Calling All Spiritually Advanced People to Return to Earth!

We need you here! Working in your bodies. Turn your focus not away but towards us. Mankind.

[Document is intended for Education - This is my personal experience - It is not theory or conjecture]

The earth is one big conscious device vibrating with star tetrahedron vibration, when it shifts to dodecahedron dominance, there will be no choice for us. We are riding on a conscious vibrational device. If we want a preview we can make a device that will vibrate in this way and study what it will do to us. There is no escaping this, there will only be mastery at the next level. A dodecahedron at GL frequency, or dodecahedron earth vibration is the best model I could offer you to preview what is coming for earth. You can sense this now if you like, there is plenty of time, or you can ignore and be taken by surprise when it happens. Free choice. Either way you will experience it in the physical, no choice. This is not me setting up fast track. This is the Earths choice. For in the physical we are her passengers.

Science and Spirituality

There are many working on many levels right now. What is missing is the gathering and integration of focus at the physical reality to begin the human process, and offer comprehension.
There is much confusion as to the how and why at present, thus we see many wondering aimlessly and not understanding how it all fits together in a world that can at any moment turn to Chaos.
Within Chaos the Spiritual seeker will turn inwards for help expecting the outer world to come in line, and the Scientific will seek outer knowledge. It is my task to attempt to reveal how only using both can we assist mankind to shift to a higher physical vibration together as one. Mankind will recognize a counterfeit offering because it will not work for them over time. The Spiritual ones have asked what can I do? I am here to offer something more simple then many can even imagine. You must pick up the tools and create vibrational forms to teach those who cannot.

Inner Law and Outer Law

[The two paths]

Inner Path

"No Limits!"

I have received hundreds of quotes from Spiritual seekers indicating beliefs we have programmed inside ourselves from our history of opening to the inner Light. They are very comforting messages. While very sincere, many of these teachings lead to what I would call "Spiritual Stalemate" for mankind, because at the end of the practice, they have only changed one person or maybe two, usually to a state of non action bliss and inner freedom. They now sit in a place where they do not use this knowledge to work here, but instead to escape from here to the inner worlds of bliss. There are "no limits" to overcome there except personal ones. The practitioner, and the inner channels opening only to them. In all "inner work" and spiritual seeking we access the vertical channel of Light. What we forget is that in this realm of Light, things operate differently then in the physical realms where our bodies are located. Once found we get very spoiled seeking refuge here often. We pretend that manifesting happens only here, and outer world function can be safely shut down.

Much meditation therefore is designed around body shut down as a distraction, rather then simultaneous mind body integration. This has its place in working the vertical channel and seeking the higher vibrational wisdom and comfort. This can be used to open the channels of telepathy, and finally to deliver total past life recall. It is centered within our bodies at the area of the Pineal or Third eye "vibrational form chakra," where a small portion of the higher vibrations can be used to physically vibrate our inner tool and transfer information to our physical mind. Pineal is the crossing point between inner and outer realms. If you can not connect to the physical mind for storage of memory you will not remember these processes upon returning. Thus all inner travel begins with third eye function in the physical form.

The inner path is used to heal ourselves in 3rd density physical reality, and prepare for 4th or higher. It can access all memories and emotional trauma and conditional love interactions we have personally experienced. One can bridge this to the physical mind by removing the veil. Ask and you will receive this.

We must remember that this path will not assist others who are not fully opened to it yet. Your words will fall on deaf, scared ears. Also it must be acknowledged that even the design of the chakra system is not within our immediate control, only our mastery to the point of collapsing it to one overlapping system where all levels can now communicate as one, and this gives us the inner freedom while operating still in this physical world.

Outer Path

The outer path is accessed horizontally from the inner conscious realm, and laws that operate here are not the same. The two sit at 90 degrees, and often a person will realize that if asking for something from within, something a little different is delivered in the physical, something with a different spin then we actually envisioned. The outer path is governed by Science. We cannot alter the shared reality in our 3rd density home, we must master it exactly where it is. To effect change we must learn to work at 3rd density. We need to come home and meet here in the physical. To effect mankind we must return our wisdom to the outer world and share it there. This is "service to others." It is "the gathering" of those who know. The power of synchronicity is available for those walking in both realms for the greater good.

A flashlight is a machine that effects the physical eyes. A scalar coil is a machine that vibrates up the Pineal. In the physical 3rd density body both are governed by Science. Either one of these can blind if too strong. The Pineal is physical. The physical part works at 90 degrees to the Spiritual vertical column of the Light Channel.

Spiritual Laws are not the same as Physical Laws. They operate at 90 degrees, and do not reflect as a perfect mirror. There is a skew, an angular shift, and another conscious manipulation happening that we are not in control of. It thus pushes us to advance in ways we would not have chosen consciously or had prior knowledge of. The physical realms are Shared realities, and cannot be manipulated to our personal choosing at will as on the inner realms. They are changed in a "shared manner." There have very precisely defined laws and limits.

When something is developed in the outer world it is not immediately learned by everyone, and in 3rd density secrets are very possible to keep. As much as seeking the Spiritual inner path does not work like this, it is the reality here. We are at "solar plexus" development socially and no higher. If we were higher there would be no war in the outer world. There are some that learn in the outer [science], and some that choose to learn on the inner like us [spiritual], its best to operate in both for integration of the two polarities. For the "outer world learners" they can learn Spiritual truths by building devices and experimenting with them. The RM devices are very gentle and not nearly as strong as the spark machines. They do not teach others, but only the operator of them. The results are "service to self" only, and secret from mankind, as is all "inner" work.

The Outer Physical realm  does not share the claim "No Limits." Without limits matter would cease to operate. Science is the study of the very fine Limits of balance necessary for life to occupy this space. Devices like the "Joe Cell engine," the "Kosol Hemispheres," and the "Light Rods" allow us to bridge the barriers and comprehend how the conscious meets the physical worlds.


I have been told that "spreading information on the inner is the same as sharing it in the outer." I have also been told by scientists that "no amount of inner work will alter scientific operation." After having opened both channels wide, I realize these teachings are one reason "mankind" and science has no use for Spiritual progress as a benefit, until it is returned to us in the physical. I did not learn Electronics from the "inner channel" yet electricity has succeeded at changing mankinds standard of living. When AC power was shared with mankind on the 3rd density physical, it was obvious that information does not spread in this way here, as on the Spiritual levels. There are two paths that work together to change mankinds state of vibration, and the laws of each are different. Inner channel will raise mans conscious reality, and outer science will raise mankinds physical vibration. Look at which path has actually changed mankind, it was the outer world sharing of knowledge. This is the completion of a step upwards. Right now we set at a critical place once again. Many are helplessly attempting to master this at present, and many are advancing, but a great many are just looking to Spiritual Masters and Leaders, and doing nothing while they wait for something, they do not know is coming, or how it will effect them. All have a function!

Step 1

All inner fears must be healed before returning to help mankind. You cannot help heal them if you are still unbalanced. This is Akashic record and Astral "clearing and cleaning" process. Ask for all your lifetimes to be given. Experience all Karmic balance with others in the outer interactions and the emotional interactions of 3rd. Resolve all personal conflict, number one priority.

This is the inner work that happens in "secret" to the outer world here at 3rd density. This information does not spread instantly to all people that are operating below 4th density physical vibration. This is a very personal process. Only at 4th density physical is this information freely shared. You are best to have Spiritual guidance from a Master to do this but it is not totally necessary.

When you get all past life recall, this is a major step for starting to work for mankind rather then self progression. Step one is "Service to Self."

After this step, there is only personal choice to move away from mankind to the infinite worlds above, or to turn back to join mankind to assist. The infinite levels of heaven are of little use to mankind where it is at now, and these seekers are remaining at "service to self" operation. Their efforts in keeping focus outwards on the higher beings will have no effect on third density beings as mankind past the 4th or 5th density realities. Most all those they find in the higher planes are not looking outwards, but back at us to see what we are going to do next. Any truly located in a 5th density realm will have physical abilities and comprehension that are not disputable. They will not avoid being tested by their students if there is a real truth necessary to convey.

The personal shift you will experience, to 4th density vibration in the physical will make this very clear. You will discover where your loyalties truly align in Loving this world and all the beings within it.
It is our job to fully test any and all claiming a higher mastery, and accept no counterfeits, or be luled into a state on total non action personally. This is Spirituality now subject to testing for the greatest good of mankind. Honesty is required for all.

Step 2

Turning back to mankind at 3rd density where we are now in the physical, is the second step. This is "Service to Others." This is the gathering of Loving souls turned back to the physical home in oneness. Those who actually have abilities, must apply them and share.

All of us that are presently here, have come here to work at 3rd density vibration, and here in the Outer World where secrets are very possible. This is what the creation shows us.
To master the third density vibration, we must also embrace the horizontal path from Pineal outwards back into this darkness and master the Science, bringing the Light with us.
We must work through a machine that is conscious, and Science will govern its operation while working here. Third eye is a platonic vibrational machine. It is very physical, and the meeting point for the two realms we seek integration to "Slide" between.

Mastery is not Escape, it is not to work in physical ignorance of 3rd density interaction, while claiming a higher authority from the inner planes.

Mankind is not destined to split into small chunks and each go off polarized into different levels of heaven on the inner planes. There is no need to polarize or choose between the Dark and the Light. Creation is the operation of both to create the physical matter forms we inhabit, and mastery of both paths will sustain our physical world as one shared reality. It is this polarizing to only one that has held us back as mankind for so very long. It is time to make peace. If we are to master physical reality we must embrace all of its component parts, and work from a position above this polarity to use both forces in dance. We must command them to play nice together in our physical space. As more succeed at this, all men will see and be given a taste of a higher physical vibration together. It will become the only choice. Both are at a loss right now without the other. This is the current disorganized flailing about we see with one Spiritual leader after another pulling our focus different directions, while we do nothing what so ever to progress but wait for someone to make sense of all the opposition solutions offered while looking "out there." We are looking the wrong direction!

Try as we might the Higher beings are not going to come save us in the physical, as we ourselves do nothing but summon them and exercise our inner channels of Light and bliss. Try as we might the scientists are not knowing the new direction of Heart opening, to study its effects on physical reality, with wide opened eyes in both realms. They are stuck in yang power and blowing things apart to study them. You can tell those initiated at the 5th density physical vibration, because they do not seek to win a battle but to master it, and raise the vibrations until all participants realize they are polarized and "wake up." The fifth initiation of physical vibration is one of perfect balance of both the Light and Dark in equal proportion. To seek purity in either one is insanity to any who have ventured there and know this. If your spiritual leader seeks to polarize you, you must choose polarity or integration. You can not have both. Recognize this is a Master teaching you by putting you there. As the frequency of personal "side flipping" increases you will awaken with a great joy and freedom.

You have passed the testing, you are now ready for "service to others" and embracing the true advancement of mankind.
"Service to self" or "service to others" is not the single choice of any advanced being. A balance is needed just as with all things. They are both steps necessary to advance mankind. One is accessed on the inner and one in the outer.


4th density is also a very physical "shared reality."

We can help accelerate the science part to give physical mind something to help, but not the personal part. It only takes someone to move the device vibrations into the sacred realm also and merge the physical with the spiritual to find integration. Find the crossing point. When all becomes integrated, then one can design their own conscious machines as needed. To keep the physical world separated from the spiritual world, then you remain split and the dance will not accelerate for you at all until it is forced on you by an external physical vibrational shift.

The fast track is a result of acceleration of mind or mental function, and comes naturally at points of truly connecting with physical higher density vibrations. Time scale shift! This is physical, and not only inner plane connection, where body is kept still and useless as a low frequency distraction. As Pineal function increases time scale also changes, and you become the UFO, zip, zoom......

A physical shift to 4th density vibration results in everyone shifting together. Some will not be prepared for this. We can assist them to remain sane during the process if we have previewed the interaction personally. We can now create a forth density vibrational flashlight to shine on our Pineal for a preview. This is done using Science.

My call is to the Spiritually advanced to realize there is still much lower chakra work to be done, now that we have personally experienced the levels on the inner at least to 5th vibrational Light. The work is now in the outer. We have no need at present of 7th  8th or 9th travels to assist us in this present task. This work is mastery of solar plexus and heart centers physically for mankind and only review for many of us on the inner. We are all familiar with these on the inner and all know what a small step this is for one person to make in the secrecy of one or two together. It will be a large step for Mother Earth and all mankind when it comes.

It is our job to now give Science a Heart opening as never before in our history.
This knowledge will uproot present science, but it will only work if it is real 3rd and 4th density operation, as it has been created to function in the physical.

This will take co operation of both paths and full acceptance that both are valid parts of this creation experience. In the state of being split or argument as to "Laws of Operation," there will be no advance. A clear understanding of the two Realities and how they work together is necessary, at the point where they come together. The "third eye node point" is present in all things physical.

If the Spiritual adept believes he is not subject to physical laws of vibration, there is a blockage of scientific understanding. If the scientist believes he is free from moral choosing to "serve mankind" he is also blocked spiritually. We need each other! Now more then ever before as the earth prepares to make its own adjustments in physical vibration to house its next greater inner consciousness.

In the Joining we go through the shift together with Mother Earth, and with physical comprehension of what is happening, not needing a Spiritual escape plan to leave the body. The Spiritual advanced will not fear the death, the Scientists will quake in fear, but both can die in the flesh. We are all equals in death.

The understanding that both Spiritual advance and Science are truly not at odds is the ultimate goal. Either can be corrupted for self service at the greater cost to mankind. We raise our frequency together as one. It is time for the leaders of both systems to step down and let the real practitioners focus on and openly share the truths to be discovered together as equals. This is the step where we drop leaders and become participants in our own future world of a higher physical vibration. This is the beginning!

The 4th Density Flashlight

[Outer world Teachings - Physical Realities]

A conscious device is one that resonates a Frequency. Frequency is sensed with the physical third eye. Frequency is key to coupling energy between separated physical objects and allowing a sliding of the consciousness between them. Within this connection there are limits and direct communications possible also, that do not lie outside time and space but work from within it. Thus they are far more accurate for physical world transfer of information with accuracy. The flow is perpendicular to the Inner light channel upwards. It is very useful in third density machine development, and will be natural in fourth.

Once two objects are coupled with one frequency now all higher frequencies can slide across it. This is key to density travel in the physical, and also direct telepathy. Conscious information can join or communicate across an established matrix of harmonious vibration in the physical. We can share one reality together. Ours is not the only one. We can also learn to share others now present.

To give a frequency power in the physical we must also give it polarity. Polarity will tip one force to the outer and one to the inner and the first force it will create is Gravity.
The form is the sphere in vibration at one of its frequencies. The vibration is a platonic vibration and will develop nodes of vibration in a pattern over the surface having equal distance between all nodes, and it will now have polarity. An inside that occupies smaller space, and an infinite outside. If the inflow exceeds the outflow there will be gravity from the imbalance. Gravity is a system that will fill surrounding space with an extremely high number of energy nodes on a grid system. It is the one force connecting us all together on our home planet. Phi is the accelerating function of the inner side of this sphere opening it to a different infinity, so there will now be infinity inside and outside. 1111 is the outer accelerating function. Pie is the boundary that develops between them becoming the stable meeting place.

The basic pattern of frequency is the linear "rod." If cut accurately in the physical realm it will establish a set of nodes on it with equidistant spacing. On the nodes of this "rod" all physical vibration is neutralized and energy turns 90 degrees to the conscious realm. Within all matter is the conscious connection at 90 degrees to the physical form. If you touch these nodes with physical touch you will see the "Inner Light" and be able to fully verify my words for yourself. Without this proof, you will have no concept that the two realities are both here right now and working together at 90 degrees in all matter.

We can get fully lost in the Light, or in the physical part of this, but now it is important to focus on the place where they join. Many of my devices have been quite a distraction as I sat staring into the Light in total Bliss! I remind myself we are not here to escape this world but to work within it, and I go on recording frequencies, and devices to assist that may later be useful to those who will grasp them fully.

Each 4th density Flashlight must be created by someone with capabilities to see into and feel the realm already. One trained in Science also, to make the bridge for others to experience physically.
The 4th density physical shift has nothing to do with our personal choice, and so must be shared publicly in the outer world.
To create a simple flashlight you must master some physical science requiring also a spiritual ability to locate the crossing points in all matter. You must seek the nodes of Light and fully experience and prove these to yourself. At this point matter itself will come to life for you.

The good news is that these levels of mastery are only third and fourth density levels of physical vibration. A great many of us have now exceeded this capability on the inner planes already.

The Physical Forms Offered for Study

Become familiar with the star tetrahedron we now sit on, as earth vibrates generating this grid system at 3rd density physical vibration. Locate earth nodes and feel her vibrational length fractals.

Linear dimensions have been recorded and tested for accuracy here:
Earth Vibrational Fractals

Cut these lengths and feel them vibrate, they are our physical home at present.

Learn to sense and comprehend the dodecahedron vibration that earth now has within her, a system that is slowly rising in intensity and soon to pop out, also found in the above URL at the bottom.
Experience what this dodecahedron vibrational form does to humans. Healing of the auric layers. When built into a small scale fractal dodecahedron we can have set on our desk. One touch and your third eye will couple with hers. If you get the dimensions correct there will be no proving anything necessary to anyone.

Discover the physical 4th density vibration of the GL length, thought to be now a similar physical realm to where we will be heading.
If this vibration is embraced and amplified, one can peer directly into another physical realm of harmony and instant telepathy between physical beings.
To increase the power of the connection add mass to the vibrational system. Water can also be used to do this mass increasing.

Experiment with the Gravity segment length that is operating between earth and moon. It is also fully conscious.

See the Matrix Document for these and many other vibrational "Light Rod" lengths existing around us right now in the matrix of vibration we can all learn to tap into.

Learn to amplify these nodal patterns using the 1111 operators. This is pure and simple math, and will increase and "create polarity" on a single "rod" length.
All you need to master it is understanding how to operate a calculator, and measure a length. This is easier then balancing a checkbook.

1111 Document

Add a phi function, and experience this strange phenomina. If you use basic "light rods" already resonant, you will immediatly get a real response for the phi function. This is the correct way that nature does it, it will work.

When you find your own lengths please share them and add to the growing database. Attempt to identify the source, and the fractal length so others can also use these to create resonant forms.
Do not build forms that are beyond our immediate use or distract to 7th or 8 th these are for the few who can now help us from those levels, they are looking this direction. Ask the conscious web of mankind if the vibration is ready to go out to all. Still share the lengths, but identify the source for us if you can. We are all now on the honor system to share openly and honestly and there will be no more interference in this persuit.

If you are a Spiritual adept, please pick up the physical tools and start to make some scientific sense of the vibrations you are now spreading and question the necessity fully. Blind service to the Light is not the balance we seek in the physical ascension process, any more then blind service to science for science sake. We need your help now. We need sensitives to comprehend the physical part of all this and offer services for those building. As we put this into the hands of all men at their correct level to comprehend, the world will change. A flashlight to experience the 4th density is the present need, and in this shift I have no doubt all will choose ascension once fully percieved.

Welcome back to the physical plane and the integration. Please bring your Light with you, it will be needed.

Dave L
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