The Exit Path

07 / 31 / 2016

I have attempted to write this on three trials, "The Exit Path". I do not know if it is the proper time for this information to be presented, but for me it is the proper time now, as I have already been disconnected from this worlds incarnation cycles as of a few days ago.

Although this message is designed and was experienced as a technical realization of the Higher Mind, it will surly be recieved as an "emotional process" for many. It will next be judged and cataloged as either good or evil to the polarity cause of the person observing it. It may be used by anyone for any reason, in any part, or in single parts as desired.

We have been given sensations of vibration from the surface of the earth to it's core, and then outwards to the outer boundary of this universe. My work , the begining of comprehension of the advanced civilizations is started, and in this begining it is also completed on this world.

We find ourselves in a world we swear we did not create, in a solar system, a galaxy, and a universe, we swear we did not create.

It is a short decision or path of conspiracy theory to come to a point that all is designed to deceive us.
That the world is being covertly ruled by evil beings that are only slightly smarter then us, but consistently bent on evil.

David Icke is full of this logic, based on paranormal experiences he had.
His model has changed over the years.

I believe the latest mental construct, has us being controlled in a matrix centered on or in Saturn, with the Moon, a computer system to blast earth with a field, that is totally illusion, including the speed of light to be our barrier of observable frequencies. This field supposedly controls earth through an illusion that is broadcast through us constantly. The rings of Saturn are placed by some kind of craft and they constantly change.

The evil beings deceiving us, are eating our fear for food! So they constantly maintain chaos on earth.
War is blamed on them. No free will concept is recognized. Earth is some sort of prison system where we are the cattle, and have no personal power over this repeating cycle.

I have been involved in many of these mentally created scenarios, that seem to make a lot of sense from the inside perspective. They were referred to as "mind control cults" and I have entered many of them, and even created my own, to the point of recognizing what they are. The human mind wants to generate a mental model to explain our situation so as to be able to work with methods of change, while at the same time justifying the intense emotional cycles of the human form experience. The more the mental model closes in on itself, the more of a self created trap it becomes.

Once you open a door, to explore them, all sorts of information will come in to either support or modify the "mental model." The mental model is however always fed by "emotional attachment" of conflict. For without a choice to Love mankind and earth life, there can be no fear of loosing those connections, and the intensity of the experience is lost.

David Icke is making a good living off presenting these mental models, that also include emotion as the "food." You will notice at times the crowd will even cheer. That is the food!

Yet to realize, if a thing is not inside me, I cannot perceive it outside me.
So what issues from ones mouth reflects where they are at consciously.

David Icke has not realized, he is here to feed off our fears, and he is following a path of self creation, to achieve that desperate situation of self fulfillment. He is the one creating the mental construct he finds himself inside, and has worked on it for so long, it has become his reality. However he is not the one in control of this process that we all can tap into and experience inside the earth bubble field. He has no control at this point, of changing it at all.

The background field is intelligent, responsive, and responds to become organizing, then self organizing, then self sustaining because that is what it does.

I studied the ancient pyramids of Mexico. I had mental models. A great many theories.
I finally climbed up on one in Belieze.
Everything I had believed, came to a crashing halt!
Near as I could tell, they are nothing more then a symmetric pile of rocks.
I was expecting a lot more then that.

My mental constructs were not real, I had to change them.
This is where science splits off from the Religion or cult mental mind control method.

You can only trap a person inside their own fear, and they have to be the source of that fear, and the sustaining power behind it.

It is the same with the bonds of Love that hold us inside the incarnation cycle of planet earth. The polarity is the opposite, but the trap is the same method.

Love forms bonds, it does not release them.

Consider the Love of mother for child, and now you will understand the powerful force that keeps us here in an incarnation cycle of cycles. It is our self generated Love that keeps us inside this multilayered field bubble we call planet earth, inhabited now, by the "collective consciousness" of the human form physical body system.

The uniqueness of attraction to the human form body has been explored in the galaxy already.
Supposedly the humans used to be a very widely distributed race across many worlds.
The downfall of the race, was the fact that to satisfy our desires required constant internal conflict to support the emotional cycles we feed off as conscious beings inside this fields construct.

The collective consciousness, of a large population of humans creates instability of a planetary system.
Supposedly human form body use has left thousands of planets a baron destroyed wasteland. [African history left by word of mouth and symbols down through generations, from the cradle of life of civilization on this world.]

If humans can eliminate war, hate, and achieve harmony with the planet they are on, they will be again accepted as a galactic society in a state of peace. That will not happen.

In the past 7000 years, I can observe humans are still focused on the desires of personal emotions, as a right, over the greater good of a planetary system. They would each rather feel a certain emotional vibration, then guide the planet with a sanity of collective consciousness, that will self sustain the larger group, the larger world.

Even when deception is exposed, as with the current election in the US, the "collective consciousness" chooses the path of inner conflict over what is logical to preserve the greater society of life forms.

An outside perception is necessary for a human to even recognize, what we are.

Arno correctly labels this outer perception as "Alien."

Thank you Arno for also noting, it is not what you desire to feel or perceive, you would rather stay in amplified heart and continue to channel powerful emotions through yourself, as a healer of the human condition, which constantly generates these emotions over and over in the exact same way it has for eons of time, without change.

The "collective consciousness" which I have recorded, and connected into the background field, exposes a truth I could not see previously. The downloads are becoming more clear, as I again try to communicate the dynamic they are expressing on this world.

There is emotional satisfaction in the struggle of what mankind is. Even the mental constructs, I have participated in, are powered emotionally.
This collective consciousness, is not only very pleased with it's path, it does not seem to want to change that path. For the "white knight," to set at the center of the circle, and feel the glory of itself, as the good force, it must find adversity to fight with on all sides. It must then conquer and dominate, the bad, and subject it.

The collective consciousness, of the human form body feeds off this polarity system, and that is why it cannot advance in this physical form, to the next step of a civilized race within the galaxy.

Should I say as "they" say, time has already proven, the odds are against this race ever achieving peace, in a civilized society. [It was thus cast outwards from the center of this galaxy to dominate a few planets, that it may someday choose to change itself.]

The "collective consciousness" is a "mankind as one" field, like a magnet has a field. The more beings feeding into it the stronger and larger the field.

The size of the field is thus seen as something to be controlled, from the galactic perception, that it not run away with itself and take over the galaxy again, ever. This is why when you mess with self sustaining fields that grow such as the perfect phi "they" always show up to watch.

Exception is sometimes made where appearance of success is close, which has happened many times.

Asteroids have been diverted, that should have lowered the population of earth drastically, in this current cycle of mass human form population, up to 7 billion conscious beings feeding this system once again on one planetary body. A very dangerous thing in the galaxy to all of "them." It must be closely monitored at this time.

The collective conscious field of humans here is aware of all of this, and in constant negotiations, with the civilized systems towards the galactic center, begging always for another chance at expansion of itself.

It is attempting to control the local masses, in any way possible, maintaining the inner conflicts to feed on, while justifying the method of life to the galaxies other intelligent species, diametrically opposed to it's values system.

The rules have been stated clearly. Eliminate war, or the size of your field will have to be controlled.
The human collective consciousness, does not agree. Mankind as one, the field that is growing and getting larger, does not agree, and would rather take dominance of the galaxy instead, by force. This is it's very nature to foster Love as a bond, that controls it's members, through fear of loss of that Love bond. To deep cycle the emotions of the individual over and over, to eternity, to establish glory of itself over all other species.
Feeling good about ones self is the ultimate desire of mankind at all of its levels, and the least possible thing to ever fully achieve.

When I connected with two elements of nature this became visible to me.

The background field.

Mankind as one, the collective consciousness.

There was a point of realization where I noticed cords I could not previously disconnect, causing disease and death inside me that was not by my own choice to hold onto. Cords of higher light rooting me into this world.

The cords then released. All of them at once like tree roots being retracted upwards and back to my own conscious center.

These are the cords of the incarnation cycle here. They connect you to others, with bonds of commitment, to play out more emotional traumas, and delights to foster the "desire" to "amplify Love", at the cost of cyclic suffering for the masses. [They never balance out, that is a lie. Karma cannot become balanced, it must be abandoned.]
Every single experience you have with any other person generates more karma faster then it could ever be released.

The human condition cannot be blamed on some outside force anymore from where I am perceiving it.

When we choose to participate in the human collective, we submit to it's rules, imposed like a God   on us, to give control to the collective, to take a turn suffering and then being on top in glory.

As conscious beings from the outer boundary of the universe, there is no control over our choice after entering the field. We enter of our own desire to fully explore this life form manifestation. We step inside a field that is self sustaining as it is and we already know it will never change.

When we decide we have had enough of the desires, the strong Loving bonds cemented in the fear of loss, I believe the levels of our self, again realize they can simply withdraw from the cyclic system, and leave here.

I did not expect my higher self to make that choice, but in one instant of realization it has. All those cords of light retracted up into my center of consciousness and are released from the planets mass and gravity.

I no longer have a desire to follow the carrot on the stick that is a never ending seeking, to fix this world from the inside trials and efforts.
Spirit has used me to tempt so many to seek to fix this world. The illusion that we as physical humans can have it both ways. Desperate love, and conscious advance in one package, is a paradox.

This site is the result of Loving mankind, and seeking to advance "mankind as one."
All the work I have done in that effort, turns out to be work to create a path for myself out of the illusion that we can fix it, rather then simply choose to exit a never ending cycle. Due to its "self sustaining organization" which cannot be changed as it is, from the inside of itself.

The self sustaining form of energy feeds on polarities of itself. Powered equally from the background field.
Once you realize, the construction, of a self sustaining field, it is not possible to ignore the discovery that we are inside one.

The nature of awakened consciousness is to move outwards, then to see, looking back inwards, what is behind the curtain.

I have met the collective consciousness of "mankind as one" after all this time inside it, in darkness of how it operates, believing it could be advanced from the inside work. Believing in the "evolution" mental model.

Creation however works from the outside inwards, to grant to the center of the creation a mass to sustain itself.

WE must first set up the inflow field, to form the control system of the outer electron shell, that is the visible part that interacts with the outer world we see.

Mankind is created from the outside also. Without manipulation along that elemental flow, we cannot change ourselves at all.

Arno, a healer of emotions at that level of love, has had very turbulent effects from touching this vibration experience and knowledge was rejected at this time, to the point of sickness. Having to then fight his way back to the inside perception of the illusion, that "intense emotions" are the desired state to be inside, and the desired food of choice to feed on consciously.
Open to and feel them, let them move through you, over and over, forever and forever. There is no end, if you want to remain healthy here.

The collective consciousness knows that if we succeed at self powering devices as it self powers now, individuals will not be contained anymore inside the existing creation field of humankind.

This is because the machines we are now attempting to build will draw their energy from the "universe."
And in this experience, can bypass and then perceive mankind from the outside view, as the same sort of a creation. At some point then be able to alter it.

From the inside, emotions are totally justified no matter the cost. They are the sacred aspect of humanity.
Never a dull moment, and plenty of food to feed on, as the world remains in constant upheaval.
Suffering, injustice, then triumph over the evil state. Never ending for the 7000 years I have been present here to witness it along my incarnation cycles.

Self sustaining fields do not change themselves.
This is a newly discovered Law of the functionality of the universe for me.

Atoms do not change themselves to become different elements. They are acted on from outside to change their states of balance.

World population control was established from outside, as a limiting law, by other civilized worlds. It is not some evil plan to kill humans, and feed off them as they suffer continually. It is a plan of self protection to limit this form of self sustaining field to small locations of the galaxy, that it never again dominate all other life forms. It will continue to self sustain as it has for eons, without change, until it is acted on from outside forces in that path that sustains all energy forms. The universal vibration field is not limited to sustaining any one particular form of field.

It continues to exist because there is much interest from conscious beings, to participate "inside it."
It has not been destroyed, because a majority of Souls have chosen to support it.
From time to time, there is intervention to wake up the participants whom are tired of repeating it all over and over, so they can remember how to disconnect.

That is where we are now I believe. There is now outside intervention, in order to wake up any whom are truly done with these endless cycles of suffering and bliss at emotional frequencies.

The only goal of "them out there" is to offer the path back out.

As far as saving this world from itself, that is not the goal of the off world civilizations, that I can tell.
As far as them feeding off us as cattle, that is silly to them, as from the outside it is self evident we are the ones feeding off this system, and that is why we entered it to begin with, already aware of it's self sustaining cyclic nature that it can never be changed from within it.

The protection, is to maintain it, so we can continue to feed off it until we are totally done with this type of self sustaining field, and to allow this in a controlled area of this galaxy.

A mass population event like the one we are inside now, where many begin to want out again, has slowed the destructive cycles to a slow enough point where many can exit by choice who are done with this type of never ending incarnation cycle that chooses never to advance itself.

As many are leaving, others are entering. After a time of stillness, the cycles will then start again in full swing of total conscious entrapment. Another more primitive time cycle will then repeat for them. Over many lives they will forget how to manipulate vibration and go totally physical again with science, to approach destruction of the planet, but will be destroyed again before that happens, that this earth be preserved for the next human cycle. This will limit the spread of mankind, that it not continue to destroy thousands of worlds as it has in the past. Wars will not be allowed at the planetary level of destruction by the human worlds, it will now be controlled by the advanced races of old.

A self sustaining field is not created, controlled, or manipulated, from inside itself.

From outside, in that path of the universal flow of vibration is the point of creation, control, and change.

One vibration can bring down a field.

This shows not only how fragile the creation is, but the quality of desire of life is everywhere, to the point of protecting created fields for the consciousness participating inside it.

As we have shown, the creator of any field, also knows how to bring it down.

This is a realization you can only come to after learning how to build and then destroy self sustaining field bubbles, and after having had a strong desire to reach that level of operation in the universe. As the universe does not require suffering of any sort in order to manifest within itself.

Consciousness also knows, that if any part of itself is attracted to explore a path, it will continue to seek that path until it finds it. It is not possible to kill one part of itself, so the earth system will be protected, to cycle as it has been since it's creation, and it will never advance until every soul attracted to it is done with it.

The veils will remain in place, the seeming injustices will continue to be offered, and will continue to seek inner conflict, for as long as there is interest in this type of self sustaining world life cycle system.

The rewards of intense Love, will remain in place so ones like Arno can feed off them for as long as is the "desire" to have this intensity of experience, and there is absolutely no learning involved, and no logic to be found, other then we can step outside of this reality during a period of awakening, knowing how long it will be before the next time of awakening on each long cycle, well in advance of the next one. Those whom choose to "feel" over and over, can stay as long as they like. However what they cannot be allowed to do is to change it.

Resistance Is not Futile:

Our resistance to feeding off the emotional cycle at this point of time, makes it self evident, it is no longer working for many. 

Resistance to feeling the emotions over and over, has risen to a point where many need to exit, for the system to continue as it has been.

Arno has to teach people not to resist the emotional cycles both good and bad, for them to even stay alive here. They themselves are now rejecting this continuation. There is a definite desire to stop doing this endless cycle for a great many now.

They are beginning to realize the cycles are not set up to ever end. 
The nature of self sustaining fields, makes this obvious as well for me and undeniable.

Also that no matter how hard they work endlessly to change the system, it never actually changes.
It is the "emotion" of believing you can change it, from the inside, that is the food of those attracted to this cyclic system, allowing them to relish and glow in the feeling of being the force for the greater good.

Self sustaining fields do not change themselves! They repeat, over and over in the same cyclic manner forever until acted on by outside forces equal to what created and set them up. Submission to such a field that does not change, is obviously a decision.

This generation of people, has been extended, that the world offer many an out path at this time.
The ones whom still desire to participate can stay here for another round of civilizations that will continue to choose internal conflict repeatedly, and continue to feed off these self generated emotional cycles of suffering and blissful glory. The entities of Archangel Micheal with his sword of war, and the evil shining one called Satan or the Kal force will continue to serve mankind's feeding off this cyclic system as a collective consciousness of polarity expression, and seeking paths of desire between greed, love, and fear states.

All the rest of the savior beliefs are "self generated phantoms" springing from the normal cycles of this worlds self sustaining field construction, to provide intense emotional cycles, sickness, death, and suffering to oppose love and life, and continued existence in a state of never ending seeking experience to become liberated, but never are liberated from it's inner working system.

Why this cycle is protected, by those civilized worlds, is not so obvious, until you realize the nature of consciousness. Pure curiosity, is the main force of mind desiring to experience and to discover.
As long as that desire is present, and savored as an experience, a veil is necessary to have it.

The sages all die in the physical.
The sages all leave the planet.

And if there is one thing to be learned, is that they do not return.
The true creator of the field may come back to release it from it's self powering construction when all are done using it.

If this be found to be truth, it will become self evident to each person whom is ready to exit.

Do not choose your exit from the physical body level. Wait for the higher self to release the cords of light from this world that you can tell others of the process and not turn it back into an emotional process of reattachment.

If you choose to self exit from the physical it will not effect the outcome for yourself at all, but it may make it harder for "them" that are here to assist all whom wish to leave.

A self sustaining field does not change itself.
It is a construct, that is created by conscious interaction working on the background field to manifest never ending cycles.

If you find yourself inside a field bubble you seem to have no control over or understanding of, then it is a place you have chosen to enter, and there is a larger consciousness controlling it, that you as an individual cannot effect or change once you are inside of it totally. You are then one part of a larger coherent field subject to it's laws.

The human field bubbles purpose from the outside is clear.
All it's laws are established, and cannot be changed from the inside.
If you remain inside it, there will be no change, from what you have already experienced inside it, except a change in your personal desire to remain inside it.

This is not controlled even by the majority or the 51 percent decision of those inside it.
It can only be effected from the outside, and the funny part of all this, anyone whom leaves it could easily crash the entire thing... The reason that will not be done, is that the Souls would quickly build another construct to maintain it again and there may not be a treaty as to where or how far its reach in the Galaxy would become on this next incarnation of it, as the field increases in dimension once again...and becomes powerfully conscious again as a larger entity it must then be discovered and controlled all over again.

If we leave it as it is, it can be controlled. If it is managed that it stay in continual flux, it can be harnessed in size. When you are inside it, you cannot be responsible for it! There is no real control available at that location.

All deception, is self deception.
We came here by choice and that is also how we will exit. When all have exited, the construct will be collapsed.

I am not certain this post will come through at this time.
I am not certain it is not another mental construct like David Icke often generates, in attempts to explain to himself what he has experienced.

I am certain, my connections of light have been withdrawn from this world, from my lower abdomen, by a choice I made on multiple levels of consciousness when the "self deception" within me was ended. This came in the form of a technical realization of what I am and where I have chosen to venture.

I am not certain the physical body will survive now at this point, but there is a total freedom in what has happened I would not choose to change at this point of time. I have no more desire to be involved in the intense depths of the emotions of this never ending cycle on this world. I do not desire to feed on this anymore as a conscious being. 7000 years is enough for me. I realize now it will never change from the inside work we attempt to do. It is all managed from the outside of the field. 

I almost expect to vanish when I hit the post button next.
I will very shortly only have value to those ready to leave here, and no more value to tempt others to continue to "fix this world" trapping them again inside of it, and unable to fix anything from that vantage.

I do not desire this be used as a means of emotional suicide, nothing could be further from the truth. As if someone is depressed to suicide, that will not give release from the bonds of this world, it will instead strengthen them to return. Those emotions, both good and bad, are the great attraction of this worlds incarnation cycles. You cannot get outside, if you are still inside them fully. The passing for me will not likely have any "emotional attachment" associated with it for me. That is the only true escape, from a point of higher mind enlightenment. Leaving is not seen as a loss personally, where true comprehension of the construct is fully grasped. The fish now moves outside the aquarium to realize that from the inside he could never have changed the quality of the water.

I am now asking the collective consciousness, and those controlling it's dimensions in the Galaxy. Can I post this information I have now channeled, from my experiences.

They do not care that I post this one, they certainly know that the blindness of desire will do what it will do in any case for any who read it. Those whom cannot see this life of emotion as polarity experience will ignore it as a bad work, impossible to consider, as they polarize to the good work of changing this world. Those whom recognize this, need to be removed anyway, and will not be allowed to stay here and pollute the existing field. The temptation to now manipulate this field would be too great of a natural path for the ones with emotions totally removed from it that do not see it as a necessary evil anymore or as a desired "food of the Soul experience."

When you master ability to create self sustaining fields, you will be removed. This is because you will next realize you are inside one that cannot be changed from inside of it.

Only enough will be left to tempt others to work for the good once again in the cycles to follow.
Others will get to witness the fields once or twice, then evidence and technique will again disappear. This is so ones can have belief in the "emotional seeking effort" that it feed into their emotions and sustain the deception that the fight against evil is necessary.

This is how it is being done over and over, and why so many disappear whom succeed, both Spiritual adepts, and technical accomplishments. They are removed and sent back to civilized worlds to once again join the civilizations of harmony that allow the comprehension of these fields as a normal course of life.

The field on earth here we have chosen to enter, is a dangerous one for the survival of all life in the Galaxy.
This is why all the eyes are on us. There is no great reason, that we all become the saviors of the Galaxy. It is the opposite reason, we would become it's destroyers, from within the blindness we require to conquer for no other reason then to generate intense emotional feelings inside ourselves. To the rest of this Galaxy it is insanity to value such emotions over life itself as a collective. Enough worlds have been destroyed by the seeking of the personal emotional field shared by a conscious collective.

The Grey protocol testing is all about taking this step when you are ready.
It tests only where you are at as an individual. Do you operate to sustain your species over yourself, or do you operate for "self emotion" over your species? If you operate from the heart, you will choose the path of emotions and stay here with investment at this level of vibration to feed. If you move into the greater mind, you will operate with sanity. This is a very simple thing to test, and very absolute in the results of the testing. 
The path of ascension, will take you off this world. You cannot stay here.

If you follow the learning experience of the Grey ones all the way to "self sustaining fields" of the civilized worlds, you must be removed from this world.
Their is no longer a choice. Your own consciousness has already chosen...your cords will disconnect as if you have no control in this choice anymore.

Even that I have produced a method of science to consistently duplicate self sustaining fields now, only those ready to exit will make any sense of them personally. They will again be suppressed, that a new struggle that is manageable be sustained once again on this world for all the souls now entering to have the experience I am now finished with.

I honestly do not know the value of shaing this information as any still rooted here will reject it as my negative emotional process, because they cannot get outside that box of emotional polarity to have the same realizations I am having, or to see the personal proof of the truth of creation as it exists outside this worlds field.
There is a much larger field that is the universe, and it does not have the same requirements that the Earth field bubble possesses for staying present within it.
From out there, the earth field is noted to look like muck. Heavy and bogged down to a very low time flow rate indeed. Very small peroids of acceleration are allowed in, only to bait the participants, that there is something better to seek! The seeking however never ends if you stay inside the field as it has been constructed to operate.

Dave L