Primitive Culture - Financial Security Concept

"What we give to the world, cannot be "sealed" and thus we are now free to share it, as we choose, as sovereign individuals. Individuals can make far better decisions then "money" can, for our well being."

[Non Disclosure Agreements, Corporate Responsibility Shifting,  Money,  and Free Energy]

Personal Money = Public Debt

The Overunity Wheel already exists, its called money, and powered by the people infinitely, pitting person against person just to survive financially.
The concept we have all fallen under is embodied in the the two words we have grown attached to believe are true together.

Financial - Security

These are also a paradox because the root of money is based on debt that can never be fully repaid, where no one can individually own gold, or actually spend it. The printed money, which incurs interest at greater amount then more new loans can ever cover. The US borrows "all" its money at interest. The debt will "always" exceed the money supply and we are always below the "zero point" owing back more then we borrowed from the private FED Reserve, as the "public." There is nothing less secure then a money system not in any way linked to gold we can personally own, or spend.

If the bank owns the gold and only lends the money to the public at interest, you can never pay back the money plus the interest. They lent you less then this total package owed sum to begin with. Someone will have to go bankrupt and loose assets to the privately owned FED. There is not enough money to cover the debt. This is built in and only requires the skill of "addition" to realize. This fosters competition for survival, and generates conflict.

Public Money Borrowed + Interest = More money then was loaned for payment back to Fed  [More money then is in circulation, is always owed. Thus, [Personal Money  =  Public Debt.]
The government claims "responsibility" to pay all the debts as a corporate entity, and drafts paper money for personal use. Thus as individuals we have lost responsibility for our own debt, and lost ability to absolve that debt with payment.


We have to comprehend the present system, without threatening it. To first "realize" it is "primitive." But we can still work outside this on a higher level if we all choose to, human to human.

Stock Market



Our present system of hierarchy for our "local survival" in a society that cannot even make its own shoe laces, and believes in Financial Security Concept. Analyze the "priorities" as openly stated. You may realize a system based on money is ruled by choices that are benefiting something with no actual "value" to mankind, a corporate "entity" without a physical body to share responsibility for its actions. When a corporation goes down in flames no one pays, no one is responsible, the public suffers the loss.

At each step on the ladder, a new form of decision making is employed for its "survival." The only thing connecting both ends of the chart is money. "Management" of all survival goods is now based on only one thing, corporate survival. This is not hidden! Order a prospectus from any corporation to see their goals stated clearly.
On the chart each answers to the one above it, and all are "ruled" by the flow of money.

As money is collected or borrowed by a corporation, it creates more public debt.

The problem is that as we rise on the chart decisions are now made having different objective goals, which do not benefit the individual, but must be "in place" to benefit the survival of the structure as a "corporate entity." A corporate entity is not even real in the physical sense, it is only a pretend concept of mind. It allows the law to connect money and ownership of information to a non existant entity. Thus we all must carry the weight of these systems that do not support us back personally as equals, only as indentured servants forever.

A corporation has no physical body, does not need food, and thus has no business making such decisions for the individual based on the flow of paper money and computer bits that in themselves create only more public debt.

Corporate Goals

[Concerning devices that do not have planned obsolescence, for a profit margin advantage]

There is no corporation out there that will sell you something that does not eat power, and will never break. This would violate their prime objective to survive. It would violate all "policies and procedures" used to create "financial security concept" for its stock holders. These are the very definition of their existence, to market consumable products, that have a precise life obsolescence. Goals are "more sales," higher "profit margins," and "constant expansion." No regard is given to the worlds resources being wasted, or any other concerns of human interest values, such as working conditions for those doing the actual extraction of the elements from the earth.

This is a fine art in todays world, with a very large focus on staff to manage, with "priority one" to keep profits over 23 percent yearly rising, or die on the stock markets they must answer to. Methods in practice as "ethical" are to keep all inside secrets "secret" for competitive edge. A fine line of offering inferior products carefully designed to break as the warranty runs out.

There is no personal contact established between purchasers and actual human suppliers, and no friendships built between mine worker and buyer of the resources. There is great disparity in standard of living between each. The corporate buffer acts to keep this disparity hidden.

We are all responsible for its existence, because it is fully supported from both ends closing the loop. Individuals buy stock in the Corporations and thus give them their personal power to manage based on profits, rather then humanistic goals. Individuals sell all secrets to the corporations and loose rights to the information. Everyone is programmed to believe this is prosperous.

Where do the Corporations buy their secrets? From individuals. It is individual people that progress the technology. The corporate structure removes the freedom of individuals information flow, and takes responsibility for what the technology is used for.
This is the shift of responsibility to the "non real entity."

It is supported from both ends. The corporation, and the people. The present methods, focus the one person on patents, then corporate involvement taking responsibility and ownership of the information for a cost. Once the information changes hands all rights are lost by the individual to own it, or to give it to other humans, no matter the cost to human life that may benefit from the information.
The people do not understand how things work, are not intelligently informed, and for this they give up deciding how things are managed, and how materials are procured.

At this point it is the "money" making the decisions, not the humans.
There is no one evil person out there to blame this on, it is a natural process of our system. The civilization, we are involved in right now. Nothing is being hidden from anyone.

It would be far better the mine worker get all the profits of his labor, and supply the buyer directly. Both would now be released from the burden of carying the system which has no other fuction but to rule the money, at great cost to both.

The Right to Share Information - Individual to Individual:

The basis of the c_s_s_p group experiment, is to share and protect all "collective information," to empower the ordinary person who desires understanding and personal responsibility. To support the experimenter as a collective group, without dependence on money, but working outside and above that current level as human to human sacred connection. Closing a new loop between an organization and the individual to support one another fully and openly from both ends. This is trusting the individuals of the planet over the money system, to make human value decisions that are better.

"Intention" is important for humanity.

c_s_s_p focuses on supporting the experimenters and protecting the "collective information" for everyone, because this is the true value. It requires personal responsibility for the use of the information which is owned by everyone.

Free Energy

In this way, one gives all to the world and receives it also freely, on the mental level without obstruction from a primitive system of secrets. The knowledge will now be around, and free to all. The devices will get built that never wear out and produce free energy, that our present system cannot accept for its very survival of the Corporate structure. Devices that will not ever go to the scrap yards.

If one tries to keep secret "the knowledge" for "financial security concept," they will loose it. It will not lead to true security for individuals because the real value has been traded for the worthless money that is quickly recycled by design.

What we give to the world, cannot be "sealed" and thus we are now free to share it, as we choose, as sovereign individuals. Individuals can make far better decisions then "money" can, for our well being.

Non Disclosure Agreement

The "non disclosure agreement" is designed to reverse this, and remove our right to own the information at the individual level. It is designed to shift the responsibility over to the Corporate interest, where decisions will now be based only on "financial security concept."

There is no other reason to have a signature on a document as "legal contract" then to control the information flow, such that some will be denied it for some reason, not defined by the individual possessor of the information, but by some other third party "entity." In signing such documents you can only loose personal involvement in the subject matter and advancement process of your personal discoveries. There is no faster way to slow progress of technology.

Stepping Forwards

The money system is becoming a great pressure on everyone at present. It creates endless public debt the more we seek to possess it personally.
A touchy balance right now, the ones who step up with "devices that work" risk becoming targets of the present goals of the system as we all feed it from all its levels.

The ones who step up to "sell" scams don't get touched. This is the current status quo for our system to move finances, rather then accurate valuable information, and it is respected even though the individual looses in the deception.

I don't see a way to offer free energy to the world, for money. This is a paradox of concepts. When energy is plentiful and free everywhere there will be no commerce in it that can be considered a "Financial Security" for anyone. It's presence however will constitute a real and true security for everyone. It will place everyone on an equal footing.

This is a very old, old, old, problem in our present society. We are right now "re discovering" where others have already gone in past times. We have seen countless devices disappear over the past decade alone, and countless people destroyed, or dissappear. What I don't understand is how anyone can claim ignorance of "why" at this point. Study the "motivations and goals" of all the present entities, and things become crystal clear to me. We are the problem, and we are the solution.

Where is all the information?

The past 200 years of information on alternate energy, where is it?

What happened to the fellow who was mixing a water concoction in his garage down in OZ, running his motorcycle on it and went the path of the corporate world, and security guards? We have not seen the formula released to the public.

Where are the accurate planes to build the TPU?

Where are all of David Hamels creations setting?

Where is Otis Carrs Utron ship? What are its dimensions?

Where is the science teacher in Mexico who built tubes through his roof and drew power to heat and cool his house? Where are the plans to build this device? Could one even buy them?

I could keep going with these examples because I remember many, and was consciously present as they transpired, and then vanished.
Where is all the "information" setting now? Who or what entity has control of it? Is that entity even real? Can it act responsibly?


It is the information that has value and not the device, in a world of secrets that believes in "Financial Security Concept" as its most precious personal goal. The money has no true value to advance a culture. It is a misguided concept of a primitive world operating on a lower emotional concept of shortage for some, creating supply and demand. Supply must always be less then demand to keep profits high. Only the release of information to an educated public can change the society consciousness on this.


To craft a tube takes only a little math and some patience. Comprehension is the goal, and the knowledge is the power base. This is a very personal achievement and empowers one on the personal level to become responsible. Without understanding the basic principles, any powering system is dangerous. We will not get there without sharing all the information first, and each one becoming a craftsman.
The true craftsman can then exchange the true knowledge if they maintain ownership of the information.


Inside the star tetrahedron at the very center is another geometric form. It is called the vector equilibrium. All its sides have the same length, and its outer shell is very close to a sphere. Twelve segments all coming from one center having the same length and thus all parts of it will vibrate on the same frequency. This is the vibrational form that holds back the gates of the inner energy, and makes us believe that space is empty, rather then containing infinite energy potential. Buckminster Fuller published this form in the 70's I believe, and also started creating geodesic domes, which you can still find around. A huge one sits now in Disney world.
Star tetrahedron is the form setting around it that regulates the energy to become reactive to outside interactions.

Vector Equilibrium

Future Outlooks

I do not want to live in a world of scams. I'm tired of all the scams and emails I receive every day trying to hook me into "spending" without good intelligent reason. Trying to scare me into responding to emails to get my personal information. What is the motivation behind these scams? A "hook" for every conceivable desire because that is how to accumulate money and that is the goal of every person on the planet at present. More laws will not help this situation, the true cause must be addressed head on. More money will not change anything. Most "products" I know will be in the local landfill in a few years, and more marketing will be the goal. This is a disposable society, by design, that will run out of resources one day. The only way out is one step at a time.

Our group has received pressures to sign non disclosure agreements, and also had pressure applied to get each member divided against one another on the personal level many times. Survival depends on each one understanding, the results of making mental decisions based on these lower emotional conflicted motivations of a primitive culture.

We are at least "aware" of the current design of our human system, at present, one of a primitive unaware culture. This is education, and a first step, starting from where we actually set now.

Fabricating tubes, is a personal art, comprehension is imperative, accuracy necessary. A tube will likely never wear out.
Think for a moment how this will impact a society that cannot even make its own shoe laces.

Why should knowledge be hidden for our system to survive? Why is this built into it?

What world do you want to live in?
Only each individual can decide to change it, by operating above this level. When enough people do, it will change.

This is my present personal mental process, and views on the current state of affairs, as to Alternate Energy Technology advance.
The battle will be one of information, and education. For the individuals to recieve the power, they must stop giving it away. They must form a structure outside the present one and operating on a higher morality where humans meet humans face to face and exchange truth, without a middle man. They must choose to assist one another, rather then compete for an upper hand.

Dave L