Kosol Explains Buddhist Symbols

Today people desire knowledge, love, and justice, over the prejudice, fear and ignorance of past times.

What do you feel when you look at the symbols below?

In the second world war, Adolph Hitler usurped many sacred titles and symbols, from the Spiritual path of Buddhism. In Hitlers case, he desired the Yang Power of these symbols for himself and his warped unloving system, of "service to self." He only used half the sacred system for this reason and held it completely out of balance. He was, in this Spiritual application, a fool, and destined to fail.

There is a strong desire by Kosol Ouch, that we as a worldwide consciousness, get past the tragedy of this historic upheaval, and back to the original understanding of these titles and symbols. They are very important sacred concepts. They are still being publicly suppressed in Western and European cultures mainly due to our painful memories of WW2. The symbols themselves have taken on a dark meaning, from the one who stole them.

I have noted in my case, it was my "projection of hatred" of the German Third Reich, that generated my discomfort. Also the erroneous fear that the male yang energy can fully dominate indefinitely the female yin energy and even outlive it. Probably also Hitlers foolish belief.

In Cambodia these symbols may be very sacred and not bring up negative feelings, but rather Spiritual concepts. The ownership of these belong to them and their proud history of having carried the teaching, the sacred knowledge, down through a much longer period of time then the relative short time they have had negative social meaning in the West.

Kosol explained,

The Divine symbols for Lord Shiva are the cross with spin. Left spin sits in the Buddhas left hand and right spin sits in the Buddhas right hand.
Left spin is the nurturing service to others, and right spin is the service to self, which Kosol defines as self development, and self change.
This is the Divine knowledge.

The Divine Knowledge

Spin Symbols

I would note that if you are setting behind one of these symbols, as with all spin systems, outflow from you is inflow to another on the receiving end of the spin system.
As one projects into a spin system, another can be receiver, and both perceive opposite sides of spins. The dance normally reverses and sets up the sacred vibrations.

Put palms to the screen and see if you can sense the spin.  This is the meaning.

A secret, the inflow may become the stronger and a more subtle way to accomplish things. While it may appear to be the "submissive" it often overpowers and leads the outflow energy during the exchange of the conscious pulse of life.

When I asked Kosol about his making, what he referred to as a "playful gesture," about the Fuhrer, and asking him to consider stopping the use of the reference, so as not to offend others, here is what I got in response.


Kosol described...., the term means teacher, monk, sage, or guide, as we may relate to in the Western cultures. The Fuhrer was an insightful leader, with wisdom in the Divine Knowledge, and a fluent ability to balance both sides of the Divine Energy.

Not at all what I expected! This would seem to be a 5th density ability.

I suppose that if someone very foolishly had stolen your spiritual heritage, proclaimed himself Fuhrer, used it for evil and then was conquered, you might not object to making a joke of them at times. The ultimate example of an extremely ignorant, and short lived use of the principles. Totally misinterpreted and misapplied, leading to their absolute destruction [in the case of Hitler]. A warning for others who would seek the Divine Knowledge and use it unwisely. [I think I am finally beginning to understand the inside humor of this perception.]

From the Spiritual percpetion, I must admit, to think of Hitler as a foolish idot, does seem to remove the fear and make me want to giggle a bit too at his folly. Teaching WW2 history in this light might tend to alter our young ones perception in the right direction.

When you can reach a state of laughter about something you previously carried as a scarring negative emotion, this is the healing process.
I do not know if the West is ready to fully embrace this "levity" as of yet about this word, but it certainly has altered my own perceptions.

I was reminded of spiritual principle:

A seeker will dig for the accurate understanding of a perception, fully exploring the inner pain encountered.
This is service to self.

The blind will respond and react to their own inner turmoil of the perception, fighting others to silence it.
This is disservice to self.

"Service to others" is always preceded by "service to self."

Heal yourself, and then outflow from your abundance of Love to others.
This creates "levity" and Joy.

Dave L