Joe Cell - Patents - And Copywrights

Joe Cells can presently be used to increase fuel conservation methods, and should rightly be included in any device list to clean up our air, and conserve the earths resources.
They should not be left out. If properly designed I believe they can drop fuel consumption as much as 10 to 15 percent, at present. This remains to be charted over time.

They might fall under classification as,

Vibrational Powering Device -  Vibrational Feed Back Loop Device  - Frequency Down shift Device - Longitudinal wave Resonating Device - Platonic Geometry Device  -  Vortex Device

Patents Copyright And Intention


A requirement of a patent, is that the invention be original. A circuit, if used, must also have an original function and arrangement, and be shown to work as described.
Energy source must be accounted for. Normally a working device must be presented. Patent is offered inventors so that they will share their systems with the public.
Control is normally offered for this then, during their lifetimes, and released to the public after they pass on. This is so inventions are not lost to the society.

On JCFED group thanks to sincere individuals as Adrian, the history has been traced all the way back to WWII likely, where they were being used in Australia to power military vehicles.
If not accepted as fact Peter has at least traced them back to a New Zealander by the name of Graham Coe.

Joe Cell technology has already been release to the public, although not well understood, the idea and concept is not original at this point in time.
Intention of this appears to be mostly Spiritual and well beyond our control.
While many have dreamed of a patent when they discovered the energy available none have been able to manage it to date.

Energy source is highly discussed but not widely accepted as the same source by most involved.
I would not expect anyone could succeed at patenting a Joe Cell. Most all of us have already been shown much data on them from public sources, and they could never be considered an original invention except to the man where it all began.

As the system becomes understood by more, some may want to patent devices that can regulate, control, and even replace the cells, using the same vibrational cycle on an engine.
These may be possible if the designs are original, and actually work. However the concept is not patentable in itself nor is the system of high frequency vibration injection, which Joe has shown can be injected into water, oil, or any number of others things, even the air conditioner lines. While it was spoken, not to inject into oil, or the lower sections of the engine,  it was revealed as "possible" early on, noted to blow seals, and cannot be considered a new or original invention.

Joe even pointed us at the Alternator to derive this same power, and even that cannot be claimed as original by anyone else.

The Joe Cells can be traced back to Joe and Peter, with a working knowledge of them, as first public release of information to thier existence, and we own the "public domain" sites the full credit for any further base of understanding or development that has been moving along from there.

So the vibrational power assist, is
public, and that's that.  Along with all the concepts that have been demonstrated for propagation and abilities of the energy. There have been many other concepts offered in the public domain sites also that must be considered "off base" for any patenting, such as the use of "diodes" or other similar semiconductor "switching devices" to assist the cells energy. This was already being done even before the "lamp dimmer" switches were used. They were also used by Floyd Sweet and are not a new concept for generating sharp pulsing type waves where one can control the frequency output of the waves energy system.


While an accurate theory of how and why a Joe Cell works may be original, a theory is not patentable. A theory should be "published" for peer review.
Theories and experimental records can be copy written for public distribution, such that sales of the materials are controlled by the author, and author gets "full credit recognition" for the contents.
The "concepts" within them however are not generally protected, but rather belong to science or the arts, once they are openly shared or "published."
Copyrights are not generally a way to keep secrets, but a way to protect rights of those who choose to share.
The intention of this was that authors would then share much more of their works and the society would benefit as a whole.

In summary

You cannot patent your theories, thoughts, dreams, or desires, you can only choose to share them or not to share them, and copyright your presentation.
Patents are for original, working, devices. Jenny cell, oil cell, harry cell, etc, are all spin offs from "Joe Cell Technology" and are not original by any means.
At this point, nearly any black box that can replace a Joe Cell will very probably be using techniques that have already been identified and may already be in operation previously in the public domain however unreliable. Possibly one could patent a support system by developing a box to control the process, but the process is already well established, though not well believed, described, or agreed upon.

Personal Discovery

Success at Joe Cell technology is a personal "discovery" that can impact a person greatly. This "discovery" however, is also not patentable, it is only proof that the original concept does in fact work. It is "personal proof" and at present not even mainstream proof. Just because you reach this level at some point in your life, does not instantly give you control of the technology nor should it.


All the documents on the Magnetism and Levitation sites are considered to be "public domain." However, everyone is not going to have "comprehension" at present.
Until one can have "comprehension" of the Joe Cell system, which is the base line functional system using vibrational powering, it would be hard for them to produce a patentable device to support or utilize the technology. No explanations are going to fly, unless they are accurate and demonstrable.

High frequency energy release with down conversion [Joe Cell] or up conversion [Alternator] is vey likely the process. This ranks up there with Keely at having a system to harness directly the high frequency energy and convert it to usable energy. Joe gave us both freely. The public sites have fostered the development process, and the public domain has held the information for us. Anything we further develop from this present base must still credit the roots of where it sprang from.


First the knowledge and techniques must become mainstream science. For this reason I have chosen to share all knowledge, rather then keep it secret, so there will be at least a possibility of more developing "patentable devices" to support the technology, that may someday become acceptable and useful in our society. It must be established that a "basic system of operation" is in fact a valid concept to work from. While at present only a few individuals have been willing to come forwards, there are a great many who have worked this energy now from a much longer time period and know of its power capability to assist running engines.

We have studied the Joe Cells for some time and the basic interactions of various components on them. Folklore would offer they have endless power, but that is not what we see in tests as of yet.

The documents on this site discuss the components and concepts as has been observed, and no more. This is basic knowledge, pure technical science, and may help to make valid any future patents for specific devices that are later developed by industrious individuals wishing to assist honest fuel conservation goals.

If you are seeking patent, another requirement is to follow your power, and never claim you are creating energy.
You must identify the "power source" and all conversions you are using on it.
You may consider Keelys statement of tapping the three high energy forms, and the Joe Cell or replacement Alternator, a frequency shifting device.
The engine itself  a vibrational system you will be applying a feedback loop to with a positive, high frequency, vibrational support loop.

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