velocity then, the normal time flow rate can be equalized for the occupants. We now have motion on both sets of vectors. Further if we correct the balance of these sets inside the craft then we will feel nothing, not even momentum, and this may take a reversed curve inside the craft. If we match the tempic equilibrium we can jump mentally anywhere and in any time.

If we make the shell of the craft operate into the diamagnetic side [neutron balance] then outer space has shrunk to a center point area containing the full outer curve of our space. It takes on the relativity of the inside structure. This is why the hull is covered with diamagnetic substance and the magnetic components are inside, the exact opposite of our matter. If a perfect boundary is created on the hull, then inside the craft may even appear larger. They may even get the perceptual sense they are riding on the outside of a sphere through the inner universe, falling towards the center.
Quantity of Aluminum on the outside layers and of iron inside would create a reversed warp for the occupants. More layers would increase this effect.
This fits some of the UFO descriptions as well, from first hand reports, when the inside is seen as larger then it should be.

Further, if the earth contained a boundary at some depth [not likely] this could allow for a hollow earth. More likely this boundary is found on each atom of the earth and they all share the same infinite inside to some degree???

The four rods cut are all tempic field resonant and vibrate. I believe they represent a balance that we would find very normal for magnetic to diamagnetic ratios in our environment.

Magnetic ratio:

Opposing side to side  ratio 26.64/14.07 = 1.89339 [Iron Dominant]

Diamagnetic ratio:

Opposing  Backwards / Forwards pressure ratio = 18.03/13.27  = 1.35870  [Copper Dominant]

When placed in quadrature with tips meeting they all feel neutral in our time flow rate. In any other time flow rate they may start to feel off balanced and begin to become radiant. This is a guage.
When moving in time space, the guage can suposedly be created inside the mind or consciously held. Each side is tapped into the correct side of the boundary, as we have full conscious access to both sides of all boundaries.

I do not yet know if this feeler guage is accurate enough for sensing devices, or exactly how to arrange the rods for a permanent mounting.
Placing inside a strong Joe Cell field may prove interesting.

You can see that time is more effected by the diamagnetic component the the magnetic one.


If we are in for an inversion at 2012, it may be a crossing of the boundary. I have intuited this before in a similar model having only one center. At the crossing is said that all consciousness gets all information all at once, and the state is ecstatic, or timeless. The earth could be transported easily anywhere in time and space if the inhabitants were aware enough.

This model presents two equal forces we could call Source in a perpetual interaction, where perception is the driving force of a conscious experience altering the effect of each one. We have been told that it is us creating time as we experience it, and that this is only an illusion from higher states of consciousness that operate outside our time dimension.

Now inflow and outflow can be perceived as having opposite convergent and divergent effects, as well as space warping effects. If perception is the driving force behind time, then shifting perception can be explained as the reason a monk can levitate in the same space next to a person who falls, without altering his physical body size at all but only his conscious frequency, coupling to the other tempic force. As we open to the reversed spin system of higher vibration rates, fill the body with these, there may be a shift in weight that is quite natural. As consciousness fully transfered the body to the opposite side it would disappear. To the person the world would invert or be turned first flat and then inside out. Would the person be ascending or descending?