Heart Light Project

3  - 2010

[If a light does not also deliver beauty, it has not tapped the creative sustaining life vibration.]
The inception of this project was after a long visit to the Sedona vortexes, and asking for the method to become more clear for bringing forth the Light to illuminate our darkness. It must combine Technological perfection with Spiritual illumination.
The light will radiate pure harmony and move people towards nurturing Love.

[Development Document]

The first flash was a 7 layered system stacked as chakras on a vertical light rod system where 4 male spin and 3 female spin coils form two series circuits joined at ground and at top.

Element Stack

Turns out this design is very similar to Lyle Lathems Star Link system, with the exception of the wiring method. All female spin is series separated, and produces a 270 degree phase shift. All Male is seriesed and separated to produce a 360 degree phase shift. As the two are combined there will be a 90 degree difference and cause some kind of interaction along the whole system. It is believed if this is designed correctly, at the high heart level should be the vibration needed for lighting a bulb by combining the two flows that manifest at that vibrational level.

However we already know the toroidal core is the method to set up these self sustaining horizontal flows with a single multi layered bubble. I will begin with a toroidal coil design that can hold within it the basic field of harmony with not less then two stable layers spinning against one another in space.

Harmony Coil

The toroidal coil engine.

Harmony Toroidal Coil

Beginning with the toroidal core form. I believe the T field interaction is one of layering, with a flow of vibration that is approximately 90 degrees to the electric current. In this form, the inner and outer rings will set up a 7 layered sphere in space that has the ability to self sustain. The rings represent the distance between the center of the meat of the wire used to wind the coil, so the plastic coil form must be 1x wire diameter smaller then the numbers we will be playing with.

I have decided to base my first model on the dark node system of Slim Spurlings copper lengths, due to its sheer power and ability to work around without developing headaches if mistakes are made. My "new inch" or basic measuring unit will be 1.716666" or it can be 1.7166666 / 12  =  .143 " as this is a 12 base fractal system.

Dark Nodal System

1x     1.7166666"
2x     3.43333"
3x     5.15"
4x     6.8666"
5x     8.5833"
6x     10.3"
7x     12.01666"
8x     13.7333"
9x     15.45"
10x   17.1666"
11x    18.88333"
12x    20.6"

Inner circumference of the toroidal will resonate at 5.15"
Outer circumference of the toroidal will resonate at 5.15  x   Pi / 2 = 8.0896"
The two flows together will satisfy the Harmony requirement, and any natural vibrations should be a delight to be around.

Design the device around the field you wish to manifest. It must be ready to hold the creative force once released.
Wire Loop Calculation Diagram
I face the unknown on this design, because I have no clue what length to give C the height of the toroidal.
The coil system must have beauty and meaning also.

711 Toroidal Coil

711 diagram117

It was noted in Lyles stacked coil system of 7 elements [Star Link] , that a tempic field wave having 7 segments will overlap an EM wave having 11 segments at ~2 / pi  ratio, very closely. If we are to combine two tempic field waves, to produce a beauty, possibly a 7 - 11 ratio would be useful for determining sizes.

One can feel from the diagram, a slight tension and yet still close to a pi / 2 harmony.
11 / 7 =  1.571428
pi / 2  =  1.570796

This moves the ratio slightly towards phi and adds some pressure to the system.
As 7 is a rather powerful fractal combination and also 11 is for a 12x system, this ratio should produce a rather active energy form.
The two boxes represent the center of the wire meat on the loops of a toroidal core. We now have a reasonable value for C for the above system.

Toroidal Layout117 - 2

Now if you follow the 11 wave on the 711 toroidal, you find it has two paths, from corner to corner across the center of the coil, and also around the inside loop to lower corner. Each add up to 11 steps using the two inner cross sections for the vertical count. Yet the vertical element is 7 high. Both waves should find a resonance on this coil and all corners will be out of phase by 180 degrees. The big questions, will combining them in this fashion allow for an EM output? Will the coil be a head banger or a harmony system?

The most simple method for accurately building a coil form is probably 2 Plexiglass donuts separated by 3 or more spacers. The wire is then wound over these to spec to form the toroidal coil.

12x Wire Layout

The donuts are then marked on a wheel of 12, and only 11 will be wrapped with wire. This will make the output wires carry "out of phase" signals [Shown as the dots above].
Turns per segment must be kept constant as there are tempic field reversals along the system.
One wrap around the form [wire loop] will be 18 segments so each wind will be in alignment with the nodes on the last and there will be no tension produced from off aligned nodes. This should increase the static light mode of the system, and lower the pressure, with no power on it.

As the coil is pulsed up to the correct frequencies, a bubble should form around it and hopefully become self sustaining into a load, from only a single ground wire to earth.

EM Extraction

EM Diagram
This design is a 17x by 6x vibrational matrix.
It provides two toroidal coils, a T field coil inside an E field coil.

17 / 12 = 1.416
12 / 17 = .7058

It is believed that to produce EM may require a 1/2 segment phasing shift. [90 degrees of the T field rotation.]
Note in this design the 12x scale sets 90 degrees off from the other coil lines because it is an even number. In the gap between the two toroidal coils the two phases will meet with this power generating shift present.
Ratio on the outer coil set will be ready to receive a power energy at approx .707 or an EM with a current present. RMS value = .707 of peak. [Once again very close to .7058 for the wire loop ratio.]

Outside coil loop = 17x [EM Power Extraction]
   2-1/2 x  by  6 x  rectangle loop of wire

Inside coil loop = 16x   [Sweet 16]
   2 x by 6 x  rectangle loop of wire
   Inside coil has the pi / 2 [11 / 7]  ratio present to set up the driving T fields that will cross the outer coil and set up an EM field ratio between all the inner and outer vertical runs.

[Tests with crystal segment lengths for the 17 / 12 ratio were promising.]