Update Information 3 - 9 - 2019

A take down field can be calculated using the 1/9 x method.Whereby if we take any one resonant length and divide it by 9, that length can be used to take down that vibration.
Now if we need to take down multiple fields as used below, one can sum the lengths then divide by 9 to take them both down simultaneously.
I wish I had known this at the time of this experiment. It was very hard for me to take this field down once it was up and in self sustaining mode in the air where I constructed it.
Thus all the warnings posted here, no longer as important to observe.

Insert   4 - 19 - 2017  Update

Do not do this experiment using the cubical grid numbers within it that are provided here.
The forms must be converted to circular fields, using the techniques later discovered in the document titled Space.
In this way the molecule form, will be movable in space using mental techniques.

The calculations are done by converting a squares area, to the diameter of a circle with the same area.
The molecule will then manifest as spheres, and become possible to move it using mind. Rather having 4 stationary nodes appear around the cup you will get a circle or boundary layer.

Tear down of the field can also be done using techniques that were later discovered in the crystal programming document to shift all the vibrations back to the background field resonance, where they will appear to disappear because it is all around us all the time and we do not notice it.

Read on with caution, if you need some absolute proof.
Insert - past insert - before the later work solved these problems


Do not perform this experiment. It has proved very difficult to take down this field bubble after it is created.
This is due to the unforeseen effect that after the water builds the field around the cup, the field sticks to the earth grid in the location it was made.
Tossing out the water does not take the field back down.
To take down this field you have to use a very difficult canceling field technique of 4x distances above and below the cup of water.

As the strong force is stronger then EM, it cannot be taken down using EM techniques.
A good solution has not yet been found. This really shows that caliper technique can be much stronger then EM techniques.

One reason I would release this experiment, is to show it is possible to create a molecule field of water, based on the two parameters of science necessary to establish the field.
These parameters are the Atomic Weight, and the calculated NMR spin. When placed at 90 degrees around the cup they set up a field bubble that self sustains.
NMR tables must be calibrated to 333 MHz to derive correct data for all the NMR values as vibration fields, rather then EM fields.

Later it was discovered we can convert these frequency resonance forms to [spinning node forms] and in that way they become movable and easier to deal with after they are created.
See the Space document for the formulas.

End Insert

Procedure as performed follows

[Combining Science with Feel Felt Energy Work - Continuation of the Strong Force field manipulation series]

10 - 6 - 2016


2 paper cups
1 stainless steel caliper set to 287.86 mm
1 stainless steel caliper set to 18.02 mm
1 Small magnet


1 person with vibration sensing ability


1 - Extracting an energy field from a cup of water by creating a Space Charge around it.
2 - Demonstrate distance tunning.
3 - Playing with the Space Charge Field Bubble Imprint

Science is all about finding exact values for effects, and making an effect repeatable.
 These exact values are called "metrics."
Feel felt vibration work is all about learning to feel everything that is around us, and also to feel inside of us. These sensations are related to intuition and very often emotions.

In the real world we can learn to rely on both methods, as they originate on different layers of the same field of our consciousness.
The scientist looks out from the inside to see everything separate from himself. The intuitive looks in from the outside to see all things as a part of himself.

The scientist studies the shape of the cup while the intuitive feels the magic in the water.
What use is the cup, without the water to fill it.
Without both, there would be no meaning for reality.

Set Up the Space Charge Field Bubble around the cup

Usually it will take two vibrations to create a self sustaining field bubble. Please make note the Electromagnetic field is aligned with North South, and the Mass field is aligned with East West.

Quadrature Field

Mark the point on the table where the cup will set, so you can find it again after the space is charged in that spot.
Put some water in the cup, set the cup on the correct spot.
Hold the long SS Caliper with the center of the water at the center of the caliper space.
You have to raise it a bit off the table to about the center of gravity of the water.
Hold the small caliper at 90 degrees so the two make a T shape, and lower this one into the water, while holding the other one in place.

This is called Quadrature Alignment because the two calipers are in the shape of a cross with 90 degree separation of angle.
The short one is the Gravity polarization, and the long one is the magnetic polarization.
Note the alignment with the earths field as well.

When the water feels both from it's center of gravity, something will happen to the space around the cup.
The scientist who only sees the cup with water, will not notice, what the intuitive feels has happened around the cup in the space.

Remove the calipers entirely and close them.

Now feel all around the cup and see if you can discover the rings in the air going all the way around the cup at several distances from the center of the water.
Next run your finger around the cup at the top of the water level and see if you feel the 4 points of intense vibration around the circle. The space charge is holding a quadrature alignment.

After a time of feeling this remove the cup, and then feel all around where the cup of water was setting. The space is holding this charge, even though the cup is now removed from it.

Take the second cup and put water in it, then set it on the same spot and notice what happens. What does the space charge do to the new water in the new cup?
Do the 4 points of intense vibration now appear on the new cup and water?

Have we actually created a water molecule in the air with a diameter of 287.857 mm?

The Science Part

I have found that many intuitive Joe Cell people will totally resent this part of the process which involves ciphering the dimensional qualities of this work based on the science we have access to in our current technology.
Because the current science has been corrupted, from false sense of "financial security", many have decided to simply toss it all out and start over.
The reactions are very emotional, and for this I have no apology. They will have to accept at some point that science and spirituality go hand in hand to create the universe as we find it to exist

The scientist as well will resist the notion, that we can magnify the dimensions of a water molecule as a self sustaining field bubble at larger size, using the strong force and the EM field together in correct recipe as fixed lengths, which do not directly appear to be either mass or EM until combined at 90 degrees.  These ones will at some point also have to accept that this world is created from a prime background field of vibration, and this field can also be accessed consciously.

Mass Field

From the table of the elements, we extract the formula for water. H2 O

Peroidic Table

Listed at the bottom of each element is the mass of the individual atom or quantum value of it's apparent weight, and center of mass.
A quantum value is the smallest appearance we can measure, in a coherent field that appears to be stable. It is the smallest unit we have interest in.

Right off what we notice is that an Oxygen atom is very close to 16 times the mass of a Hydrogen atom.
If we add up the combined mass of  2 Hydrogen atoms, with one Oxygen atom we will have the approximate mass of one water molecule.
1.0079 + 1.0079 + 15.9994  =  18.0152

Note the length of the caliper setting from the small field at the center of our self sustaining field bubble we created above. 18.02 mm. Rounded off to the smallest measurement we can make with our SS calipers to 4 digit accuracy.

NMR Field

This field from science, defines the electromagnetic wrapping that fits over the center of mass of the atom. However what is not apparent to the scientist, is that it forms a collective field in molecular form which is extracted from all of it's individual parts in atomic form. Also what is not understood is that it is self sustaining because it interacts with the core mass field of the molecule calculated above from the table of the elements.

To find the electromagnetic qualities of the molecule we have to access the NMR charts, and convert them to an equivalent vibration field using the metric system, which is fully based on the metrics of water.
We now have to access both H and O atoms on the NMR chart calibrated to 333 for the correct Hydrogen vibration while in the background field of earth.

My Current NMR Table with 333 Calibration for H1

You can download this table I am using at present, an OpenOfficeOrg spreadsheet as of 10 - 7 - 2016.

Hydrogen NMR frequency =  333
Oxygen NMR Frequency   =   - 45.143

Note now that Oxygen has a reversed spin of Hydrogen and so is modeled as a negative number.
Note also that Hydrogen has the same frequency of the background field of space, and thus is the doorway to creation of all the elements from the background field.
It is the first and most basic manifestation of matter as we understand it.

We now sum the "collective field" of waters Electromagnetic Spin at the molecular level.

333  -  45.143   =   287.857

Note the long length on the Stainless Steel Caliper set to 287.86 mm, rounded off to the best accuracy of our 300 mm caliper, the magnetic length we used.
We would now expect that this molecular vibration length will produce a quadrature field of vibration nodes, that all the other elements produce at the atomic level as well when using the NMR vibration lengths.
The experiment above shows this appears to be the case. These two caliper lengths do create a field bubble that is self sustaining, and also has only 4 nodal vibration points around it's circumference.
What was not expected, is that this field we created does not move with the cup of water, but remains fixed on the desk where it was created, and it also will instantly charge up another cup of water placed at that location.

This shows a quality of the background field we did not expect to see in this experiment. The conditioning of the background field, and it's ability to hold a field charge independent of the device that created it.


NMR / Mass = SSF Ratio
287.857 / 180.152 =  1.597856254718237932412629335228

Structure Mapping

While it is a bit unnerving that we have a monster invisible water molecule setting in our space that seems to be immovable, it does represent something I have never witnessed, with comprehension, before this time.
It is important not to panic and to attempt to map the field size before we collapse it, if collapsing it is even possible through anything but intuitive means. When I had a 9 foot diameter electric field in self sustaining mode powering a light bulb of 100 watts, I panicked and did not measure it's dimensions accurately before collapsing it using human conscious power intuitively.

Realize first we have only intentionally created the first two layers of this field, the Mass at the core, and the Proton Electric Field around it. Now we can also palm the 2 layers of the Electron Shells we would also expect to find around these, and right off they appear to extend many feet outwards from the center core point of creation of this field bubble effect.

As the oxygen atom gives the field 2 layers of electron shells, this is to be expected to manifest moving outwards. These distances must be mapped as accurately as we can, for a total comprehension of the creation of the fields of matter as they are developed from the background field.

At this point we can now study the vibration and geometric qualities of the field at any layer we choose to investigate.

Structure Map

The expected form of the field diagrammed above is not present.
Palming indicates we have layers of vibration in complete circles extending outwards, at 8 inch spacing that exceeds the dimensions of my lot!

Palmed Field

We are not finding the electron shells manifest at this point, but what is unexpected is we are finding a possible interaction with the electric grid.
8 inch tubes in Cells interact with the electric grid, and we may now be observing this. A problematic situation.

8 inch = 20.32 cm = 203.20 mm

As we moved to scanning the electron level of the self sustaining field of the water molecules energy form, we cross into measurement in feet and inches!
This is a similar thing we found in the dual cone system, as the wire length came out at 666 feet, while the cone heights came out at 66.6 cm.

The foot / inch model indicates a 12x octave system, rather then a 10 x system we apply to Nucleon calculations.
A 12x system with 16 foot centers on the earth grid system at the surface.

Further it would seem our water molecule has locked itself in place physically due to effects from the power grid or even the earth grid field, at the size we created it,
although the exact reason for this is not directly apparent. We must also note that atoms as well are locked into place in molecular bonds on the outer shells.

Thus it may be possible to move the field by the use of a Joe Cell with SS can.

The following is my attempt to now destroy the field bubble.
I am sad to report I did not succeed at finding one simply way to accomplish this as of yet.

Shrinking the Field

Vibration energy moves towards the smaller fractal.
In order to cause the spin, and the nuclear mass field to shrink into smaller fractures of the large molecules field, we use the primes.
If we set up a field of larger area with a smaller fractal of the same molecule, it should fragment the energy to more units of smaller size, fracturing our large field down closer to the size of real water molecules.
We now multiply the parameters we used to create the field bubble by large prime numbers.
Another idea would be to simply use a larger bucket of water, to cover the larger area and see if the water itself can absorb the field, however the addition of a large prime should assist it to shrink the one field into a great many smaller fields closer to the the size we would find already in a bucket of water.

18.0152 * 919  =   16,555.9688      165.56 mm   Mass E/W

287.857 * 919  =   264,540.583      264.54 mm   Magnetic N/S

Ok This tones down the field considerably. Not so strong on my arm and body while typing on the computer.

Next I placed a larger dish of water over the node point, set a magnet in it to alter the NMR field, and then did an intuitive contraction on the nuclear field as well, seeing it shrink down to hit the water molecules natural size and lock into it.
Tension in the head went up quite a bit.

Still getting sensation at times of the more intense energy, but it is a lot more tolerable for now. Time will tell.
I would however like to have the formula to crash the field entirely.

Another method to pull a field back into the background is to use the 37 fracturing field.
The risk is it may get stronger rather then weaker. So we can also try the 999 fractal ratio.

287.857 / 37 =  7.7799   ~ 7.78  or 77.80        Creates an outflow release of some kind.
287.857 / 999 =  0.288145   ~  288.145 mm   This one seems to have a good effect at releasing the tension on the field.

264.54 / 999 =  0.2648048  ~   264.80 mm     This one has a better effect on N/S field release
165.56 / 999 =  0.1657257  ~   165.73 mm     This one releases the E/W alignment

Pyramid Clearing

Conscious Work

Field Eraser



Carbon Calipers

50.0   E/W
50.0   N/S
Remove the SS feel of the field, migrate towards Carbon.
Very interesting also to work some of the periodic table of elements on the human body, like Carbon and Calcium. You can pick up the frequency then send it all through your body.

The field remains at this fractal and is permeating my area along the grid lines.

165.56 mm   Mass E/W
264.54 mm   Magnetic N/S

The only modification that worked is to shrink the field fractal size using primes.
Another problem is the SS imprint from the calipers, that is rather annoying.

The field is constant out to 48 feet where there is a dead spot, and then after some more it continues again on out into the street as a very narrow line along the earth grid.
This field is not contained but it is very ordered in narrow lines along the earth grid pattern. You can step to one side and it is gone.

So the attachment of the field seems to be with the earth nodes. Or it is in me.

Signal Generator - Ran frequency up to 450 Mhz - for clearing the node.
Coupled my body to the Generator and shot the vibration into the charged node position.
Seems to have given a bit of relief for now.

Still getting twinges from my left arm when I relax.

Stuck my hand in the sea, totally cleared. I may try a bucket of salt water over the node. Now I feel it in my right arm, which I did not notice before.

Self Sustaining Fracture

NMR / Mass = SSF ratio

287.857 / 18.0152 =  15.97856254718237932412629335228
264.54 / 165.56  =  1.5978497221551099299347668518966

How do we disconnect these two frequencies from oscillating at 90 degrees to one another with a self sustaining field between them?
We can try to zero out the smaller digits.

287.857 / 15.00000000000000000000 =  19.190466666666666666666666666667 ~ 19.19 mm     [Good One]  

18.0125 / 1.5 =  12.008333333333333333333333333333   ~ 12.01 mm      [Not Sure]

287.857 / 90  =   3.1984111111111111111111111111111  ~ 90 mm     [Helped]

287.857 / 57.5714 =  5.0

See the document Space, for a possible method to take this field down using 4x technique above where the field was created to cancel the NMR value. This is very difficult to achieve.

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