Light Technology 2

February 2011 c_s_s_p group Dave L

Since the discovery of the Light vibration system back in January of 2007 there have been many new discoveries, lengthy charts, and even some relationships realized.
As of 2011 I decided to finally make an alteration of how I count time, in an attempt to better explain to the scientist what these things we call vibration or vibrational pulses actually are. How we can feel them from the earth, inside our own brains, and that underlying the entire planet is a system of pulsations which do not correspond to the way we track time now.
Where a person sets and holds a large light rod, on both ends they may notice the inner pulsation surging through their hands much like pulsing Lazar beams. There is a frequency of the pulsation that is very constant and measurable.

First an introduction to some of the results we have gleaned from a great many of these different resonant system should be briefly covered, and how this seems to couple with various ways of using math on them, so the beginner can more easily follow the numbers. A comprehension of why different number systems are being applied is in order. [A light rod, is a rod that is cut to a specific length very precisely which causes the rod to vibrate up under it's own internal power, from the light being passed inside it and bouncing off the ends to create standing waves or torsion field waves.]

Vibrational Layers

The type of math best suited to an 8x system is called [base 8]. In a base 8 system the numbers go like this, 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20  ...... etc.  There are only 8 digits used in a position [ 0 - 7.] In our case the 10 represents one octave of vibrational frequency or the 8th step of the increasing length, then the next set starts. In a vibrational system based on copper, the 8th step has a dominant vibrational node, an 8 segment length will then shift down in frequency pulsations to 1/8 the frequency of the shorter length. Frequency layers are now separated by 8x jumps of size [linear dimension], or 8x jumps of time and frequency, but these are recorded in base 8 as 10. If you understand this concept for a number system having only 5, 6, 8 or even 12 digits in one place holder, then the application of the 111 function will become much more clear for you, as it does not apply to [base 10] which we are used to counting things in.

Metals - 8x fractal vibration systems

Most all metals, have an atomic structure that will produce an 8 x octave system of vibration. That is, if you vibrate up a length from a metal, cut off a resonant length, when touched to that metal, will set the entire mass into a vibration state, no matter the dimensions. This is directly sensing the "flavor" of a metal. Inside this distance, the length, will be found 8 segments and 9 vibration nodes. If you cut off any one of these segments, that smaller piece, will also vibrate up the entire mass of that element, and now inside it 8 more segments will appear to vibrate up also having minor nodes between them also. While constructing light rods, metals can be worked using 8x systems of counting over great ranges of numbers and dimensions. The 111 fractal formula can be applied to raise the frequency of the vibration and increase the nodal counts in a mass of metal. Where 8 is written as 10, and 11 then becomes the [ninth] segment of vibration in a row or stack if counting with decimals.

This system of counting reflects how metals are radiant, with energy, how we can tune into and harness vibrations, channel them into engines and copper coils. Diagram and record the lengths, and share them.
Other vibrational systems encountered may have only 6 segments on the radiant side, called 6x systems of vibration. These may come from Hex crystal structures, I am not certain at this point if there are also other sources for the base 6 fractals. I have found several of them.  There are also 5x, and 12x systems.

Gravity and Space [Aether] 12 x systems

Now if we flip to "energy," or a "field of vibration", and view it as a matrix or an Aether, a different number system is more advantageous. One that reflects how a wave from the moon can vibrate up something here on the earth. The number system for this kind of "gravitational propagation," from direct number crunching and then cutting tubes, is the base 12, or 12 x system. It is the only one that holds up over great distances, and across great magnitudes of calculation. The 11 equivalent is actually 13 segments long in decimal, as now a 12 is written as 10. The numbers count 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B 10.  Note that now letters A and B are used to replace the decimals numbers 10 and 11, so that one position can hold more then 10 choices, and that 10 is used to represent 12, or a completed fractal set which will now down shift to a lower octave of vibration. This lower octave will be 12 times as long, and have 1/12 the frequency of a 1x segment length.

I personally discovered to my satisfaction, how accurate this 12x system can be with the Gravity fractal experiments. Distance from earth center to moon center is divided by sets of 12x to come up with a small length you can easily deal with. Cut a tube of aluminum, fill it with bismuth, and after two days the thing is so strong in the area you have to melt it down to stop the buildup of compression energy, and head pounding vibrations.

I tried all the previously known fractal systems of base 5,6, and 8 also, and proved to myself that over great distances, only the base 12 will transfer appreciable power across the matrix of space [Aether] at such distances, without having the two objects touching or very close, or within one anothers local fields. Only the 12x math works in that application, and it always works as far as I have explored it. I tried all of them. In this pursuit many false claims were personally rejected, such as some of David Wilcocks suggested formulas, that produced nothing what so ever.

To propagate the Aether, one must have both 3x and 4x hops of frequency jumps, and if you skip one there is no coupling of the energy, it stops and goes dead. 6x to 36x etc will loose its coupling on the third frequency hop through space.

I do not know why the Aether works this way, but it is the "observed" property of it from direct experiment with resonant tubes and gravity fractal distances. Tested with several different alloys of metals at present all responding the same. Even a water height, or a length of wood. Gravity seems to be a universal force and effects any material. 12x is the fractal system for it's propagation through the spectrum of frequencies and distances alike.

Light Velocity and Time

My recent, asking for better comprehension, of how this all works, for levitation, and for production of energy systems that derive power from the background field of space [Aether] and time has led to my recent personal "comprehension" of a new system for connecting Time, derived directly from earth spin, and based on a light velocity passing into it's local area of space. Now done with respect to the Aether background as I perceive how it propagates vibration using only 12x hops.

There are only two parameters or "constants," that determine our local clock rates, as can be "felt" as "pulses" from the "feeling felt" side of vibration. Light velocity and distance it can traverse within the spin of the earths system, as broken down by 12x steps.


For multiple awareness to all agree on a period of time, a linear flow of energy will never provide a common measurement. One culture sees feet another sees meters and off we go into oblivion, or argument. Only a circular energy, where one point can be seen to pass a point externally referenced, at some frequency, can we now all perceive one thing, and have to agree on an interval of time common to all of us.

This is discovered again with the wheel of 24 which can be felt operating between earth and sun. As 12 male and 12 female pulsations affixed to the directions quite solidly at 15 degree angles.

This would be specifically two spheres in rotations, referencing one another, as Earth and Sun, Earth and Moon. We all agree on the period called one day, and few on the planet would be in conflict of this phenomena, as a comprehension and as a feel felt force in their lives. The Period of one day, effects all of us both "consciously," and "physically." Next the period of one month, effects mostly young women physically and the earths tides, however all of us are effected also consciously. Lastly, the period of one year, is evident also as a physical effect with 4 seasons, but also a conscious effect, of our personal energy levels.

Why is it to feel a second we must sit and count "one Mississippi" "two Mississippi" etc to keep track of our time? When there is already a clock inside all our heads far more accurate and already pulsing for us that we are suppressing???
Earth spin, and the pulsations set up between earth moon and sun, are the center of our biological clocking system, both as physical beings and as conscious beings.

The distance light can travel, during one Earth clocked period, sets up a vibrational nodal system. An earth grid if you will, powered by light velocity wave fronts that physically move through all the matter all the time.
The "fractal" for understanding long range vibrational power is a 12 x system. Irregardless, if we choose to ignore this and use base 10 to count with, the earth does not care. As our awareness expands to include the sun and moon, it must be recognized, that these energies do not respond as base 10 systems.

The year was broken into 12 segments, and 4 seasons with 3 months each, this is an easy one to grasp. However when moving down into smaller segments mankind chose to use base 10 fractions of 60 and 5 and 360, rather then to stick with the base 12 system of the planets, gravity, and light node appearances in nature. Thus where the fractals of the universe cross this planet, it becomes obscured, how math relates to vibration directly. Boredom set in, at the place where our mental math has disconnected from the real pulse of nature. Math is now a chore, rather then a feel felt delight it could be.

Where a 50 second minute would cross the galactic 12x system, dominant pulses our consciousness is drawn to, we choose a 60 second minute, and 24 hours in a day, shifting our local consciousness off the universal harmonic consciousness. Setting our lives up on base 10 segments of time, and then working them away at a pace that leaves out two pulses of time, and makes everything seem to be passing us by fat too quickly, or far too slowly. We are not in sync with nature at all living by our present clock.

We now have frequency charts for EM that are based on 1000x and 1,000,000x systems of counting frequency, and it all seems very disconnected from real life. There is no "feel felt" truth in the EM of our current electronics. Base 10 is like singing off key, and accentuating the wrong notes in the scale for a galactic observer. All this garbage will be contained locally, and add only to our own disharmony with nature outside our area.

You can tell from my words, I have a strong desire to feel a new system of counting time on the planet, a system that is "home" to me and I can feel! This is a longing that comes from deep inside me form past times where we understood the pulsation of time on a planetary system. An emotional statement for sure, based on feelings that set the universe in synchronism with our own lives, and open us to "sliding" consciously vertically with ease. Seeing how, and where we are located within the pulse of Source energy which connects through everything.

If you set up a spectrum analyzer, and study harmonic "splatter" you do not come up with 10x overtones as dominant, the natural ones are at 2x, 3x and 4x, and beyond this you do not get any base 5 system of coherence in them, without trying to tune for that specifically, or generate it from modulations added. The power will not jump 10x naturally. You must first add a modulation to the CW tone, for it to begin to respond as a 10x system. Since all our meters and sig generators are 10x systems for calibration, then modulation with these causes the appearance of 10x harmonics in the splatter. This observation is artificial, fights nature, based on our own comprehension, and what we expect to be present, so we often fail to notice the extremely low levels we do observe this at, and often run into the unexpected harmonic blip we seek to get rid of.

We do not normally see the "anomalies" that naturally pop up on the 12x jumps. We are neither looking for or expecting to observe them, and when we do, we look for ways to suppress them as unwanted anomalies, that do not fit our current mental Ego models. That little "birdy" which appears in the radio receiver, we wish to suppress, that seems to be ever much too loud, yet is coming in about 12 times louder then all the other base 10 possible ones that should have also appeared, and was only discovered after the radio was built and tested. Always a 3x or 4x or 12x harmonic, and never a base 10x jump on a CW rig. Why is that? A whole study on suppression of what is found to be natural, has continued. "Suppression" imposed unconsciously to make what we observe, fit our current mental understanding, and the inability to see a larger system in action. We have continued to design on suppression of unwanted energy, and failed to see the natural order of where energy flows without our direction of control.

I am the most guilty also, having resisted this inner "impulse" to redefine time counting, for several years of laziness. It is, in the end, however the impulse that can no longer be ignored that leads to the greatest gains for "comprehension." I have resisted, and I do not enjoy math! It takes me considerable evidence and trails to make such a radical change in my own perception, which I view as "work" rather then play.

Until I discovered 12x math, I truly detested having to use math, as base 10 math has absolutely no direct "feeling" result for me. All the time you spend calculating the resonance of an EM circuit using base 10 math, is time spent not feeling vibration or sensation of reality directly. Working the base 12 is nothing like this, and becomes a true pleasure of feeling and measuring all at once.

Derivation of Earth Time as a 12x Fractal

Earth lat lon

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Time zones on the earth were begun using the base 12 system, and we now have a system based on 24. Every 15 degrees we draw a line on the earth and this is where we change the time zones. This was the only correct one that we as humans set up however.
There are 12 male and 12 female pulsing directions that can be sensed using any light rod placed on the earth and slowly turned to tune these in.

From this point on, measurement of longitude shifts to a different number system and looses connection with the earth pulsation system. I have studied this, however it is not my intention to alter it in any way, as this is not necessary for Vibrational work. Note merely that within every 16 to 32 feet on the earth one may locate a positively charged node, and this will correspond to a vibrational node for your local area or work space.

It is however important to realize that from the spin of the planet, as light pulsates through all matter, there is a planetary pulse corresponding to the time interval based on 12x steps  144x steps etc, and not on 360 degrees as we have plotted them. 6 x 6 x 10 is not a base 12 system, and therefore these positions we mark as minutes and seconds on our maps do not correspond to any vibrational system per say. If desired someone could do the rest of the math and draw a new earth grid that might be more accurate for planetary vibration study.

Frequency Steps

Derivation of the Syncronous Earth Second, is  1 day divided by 12 to the 5th power

Derivation of Harmonic Earth Seconds

1 day = 86,400 seconds per solar day

1 day = 86164.1 seconds per stellar day

Since this number is not a direct multiple of 12x the need to locate the Earth Second arises as a new method of counting syncronous or harmonic earth time intervals.

86,400 / 12 ^3 = 50 seconds per solar day

86,164.1 / 12^3 = 49.863483796296296296296296296296 seconds  per stellar day

50 / 12 = 4.16666....seconds  solar

/ 12 = .347222... seconds solar

49.8634837 / 12 = 4.15529 seconds stellar

/12 = 0.34627419302983539094650205761317 seconds stellar

The New Harmonic Earth Second is thus a little over 1/3 of a traditional second. It represents 12^5 intervals of one day exactly, or 

.3472222....traditional seconds per solar earth second = 2.8800 Hz  [Solar pulse rate]

0.34627419302983539094650205761317 ... seconds per stellar earth second  =  2.8878848615606731805937739731512 Hz   [Stellar pulse rate]

Since there is only .00788 Hz difference for all practical purpose they can be used interchangeably near 2 Hz


Now lets calculate Light velocity at the Harmonic Solar Earth Second. How far does light travel in copper in one Solar Earth Second?

297728640 * .3472222 = 103,378,000 meters per solar earth second

Not very often does something come out with three trailing zeros! This gets my attention for sure.

What I have been resisting for some years now, is to create the new time reference in order to deal directly with Light as it crosses our planetary system and sets up pulsation, which, among other things, runs our biological clocks, drives the seasonal changes, etc.

The New "Earth Synchronous Clock" has 5 hands, and each one corresponds to a 12x frequency hop for a breakdown to 5 powers of 12. There is no step of  5 or 10, as these do not work as harmonics for vibrational systems with respect to frequency coupling or distance measurements of wavelength.

The first hand moves around once per day, and marks the position of each traditional 2 hour segment of time pulsation as it passes the 12 numbers on the dial. Each step is half male and then half female but the 24 count is avoided as 1/2 a cycle is not a complete period of vibration.  The next hand moves 12 times faster, and represents the first harmonic pulsation which is a 12 x fractal of the day and points to a 144x fractal of the day. This continues until the 5th hand is moving between the same 12 numbers on the clock in .347222222222... traditional seconds. The fastest seconds are now approximately 1/3 the traditional second.

Now from the 5 powers of 12 on our new clock face, on the next chart we can continue and go much higher in frequencies, to easily locate frequencies that will be synchronous with the natural earth pulsation cycles.
A fractal octave is possible by 12x per step as a system of tracking the earths pulsations as a clock, or a measure of time as it is actually "felt."

2.88 Hz

34.56 Hz

414.72 Hz

4,976.64 Hz

59,719.68 Hz

One can play with these frequencies, using audio sources or using scalar canceling vibrational coils to get a personal feel for how powerful they are on our consciousness, from a "feel felt" perception.

Note 4x direvations off these frequencies cause you to feel heavier, and 3x derivations off them cause you to feel much lighter.
Example 414.72 x 3 =  1244.16 Hz, an Antigravity frequency creating boyancy.
Example 414.72 x 4 =  1658.88 Hz a Gravity frequency creating weight.

Calculating Light velocity and the length of an Earth Synchronous resonant rod system

To find the distance of a wave from it's known frequency, we must divide light velocity by the frequency, and we arrive at a distance for a resonance to operate inside.
Waves passing through copper medium was recorded by Tesla as 185,000 miles per second. Light velocity was known as 186,000 miles per second, so it was known early on that as the wave energy enters matter its velocity drops, and energy is transferred to waves that can stand in the matter, if the matter is cut or tunned to the correct length.
For this calculation I have now set a new measurement of time referred to as the Earth Second, which is 2.88 cycles per traditional second, corresponding to earth pulsations which do exist, as opposed to the traditional second interval which does not exist. Now to locate correct resonant distances light will travel between earth pulsations we calculate wavelengths based on light speed inside the materials, after it has downshifted velocity.

Here are my notes,

Light velocity Fractals based on Synchronous Earth Spin

Light velocity = 103,378,000 meters per Earth Second

/ 12 ^ 9 = 2.00353 cm = 20.035 mm A synchronous harmonic length

20.03 mm

24.0424 cm

2.885090 m

If you carefully set these up in a caliper, they are very sharp to tune, and very powerful distances. I did the lower two. The fine adjustment from 20 mm to 20.03 is an amazing feel.

The 24.0424 cm is also quite amazing for a length that long.

Closest thing I can relate this to is a "light pressure" that seems to envelope the area around the calipers.

To now set up fractals that are useful for polarity generation, we divide down to 1/4 wave segments. Now with a wire or tube cut to these 1/4 wavelengths, we can expect to find a polarity of some kind end to end of the wires or tubes.
Tesla used 1/4 wavelengths to express the maximum energy differential between two points, as voltage. This is charge to ground, or max polarity from a grounded reference.

Once you have felt the 12x Synchronous Earth based Light fractals it becomes very recognizable, as a consistent Light phenomena.
Stretch out a metric tape measure touch the end with left hand, then slide a finger [right hand] across the 1/4 wave metrics, get a feel for measuring and feeling at the same time.

24.0424 cm             1/4 wave = 6.0106 cm

2.885090 m            1/4 wave = 72.1272 cm

The 1/4 wave lengths are nice. They pop right out of the tape measure as you pass over them, yet are also more grounded. Not disorienting at all. I particularly like the 72.12725 cm feel, a nice length for a rod. 6.011 cm is perfect for a caliper experience.

Geometric Angles of Natural Harmonic Coupling

[360 degrees]

360 / 3 = 120

360 / 4 = 90

360 / 12 = 30

30 / 12 = 2.5

2.5 / 12 =  .20833333.....

Where two vibratonal rods are touching on one end or crossing one another, slowly changing the angle between them, can be used for tunnning and coupling purposes. These angles can also be found with the polygon formula for resonant tube designs. Recognize that the 12x angles are special cases, and tend to couple with the Aether outside and all around a device. They could be used for interplanetary communications, as generated by scalar cancelled EM waves, or for gravity manipulation.

A 111 angle would be the sum of any 3 above.