[One presents itself to us as vastly superior of mental capability, another presents itself as vastly more highly Spiritual,  yet another dissects one of us, all within the harmony of the bug kingdom]

The present world of man needs to awaken, and grasp the larger picture. We must demonstrate abilities of psi function and start to see our leaders as the level they are truly at Spiritually, as the bugs do.
To be accepted into the Galactic realm as "safe" we must reach only 50 percent service to others over service to self. The bugs have made this very clear, and they are interactively monitoring our progress at all levels of our society. This has been "incomprehensible" to the present governments of our planet.

I was moved to observe this by many of the channeled works presumed to be of a Divine nature and wish to point out many of the problems with such channeled works, where we are merely the channel and not the inspired Source of the information as fully conscious beings. With enlightenment we come into a full view of what is truly happening and all facts become exposed to mind with full clarity. I have been enduring this process of recent times with now an opening of the crown. With the full balance at this level much has come to my own awareness of concern for mankind, still at the Spiritual child stage of development or solar plexus center. Unlike the bug kingdom I am freely sharing the knowledge with all at all levels of our society, because our society is not a bug oriented world, and the bugs are not in full comprehension of this.

The teachings of the bug world are obvious. The ants the bees, we have studied them all. Perfect order. They can switch between their person and their hive mind and will always obey without question when a higher level speaks.

Hierarchy - Exalted ruler or Queen - ruling class - servant class - drones - many layers of specialization - no advancement between the classes

Servitude to the Hive - incessant work motivated by any level of emotion below the heart center from survival to lower love, creativity, to fully developed power center

Freely sacrificing the "self," in hopes of reaching a heaven in the afterlife, or a better incarnation where one becomes the leader, while performing a service to the hive as one consciousness entity.

Absolute control
and expulsion of those dangerous to the "order" or not willing to conform. Absolute denial of personal freedom once level is established. They will kill the failures, and the weak without empathy in their own ranks.

Ra and Urantia

In both the teachings of Ra in the "Law of One" and within the Urantia book, as well as in many of the Religious paths, we have channeled from the Higher beings, are found these concepts mixed in with a future Love to be experienced based on our actions of servitude, compliance, or choices given as fact without option. Only if we wait out the present evil state, and into the new era, working very hard for the upper enlightened class. Also that any other path we may choose will lead to sure destruction of our soul and all future chances to advance possibly for eons of time. All these works of Light from the distant invisible voices program in the assured destruction of mankind if some conformity of choosing a polarity is not embraced and a division of individuals to classes of different advance. All the prophecies seem to integrate uniformly at or near 2012.

These illusions are taught at every level of the hierarchy in one form or another depending on the intelligence level of the organism being fit into the chain of servitude or exultation.
Within the structure there are levels, running up and down. Information does not move freely between them, instead teaching and programming is handed down from above to lower levels to maintain a clear vision of the "why and how" to keep each layer in check. Each layer is not informed of the larger picture only their small vision of function. This describes both a "cult mind control method" as well as a "military class" with an elite class at the top perusing a higher spirituality or wisdom and directing the lower class, which remains in ignorance.

This is the never ending way of the bugs, and works. The reason it works so very well, is that they have learned from the coherent fields themselves. In a coherent magnetic field, each small magnet becomes one part the larger field, and each takes on only a small part of the work of the whole. Same is true for Electric fields filling with photons. A form of life following this pattern from the smallest appearance of evolution to the largest, is very successful if all beings fully buy into the structure and accept the rolls without question. The path of the bugs is not without wisdom, we must learn to honor it at some point. However it is not our path as humans.

Man and The Inner Light - Channeling the pure Light and not the external Beings minds

It has never been mans natural desire or nature to fall into these kind of structures where classes are needed to separate some to the level of exulted ruler, and some to the level of servant, others to the level of spiritual adept. We have never been happy with this model.  This has always been imposed on man who goes along with this out of fear, unsureness, ignorance, weakness, or sheer desire of power or submission. Mans true nature is to function in a world of empathy, equality, justice for all, and freedom of expression. Our highest aspirations have always come from the societies of freedom and allowing the individual to progress to any position desired they are capable of. We perceive a reward in this life for our works and seek to raise all men equally to our level or quality of life if possible. This is our true nature and is only removed through the control of hierarchy imposed upon us, or the narrowing of our total vision imposed. All of us desire these things inwardly and quite naturally. This is encoded within our DNA and is found from our highest inner spirituality when activated with our own inner Light. We all strongly desire to share information freely as well, and the Internet is making this now possible. These qualities are not present in the world of bugs that I am aware.

From our tribal beginnings to now men have organized to share as equals, it is only the influence of these Higher entities that has caused us to adopt other ideals, where we must learn to live with the inequalities and extreme class structures and division of knowledge base, power and money. From the beginning of time perhaps we have been influenced from above by the Higher intelligence of the bug worlds of higher evolution. Just how freely we adopt these imposed society structures shows us not only where they came from, but our own lack of understanding our own inner beingness.

The most interesting of recent channeling with "Ra, the Law of One." Instructions how to become a seeker, giving up all interest in the here and now physical world which is passing away, and look only to the future 4rth density hope of a better world where all our desires will be fulfilled shortly by magical means. This same model offered in many of the Religions of our world. Lay down your technology and become a garden world of enlightenment, the higher spiritual beings will save us. The whole new age movement is aligned with this teaching, one of total unbalance for humans and no actual mental solutions to our present real world needs, consumed in the emotional structure or personal healing and forgetting to notice or care for the power base which must support it as one world within the greater galaxy.

From the model of Jesus dying for all men, the perfect service to mankind by self sacrifice, to the Urantia were we are viewed as primitive or wicked people in need of higher guidance and salvation from those of the ships above, we have been progressively programmed, mentally prepared, and set up to believe within our past Religious history to begin operating as do the bugs. Viewing ourselves as lessor beings, in need of saving from the greater wisdom of the "elite" or more enlightened beings. Also to submit to the more intelligent leader class.
The bugs have so utterly programmed us on this model of rightful polarization of soul, we are, some, ready to lay down and offer our own planet to them without hesitation, trusting their superior intelligence is far in excess of our own, or that their spiritual wisdom is also vastly superior, while their lower drones have done destructive acts to individuals of our society already. They have fully convinced us that the world will soon be destroyed in fire.

Mans true nature is to reach into our own conscious connection with the inner Light, and discover the true workings of Nature. This requires the development of technology, and mastering it at each level of comprehension, then finding the balance for successful operation within our own society, and finally the galaxy.

Divide and Conquer - The Present Illusion Imposed -Two Paths or Three?

"There are not merely two paths to choose from, mankind will require three. The middle path is not offered by the bugs as workable in any of their teachings of earth or of heaven."
It's not that the bugs, above us in their ships are evil entities, or mean to destroy us. It is the Light they know and share with us, their Light, their DNA, and their way of evolution. It is how they operate, and how they wish us to operate in a universe they are frightened of, in that they cannot understand our own morality base that often leads to wars they cannot fathom the reasons for.

Once the pecking order is established in the bug world there is ultimate peace and Organizational unity without question, without disobedience, harmony, peace, and safety. Perfect order without personal choices or freedoms. Are these not the very words of Religion? Obedience, peace, harmony, service to others, giving up control of the self to the programming or the cause of the "one." Any who have embraced this model such as the Jehovah s Witnesses, in my own case, find themselves fully involved in this structure of never ending service to the greater cause at great personal sacrifice, while enduring many hours of mental programming as to the "how and why" offered to conform or be lost to destruction. And then finally expulsion for questioning or not obeying the very human leaders decisions in a two class division of mankind [hierarchy] which is also imposed on the Spiritual levels of their present model, in the same methods we see Ra doing to enter the 4rth density heaven, the age of Love.

I have personally tried to work directly with the nature of self and mankind to channel our greatest ideals, our greatest morality, and come up with a far more balanced view for mankind directly from the Light and our own inner construction. Having broken the bugs influence some time back, free of the imposed spiritual control and imposed hierarchy. The Organizational Unity Concept is the highest and most aware acceptance of our own nature I can perceive. It addresses us where we are at now in this physical world and addresses our immediate needs to become an advanced race as humans, and not as bugs. It offers the middle path of the Buddhist, one of balance and harmony between all extremes, offering all the freedom that is inherent within us to each and every individual. No such imposed polarization of individuals into servants or leaders is necessary, but our power base is critical to our survival. It should not be sacrificed to the bugs of free choice. There are not merely two paths to choose from, mankind will require three. The middle path is not offered by the bugs as workable in any of their teachings of earth or of heaven.

Organizational Unity Concept

Concept of the self and other selves in balance is offered within the document as to our true nature. We must serve self and others in perfect balance, on both the emotional and mental levels of operation. This is the major difference of the Ra information seeking to alter our true inner Light and offer another means of self control. Ra offerers the "dual heaven vision" and teaches the physical at this time is invalid and will shortly end. I have not seen this on the inner, but see us in the future traveling among the starts of this density, exploring space in the here and now, in the present. My personal vision is challenged by all these so called Religious paths of acceptance of an imposed model of reality upon us which is invisible at present, and not a true part of our own nature as humans.

Bugs are experts at psi manipulations, they can very easily communicate on the level of telepathy, as we slowly become aware at this new level of interaction for us as humans. They have been using this method from their beginnings as with ants and bees. They have never needed language per say, but have managed to slowly master language as they have been studying us over the past years. The advanced bugs have been aware of us for a very long time. Bugs are easily manipulated using these techniques to establish the layers of domination all through their societies. It is their natural order and a path they deem normal. They are doing their best to instill order for us in the way they are familiar it should be done, hierarchal structure. They do not trust our own DNA path, nor do they fathom it fully as we shall in the future ahead. Very strange we would find ourselves within their care at this time, but indicates we have strayed too far from the natural order.

The "Harvest" of Souls

If there ever was a bug concept of more cold distain to us as humans it is the thought of being harvested by some higher entities of vibration claiming a divine right to do so.
The "Harvest" apears in so many of the Religions, as well in the Ra material. Within us is only found "enlightenment and opening" continously at higher and higher levels of awareness. The concept of a human Harvest is a "power and control" offering of blind obedience without comprehension, based on fear motivation. Each and every human has ability to advance upwards of present conscious state simply by choosing this path. We have not been bread at the DNA level to only fill one level as has the bug kingdom. Any one of us can reach the 4rth density at this time in our history if this is made the personal goal.

The Rods

No doubt some will find my offerings offensive, or blasphemous, as "leaning on our own understanding" is frowned upon in the worlds of Religion. However the seeking of Spirituality over Religion has been the focus of my own life personally and led to what I believe is a greater level of awareness and knowing the self. While Religion offers only two paths, enlightenment offers all three. This allows us to exceed the bugs if we choose to do this, in every way possible as individuals. Where the bugs have exceeded us is on the social level of order and building.

If I was of a selfish nature I could probably easily form a Religious mind control cult and dazzel others with the Light of the Rods. Setting up "initiations" of a secret giving and enslave souls to my level of desire. This time is over for our advancement, and the path of the bugs is not our path.

There is a mechanism found within the Rods of Radiant Light I wish to convey to all that would choose to experience this for themselves. It is the fuel of a secret cult order, but now to be exposed in concept merely as a truth and openly shared. The Radiant Light, contains intelligence of all form. It can not be limited or controlled but contains the infinite intelligence of Source. The Intense Light first appears as the God force, because this is the only thing we can relate it to [Logos Rods]. [A word implanted by the bugs or Ra consciousness to fully orientate me to this teaching.]

Vibration of a higher density or order, always appears as a Radiant Light that may even be blinding at first until one begins to enter into it, where it is discovered not to be what was first perceived. Like stepping into a fully lit room out of the dark night, it will first blind you and overwhelm you fully, both emotionally and mentally, much like a snake may hypnotise a mouse before he eats him.

As one opens and then enters another coherent density of reality, it is discovered it is not heaven, but only another world appearing as intense light to someone in a lower level of vibration. Any of the bug ships using this intense Light and projecting it at our own Spiritual adepts will fully blind them to this operation at first, and the recipient of the intense Light will have what is termed a Religious or deeply inner Spiritual experience within self. At this time they are ever susceptible to telepathy of any message offered if it seems of a spiritual nature, it will be embraced as from God, or it will be recognized as a lie immediatly and rejected and the true bugs form revealed in the realization.

The bugs have been projecting two experiences at us, which is obvious from the reports of abductees, based on where they see our auric light centered as individuals. The reason I recognize both experiences as having the same source, is that at the very inner core of all the channeled bug work there is the division of individuals into groups of different specific paths, based on worthiness of servitude to a higher beingness not reachable at present by us. This is in direct violation of our own Human Nature. Both paths are a bug perception of great value. One presents itself to us as vastly superior of mental capability, the other presents itself as vastly more highly Spiritual, both are projections of the same faction of control offered to us, and both reveal a hierarchy of beings of greater or lessor worth asking for self sacrifice, as they project a different physical form we are more likely to accept. They are all at different levels and thus offer different experience to the levels they perceive in our own society as closely as they can relate. I believe this is their greatest wisdom being offered freely, and shows a willingness to both teach and learn.

As we begin to open these other realms of Light vibration, we will in fact come to a realization of the true nature of Light, which is the next step of our own evolution  Only in this new comprehension of Light and how it propagates will be found the methods of propagating the universe and space travel at faster then what we now perceive as Light velocities. We have already charted the path of the Radiant Light to realize it can turn on a dime at 90 degrees much like we see the UFO craft doing. The study of the Radiant Lights nature will reveal the mechanism of gravity and gravity control. As soon as we as a human population come to this realization of Light travel, we become a possible threat to the rest of this galaxy. Thus the controls we have been enduring from outside influences to our Religious world for the past eons of time attempting to create the embrace of the bugs path upon us, namely the hierarchy to establish order, has been quite successful.

Mankind is waking up at this time, but not from the works or the help of the bugs, simply as another path and another expression of the God force. They seek to influence at each step and control our development to avoid the same kind of destruction we have been capable of in the those past eons. They abhor disorganization! They have kept all their true intentions a secret, but the one thing they are known without a doubt is to lie at each level with a newly crafted model for our mental acceptance of a path of servitude where all beings are not equals. Direct exploration of our own Sacred path does not lie in the same orientation.

When and if mankind can step into the worlds of density travel, we will be bringing  a new vision into these realms then the one offered by the bugs who may have arrived there first. Our joining together as humankind happens not at the 6th density as for bugs, from extreme polar division, but at the 3rd as a free choice. This is the only way mankind can develope the power base needed to act as one with intellignece. We bring all our qualities of both good and evil with us and will not release or polarize ourselves to only one, and remain happy, whole, or complete. We do not release our dark inner side to develope seperatly in a seperate heaven of 4rth density, but we intigrate it and accept it fully. There is simply no purity or purging possible for us to this degree, short of dissection of the personality.

Why this was placed into our DNA as a completely different path, must have a higher origin then the bugs themselves who would never have modeled us in this fashion if they were the true manipulators of our DNA. The answers are found in turning directly to the Light itself and seeking them with clarity of thoughts, and not having to perceive the inner light as a projected "being of form," which it is not. As we practice spirituality if we choose to use a physical form to contact the Light, we offer acceptance of its form and all associated teachings of that form. Spiritual awakening, is the embrace of the Light "within us" with nothing but our own self form to comprehend in the balance. This is the integration of Spirit and Body, the being reborn of the Spirit. It will reveal our true inner nature, our mistakes and our highest aspirations of fulfillment in creation. This comes only from the higher Light, and not from any other entities or beings of the external world of other design. Any Religion offering the unreachable hierarchy, is of an obvious bug design. Mankind seeks enlightenment for all, with all qualities present, within all becoming fully realized.


Recognizing the true nature of what has become our Religious pattern instilled by the bugs as a gift to the order of our own development, we must come to realize they do not see the individual in the same light as us, of equal value. They are aware of our own difference in this, but have still operated as bugs and thus have not seen the abhorrence of sacrificing a few "low class" individuals to their attempts to study us from individuals of their own lower orders. Some abductees have been dissected, I have no doubt, and they were unaware of the impact this would have on us. Some have been Enlightened to degrees and offered extreme wisdom such as the Ra materials which are excellent narrow band ideals, for the one exception, simply not valid for our method of evolution. They offered this to those calling and seeking and then always add a bit more then we asked for. Channeling personalities that identify themselves as our future selves, and yet we are unable to sense this directly from nothing other then their own words. This is offered by a different layer of the bugs structure. Some have merely been offered power over others and placed in those rolls. The bugs recognize the sensibility of this hierarchy structure to maintaining order.

The projection of the bugs on us has been picked up in our own psi fields and interpreted as the Iluminati movement. It has succeeded at turning us against our own leaders and them against us. It has brought in a misstrust at all levels, as humans do not operate in this way naturally as a heirarchy.

I personally believe they wish nothing more, then as they have indicated, to assist in our own enlightenment as a species, but are not willing to allow us to self destruct without a vision of what we could become, and what they may also gain from this. This is a true gift and the highest offering of their own culture as they perceive it. The ships entering our solar system at this time are preparing with many plans of contingency, and the outcome has not been fixed or seen already. The earth is being divided mentally, and physically into various groups of beings expecting very different things all based on the bugs instilled perceptions of a multi class society being one of order and harmony. They have successfully blinded a great many using the Radiant Light itself. This has also caused some to exceed this introductory level and actually find our own inner programming and the differences in what they have implanted of their own sacred programming as the gift.

Humans are multidimensional and bugs split the dimensions with other bodies specific to each vibration or level of operation. They only experience the higher vibrations through their leaders and not from within the self as we are capable of doing.

There is in fact only one choice for us as a culture to avoid being either enslaved, destroyed, or relocated to less developed worlds. Awaken to our own inner Light and maintain our own power base simultaneously. This is the one thing they will recognize and honor, that will allow them to back off and simply leave us to continue developing what they would see as our own hive. They are not going to allow us to travel the galaxy, and begin to start wars on other worlds with weapons of mass destruction. We have a long way to go in a short time, in both Spiritual and Mental aspects of our own inner nature if we are to be accepted as equals worthy of free travel through space.

The entire world of man is now seeking the solution to gravity, if the element of our own inner light is not discovered simultaneously and some form of harmony freely chosen it will be imposed on us, and there is no one to blame this on but us. We are responsible for the shifting of our own humanity to the higher level of operation where secrecy is dropped, and all of us pull together as one mankind in unity of purpose within the greater galactic field of awareness. We are one mankind, one DNA structure, and we will all go down together into the divisions of lower servitudes in a bug operated sector of the galaxy, where aura reading is second nature to place individuals. We all have the same 7 chakras and none can be discarded to continue to build upwards.

Hope and Vision for the Religions and New Agers

The New Agers must embrace their solar plexus and realize there is no hope to move higher as humans collectively until this center is well balanced in our external society. This is where mankind is at now and where the focus must be developed by the workers of Spirituality directed towards mankinds higher development. The higher Alien beings are not interested in our path to enlightenment, but in preserving theirs. They will recognize it if we succeed, or if we fail, this is all. They will honor our success within our own Light development, but they will not allow a threat to theirs if we fail. This is the bugs highly developed solar plexus center offering them protection for their kind. Time to lower our own sights and work at home with our own governments to help move development along using real and actual effective methods.

The fixed Religions must begin to open to the third choice, or third path, that of non polarization to either side of the balanced state, and drop the bug mentality of purity. The concept of purging self of evil  is dropped to embrace the dark side and heal it. Expose the error of its ways, but never try to expell a part of the self or polarize the self to a state of absolute purity of plus or minus. The Tao. Get back into a balanced human concept of nature and what is more natural both biologically and with respect to the visions of heaven and hell.

We must all expand our own awareness and learn to co exist with these other Alien life forms exchanging our Light with their Light, as they have been silently doing with us up until now. This is all we can expect to gain from them, tolerance while we seek our own path within the stars. They will not and can not advance our technology, this would be like the US offering nukes to all the nations of the world seeking them, while still trying to master why these weapons even exist. Why do you think it is so easy to shoot down a UFO? They will never expose their higher technology at the lower levels of their simple drones which are expendable and totally programmed to be expendable.

Our technology is advanced from the inwards merging on our own intuitions and our own mental seeking to comprehend. If we do not of ourselves resolve all physical conflict and establish order before we discover Density Travel, they will intervene at the next level. They have freely offered their own Light as a model at all their levels of operation and freely shown us how they maintain order in their own systems, and even shared their higher spirutual light. We have had much interaction with them at all these levels and can expect them to honor only their inner path if they take over control of our system.

Some will believe they are being saved by the saucers offering the Higher form of Light, but there is no guarantee where they will be dropped off or at what level of service they will be expected to fill within a bug world of 3rd density. This will be different for every individual and based only on the present auric Radiant Light in each one. We will not receive a 4rth density home without fully earning it ourselves, this is a blatant lie and not the nature of enlightenment, and has never been for any species. In a life of total servitude or death there would be little time to advance personally. Harvest will deliver immediate results, and the lower auric level humans will be disposed of in short order.

From the Ra material we see how they will honor each individual who opens the inner infinite intelligent Light channel. This is a channel without form or face. This is the one thing they will trust in if we can master it as a race, because at this level they are assured we will be honoring the Light. Individuals in this pursuit are approached as equals, while at the same time offered division of souls to only two polarized paths. The experiences of interactions of "the first kind" are all different because the bug world is structured in this way. To them this is normal.

The queen of a world meeting a president so many years ago has received what they determined was information at the specific level of operation. A lesson in the lower religions, and not approached as an equal. These higher ones can see the auras and easily place beings into their own structure or level offering appropriate interactions. They left a delegate to be observed as "supreme exalted ruler" simply because they clearly saw who they were leaving this being with, and gave the name properly as they perceived we should accept it, not realizing we had no ability to perceive the Radiant Light ourselves or could fathom it. They have already given us the technology to become opened to this perception many years back. The scalar canceling coils. This was done at the age of discovery of atomic power.

I can only imagine what the aura of our then president was filled with as to the Radiant Light , probably mainly fear. Then to be shown a film of the crusifiction of Christ, as if to ask "Did you not learn from this being?" I believe they learned how to access the 4rth density from this!

We know that the pyramids of Mexico were not designed for individual spiritual healing, but to offer blood sacrifice. It is my present feeling that the bugs seeing us as a lower life form chose this to study death, or the crossing, and if they could discover density travel from this opening during death. At the observation of Jesus crossing to a higher density they finally got what they were seeking, and discovered how to enter the 4rth density themselves by technical means. It is understandable they would tell us they created the pyramids for healing purposes in the Ra material, to mask this real reason. In this Jesus died for all mankind and finally got the bugs off our back, finally giving them what they were after and absolving us all of our sins. The very concept of Sin implanted by the bugs to begin with, and not natural for the human DNA form.

In Egypt the pyramids were claimed to be used for healing as well, however the Kings chamber was stated to stop or interrupt the entire beings vibration for a time of adjustment. Healing does not require this sort of manipulation, but used self enlightenment or exposure to a higher vibration of the Light to iluminate our own darkness within. I believe these were used to attempt to alter our orientation to service or drone conditioning and programming. We do know that after the Aliens left we had in place a multi class society, rather then a healing society. I bleieve this was the structure they imposed and not our natural developing heritage of the time.

The Balance of Spiritual with Scientific Advancement

One has only to hold a Light rod for a time to realize that Aliens can expose us to something we have had no clear understanding of in past times as a technology. These Rods are not Gods, and they are not ancient masters or personalities. They merely expose us to a new form of Radiant energy we have not grasped as of yet, but recognize as Spiritual. They offer much to be learned and shared scientifically and Spiritually.

Only an approach that allows for both disciplines to merge will offer the solution to the Rods and to density travel. The Rods now expose us to other realms of coherent Light where we can control the interaction of learning and development. They offer the psi abilities, and all that was promised for the future times after the catastrophes which were projected to befall us if we did not conform to the polarization of souls. It is this realization of our own nature that is different, that we may emerge as a civilization of one mankind. We do not see souls as less worthy, we value all individuals of the same worth, and Spiritually worthy of enlightenment, none to be sacrificed for experiment or study, short of a military career where this is necessary and deemed highly honorable.

A scientist who opens the door to ethics, examining social structure, and Spirituality, to first see if we are ready is a wise individual by my own estimates. But silence is not the best choice at this time in our history. We need to elect leaders of government able to see auras, and clearly have their own aura examined by the voters. This may seem an Alien concept to us at present but is the only real solution to our present situation of being very near a state of self destruction. This is the gift of the Bug Kingdom to us, offered without hesitation, and should be accepted with gratitude. If we do not comply, the bugs will judge us based on what they do see in this respect. They may choose some of their own exalted rulers to take over, if they cannot find worthy souls in our own culture.


After several days of pondering my repeated Bug experiences there are some things of value to note.

Each time I have experienced an opening of consciousness, there were the presence of these entities exposed to one degree or another of the advanced bug society, present in my process, as observers and also interactive as creating the illusions, without my own consent that I am aware. At each level I have exposed and perceived them, but this last time I was very surprised to see they were still at it, right up to the crown opening. They have never attacked me, and always backed off if I ask them directly. They avoided actual direct contact except on three occasions. The first was to see if I was attracted to power over others, the second was to impress me with brilliant mental function, the last was to bid me well on my crown opening and conceded defeat. I believe this was truly seen by them as a gain. They may have found a new level to shift me to for interaction with others I am not yet aware of, as this is the pattern observed to date.

One thing of great value of the Ra materials, the human "channelers" themselves, sharing their process. On each occasion, it is these ones showing us the humanity within us. They were classed as Wanderers by the Ra consciousness so that we as humans would feel beneath them, and strive to be like them. In this state we would begin to open to balance our service to self with service to others. The Bugs message is very clear. We must reach only 50 percent orientation of service to others to be accepted into the Galactic Confederation. I had previously seen this as 51 percent in the Organizational Unity Concept document, but the concept is identical, and fully matches our own human one. At this level, which they will be able to gaze upon us and easily see for themselves, we will be considered "safe" as a race. To them this is very black and white and not optional.

If this quantity of our social order will embrace the higher ideals, there will be the necessary shift of consciousness for all members, and the 90 percent self service oriented members will loose control of the dangerous weapons of mass destruction. A society exercising its "open awareness" of true sight, will never again elect officials of deception from the lower ranks of conscious abilities, plain and simple. We will be able to read them also. Something the politicians have yet to experience, a sincerity of purpose, and an inner honesty totally void of any lies. This will be our future, or there will not be a future, and thus all the sages cannot see past 2012, it has not been yet determined which way mankind will turn at this time. Any prophets of gloom or successes are removing our free will in this choice, and acting irresponsibly, or simply to condition us or tune us in to the seriousness of where we are now setting within the bigger picture.

There are several items of logic that seem inconsistent in the Ra materials, but were intuitivly separated out and given in the final document as not important. The one occasion where the Ra beings needed a fission reactor to monitor us. It is highly unlikely, beings from the 6th density would require any such physical 3rd density equipment, indicating they are not truly from this 6th density but lying. As well that they would have such difficulty communicating in their narrow band way with the group of three, stating they used transmission beams from a very long distance away.  Anyone who has gone inwards to a great extent already knows this is not necessary for any reason other then to set the stage of the receivers. Inner communications is not this difficult by any means as a wide band experience, as there are no distances  necessary for a psi connection, they operate outside this concept of distance.

These events were staged, to set the tone of the receivers to a narrow specialized single link. The group eventually came to grasp this later, and recognized they only need tune themselves better to receive more clearly, the "higher concepts" from these extremely polarized and narrow beings. Beings only able to offer different channels to thier own different polarities of development they have seperated into "different beings" of very narrow specialization, exactly as we would expect the bug kingdom to do.  Great effort was needed to accomplish this tunned bridge between cultures, so that we as humans could appreciate the bugs entire social beingness and not see them only as the physical form, or the the lower classes, which is not very attractive to us at all, physically or socially.

We have now shared our highest Light with them, and according to the writing of Ra have both found much Light operating within each side, thanks to the Ra channelers whom we owe a great debt to for their narrow band sucesses.

The bugs may be our first and closest Alien contact, and in this test of bridging two societies we will become aware of honoring a totally Alien method of civilization. This is the immediate test being played out right now. Will we pass it and avoid all out war? As the US has a present "shoot on site mentality" I truly wonder. Can we understand and accept the conditions imposed on us as a galactic entity of our own making.

This part of the document is the personal channeling and intuitions of David Lowrance at one level of "process," and is not to be considered the whole picture by any means. It is one perception offered for any value that may be useful leading to a higher state of intelligence and enlightenment of mankind. I believe we are not only capable of operating in this world successfully, but in those higher densities previously perceived as "heaven" in the past, simultaneously, via the means of Density Travel as described and revealed by Kosol Ouch and the Guardians in our present time.

Kosols Guidance

"Sympathy and compassion for everything, avoid the bad karma effect, find the middle path!"
In example we must realize that Kosol has been loyal to the goal, in spite of much negative feedback from failures of external emulations. The 3SD was simply too powerful too fast, but all the effects were present. Pulsing, layers, and Radiant Light compressing the reality to a density shift. If the operators had been better trained in the psi techniques there may have been faster progress. We live and learn and then keep going. At the time of the first 3SD s these elements were not understood. The Light grows brighter as we advance.

The Law of Nature

Humans have the inherent ability to tap into the God force directly, to become enlightened, and to more quickly surpass the insect kingdom, but as both are evolving in the same density their must be learning moving between each of these cultures. The bugs may have the advantage right now, or greater psi focus and unity, at great personal sacrifice to the individual. The shared process will teach both of us to more fully express what nature has intended. The bugs can learn from us what they have missed and we can learn from them much as to psi functionality and the Law of One.

Science of Nature and Consciousness was developed to heal the dual natured Religions for humans. The Religions of duality need to change, and this is one message Kosol has repeated many times, to allow for the next advancement of consciousness that is inherent within humans DNA. The black and white mentality needs to be shed or our progress will be as slow as the bugs that have used it to advance. The Light is found within the middle path of the perfectly tunned vibration, it is the same Spiritual Light individuals of all the Religions have found repeatedly on occasion. With the advent of the conscious machines it is now ever more present and available.

Density Travel

[Just of few of the phrases I captured tonight as Kosol is helping me get perspective on my latest bug experiences and the crown opening.]

There is no wrong way. Torsion generator or visualization.God Love
Learning to connect the with the Radiant Light nodes, the lay lines, and to create torsion energy to shift between densities.
If the torsion is not strong enough the objects jump back to this density. [My SS rings have jumped back after being sent through to 4rth].
If objects are grabbed from there they may jump back in short order.

Meditation, or torsion machines.
Torsion energy levels increasing
Electro numbness fills body
All matter is made from photons
Let the Light take you, as you relax into it.
Genetic code is made from Light.
Genitic code photonic light
Technology is for training, we will surpass even it.
Compression of the reality during the shift between densities.

No limits
Desire determines destination
Light is interactive - seek the Guardians - telepathic

Whole world compressing - electrical numbness

If one knows where to go, initiation of the other densities, then they can desire it and proceed.
KIS - Keep it simple!