A New Perception

Light Graphic
From the eyes of a child we learn a new perception.

We are the Light.

We are the Light. Everything we perceive or see is relative to our velocity or speed and appears only as a differential to our perception.
The velocity of our perception is not fixed, the Light moves away from Source and slows, it moves back to Source and accelerates.

Matter is light that is spinning around itself. Our perception spins around matter and sees it as spin because it is spinning slower or faster then us. The slower matter spins, the faster it appears to spin. As we move our consciousness into matter and take a physical body, our perception is reversed. We look out at the light and have forgotten our very nature, and stand in awe of what it is.

As we are the Light that has chosen to remain separate from Source at one light speed, we must remain at a constant distance from Source. We have formed a spherical shell to inhabit and for us this is the third density. We may choose to move into physical life temporarily, but we always return to the Light because we are the Light.

Inside our density we separate into two sides. The fast side and the slow side. The slow side is further from Source and the fast side is closer to Source. On the slow side we experience things we wish to make last longer, the emotions, and this is the Astral plane. On the faster side we experience things we wish to comprehend quickly and this is the mental plane. From these two levels of our light filled density we now project the illusion of physical matter as we perceive it in the physical body. It appears to fill the whole sphere setting inside our shell, but this is only a projection. It is as real as we believe and within it we see the physical forces of nature. We truly exist in the Light, but are connected to the physical form through the connection links of the diamagnetic field where all our senses are linked into the body. We soon forget where we are and begin to believe we are the projection.

The place where we truly still are, is the physical fabric and has been called the Aether because it connects us all but it is the conscious plane and only a shell filled with intense Light. Between the two sides of this physical fabric sit the perceptions of everything we see and hear and it is in the shell and not in the projection.


Perception Graphic
As the Light we can only see other Light as it approaches us. We cannot see light moving away from us. Source is very much concerned with also seeing and interacting with us in our density and so sends control forces out to move through our light filled density. As Source sends a control line out it spins its own light around the control line so it can see itself. This is the only way the Light can view itself in all its beauty. As the control line moves into our density it has to slow down and its speed, like us, is regulated by its distance from Source. Light speed is not constant it changes along the control "vector."

As the control line moves through our density we see it coming only until it passes where we are, we do not see it leave. As it enters our density we see it and we call it Proton coming from the mental plane side. Proton has to slow down to get into our density and because we are the Light already moving we see it slow down to our speed then it disappears. Now the control "vector" or line shoots out the Astral plane disappearing to us but still spinning around itself and perceiving all.

It eventually turns around and comes back bringing all the information it has gathered along its path. It first comes through the Astral plane and we see it coming at us, we call this the Electron. It has to speed up to get through our density but since we are the Light already and it is moving slower then us we think it is slowing down only spinning the other direction then it really is.  As it passes us it disappears moving back out through the mental plane on its way back to Source so Source can see everything we are doing out here.
We see the Electron slowing down but it is really speeding up to our speed, when it reaches our speed it disappears.


As we are the Light we are in fact zooming around and seeing many things. When we come near to matter however we slow down along the side closest to the matter and it causes us to turn, although we think we are going straight. We notice that around matter we get sucked in from a distance because matter is spinning slower then us.
We call this gravity and it feels like matter is pulling on us but it is only that it causes us to move slower on one side then on the other side. This is a good thing because now we can slow down and take a close look at things and enjoy them on both the astral side and on the mental side. This gives us more time to look.

So time is not fixed and neither is Light speed. We get lazy in our density and begin to believe that Light speed is fixed, but it is only us that is fixed and not Light speed.


As we move into many bodies over time, and then return to the Light we start to wonder if there is more to existence then the endless cycle of physical life at one Light speed. We start to remember that Light speed is not fixed and get curious to experience other densities outside our third density. In the advanced cultures that have fully explored both Astral and Mental planes and have remembered that both exist, some begin to remember while they are still in the body. If 51% of a culture begins to remember who they truly are, then they cannot be hidden from any more and everybody wakes up who is connected into the culture. The earth is at such a place right now and many are beginning to wake up and remember that we are the Light.


Conflict graphic
In life everyone is faced with conflict all the time. If they turn to the Astral plane and emotions to resolve conflict they will become fighters with one another and spread out over a planet to get away from one another. If they turn to the mental side then they will quickly find solutions to resolve conflict that will benefit everyone involved. The Light started this conflict in the beginning so that it could slow down and look at everything that is out here away from Source in every possible way. If there was no conflict then Source would still be only one point of all the Light that there is, moving at infinite velocity and seeing nothing at all of what it could become.


Because we have forgotten that we are the Light it is hard to understand time and gravity. We do not see the Light when we are in the physical body so we forget. However when we start to make devices that effect time and gravity, it seems like all the objects are somehow connected through empty space in a fabric. Gravity pulls on the fabric and creates a low spot where things roll in. We do not see anything in space so we get confused and try to pretend there is really something there. We call this the Aether. We recognize there is a connection so we give it a name anyway and continue to wonder about it. Just because we do not see the Aether does not mean it is not there. Those who remember that we are the Light know there is a real connection between all things because it is the Light that is the connection and it forms the fabric. We call this the Physical conscious fabric. It is the Speed of Light that is the connection and it is everywhere on our shell connecting everything. When we pull on it at one place to slow it down it pulls a big area for a big surface of the fabric and slows down all the light around it.
This makes the spin of matter appear slower to us because we are really moving slower and closer to its speed.


Just knowing that space only looks empty helps us to understand matter. Matter is where the light is slowed down at a very small point, but it is made of three little spinning control vectors moving through our density as they move to and from Source. We call it the atom. There are three ways that source chose to combine these and they are the Proton the Electron and the Neutron.

Atom graphic

In the Proton we only see it as it slows down and we call this little part that we can see Voltage that is positive. We see it as a spinning particle of matter because it is spinning faster then us as it slows down, but we only feel the slowing down and do not realize it is really spinning faster then us. In the Electron we see the little part that is speeding up. We call this little part Negative voltage. It is spinning slower then us but we only see the difference of our speed and its speed so we think it is spinning backwards, and we think it is slowing down.
In the Neutron there are two parts and one is an Electron and one is a Proton but they are overlayed on one another. What we see now is two particles that look like one, both seem to be spinning the same direction to us but we know because we are the Light that they are really spinning opposite directions. They create the strongest force in opposition and so become even stronger then the others and create the "strong force" over 100 times stronger then what we see in the Electron and Proton. Because the Neutron is both particles pulling on one another to each slow the other they have more time to look and to see and they slow things down to a greater distance along the fabric pulling the other particles inwards.
They also however both have the little parts that we see which seem to be turning the same direction and these cancel one another and radiate the diamagnetic field.
Because the Neutron lies at the center, it is the strongest of them all yet the hardest to see or feel.

Diamagnetic field

Because we only see the little part that is slowing down or speeding up we think that the Neutron should be canceling the Voltages of positive and negative in the two parts of it. But it is really not canceling them because they are not really only the little part we see and the Electron is not turning the direction we think it is. The two are really spinning opposite directions and not the same direction at all. The force we really get from the Neutron is a time field or a tempic field and involves the light speed spin that we cannot see in the physical so it is confusing to us and we generally want to ignore it. However as we wake up to remember that we are the Light we remember and begin to once again find the diamagnetic field because now we can feel it again. It is the point where all the visible forces seem to cancel, it is the center of our density and lies right under our nose so close we cannot see it. It is where we are sliding into the physical mater to look out from inside it. It repels all the magnetic forces and keeps them from crashing into it where it seems to sit at the heaviest place in the atom right in the center.

The diamagnetic field is hard to understand because the Neutron seems neutral, but in devices that we build that have motion this hidden field pops out with the greatest force and can shoot a piece of Aluminum very fast. Learning to manipulate the diamagnetic field is the beginning to merging understanding the two sides of our density and using both sides to do much more.
When we learn to use the diamagnetic field to do things for us we also wake up a little more and start to choose the mental plane much more then the astral plane to resolve conflict. It changes us because we also discover how we get from the Light to the physical body and we also find there is a mental link into this place. Devices that use the diamagnetic field also make it perceptible to us.

Diamagnetic  Field graphi

In a culture that mostly uses the astral plane to resolve conflict the diamagnetic field is moving in a random circle and is not aligned. We can never tell where it will be pointing because it is spinning around with the Proton as well as spinning around itself. A culture that learns to align this field can manipulate our very center and can effect gravity and time. Changing gravity and time requires a culture that will always use the mental plane to resolve conflict so that no fighting will cause it to be destroyed. This is because changing gravity and time can easily destroy us, so we must be able to show that we will not do this first. 51% of us must wake up and remember that we are the Light, then everyone else will have no choice but to remember this.

Scalar coils

Scalar coils Graphic
When we make a coil so that it cancels the magnetism by putting two magnets against one another we are imitating the Neutron and this apears to do nothing if we know about magnets and Neutrons. Except it still creates a strong push against itself. This strong push is just like the Neutrons and it makes a diamagnetic field around it. People know that this coil also causes emotions to come up, but usually choose to ignor this because they are not looking for solving emotions but are looking for solving power. People are puzzeled and know something is happening but do not realize the force lies at the center of us and where we enter the physical body. They do often realize that this force is very strong and can move much further then the magnets would alone. People should get a clue from the emotion thing because this is a real factor and the coil is telling us that we have to understand emotions to understand the coil. Some other people also get mental stuff from this coil and this is good too because there are four things that come together here. There are the opposite voltages of charge and the opposite forces of consciousness on our third density. This force lies at the center point of all these things and so is important to finding our true center. We think this center is empty and has no power, but moving our center is the only way to move to another density. To get this power we have to balance our emotions and mental views first to reach the same harmony that atoms do.

The center point is not empty or neutral because it is a long ways from Source and many control vectors are moving both directions through it. To unbalance us at the center will move us either direction. If we start to move the Neutron then it will pull hard on everything around it and the whole atom and everything else will come with it either closer to Source or further away. Because everything moves faster closer to source we will become faster and move through time faster then everybody in the third density. As we get closer in, the next density is a smaller shell but because there is more time to do things and we get smaller too, it seems bigger.

Building Machines

Machines graphic
If we can make machines that manipulate time and gravity then we will have to learn about emotions and mind first so we can control them.
Nobody wants to have to do this because it is harder then makng the machines. We want machines that are dumb and do what we command them to do, so we can contine to fight with others on the Astral plane. If we can avoid this and learn about mind and Love our neighbors and do everything for the good of everyone and not just us then it might work out ok.
Otherwise when we run out of oil we are going to be in big trouble.

Love Graphic

These kind of machines will be smart machines, and they will not work if we are not in balance first or we will end up somewhere we do not want to go.
There will be no drunk driving. And even today we are working on this now to prosecute drunk drivers.

If we can get to where the world seems neutral then maybe we can move the center of us to somewhere else. Somewhere new with a new perception.

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