[Offering present though process and reason for next group of experiments.]



To fully understand the process of mixing, one needs a mental model to express the longitudinal waves compression and decompression vibration between atomic layers.
In the JC power supply having rectifier with no filter capacitor, we realized that the T wave was far more powerful then with power supplies using very good filtering. This power supply can vibrate up Aluminum rods to a point of near pain levels in the hand if a load is being drawn from the circuit. A lamp dimmer is used to tune the vibration to any mass resonant element and vibration will come up very strongly when frequency hits the elements natural vibration resonance on a well tuned tube.

It is the T wave that carries the energy deep into the water, penetrating all the atoms at the mass level. In the graphic above is diagrammed where in the waveform the T waves are generated in relation to the E field or voltage transition where it turns sharply. There are the two wave forms appearing on both sides of a full wave rectifier and show why they produce very different T waves.

Upper half shows what happens where a positive wave becomes very smooth on its charged side and on its discharge side where it only bumps zero for a "sharp tap" of very high frequency, now pushes a strong pulse of vibration outwards of the atom and onto the electron shell. This pulse seems to deliver a stronger vibration to the tubes physically.

Lower half of the graphic shows how a negative pulsing waves does the opposite and feels much different. Whether electrons are moving from the circuit onto the electron shell and then sharply reversed and pulled off , or whether electrons are flowing off the electron shell smoothly and then abruptly shoved back onto it.

The only difference in these two waves is where the fast transition is aimed when it is created. Due to spherical geometry of the shells, vibrational force can be either directed inwards or outwards, this has direct application to the Joe Cells, but now also to coils we may wish to create using the same type of energy inside them, creates two very different effects.

I would also like to point out that on each of the three windings of an alternator stator, even though the combined output is 3 phase and the peaks dissapear, each one phase will still have these sharp transition on one side of the diodes where the circuit is still isolated during diode switching time.  While all the coils together will appear to smooth the output voltage, any one coil will still be reversing and generating its transitions as the diodes switch.  Diodes switch at very low voltage and currents, and lamp dimmers switch at much higher voltages and currents creating much stronger T waves.


Since the T wave will penetrate everything present, flowing through all mass present, if we also place a magnetic polarity on top of it, now this will also be delivered to all the atoms.
There are many ways to mix and they are not all the same as to outcome.

A scalar coil with equal currents flowing on both windings will fully cancel. T waves will be balanced. If AC is placed over this it will vibrate both direction equally. This is good for sensing the energy and locating mass resonance frequencies in elements, but useless for generating polarity or consistant spin direction as found in a Joe Cell.

Without scalar cancelling present in the coil - the wave will not penetrate the mass of the target, whether it be water or copper or any other metals no vibration will be present.

Without polarity in the coil - the wave that penetrates will vibrate both directions equally and spin charge will remain the same, vibration will be back and forth only.

To spin up say a container of water, one will need a scalar cancelling coil with an imbalance between the two windings. This will split the energy in some ratio between the vibrational pulse and the magnetic pulse. The coil will have only a weak magnetic field, and a strong penetrating vibrational pulse. Riding over the vibrational component will be a magnetic component that will totally penetrate the entire mass also. This is why Aluminum can be charged up to have a weak magnetic field aslo.