Developing Sensitivity to Vibration

[If you cannot feel a vibration, then it is not real for you.]

Attunement or Initiation is a method to introduce you to a vibration, human to human.
"Tunning" a function generator into a scalar canceling coil, cutting a wire length, or adjusting a "caliper gap distance,"  is how it is done using a device.

Notes on Sensitivity development from c_s_s_p posts  August 2011

Seeking a resonant length

Question: I can feel a lot of the resonant lengths in the matrix document with a caliper, but I just can not feel salt or gold. What is my problem?

Resonant Length Fractal Matrix  

Discussion:  Salt is a very low frequency, gold is a very high frequency. These are two extremes of the spectrum.
Gold element vibration is like having a 7th chakra attunement!
This is what all those monotomic gold eaters are pursuing, only really do not have to ingest it to get this, if they had a vibrational device.

I probably worked with function generators about a year, then moving to cutting lots of wires for another year before
I noticed that just setting up the caliper was enough for me to record a vibrational length.

Function Generators -

This frequency sensitivity did not start with a caliper. One needs a reference to the physical at the pineal sensations.
If you cannot feel a vibration, then it is not real for you.

This was the whole idea of fitting the spectrum of frequencies to the pineal with a function generator first, to a level that I could feel.
This was my initial proof, and with a dial on a function generator there is a solid basis for comparison to the instruments, and a consistency.
There were frequencies for pulling in the Light beings, and others for opening the dark muck in my auric field.

Healing Crystal Graphic

My favorite Function generator, with tunning knob for sliding the frequency around smoothly.
I started with a scalar bismuth coil, and worked around 100 hz  to 2 Mhz in the beginning.
This was adequate for the physical body scan, and for emotional clearing work
Next moved to a 20 Mhz function generator and started to become comfortable around 12 to 15 Mhz.
Causing electric reactions in copper medium and working with minerals and device elements.
Lastly, I bought another signal generator and started to feel 150 Mhz frequencies,
with extreme pressures and physical body penetration immediately to the crown center.
Finally it opened me to those very high frequencies for the first time, as I was pretty happy at 12 Mhz for a long time
exploring the metals.
To feel the gold element vibration you probably need to have that
upper range opened at the pineal and crown area 150 Mhz goes straight to the head.
I have tried a lot of other function generators, with digital setting and push buttons, but with these you must already
know the target frequency, and they generally shift in fixed steps rather then slide smoothly between frequencies,
often missing things like the infinite functions of pi/2 and phi where you are working with two
function generators to locate a harmony response between them,
and also couple this into a device element.
During this time frame I came to realize that almost any emotion I could feel, had a corresponding
vibration rate on a function generator with DC biased sine wave pulsing into a scalar bismuth coil.
A quartz crystal cannot do this, because it is locked into a few frequencies.
The bismuth slug coils can do this on any frequency.

Next is to set up a frequency to make you feel good,
working the other direction and realize it works as a sending unit of emotional spectrum.
That the emotions themselves are only a set of frequencies we have given special meaning to as humans.
Whether the feelings are very good or very uncomfortable, it is us assigning the meaning to the frequency band.

In this sense emotions are discovered to be transitory, filled with personal meaning and process, and yet something we "do" more then what we actually "are."
The more you work with this Bismuth coil technique, the more you find yourself turning the voltages down on the coils,
until finally you are operating the coils at millivolt ranges, and feeling them just fine,
as the pineal has developed a new vision for vibration, and it's calcification has all broken up.

Wire cutting -

Now that I had a direct comparison with real frequency vibration spectrum to my pineal -

Scanning Graphic

Next was to sit with a roll of copper wire and slowly slide the cutters along it to locate peaks of vibration that resonate with my body, between 5/8" to about 6".
Zoom in on them and make cuts in the wire at the peak points of your own bodies frequencies.
 The cutter is touched on the wire to form a still point at that position, now the end of the wire vibrates up.
Cut the wire off there then hold the wires in the hand to feel them vibrate up against the palm chakra, which is inside the center of the palm.
All without worry of measurement of any lengths.
Wire cutting was the next evolution of my skill set, and became a natural thing I did on the side during many Spiritual experiences.
I cut the wires to record my frequency when I was doing "this or that" finding that I could now use the wires to get back there very fast to that same meditative state.

You can also now tune a function generator on a scalar coil to record these frequencies you have just cut on a wire,
by doing both simultaneously, and feeling for a zero beat at the pineal.


Calipers Photo

I bought the caliper to record the lengths after the fact, to share them with others in the Matrix document we had set up for the group.
Then started to notice one day, as I do this work I become energized enough to feel the caliper gap distance vibrate up, before I even cut the wires to slide into it!
That was a real stretch for me, to even accept that it was possible, however I was feeling it directly and spirit was "nudging" me to notice this.
Spirit was actually very happy I noticed this! Now it seems second nature.

I have cut so many wires to prove this to myself over time, the caliper is now enough for design purposes and frequency recording.
When using the caliper, this technique follows the body tunning, mostly for me.
So do not feel locked into any of my specific lengths.

 It is far better to discover your own ones that have meaning for you now, and then expand out from there.
Caliper seems the most advanced method and came after a lot of vibrating things up with my finger tips and palms.
I vibrated up Quartz, Bismuth Slugs, Copper wire, Iron wire, Aluminum discs, and finally SS wire.

Quartz Crystal Work

Rain Maker Picture

Many people have worked with the quartz crystals, but few actually go the distance to own a crystal sphere, and there is a big difference for me in this.
The platonic geometry of a sphere will allow a greater down shift of the vibrations.
Also you can receive the vibration on the sphere from almost any direction around it,
unlike the example above where you have to position yourself off one of the flat sides of the large crystal to feel the effect.

It has become a good tool of perception for me. In past times I have worked with these quartz crystals to produce a heat energy vibration,
and I believe this has improved my ability to extend my own energy out into another object, like the caliper.
With the caliper you are actually vibrating up the space field directly from the gap distance. This is an extremely high frequency being down shifted.

In the beginning of working with quartz, I had to take a lot of time to get a vibration going in a crystal.
With the Rain Maker experiments this all changed, as the energy bubble amplifies itself.
I had this tremendously powerful bubble around the unit for a couple weeks, pulsing around 1.5 Mhz range,
palming it every time I sat down, and finally feeling it even when I was not there off my left side.
The hand got very hot on the layers of the field as I moved in and out from the quartz sphere.

This was the result of having a Scalar bismuth coil at the center of the base to open the deeper levels of the control flows.
The unit then responds to your commands and will as you bend the field, or program it to enlarge, to go hot, or to go cold.
I believe my own body learned to carry the image of the RM with me, and I could bring a phantom one up where ever I was.

This is like swimming, if you do it enough, it just happens.
The fact that the crystal was spherical increased the size of this effect tremendously due the pattern of platonic form vibration.
Now I can vibrate up about any piece of quartz to some degree very fast, and have even recorded the fractal system,
which I am applying to the reactor unit now.

The 576 x down shift wire is amazing, in pulls that high frequency of the quartz way down to a little over 6.6 meters,
and that long wire vibrates up, just from having it the correct length, and near the quartz sand reactor
Resonant Length Fractal Matrix

In this document there is a set of resonant lengths for vibrating up quartz,
and it can be stacked as pi/2 steps up the layers of the spectrum to set marker frequencies all the way up though the emotional spectrum of 4th octave,
and well above that into the causal levels of 6th octave.

This coupling of energy between the resonant cut wires, is like two people extending palm chakra's through one another.
There is a connection made between them that can transfer energy, and the person no longer has to set up these connections consciously.
The wires do it for you.
I recommend to find one that you can feel, and then try some of the math functions with it, to get the idea how this can work for you, as a tool.


When one of our members built his first Rain Maker unit, it was not working for him.
I boldly did a "slide" out to his location and felt the unit myself to see what was happening.
I could not feel the field around the scalar bismuth coil. He found a broken wire on the coil!

Troubleshooting at a distance, something a lot of healers can do efficiently with the emotional body, but for a Technician,
I felt that was a pretty good experience indeed and came to "trust" this sliding a lot more for accuracy,
if one can distinguish the fields they are working with.
This is not limited to healing at all, but works with any field of vibration that one can sense and identify.

Copper Plate Example

One Example of how this can be used to assist your vibrational work. Say you are working with a large bar or plate of copper.
Copper is diamagnetic like bismuth and you can raise a field from it over time and tune into it.
At one point you finally start to even taste the copper in your mouth, and feel it every time you enter the room.
Your copper plate is now vibrating up a coherent field around it, from the long process of conscious work you have applied to it.
You are now tunned into it very well, and can even feel it from across the room.

It is during this time when you know you are coupled into it, that the tools can assist.

You pull out a scalar bismuth coil and function generator, set the coil on or near the copper plate,
and start tunning it between 1 to 20 Mhz for a peak of the vibration.
As you feel the vibration frequency of the bismuth cross the copper plate, maybe the taste in your mouth increases to an electric feeling,
like a battery on the tongue. Record this frequency on the function generator it is a physical vibration resonance.

Next with this field strongly opened, you cut a wire length, and while you are tunned into this energy the wire lengths pop up like crazy.
You maybe even find one that is 8" long or more. Now with this long wire and the vibration in the room and you coupled into it strongly,
you count the nodes on the wire length and determine there are 8 segments.
You cut off one of these, and discover there are now 8 smaller nodes on that length.
You can now design coils to vibrate up this copper plate.

6 weeks later you decide you want to open that field again, now you can do it very fast, using a scalar bismuth coil with function generator set to specific frequency,
 or with wire length or coil to locate the resonance frequency, or if sensitive enough with a caliper to tune your body back to the coppers resonance frequency.

These applications are intended to be very accurate and result in very consistent lengths for any specific element in a device you are constructing.
[Caliper is not the only method.]

Materials, Elements, and Crystal Structure

Where you locate one of these lengths or frequencies that will work on say "every quartz crystal" no matter it's size,
now you are vibrating up from a lower level then just physical dimensions of a particular piece.
These are more subtle to find at first, then the pieces unique dimensional length, they are the medium,
the crystal lattice, or the atom itself. [Platonic vibration pattern.]

In the Rain Maker work I got to where I was seeing the tilt angle of the bismuth medium and could
cause it to shift from outflow to inflow by tilting the field with my mind.

Once again, if one uses only emotions to accomplish this, that does work because for every emotion there is an underlying frequency,
but it is not truly the technical operation of the shift, only the "tag" to locate the shift.

The shift is technical, and can be linked to a mental vibration at the center of the head.
The pineal itself can steer this as an organ of vibration, and is not limited to emotional ranges.

Multiple Levels of Vibration

If you are getting non consistent or confusing results with frequency,
it helps to realize that vibration can resonate up on many different levels of a material or the human body.

1 - Physical dimensions of the material, any linear side or end to end distance - device geometry is now a big influence at this level
2 - Crystalline matrix level - in this case every piece of say aluminum can be vibrated up using this specific fractal set consistently
3 - Spiritual levels of the human body - these can change with the emotions and cause inconsistencies to appear with the meditative state of the person.

We spend most of our lives trying to tune into or away from these "feelings", so a great many frequencies are not visible at any one time.
If all of these were to be fully opened simultaneously we may go crazy at all the sensory input coming in.
The mind learns to open them as needed, then close them again, much like the function generator is tunned.
When the human can open all 8 Octaves simultaneously, supposedly they are awakened.

It takes time and exploration to begin to identify the differences of these three major effects with vibration to get accuracy and consistency in your work.

Here is a sample of the Bismuth Fractal set, calculated upwards in layers with a pi/2 cubed function applied to the level below it.
Set a SS caliper to any one of these and touch it to any piece of bismuth and it will vibrate up.

Bismuth Set

Layer Chart

1 5.3 mm
2 1.712 mm 20.542 mm
3 6.635 mm
4 2.143 mm 25.714 mm
5 8.305 mm
6 2.682 mm 32.189 mm
7 10.397 mm


Exploring in this manner, without any preconceived emotional expectations, allowed me to finally observe that all matter at some level is very happy to be here. LOL!
Not something I expected to find. Tunning into the Bismuth, and interacting with it on these very low and basic levels,
I discovered each layer of the bismuth field is in a loop of feeling both connected to Source energy, and in trying to remain separate from that Source energy.
 The "two flows," and each have a conscious motivation.
The one is to escape the oneness and become self, the other is to merge with that oneness and be held as a part of a greater whole in the larger coherent field.
So even in a scan of bismuth there are emotions of the 4th density that are raised up by "it," as a conscious entity.
These are far less complex then emotions in the human but they are present and very pure.
Like another of our members had a little piece of metal screaming at him, there is a possibility of a communication link with even a single atom of bismuth,
or in a coherent field the whole piece at once. The bismuth will talk to you and tell you all it's secrets, as you work with it with these larger coherent fields of vibration.
This kind of exploration, requires you are very clear and not transmitting personal emotions over it.
In this way you can realize the pineal is another true sense, like the eyes and ears, and not subject to only the emotional realms,
or the visions of higher beings, or personal demons, but with a clear vision which is less biased by our personal desires.
Sensitivity can run from less then 5 Hz to well over 150 Mhz sine waves on DC bias, as far as I have taken it, and probably much higher.
Anything higher then this range can be down shifted, using fractals with greater accuracy of the cuts,
so that in general there is likely no place we can not see if we really desire to.


Because pineal vision is so broad in frequency reception, it is no wonder many of psi practice often do not agree on what is being seen.
They may have holes in the spectrum where a block is set up due to emotional shielding,
and other places where they take off with personal fantasies and dreams generating feel good stuff.
One can be tested to frequency spectrum, using function generator and scalar coil!
For both it's "perception" and the "level" of voltage before it is noticed, exactly like ears or eyes can be tested.
A person off the street would find this a very disturbing test to endure, as it would bring up all kinds of emotional stuff,
and they would not likely make it through the spectrum without a strong desire to leave the room. [Best guess.]
Emotional blocks when raised tend to self generate more and take time to clear out to continue the testing.
So the vision is blocked until the emotional resolve at all the frequencies through the 4th vibration level.
This is why I laugh at the videos today where they show the evil witch plotting to kill the good guys and using these conscious type devices to spy on them.
The overlay of the evil intention would block the vision through the device from working accurately! LOL!

For a time I opened a site "" and was trying to teach accuracy of the vision over distance.
After a few months, I realized the people coming in, had so many covers over this vision and they were all working on that.
Even expert psychics had no references other then their specialty.
I never had even one experience where anyone could just read a word on a piece of paper held within one of these conscious bubbles,
as there was no emotional connection that could be made to this.
Many could read people, and conditions in people with good accuracy, but no one was clear enough to just read a word on a page!
Accuracy seemed a dream at that point and I got very discouraged that this could even be achieved by anyone in this time period.

I would bet now if I placed a certain resonant length up to my Rain Maker,
and opened it for scanning that others could now recognize which frequency I had the crystal coupled to.
Others who are now familiar with the particular vibration rate and how they personally interact with it.
Still a long ways from accuracy as a functional means of communication, but some familiarity with a frequency set is possible.
Yes that one is the GL, or yes its the blue length. A long shot from the ABC's having every element memorized on the periodic table.

We are still babies with this, barely discovering our emotions are conflicted inside us, and that we do have a pineal sense.

Copper is Electric

In this experiment I discovered coppers ability to produce a voltage with vibration of magnetic field at specific angle passing through it.
Some 800 mv dc raised up across it's two surfaces on a bar that must be considered a "dead short."
Copper can be vibrated up also with a scalar coil doing a frequency run on a function generator,
to locate specific frequencies where the copper starts to radiate a small voltage.
The tongue can taste this as it happens and the body around it feels electric with energy.
This is what I would term a scientific discovery, however the human consciousness
can also cause copper to do this by creating a coherent field on it's mass.
So when I recognize this while doing it with the mind, I still know there is a technical way to achieve it also.
I have been able at times to raise a voltage between my hands onto the copper hemispheres of Kosols designs.
And also to read this voltage with a meter. Up to some 6 volts a couple times.
Torsion fields in copper can raise real voltage, and with layering they can then hold the voltages as a capacitor.
The frequencies to accomplish this, are not in our emotional spectrum,
so a device using copper to generate electricity does not have to create emotional responses in humans.
What this little exercise proves to me, is that the vibrations coming from my pineal are very real, and that I am
now able to tune outside the 4th octave with them and into the ranges crossing that of copper experiments.
If I had not done those copper experiments I would then still not have a "personal reference"
 as to how to make copper do this using only my hands.
Such that I can taste the electricity on my tongue and read voltages across its sides.

Trauma Clearing

I loved My first Reiki attunements so much I decided to do it again with another Reiki Master.
The surprise is that it was totally different the second time.
The first time, I opened to the Blue Light and met my guide Micheal.
The second time was a heart opening, where I realized that Reiki level two, was in fact a different attunement for each Master doing it.
Both times I was in awe, and yet both times the awe passed and I slowly returned to my normal state.

So I was never super happy with healers in general as each one seems to be doing it a little different.
They say, when it is time, the correct healer or teacher will magically appear for you.
Not to down grade this process, it is very true and how things go for most meditators and seekers.
Running from specific crystal to crystal and from teacher to teacher, they finally get to a "clear" state of seeing at some point and become
confident in their abilities to enter the altered states of consciousness and move though them as needed to accomplish a task.
 Believers go crazy on it, and nonbelievers have no proof that it is real.

In the beginning openings are sporadic and far between, supposedly when you are now ready to receive them.
This is a long process for most people, a lifetime usually of seeking it.
There were probably only 5 or so of these I had before the conscious devices with tunning ability.

As a scientist however, and with a "vibrational spectrum" device. I realized I could scan the whole thing for myself,
and have all these same openings, once I had the understanding of the techniques.
In my first few months of having the RainMaker available up to about 2 Mhz I was having experiences similar to seasoned psychics and healers.
Speaking with beings "out there" and many of my own creations personified as consciousness splintered off from me and locked away in the "trauma states."

As I opened to the higher frequencies over time and dropped the power levels on the coils, it became evident to me,
 I could also induce these states in others using the tools, rather then doing it only from myself.
With this was a far greater accuracy, and consistency, to deliver the same frequency each time I intended to.
There is nothing like setting within the RM field and just exploring the frequency spectrum with a dial
and having these things "peak up" in yourself as you tune across them, for a clear observation of how you react to them.

 This is a whole new level of "bio feedback" I had never seen before anywhere.
The RM was the best universal device I could find to do it, and all its dimension for the most part were optimized for the
widest frequency ranges I could actually feel.

Some frequencies could put me in a state of total relaxation and bliss where every muscle of the body would release.
Then there were the traumatic ones I dreaded. All of this spread out over the dial of a function generator to be explored as a science. I was rather elated! LOL!
At every step of the development, spirit was right beside me tugging this way or that way, so I would notice the correct things at the correct times.

I do not know, if the device was only for my personal development at sensing, or if it is truly universal for everyone the same,
all I know is several others built them and had similar things happening to some degree.
Whether they got the same from the dials that I got there were not a lot of reports coming back.
I got reports back of the bliss when encountered, and then most were off to make the greatest bliss devices possible and try to
ignore the non blissful frequencies, and had totally missed how this came into being as a science to open all of the spectrum.

Wilbert gave us coils to play with and learn. I was not going to avoid any frequency as evil. LOL!
I actually started to move into the nasty ones and then clear myself of the reactions that were programmed into me by me, at those rates!

When you locate a trauma frequency it can take considerable time, to move into that, and then back to where it started in your life,
clear and clean it, and get back that part of the spectrum for immediate use now.

The scalar bismuth coils, with function generators is where this process happened of "self initiation" starting and understanding how and why the
body holds onto this stuff, locking up memory pockets and isolating them from the rest of the brain.
Things you do not wish to relive, or revisit.

It is all this baggage that is blocking the brain from becoming one coherent field "as one" and then causes
the life force of the body to splinter into parts that can no longer communicate with one another.
So for me the "healing process" now became a "technical process" and one can do the whole spectrum over time at their leisure,
rather then scheduling appointments or attunements with "experts." Each expert opening you to one frequency of vibration.

Without this background of clearing the spectrum to full view, how can anyone expect to be sensing and exchanging resonant rods with accuracy?

Pick Up the Tools

You can not imagine how hard it is to get a Spiritual Light worker to build a simple device like a scalar bismuth coil, 
and connect it to a function generator and start exploring the entire bandwidth of their own perception ability! LOL!

Almost no one out there is willing to, or desiring to, find the holes in their own vision in this manner.
 They think it is a weird thing to be doing for a Spiritual person and that their greater Spirit will be their guidance.

Basically the society is split, and if you are going to explore Spirituality then devices of science are not even thought of as being connected in any way to your pursuits.
Then the Spiritual adept is slowly drawn to specific feel good stuff and tends to ignore the bad stuff, shunning it and avoid it totally as the work of the dark ones.
Some fear the "devices" in their ability to raise the "evil stuff" to the front of the focus, not realizing they have put it there in their own minds.

Some Personal Trauma - Example

I have noticed my writing can change a great deal depending on where I am setting on the levels. I must admit I slide all over them now!
There is one spiritual concept I find very profound. I try to apply it to myself, but do not always succeed.
What comes from a persons mouth [or pen] reflects where they are at. Not particularly the person or subject they are speaking about.
This is seeing through your own auric field to see another person.

I believe it is similar to feeling light rods or specific lengths, at first one is blind to all of them! LOL! The scalar coils allow you to ramp up the level so it is hard to miss
Most times people do not see "us," they see what they are sending out reflected by us back to them. They see their own stuff and somehow fit us into that experience.
Most will "judge" based on emotion, rather then facts or truths. You could say the earth people right now are split on the 4th octave of emotion, and that is where their battle is.

Social correctness requires we always consider the others feelings, and try not to offend.
Spiritual correctness suggests, we can only "offend" if there is an invitation to do so, and an inner conflict to be hooked into and played out fully.
I love to find this stuff in myself, it's another place to do some more cleanup and clear the vision better. I have gone through a lot in my own life.

I realize that from the outside getting hit with a lot of this information at once, could seem that possibly I would be some kind of "fake"
[I can hardly write that word, it seems foreign to me, it's not a word I would apply to myself but a reply to another's post.]

Anyway the concept here at c_s_s_p group has been, test all knowledge, respect the person revealing such, and even if it does not work for you, that's ok.
Try not to judge the person for a failed device, technique, or concept, judge the device instead. With conscious tech everything does not work for everyone.

My Trauma

When I left the Jehovah s Witness religion, I was judged by a group of people including my immediate family as one of the walking dead.
My fate was sealed to them, I would die very soon at Armageddon. 1975 or within a few short years of this was considered to be the end of this wicked system.
I had this program running in myself saying, what if it's true? Even though my head told me this was not true, my emotions told me I was doing something wrong. 

The cult had programmed me via my emotions. It did not matter that the "truth" they were teaching was absurd to the intellect!
People stay in such organizations because they are "emotionally invested," and these outweigh their mental functions totally.
They would cut off family members for this "emotional security" of being one of the flock, and the "feeling" of working smoothly,
without question, for the group they "feel" to be "Gods one true people."

I have come to believe, we are all equals in the Spirit, none are "more advanced."
We all have different gifts and life paths while in the physical.
One thing is for sure all of us have felt insecurity and wondered what others thought of us at one time or another.
Lacking confidence, because the emotional level is not in step with the mental level.

I had to start all over at age 25 or so, and totally rebuild all my beliefs of truth, after having been raised in a "lie."
I was determined never to be deceived ever again by such charlatans. I still carry a scar there I suppose.
After my first "astral projection experience" I knew for myself the religion was totally wrong in it's warped teachings of soul, and spirit.

You could never convince anyone still inside that Religion, because they see all your words through that "emotional shield" which teaches
"It must be true" therefore any logic must also show it is true,
no matter how twisted it must get to make it true. "I need it to be true to survive."
This is a fear implanted in the root chakra system, and fed more energy with every meeting of the congregation.

They still shun me to this day. I see one in the store they turn the head away quickly, or look down, never catching my gaze, as if it would pollute them somehow.
I remember back to when this really bothered me, and I would turn from entering the store to avoid them.

Now I look straight at them and say hi! LOL! They run like the wind so as not to be seen speaking with a Dissfellowshipped person. 
I see the fear in their eyes as I approach them. It's not hard for me now to see who is having the emotion, and who is free of the fear. 
I have long since stopped caring what others think of me in my seeking of truth! I can even laugh about it now.
What a totally silly Religion, teaching the end of the world would come in 1975, and now still condemning me for being the wrong one. 

Seems "emotional security" does not have as long a memory as "mental clarity" does.
When you see people reacting in the negative emotional vibration range of lower 4th octave,
and having a Religion that feeds it, you come to realize how much this blocks their true vision.

At first I had to rely on mind to escape this hold over me.
Later I came to learn real Love and Light for others, based on the outflow of energy from me to them,
without requirement of mutual fear to bond us together as a tight group.



My purpose for sharing this information, is to bring both the technical scientific people together with the Spiritual adepts of our culture,
and show them where their skill sets are going to be overlapping as exploration proceeds in this experimental study of vibration.

Many of science have played with the scalar coils and found little true comprehension of what in the world they are for.
With Spiritual intuitions activated now it all becomes clear. Your own body becomes the "sensing tool" for this work. Attunements,
emotional releases, and accurate recall of your past time track, may all become side effects of this exploration if you stay with it for a time.

Also to show the Spiritual ones, it is very possible to do a frequency run on a person, and locate where they may still have blocks,
 rather then waiting for a teacher to attune them to one opening at a time, as that teacher was taught to do.

Rainmaker Construction Detail

Rainmaker Development Components

Rainmaker Experiment 7



We can not be responsible for anyone choosing to use devices as a self development tool.
This is where the person choosing this path must become responsible for how they apply this information.
There are no patents, and no copyrights on this work to date, therefore we all own it as individuals
and have total ability to use it as we each one find personal application.