The Circle

Creation of a Human movement that openly and honestly shares both Spiritual and Scientific comprehensions.
There is a great beauty within us all. Polishing this in one another increases and exposes it.

Path of the Circle - Spiritual - Horizontal life energy flow

[Using the Body]

We come to assist,
We come to recieve,

We join as equals in Spirit,
We share and attune one another,

We enter into the circle as equals,

A time of learning,
A time of teaching.
A time of feeling,
A time of opening,
A time of exploring,
A time of uplifting,

Joining the hands in the circle is the path of vibration, and connection between all.

We send our energy to the right, to completion.
We send our energy to the left, to completion.
We send both directions, and establish a living balance.   [pi/2 harmony]
We gaze into one anothers souls, for a time of sharing.
We break the circle as equals.
We bless and release each one.

This is the method for sharing attunements in a small group. It takes little time, if the initiate is ready.

Path of the Line - Science - Horizontal life energy flow

[Using the Conscious Machines]

We implant understanding through mental model.
We stand in the chain, hand in hand.
We send our energy to the right,
We send our energy to the left,
The initiator touches the conscious machine and all feel the vibration.
We bless and release each one in the chain.

This is the attunement to the "Feeling Science of Vibration," the study of what is unseen and is radiant from matter.

Scientific - The Balancer

Within the coherent field bubble of a conscious group, or a conscious machine, once a vibration is established to all present, that field will act as a carrier signal for any and all to "slide" or exchange vibrational information through as one.
We send to the right and this opens a flow to run though hands of everyone. All are now sending out a vibration. This is a prerequisite to recieving. We send to the left, and this shows we have control of the flow. We send both directions in a pi/2 ratio, and this shows we have discovered the life force vibration ratio of the two prime forces of nature. Clockwise and Counterclockwise spin.

To enter the circle is both trusting and revealing, as in this mode there are no secrets possible. With the touch, in a coherent field bubble, all levels of vibration are exposed to one another.
It is a bold step, and symbolizes, we have no secrets greater then the Love we share between us.
Since all in the circle can be "read" by everyone, there is no possibility of a leader dominating the group with one channeled concept or doctrine, and no possibility of any remaining blind.

All members will treat "The Circle" as a healing session and anything perceived of a personal or emotional nature will be treated as a confidence to remain within the group.

The Question - preperation and decision

The question before us is, how many would enter a group of mind readers, of heart readers, to humbly practice perfecting accuracy of the perceptive abilities?
How many have no secrets that exceed thier Love of the joining together in this sacred way?
How many are ready to recieve an opening from others?
How many are willing to share thier pain, and submit to it for a time of emotional healing and clearing, a release?
How many would create a machine to amplify this ability? To record a frequency for sharing?

The method is through touch. Hand to hand, and "sliding" the path between us, to assist others and yourself.

Recommend a personal vertical channel flow be practiced for all in participation at "The Circle."
All may work with heaven and earth to open the vertical channel, as they can, while alone, if and when the openings come for them personally.

In the combination, of sharing all knowledge, both Spiritual and Scientific, there are no secrets possible.
All may come to know and understand what is being done.

What is The Circle?

A group meets together, enters a circle and joins hands. Loving Energy and Vibration are sent around the circle for attunement and opening of all present.
All enter and leave as equals. Thus it is pointed at a 5th level opening or attunement where this is discovered to be true.
We are all equal in the Spirit. Where a group sets it's goal to reach this attunement level, much faster progress may be possible.

Cultish Heirarchal practices can be avoided, as the Circle is a very natural and human way of sharing vibration in real time, as equals.
Heirarchy is thus also avoided, and any seperation between the Spiritual leader and follower exposed to be an illusion.

We all have access to every level of vibraton there is. It only takes an introduction to each frequency, to then carry it with you.
There is no need to work through anyone else, whether Master or Guru, once the 5th vibraton is realized.

Science becomes Spiritual where coherent vibration and pineal opening are present.
Spiritual and Science find overlap within the conscious machines.

The background matrix contains all possible vibration, complete with Source Power, we only need discover them.