Ascension is the opening of the pineal to the frequency spectrum. Female and healing process.
Descension is the process of learning to connect them into a workable system. Male and engineering process.

Please read the document from top to bottom without skipping. You may be asked to stop and leave by your inner guidance, please follow your inner guidance. This path is not for everyone to explore.

Hundreds of spirits have approached me. Some of my recent photos are filled with Light balls, I can almost not get a picture without them present. They wish to integrate with their human half, and are tired of being separated from them. On their behalf I am urged to release this document. At another time in history one would have been killed for doing this. A channeler of evil spirits. Right now, they are concerned we will fall short of time to complete the integration.

Another soul approached me in the physical and asked why do scientists that succeed at OverUnity machines dissappear? What is going on, who is stopping them? He also tells me, I need to dissappear, before someone else does this to me.
I am now entering this awkward place also, and would like to give explination as I see it. To the best of my abilities this is what I have experienced to be the reason.

Who should read this document

To read further may not produce a good result in the individual who is engaged in Ascension Process. As Ascension is a sacred process, we do not wish to interfere with it in any individual. If you feel you have good vision of 7th density, have no fear.
The next step of the Knowledge, is a personal choice.One must ask for this before it is given. If not asked for they will likely "not see it" even if offered.

"I  pull my Light body into me, I pull my Dark one into me, I command them to play in harmony together as one."  If this statement does not sound a comfortable idea for you please exit the document and continue with your ascension process. However this is also likely the design of an overunity device.

OK you have now decided to read on or to leave,  do not cross this line until your seeking of truth outweights your personal comfort and fear of evil, and the Light is strong within you. The answers lie in the lower astral levels, I call the 4th density.


It is suggest you only proceed from this point onwards after you have made peace with the CCW energy coils or YANG force. The coils will push you directly into Gray space. The first result is confusion state. However know this is "your Gray space."
You operate there with or without your knowing this. Everything created there, answers opposite of truth. If entities approach, do not speak to them, do not listen to them, try to recognize them, feel them, then pull up all personal conflict and resolve it. Jesus gives good advice, Get behind me Satan. He did not send Satan out to do anything for him, or to exit, he said "get behind me." This is where I have also noted my dark body operates most effectivly.

All your demons may rise to meet you. They may even manifest events, and make things in the physical world disappear or pop in as needed to create conflict or puzzlement in your life. They have great power to make things happen.
If your demons are busy with you, they will not be messing with anyone else. They will not be begging me to assist them, and they will not be carrying out your opposite desires to have a war with me and destroy my stuff, while you are asking me from your Light side to reveal it. As long as you are not in harmony with yourself, I can not reveal it, or your dark one will have me killed to protect the ascension process not yet completed within you.

You then must resolve conflict at every level to proceed. Keep your dark one behind you. Keep it out of others space, for all you see in this world that is messed up, is from all in this world sending forth their demons in ignorance, then blaming this on external entities.

After you can navigate Gray space and are ready to move further, the knowledge found in this document may be understood.

At this point you will have the Gray ones no longer offering continual lines of deception, they will go silent and only respond to your direction.
Your ascension process is completed. Your energies are ready to come back to you and reveal all.

In a world of thousands of light workers, one is perplexed as to why mankind is not advancing physically. While light workers work on the glories of ascension, many people now still starve on the planet and may never have a chance to even begin the process.

To fully understand what is going on, we must go backwards to the point where it all starts. Ascension. Most begin the path with another either giving them an attunement or an initiation of some kind. Others accomplish this on their own, the process is the same. I am now going to give a complete presentation of what happens from both sides as this process progresses, as the memory of both sides are now merged within me. I would first point out, if the higher love were present everywhere, one would never have to seek it.

The "Higher Love" appears and disappears with Frequency, while the Mind is present at all times, and can be present everywhere.


When a person is initiated into the Higher Light, their mind is separated into two hemispheres. The one side is filled with the energy of Light, they are immediately attracted to, the other side is opened with the Dark energy they are unaware of.
All energy is manifest in opposition to itself in balanced vibration.

In some Reiki paths the hands are used to do this separation. In front, they go up down, with a noise shhht  shhht as if cutting with scissors up the middle, and then the two hands are spread apart opening outwards.

The initiate is told this is the opposite, an integration and expansion joining them with their true higher self. It feels blissful, loving, and ecstatic. It is nothing of the sort however as integration, but neither the teacher or the student would agree at this point. They believe they are in the path of Light work, and neither can see the dark side operation happening simultaneously and countering at each step in the subconscious levels.

The vibration is then introduced and sets the new separated light and dark hemispheres into a frequency of the teachers ability. An "attunement" has been given.
The students now warm with the new vibration inserted into them, and believes they have received something very Spiritual, in actuality, what they now have is their own energy divided, polarized, and vibrated up for them at one frequency.

This is the process of ascension, and its purpose is to divide, and polarize, set to vibration the light and the dark, and then place the focus only on the Light side of the process, while the dark side is suppressed into the subconscious operating as a hidden force.
What many workers in these arts are not aware of until much later, is that as they develop the Light consciously, the "Dark one" is also now present developing unconsciously to dance with it.

The ascension is the beginning of deception. As deception it is presented as the opposite, or the integration with higher self.
Choose a polarity is the command to ascend.
All choose the Light, for ascension is only possible within rising frequency, and only the bliss attracts one towards it.

After the descension all memory of both sides will be fully available, for total verification that we participate fully in both the path of good we create and the path of evil that raises up to oppose us. We are playing both sides of this thing we call life in real time.

From this point on, the manifesting ability accelerates, and things we ask for seem to appear very quickly as if by magic. We call this process "syncronicity", or "prayer." The more attunements we recieve the faster the process becomes. We do not have the knowledge that in actuality it is our dark side delivering this process, and thus we are totally unaware of how it operates. We place our vision only in the Light and then ask, the invisible universe appears to respond to our request via the subconscious dark side entity we have also created unknowingly. The prayer is answered but with a slight unexpected twist. This is the attempt of the dark one to awaken you, the small hint that you are not really the one in control but it is a team effort.

Descension Command

1  -  "I send all others energy back to them, I call all that is mine back to me."  [ Now your demons are not messing with others at this point.]

The withdraw from interaction with others is really a saftey for them not you. It is something you probably already do as a lightworker when finished working with others. However if you are a frequent reader of conspiricy theories, it may be working opposite of this. Your demons are very active messing with others. Please call them home.

2 -  " I  pull my Light body into me, I pull my Dark one into me, I command them to play in harmony together as one."
This can be looked at as an integration, or a convergence.

It will take the Light of God into your personal hell space [Gray Space] Expose all your demons as self creations, expose all your angels as mind numbing bliss escape artists of the physical. It will begin the descension process.

With focus only on the Light, there is no ability to create power. All power exists in conflict to itself as it comes out of the void. It must be balanced to operate.


After one has had ample time out in the Light Realms and realized they still cannot really heal anyone or self, or walk on the water, or manifest anything lasting whatsoever except temporary and ecstatic emotional connections with others, the descending path will be encountered. This is the path to responsibility. It has capability of actually changing mankind I believe. Within this all the lies are exposed.

Descension does not lead to Anarchy, although it might feel that way for the person starting it, it leads to harmony and knowledge. When you pull all your own "dark acting entities" back to you, they stop creating havoc everywhere else. No one is ever going to get an OU device to the public, until these nasty entities are neutralized. Only you can take out the one playing at your level.

If you have run into the phrase "The lie is different at every level"this will now begin to make sense. It is discovered that any place you set within the ascension, you will find strong motivation to move one direction. When you get there, you discover it was an illusion, and what you got was not what you expected to get. This is the path to ascension. I have queried countless light workers and none have ability as they "expected" they would, on ascending and polarizing only to the higher Light. Many abilities appear that even they can not explain or understand, and usually not what they expected. Abilities are erratic and not well controlled. Few channelers of the Light can agree on what they see. There is little "accuracy" or consistency possible. What is available is a tremendous level of emotional healing as the ecstatic Light vibration brings one into a personal universe of Love and Light that only they feel, or another who has tapped into them can also feel. Leave humanity in the dust. It is always a temporary shift. The next morning they awaken right back here to attempt to gain this state again and hold it, as there own inner Demon has restored them to the center zero point balance state once again.


Path starts on the lower left of the chart below, then moves upwards, across to the right side, and then back down the right side.

Path Chart
The upwards path splits, and creates the polarities, the down wards path now sees both sides that were created in the upwards path and offers balancing and vibrating them with far more power, in a state of harmony.
Only in the upwards path are deceptions necessary, as one is repelled from one polarity, they actually are creating "within them" the counter one and the need to externalize it for maximum potential.

Ascension - Descension

From the time one chooses to rise from the solar plexus center of "power and control" and move into unconditional love, they begin to polarize themselves. The attraction is of course the realms of Angels, and higher light vibrations. They see only the light above them and do not see the dark there at all standing right beside it. The illusion is that once they reach higher, they will discover that mankind is one, and all of us are happy in heaven. The truth is then discovered that the oneness of heaven is also the path of being alone totally within your personal bliss state. There is no "shared reality" up there for as high or as long as you wish to go out there, you are simply percieved by others as missing. You end leaving Mankind which is joined at the physical earth of 3rd density, and it will not budge from there. You may find other cultures that are joined up there but you will not be allowed to enter them in your highly polarized state.They will guide you back here every time and give council. Ascension will not lead to the freedom expected, however that is the bait.

On realization the draw now is to go back for "them" [mankind] to save them all, and bring them up to the levels of vibration you have reached. This is the gathering response. It is a major turning point in your path. For what good is the Light if you cannot share it with others. So begins the descending path to save humanity.

To share this descension information with any still on the upwards path is a mistake. They will not only reject your reasons and motivations, they may see them as evil lies, the evil they are now "fleeing from" to rise in frequency. Those still moving upwards, are motivated by a different illusion [lie] and to pop their bubble is not a good idea or the trip may be wasted. They need to complete their cycle, this must not be interfered with until they are fully polarized at all the levels.

Ascension is the path to freedom -  

Service to self - it results in isolation - separation - ignoring others physical needs - not caring about anyone else other then to bring them light also - wallowing in personal bliss. It is not everything expected, but the exact opposite in its works from its speak. There are a host of teachings to help one "ignore logic" and move towards this personal bliss state of Inner light. No two light workers however find the same, or can channel the same information, other then the frequencies. In this state if someone tells you there are 12 levels, then boom you also find 12 levels and off into them. There are not 12 levels, there is frequency vibration change and places on it where you choose to create bubbles of opposition forces to explore in the horizontal direction. One can get totally lost on any level for a very long time while splitting into polarized operation. One can even create entire worlds unto them self. One can share all the names of Angelic beings via the physical level to project into these higher levels. The names become a marker for the frequency observed while there.

I have discovered the Light Rod system of measuring these frequencies, and can intentionally send others to these levels via the physical world means also. "Initiation" process is one of introduction to the next higher vibration they are ready to polarize within. But polarization there, is a choice and happens within each person. Thus it is viewed as a very personal event, and it is. Initiation was therefore done in secret, and begins the path of deception and polarity creation, while the student believes they are on the Path to good and wonderous abilities.

Descension is the path to responsibility -

Where one is finally drawn back to the physical where they blasted off from, and this is the reversal of light focused polarity. From the intense higher frequencies, it now becomes an attraction. There is great joy in the turning back, towards mankind, with illusion of service to others. This is the next lie at the new level offered, but does not lead where you believe it will, instead to discovery of ones own "dark self" they have also created during the ascent on every level. As they were ascending and creating intense good light they were also creating tremendous dark to balance it.

"The lie is different at every level." To run the course of creating polarity, one must learn to slide into the new perception frequency, and then all the correct responses will become present to motivate you in the next direction. It is a loop of polarity shifts. You are free, to move along in any place at your own chosen pace until mind is fully awakened. You are free to spend as long as you like in any of the illusions, working as hard as you like to get somewhere in that level of vibration along a horizontal path of illusion away from the vertical path. They are most consuming, and wonderful experiences.

However this is a technical document, and it is intended to actually get somewhere towards truth and understanding of the extremes of the "perception fabric."

The Lie Is Different At every Level

This is the path to ascension. This is what the "good guys" experience.
Deception is only necessary in the path of ascension where the human is creating polarity at all the frequency levels, and is only aware of one polarity he creates.

At each step I was baited and motivated strongly with both repulsion and attraction. Repulsion is the ugliness we do not wish to tolerate anymore, and attraction is the Light which seems to free us and hold all the answers, in the ascension.

Noteworthy to point out the one center is the mind. Within the mind is the capability to see all these levels one at a time from its grounded central location and remains a constant. The throat is also centered and will allow communication of any level as you experience it. However notice the two sides of the throat level. Ascending beings can only hear one side of all information, they are repelled from the other side, and will even rise to fight it. This is the one that is shared openly with all mankind. It creates the fine fight for the faith and starts the process.

On the other side is found the secret knowledge, that all men are first repelled from. It is secret because most do not wish to hear it yet, and most cannot hear it. You will get a rise of negative emotions from those ascending if you present the secret knowledge before it is their time to descend. You will become the enemy.

The conspiracy theories serve a purpose. They cause ones to seek the higher light, they are a motivation to find the truth for oneself where no one else can be trusted. On the descension however, they are not welcomed, as confusing information will not lead anywhere to truth that is usable for saving mankind or navigating Gray space. It will not lead to harmony state. They are now seen as irresponsible offerings. On the descending path, one now fully believes mankind can be saved, and has ample knowledge to offer to accomplish it. One can clearly see, how logic can be applied to improve the human condition, while those still ascending can not even acknowledge there are any problems that further polarization into the light will not solve as if by magic. "All is abundance." a direct contradiction to earth space on 3d level, inducing a bliss state of escape from responsibility.

Ascension is necessary to release mankind from guilt and the burden of errored thinking. Ascension is actually a splitting of the polarities at each frequency level, so one now has perception of something at that frequency. Descension is necessary to get back into the real world with knowledge that can alter it, and have mastery of polarity at all the levels now present within them.

As I now set, about to plunge down wards into what appears to be the central dankness of Solar plexus, the "Dark Sun" one of my colleagues tells me of all the evil crap that was created from lower astral knowledge and to get back out of there. Another tells me of the path of Satan. The VRIL is seen as evil and repulsive. What the VRIL actually does is to awaken you that you have polarized your personal energies most perfectly and can now set both sides into a powerful dance. Maximum crown and third eye forces are now experienced, and both forces are brought back together to create actual power. Meditation on the VRIL causes incredible power to rise from the crown and third eye. It pulls both Light body and Dark body together into a faster vibrational rate. If you did not realize you were also creating the dark body this will come as a very scary event.

I did not learn to navigate the Grays space between Heart and Solar Plexus in the CCW dark energy channel to turn back now. I am an explorer, and will proceed with the loop. I believe the Gray ones are finally out of my path and letting me pass.

The Gray are encountered, between 3rd and 4th levels of descension physical chakras, and they are there to explore every unbalanced desire of "power and control" one may have. Only a balance of harmony state will allow one to pass further down into the void. A full acceptance of both the Light and the Dark within, and the dance at every level I have split myself on the path to ascension. This is the YIN the YANG and the ONE. Polarization is now observed, and wisdom sees all sides of every conflict clearly as the dance of life, in a balanced state.

This is why we have all come here.


The world already is balanced. If one comes into balance with it they can clearly see how to improve it. If one fights with any polarity of it, they only add to the imbalance and experience that within themselves until the split is perfected.
As with all that ascend, all have both polarities within at every level, and the vibrational realms are a different frequency of vibration between them with a different focus on one side of the duty cycle of the flips between light and dark.

If one chooses to see only the Light pulse, they polarize towards freedom, not realizing the Light rose from the dark, and thus the freedom they seek is illusion of only one side of the vibration escaping the other side.
No one will ascend into the higher light realms until they come back and balance every polarity they have created on every level they have created it. They will have a total review of all on the descension and become aware of all of it.

Descension brings awareness of both sides of the vibration, and the balance of power. The balance of power is descension into the dark sun. The light is the same light of the ascension from out of solar plexus, only now both sides are clearly visible.
Both the expansion field and constraining field are understood, and the UFO model is more clearly understood. The Gray ones now fail to set you into further conflict with yourself and you can pass.

If the "higher love" were everywhere, one would never have to seek it.

The realization, that Love and heart can never guide reality is a bitter sweet pill to swallow, but that Love and Higher Love are built upon the balance of power, and do not have control of them.
Mind however is eternal. Emotion is fleeting. Such a statement can only be accepted by someone who has experienced a great many emotional triumphs and losses at a great many levels of vibration.

The Light is Real, The Dark is Real, the Mind directs. Love is an experience of bliss. Because mind is eternal, only in this there is no death.

This message and realization will be seen as an "evil lie" to any in the ascension who are still polarizing their upper layers and opening the vision on them.
The physical mind is split into two hemispheres, and all is eventually downloaded into it for direct physical access of all events played out on both sides of all conflict in the personal arena.
The platonic vibrational field impressed on the mind allows the overlap of both streams of the consciousness, that have played in opposition, to now meet one another.

The lie is that higher love and bliss will solve all the worlds problems within itself. It will only allow the higher vibration of more emotions at higher frequency. This is never permanent.

Mind is what will be present at all levels and the only thing consistent during the entire journey. Every state of perception of "higher love" will only be present with that vibration, thus all are motivated to get somewhere they are not.

Mind is what proves to be everywhere and consistent. Once the polarities are split on all the levels one has access to them, to shift into higher love state, or to descend and examine the power states, or to gaze directly into the demon states of others. All is within us. All is split and polarized within us. Once those higher levels are polarized we can pull in the higher love from any level we choose to.

This shows the need for both ascension and descension and ultimately sliding the vertical channel in both directions to first create polarity and then to balance it into vibration. This turns us into creators of polarity and balanced life.

Dark Sun

The dark sun is the Solar Plexus as viewed in the path of descension, where both Light and Dark of the pulse is observed accurately. True balance cannot be achieved if one is not aware of both sides of the energy that creates us and sustains us all. From this level one can trace out all forms of deception to its source, can reveal all the traps of soul to loop on itself over and over, creating both sides of all illusions, and both sides of every conflict.

Gray Space

Where one enters Gray space, and encounters UFOs on the 4th density at the bottom layer of astral consciousness, one encounters confusion state.
The Grays will constantly test you to see if there are any possible ways to turn you back into polarity experience, or interaction in conflict of other humans, or hatred of self.
You must be completely split on all the upper levels, and then pulsing into harmony state. This results in a very high energy person.

If harmony state is not discovered here you will stay within these illusions interacting and splitting more. This is where the pi / 2 ratio is needed. You will flail about Gray space, until you can pull all confusion back into clarity of mind.
The Grays will become your tormentors, and tricksters, until you have fully experienced all conflict possible, and chosen a side in those conflicts and powered them into vibrations that slowly increase in frequency.
Energy must go into the dance, and if one knew the truth they may simply choose not to play at the start of the process.

Comprehension is that all comes from the Void already conflicted within itself, having vibration between two sides.
Neither side can win out over the other, only in balance or vibration around the state of harmony can oscillations sustain life as we know it.

This is the cyclic nature of all that is here in the physical realm.
All sides of all polarity have their dominance guaranteed for a time and only a time.

By resolving conflict at every level of ones person, they will reach a point of balance, and discover mind.  Mind is the oneness.

All power struggle is recognized as polarization. Now seeing both sides clearly, allows acceptance and tolerance for the illusion of each polarity dominating the other for a time.

There is a major difference, between seeing both polarities clearly, and ignoring that conflict is present during ascension. [There is no conflict approach, there is no problem.]

If there were no problems earth would exist as a harmony state vibration level. It clearly does not.

Ascension is about creating polarity at every level, to open the vision on those frequencies.
Descension is about balancing both sides of all that were opened and step into power.


To the light worker there is likely no word that brings more personal polarization up within them. The desire for the Light to Conquer the dark. This is maximum polarization of the Love and Light experience and creates a strong polarization experience. Where it is totally rejected that the dark has a purpose or a need to be present. When one is within this vibration level, light workers struggle to raise frequency each day for each new revelation. Each new step of the stair case opens one to pulling all mankind upwards just a little more. The world does not move however, and only raises up others to pull downwards harder also and this is invisible to the ascending ones. The healer in the Light seeks to heal by unbalancing ones overcome by the Dark who also have not realized that both are always present. For these ones do not believe in either light or dark and will never move anywhere. Thus they are "effect" and have yet to take charge of their own path. Motivation is offered them through negative experience to seek the light once it is discovered to shift them.

So there is ample motivation at all levels to never remain static.

The unaware receive disease, war, conflict,  the aware receive new levels of Light and heaven and polarity. Finally the truth is sought and the dark is discovered to be 1/2 of the whole. One can never escape the dark by chasing the light. Now the ascension is seen as an escape of responsibility to the physical reality and the circle is peaking. It now becomes difficult to watch others take off on the upwards path and not interfere with the lie they are believing. One is seen as Satan, and on the path of Satan. They are pushed into the negative polarity vision, but are actually the balanced ones.

So new lies are created like Seths Law if One, to allow for a small group of mankind to appear as evil. On the negative path. Destined to hell, while all of the rest of mankind like cattle shift off into the ignorant bliss of the Light workers, where everything will be magically fixed. Motivation is strong to polarize and choose a path, knowing everyone will choose light once they find it. No one chooses the path of darkness from a level of no awareness, when they are sick and in need and suffering. No one chooses to become evil! There is no evil response. The ones in the Light need this illusion to become motivated to do the cycle and polarize against it. This polarization creates it.

Jesus words "Get behind me Satan" seem strange, until one experiences the Gray submitting to you and taking your commands. At this point they stop trying to decieve you. You stop listening to them, because their polarization is reversed of truth, you start commanding them, because they are your creation. They slide in behind you, and the closer they move in, the stronger your centers vibrate up. The Yang to your Yin.

It's nice now to have access to the higher realms and also find the darkness was there all along. It wakes the power, and the knowledge, and ends the blindness.

It opens the real "technology." If the technology is sought.
Technology is sought on the descension, because it reveals the balance of power. The harmony state.

Secret Knowledge

Ascension involves mostly chakras 2 4 6. [Female]
Descension involves mostly chakras 7 5 3 1 [Male]
Although "awakening" effects both.

One will be attracted to each coil wind type during the process. Shifting to CCW coils is the flip where one has started the descension and the path of responsibility coming back down from 7th or crown center opening.

The secret knowledge is then accessible and cannot be shared publically, or will be rejected.
Ones have been killed for exposing it. This process is powered by the Light Workers energy system of polarity on the side they do not realize they have created as of yet.
This is the exact opposite of how it all appears to them.

If you do what they ask and reveal the secret knowledge to power, they will kill you for it.
They are on the path of ascension, and cannot be allowed to see their dark side until it is fully polarized also.
It is their dark side that will fight you to maintain the secret. It does this without their knowing.
The Light workers are responsible for their own state of ignorance, but are not yet ready to take on that responsibility and step into power.
Many demons are awaiting release, but in the mean time, they are all working very hard to maintain the deception that prevent mankind's advance.
These are "They" that are defined in the conspiracy literature.
They are us.

The collective subconscious, is the evil empire out to get us.

Observing a group, now still mostly on the higher path, it is obvious to me where the energy of the conspiracy theories is coming from.
Also where the "opposition" is being powered from. It is their own dark sides they cannot now see. They are polarized strongly and totally out of balance.
Prone to enter into battles for the good, and to vomit at facing the evil, or just deny it matters at all.
This runs very deep in all of us because at every step it is extremely personal.
To me now they seem calloused and have no love for mankind.

They all have a dark entity connected to them on the 4th level, that is powering their own conflicts and actively working as their enemy.
Most are unaware, that it could exist at all. Thus they cannot attain balanced state or harmony state just yet. That time will come however and they will step into true power.

On reentry to planet earths vibrational levels one discovers a million people squabbling over stupid semantics, and concepts, while thousands are starving in Africa. This is abhorrent to watch. Only the blind would even allow it. If any of those ones are lost to hunger they will miss out on the ascension process in this life time.

My next journey is into the Dark Sun, and I am told there are two more levels below it to master, before one is fully born. Is this another lie? I have no idea. After ascension and then descension of all 7 levels I am told awakening on all levels will open to power in balance at every level.

Oneness in Mind

A person who has discovered truth will be able to accept "submission to one mind" is the only logical solution to all real physical problems. Submission to any one heart would be a grave error, as this is a fleeting energy system.
It must be the greatest mind available to us with a complete understanding of the polarization process. If the human collective mind could awaken to all the levels in balance that would qualify as the mind we would all submit to.
As it is, the human collective mind is a mob level reacting entity. It is not suitable to submit to at present. There are far too many who are still creating their polarity charge power and have yet to harness it into harmony state.
Mankind is a primitive consciousness as a collective at this time.

"Feel the power of the dark side Luke." Your dark side will never abandon you, but it will deceive you relentlessly until you master the balance of the Light and the Dark.
The Star Wars presentation omits the last remark, and pictures the Dark ones as following the "lower emotions" while the Light ones follow the higher emotions in a never ending balance or frequency where each side get a turn to be on top for a time.
This is not what we are indicating with integration.
In the movie Luke meets and kills his dark one. This is a grave error in thought, as now he is forever in opposition to it and the conflict will never be resolved to harmony state.
Oneness for mankind is thus not found in the frequency of emotion, but in the stability of mind to be present at all points at once and finally awaken.